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Carol gasped and shuddered out the last of her orgasm. Her cunt throbbed with a
mixture of pain and excitement from the way the dog’s prick had threatened to pull her
inside out.
She felt his hot cum draining from her gash and running down the inside of her thigh.
She looked at the dog, perched on Tish’s tight little ass, and she visualized the way she
must have looked with him fucking up against her.
The image made her groan and shiver. She felt shame. And an incredible moment of
unreality, as if all this were a screwy dream of some kind.
She also felt lust.
She watched Charger hump and hunch against Tish’s ass. He tossed his muzzle and
licked at the air, then gave a well-centered lunge and stabbed his knotted cock all the
way into Tish’s squirming cunt and pressed up tight, fucking her fully.
"Ahhhhhgh!" Tish cried. "He’s doing it! He’s fucking me! Ohhh, what a nice cock,
Carol! It’s as good as – as good as – EEEEEE!"
Tish opened her mouth and bleated. Her tight little tits swelled firmly on her chest and
seemed to pulsate along with the rest of her shuddering body.
Charger growled and came in her quivering cunt, his pointed prick spurting and
shooting again.
Carol watched them shudder together and knew exactly what Tish was feeling. She
couldn’t keep her hand from her own twat, and she masturbated to a smacking climax

almost immediately, so that the three of them tossed and shuddered and churned on
the bed at once.
"Oh, God… oh, God…" Tish moaned, over and over.
Charger didn’t want to quit fucking her. This was something new for him, and it was
clear he enjoyed it. He humped and humped against her little ass, and Tish let him,
moaning and weaving, enjoying the feel of his plunging cock in her horny cunt.
"Ohhhh, it’s a nice prick, Carol," she gasped. "Mmmm, I could stand to have Charger
fuck me all night long. He’s better than some men I’ve fucked, don’t you think?"
Carol looked at her young sister with a kind of horror. Her mouth opened. Then a
rasping sound came out, breathy and absolutely shameful.
"Yes!" she choked.
"Oh, hell," Tish moaned, seeming not to have heard, just weaving her ass up against
Charger’s belly, dipping up and down, letting him fuck and fuck her hot snatch. "I wish
I hadn’t let him lick me off so many times. I could come again. Man, could I come
"Do it – do it!" Carol whispered huskily, her voice sounding as if it were coming from
a long way off. "Come again, Tish. Fuck the dog until you come again!"
She reached out, putting her hand on Charger’s flank and smoothing his fur. His head
tossed, and his tongue lapped at her face with a wet kiss.
Carol scooted closer. She watched his big black balls swing under his belly. She watched
his prick plunge in and out of her sister’s cunt. She felt a lustful stirring in her pussy

again. She even smoothed her palm over Tish’s tight-fleshed rump, petting it and
looking at it as if it were something she’d suddenly grown very fond of.
A strange thought began screwing through her mind. It hit her wrong at first, and then
she got more and more used to it, and it seemed all right.
She didn’t mind a bit that Charger was fucking Tish. He’d fucked her, and she had
come. Now he was fucking Tish. But Carol didn’t feel the slightest bit of jealousy.
She let out a small sob suddenly. God, she wished she could feel the same way about
men – about Alec! No jealousy. Let him fuck Tish. Let him plunge his cock into her
pussy, into her asshole. Let him come and come in her young little body – so what!
She tried. She squeezed her eyes shut and really tried to forgive him, to feel nothing.
But it didn’t work.
Alec wasn’t a dog. Alec was the man she loved – had loved. Now he was a fucking
bastard, just like all the rest of them, ready to slip his dick into the first hot pussy that
spread open for him.
"Oh, Charger!" she cried softly, hugging the dog’s rump, pressing her cheek up against
his fur, then her soft lips.
She fondled his swinging balls lovingly. He continued to fuck in and out of Tish’s box.
She didn’t care.
"Come in her, darling – come!"
Charger growled. Tish gasped.

"It’s swelling up inside my cunt, Carol! Ohhhh, what a big pointed cock! Oh, he’s
going to come in me again! What are you doing to him? Keep doing it! Keep… Oh,
Christ, I’m going to come again! Again! I can’t believe it!"
"Yes, yes! Come! Come!" Carol cried.
She watched. She felt. The balls in her palms compacted and shivered. The furry
haunches made rabbity plunges, and then Charger growled out another orgasm,
making Tish squeal through one of her own.
It was a hard come for her. She seemed to shrivel up under the force of it. Her tits
spiked incredibly and stabbed into the bed. Her body thrashed and spasmed sideways,
yanking her ass from under Charger’s belly.
His red prick throbbed into the air, and a spurt of dog-cum jetted from the pointed tip
and spattered against the rounded side of Tish’s hip and ran down.
Tish lay on her side and moaned and thrashed until her orgasm was over. Carol
reached out and touched the wet streak with the tip of her finger. She smelled the
heady scent. She put her finger between her parted pussylips and slipped it into her
cunt, swirling it around, transferring the drop of dog-cum from her finger to her
sodden cunt walls. She moaned softly and closed her eyes again.
She had a new lover…
Tish sat up suddenly, cocking her head curiously. "Listen!" She glanced towards the
window, now dark with night. "Carol, listen!"
Carol opened her eyes slowly, dreamily. She looked at Tish and saw the attentive
expression on her face. Then she glanced towards the window, too.

The noise came to her faintly – the barking and yapping of the dogs in the kennel.
"Somebody’s out there, Carol!" Tish cried with alarm.
She jumped off the bed, tits bobbing, wet snatch draining sperm down the insides of
her thighs. She went to the window and looked out but couldn’t see anything because
of the darkness outside and the strong light inside the room.
She turned around, still standing naked in the window, and looked at Carol. "We’d
better see who it is, Carol! They might be trying to steal our dogs or poison them or
"It’s probably just Harley, Tish," Carol said quietly.
"Oh, crap! You know he won’t leave that TV set until everything’s off the air. Come on!
Get dressed!"
She snatched up her panties and lifted one trim leg and then the other, stepping into
them hurriedly. Carol watched her thin-haired pussy spread apart and close again, the
meat pink and sodden.
"Come on, Carol!"
Tish pulled on some faded Levi’s and a tank top and shook her strawberry hair around
her shoulders, making her firm tits point and jiggle against the satiny fabric as she did.
"It’s just Harley, Tish," Carol said again.
Tish went to her door and opened it and listened out into the hall. The sound of the
TV was faint. Tish wasn’t satisfied. She went down the stairs into the glare made by the
tube, then came up again.

"He isn’t there, Carol!"
Carol had gotten off the bed to stand by the window. She was still naked. Charger sat
at her feet and panted and licked her leg and butt in a tentative way, as if interested in
more of this new fun game but a little too pooped to try it again for a while.
"I told you," Carol said.
"Get dressed. Maybe he went out to look and now he’s in trouble."
She was very agitated. Carol sighed heavily. She patted Charger’s sleek head and sighed
again, moving away from the window to get into her clothes, again doing what Tish
told her to. But she took her damn sweet time about it.



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