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Kristi after school – Animal Sex Story

Name: Kristi after school
Category: First experience, Bestiality

Fucking with a pack lasted for 6 hours and at the end I was just a big wet vagina. Howling from the pain in his hole I crawled out of the kennel on all fours. I was head to toe covered in cum, saliva and her own slime. Of my broken-down holes streams poured seed. My cunt and ass was filled with dog spodenki to the brim. I had a feeling, as if between the legs scored two thick piles , and then pulled out, leaving a horrible feeling of emptiness. It was impossible to sustain and, sitting on the floor in the hallway , I put the right hand fingers her vagina. I thought the lack of content, and I pushed the fingers further along the wet channel and put a hand on his elbow, while propanol fingers into the uterus, and began to furiously Stoke the hand , fingers teasing the hot inner surface of the uterus. All the same, I was little, and I put the second hand in the slippery, squelching hole that just two days ago was a virgin ass of a girl of fourteen. Hand slipped inside easier than in her pussy, encountering no resistance, and I also put her on all possible depth.
I was lying on her side, with his right leg to the ceiling and vibracula their holes with both hands, beating out from them sobachkina semen mixed with moisture from her own orgasms. I was on a complete high because I was so nice fucked and screamed with passion as raping a bitch, not worrying of what I hear. No doubt, I had a lapse of mind after such a brutal ProgRock. I came two more times and slowly pulled my hands out of my liquor, though now it was more like a crater than a neat girlish pussy. I examined myself – the labia were stretched to the sides, swelled and drooped as it happens very honored prostitutes. They framed the hole with a diameter of 4 cm and looking inside I could study its anatomy. Ass had an even more lamentable kind – anus was mangled beyond recognition, incredibly stretched, stretched even more than the vagina, swollen and watery from the abundance of moisture flowing out of him. The sphincter no longer contracted, and only pulsed. I cried and crawled back in the cage for my dress. Dog me did not react, their whore, they were no longer needed. A feeling of complete subordination to them that I became the thing that I have liked. Taking her dress that was lying on the floor in a puddle of spodenki, I unconsciously pulled on his naked body and went out into the corridor. Rising to his feet, I with emotion, I shouted, Fuck me good fuck, I wanna fuck like this every day. And then the hallway entered Petersen, my father’s employee. Imagine the scene that was opened to him – the juvenile daughter of his boss with legs wide apart which streams drain the seed, wet with sperm, tight full of her chest and stuck from the same hair standing in the hallway next to a dog cage and Horny misty eyes looks him in the eye.
No man would not stand for such. He quickly approached me and without a word took one hand on my tit and the other raised the hem of the dress and climbed hand in wet cunt. Please don’t fuck me now, I can’t take any more. Can I be your bitch forever. You will have me as you want, and now I have to blow – and with these words I got down on my bruised knees, undid his fly and pulled out his device. The great thing about it was the size of the eggs, they were the size of my fist, each full to the brim. He grabbed my cum covered head and planted my mouth on his cock, move it into the throat and then he began to pull. Despite recent experience, I nearly choked. He poured me half a liter of your liquid. He took out his cock from my mouth and said I’ll see you tonight, then turned and walked away.
Finally I got back to my room, grabbed the dress and went into the bathroom, and barely having time to sit down in the truest sense of the word crap, because the sphincter is stretched more, nothing held back. I sat on the toilet and began to cry again, but then I thought that I should train muscles of their holes to get back to normal. After a couple hours I got it, the holes took almost a normal appearance, but most importantly, I could now wish to expand and compress them. Then I fell into oblivion, and woke up to the fact that between the legs appeared a familiar feeling scurrying back and forth of another’s flesh. I opened my eyes and saw that I have Peterson. He grinned and said – What a twat, wait for me, do you like my dick. Well I said, utimate me deeply as possible, Mr. Peterson. Your cock just for me, and I’m a little squeezed your cunt to give him greater pleasure. Only this time I noticed that my arms and legs flung out to the sides and tied to the bedposts. Peterson noticed my look and said he likes some unusual sex

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