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Harley shifted his cowboy hat to the back of his head and wiped his brow. He breathed
heavily and licked dry lips and stroked his hand up and down his rigid, throbbing cock.
He stared through the kennel window towards the bright rectangle of light where Tish’s
bedroom was and ran his eyes hungrily over the illuminated thrust of her tits, the sweet
flare of her naked hips beneath the pinched waist.
He watched her put her hands to the window and cup them in an effort to see into the
darkness, and he silently cursed the clamoring gaggle of dogs milling in their cages.
He watched Tish turn from the window and stand there talking – apparently to Carol,
unless she had one of her boy friend’s up in her room again fucking him.
Harley decided that was it. Why would Tish be naked with Carol in the room?
As soon as the question formed itself in his mind, a Lesbian answer came and swept a
flash of heat through him and made his cock throb heavily. He jacked his rod and
groaned and stared at the pert, tight, sexy outline of Tish’s naked ass in the window.
God, if she only knew what she did to him!
Harley felt his balls draw up and threaten to erupt. He slowed the pace of his jacking
hand, wanting it to last. As a matter of fact, he had a much better idea than jacking off
while thinking about Tish again.
So much better he hadn’t been able to wait until his sisters had gone to bed.
He licked his lips and moaned again. The TV had been lousy tonight. It had been
almost pure torture to sit in front of it, when all the time he kept thinking about the big

Labrador bitch and her dripping cunt.
He wanted to glance around to look at her in the cage again, but Tish was still in the
window, and he couldn’t take his eyes from her nude body.
I’d like to fuck her and fuck her! he thought.
She treated him like a piece of shit. She called him stupid and dummy and all the rest.
He went along with it, just to show how nice he could be. Just in hopes that he’d catch
her in an extra good mood with her guard down one day and let him fuck her.
He had it all planned. She’d be in her little damn bikini, the top of it off while she
sunned her tits. He’d come up to her. She wouldn’t put the top on, and he’d stare at
her tits and get a roaring big hard-on. She’d ask to see his prick, and he’d whip it out.
Then she’d go all swoony over his big tool and lie back and spread her legs, and he’d
just fuck the shit out of her.
Harley groaned and stopped his hand completely, gripping his cock until it pained,
trying to hold back his spurting cum.
Tish moved from the window. He looked harder, a frown of disappointment wrinkling
his forehead.
"Damn!" he said.
He stood there at the window, hoping against hope she’d come back and stand there
and let him look at her naked pussy some more. Behind him and all around him, the
dogs kept milling and yapping, occasionally snarling at each other.
He glanced around. "Shut up!" he ordered. They didn’t obey him, and he turned

angrily back to the window. As long as the light stayed on, he figured he’d be safe. Tish
wouldn’t come down and see what all the fuss was about without turning off the light.
She was funny that way. It was about the only thing Tish and Carol had in common –
shutting off things when they went out of a room.
Harley blinked suddenly. He stared and blinked again and couldn’t believe his eyes.
There was another naked figure at Tish’s window, and there was no mistaking those big
round tits.
It was Carol!
Harley stared and stared. Shit, she was an eyeful!
He’d never thought about fucking Carol before, but he thought about it right then. His
hand slid up and down his prick again as he took in the big melons of her tits.
It took a moment for him to realize that she was naked with Tish in Tish’s room, and
then his mind seemed to explode.
"God damn!" he swore softly.
He tried to put the pieces together in his mind. He wasn’t as stupid as they both
thought. He could figure things out.
They were both in Tish’s room. They were both naked. Therefore, they were fucking
each other. His sisters!
He gasped suddenly, and his prick throbbed so heavily he nearly let it explode and hose
down the side of the wall with hot jizz. What was that beside Carol’s hip? A dog?
He looked back at the cages quickly. His eyes went up and down the long rows, looking

for an empty one. None of them were empty, though, because there were too damn
many dogs now to give out single cages any more.
A piece of the puzzle jarred into place in his mind and made him gasp again.
Shit, they’d been fucking the dog! Just the way he was going to screw that big Labrador
bitch in heat!
"Oh, damn it!" he cried suddenly, slapping his prick with his hand harshly.
His balls spasmed. He gritted his teeth and strained to hold it back. White cum foamed
at the tip of his prick, one drop, two – no more.
He let out his breath with a harsh sound. He grinned to himself and felt masterful.
He’d held it. Most of it. But there wasn’t any more waiting.
He turned away from where he was. Carol had left the window anyway, and the light
was still on. He hurried down the center aisle past the yammering dogs, his prick
standing straight out from his body, still dripping sperm.
He came to the cage where the Labrador was. She was dark, steel-blue in color, sleek-
furred, and as horny as he could hope for. He’d put two other females in with her, and
the Collie was licking her twat and shifting around and licking it again, as if she were
coming into heat, too.
He opened the cage and closed it behind him, reaching into his pocket for the dog
candies he’d brought with him. He fed them to the dogs and patted the Labrador,
giving her special attention.
The big dog chomped on the candy tidbit and sniffed the straining rod of his stiff cock.

He got onto his knees and ran his hand down her flank, holding his prick with the
other one.
He could see there was going to be a height problem. On his feet, he was too tall for
her pussy, and on his knees, too short. He thought about a stool or something to kneel
on but then gave it up. They didn’t have a stool. Besides, he didn’t want to wait any
His fingers worked toward the dog’s rump and twat. She looked at him and stood in an
odd position. A strange expression came to her sleek face, and her tongue licked out.
The Collie licked her snatch again, and the little Cocker sat in the corner and watched.
The other dogs began to settle down again, and that suited him just fine. He was a little
jittery about this. He’d never fucked a dog before. In fact, he’d never fucked anything
before, except his hand. And Tish – in his dreams.
He got half behind the Labrador and looked at her pussy. It was wet and slippery-
looking. He moved his fingers gently and cautiously towards the damp lips, all the
while keeping an eye on her to be sure she didn’t whip around and bite him.
She didn’t. A soulful kind of look came into her eyes, and her tail lifted out of the way.
Harley’s prick jerked, and his hopes soared.
She was going to let him fuck her!
He touched the wet dog cunt. The Labrador quivered and made an encouraging sound.
She braced her feet wider on the floor and moved her butt towards him, as if asking for
Harley became bolder and moved almost squarely behind her. His fingertips massaged

her pussy mouth and got all wet with cunt juice.
He probed a fingertip into the opening of her cunt and felt the silky texture of her hole.
His prick bucked and throbbed with anticipation, and he had to grip it with his free
The dog was fully cooperative – eager, in fact. She stood there impatiently and let him
play with her pussy all he wanted to. Finally, he couldn’t wait any longer.
He got to his feet and half squatted behind her ass. He aimed his trembling shaft
towards her pussy. The tip touched hot silk and slid partway between the bloated,
slippery lips.
Eager as hell to fuck his cock all the way into her hot cunt, Harley drew back and stood
full length and unbuckled his pants. He pushed them and his shorts to his knees and
squatted again.
It was better that way. The tough material of the Levi’s made a band around his knees
that helped brace them.
He stretched his cock forward again and put the tip at her juice-slick hole once more.
He wondered if she was cherry. The idea thrilled him.
He pushed, bracing himself and her with a hand on her flank.
"Ohhhhh, shit!" he whispered breathily.
The dog made a sound of protest and moved away a little. She looked around at him
and backed up again, as if unable to resist getting fucked, even if the cock probing at
her pussy were a little blunt and abnormally big.

Harley fitted his dick into her cunt mouth once more and pushed again. The wet twat
lips slipped around his knob and nearly made him lose his load in her tight-gripping
His prick was too dry, that was the problem. He pulled his tool back and smeared saliva
all over it and tried again. He watched the arrowhead knob throb and swell and pry the
juicy cunt tissues apart.
He was persistent this time. Oddly, so was the Labrador. She fairly pushed back at him,
making crooning sounds in her throat, looking back at him.
He couldn’t believe the satiny texture, the heat, the slippery feel, the incredible
tightness that threatened to strip the flaming skin from his cock.
It went in and in. God, it was a tight cunt!
"Ohhhh, Christ!" he gasped.
He shoved for the bottom of her cunt, wanting to feel that wonderful sensation all
around his prick shaft, all down the length of it.
He didn’t make it. His prick swelled mightily and blew apart inside the silken sheath,
spewing his monstrous load of cum into her pussy.
The jizz hosed and streamed from the end of his prick, filling her tight cunt so full it
spurted out backwards and drooled from her grasping twat lips and shot over his balls.
"YAAAAAGH!" he cried.
The moment all that slippery fuck juice shot into her pussy, his cock zipped forward,
going in and in. His pubes crushed up against her furry rump, and her tight, quivering,

sucking cunt grasped the very root of his prick and pulled with milking motions that
drove him up the wall.
"Ahhhhgh! God! Oh, shit! What a tight fuck! Ohhhhh!" he cried, over and over.
He kept his cock imbedded in the bitch’s grasping cunt. The way he felt right then, he
didn’t ever want to take it out. Christ, he knew what it was all about, now. It was why
men paid money for it, why they stole and lied and killed for a piece of ass.
No hand job could ever compare with the feel of hot, slippery, silky cunt!
The dog looked at him. She licked the air and growled, then jittered around. Her cunt
spasmed and sucked and then stopped doing that, and she seemed to want to be rid of
him then.
"You came!" Harley cried, looking at the bitch with surprise. He didn’t know exactly
why he was surprised, except that he didn’t ever imagine that a female dog came.
She growled at him and bared her fangs. Harley let her pussy slip from his cock then. It
was a tight, sucking withdrawal that made him groan and sent shivers up his spine.
As soon as her cunt was unplugged, his sperm bubbled out of the pulsing hole. The dog
turned in circles a few times, whimpering, then settled on her haunch on the floor and
lifted her leg and licked and licked at her draining pussy.
The Collie came over to sniff. She stuck her pointed snout into the Labrador’s crotch
and seemed to want to help lick. She turned in a circle and licked her own pussy, then
looked at Harley. She came over to him and sniffed his prick, then lapped at it with her
long tongue.

"Ohhhh, Christ!" Harley breathed.
The tongue had cupped the bottom of his shaft and lapped all the way up it, giving the
pulsing cockhead a final flip. His prick throbbed and pulsed, and he felt his balls
boiling again.
"You want some cock, too, huh? Here, baby – come on, turn around and let’s take a
look at your hot pussy!"
He handled the dog and made her rump face him. Her tail was much bushier than the
Labrador’s. There were ruffs of fur on her butt cheeks, long and warm.
He fished through them, feeling like a pro now. His prick stood, stiff and ready and
eager for more fucking. He felt the Collie’s pussy with his fingers.
She wasn’t quite as eager, needing a little coaxing, but he soon brought juice to her soft
twat lips. He wiped his fingers on his pants and slobbered on them and transferred it to
her cunt to make it slicker.
She liked that. Her tail lifted up and to the side, and her feet braced on the floor. She
backed up against him with little movements that made him have to stop her and hold
her still.
"Got a hot pussy, huh, baby? Well, let’s plug it with a big prick then," he said to her.
The Collie was shorter, short enough that he could kneel on the floor and fuck his
prick straight into her snatch. He jacked his rod a moment to be sure he was good and
stiff and horny, then put his cockhead against her twat.
The Collie howled softly. She backed up again, pushing and pushing. His prick was still

slick, and he didn’t have much trouble fucking it into her hole.
Except for the tightness of her pussy. Twice as tight. Brand-new, virginal – he knew it!
His cock swelled and pulsed, and he pushed hard, causing the dog pain and not really
"Ohhhh, shit! Your cunt’s stripping my prick!" he groaned.
He shoved his dick in and in the bitch’s tight hole, holding the dog with both hands on
her ass. He closed his eyes and tipped his head back. Tish’s image came to his mind,
and he nurtured it.
"I’m fucking Tish," he said softly. "Mmmm, here it comes, you beautiful piece of ass.
You sexy sister. Here it comes!"
He gasped tightly. Tish’s image turned to Carol’s a moment. He saw the big, round tits
so clearly he felt he could purse his lips and suck them into his mouth.
He’d never thought of Carol that way before. She was so much older. Damn near like a
mother. Only guys didn’t fuck their mothers, did they?
How about their sisters? his mind asked.
"Tish… Tish!" he gasped.
He pulled the Collie’s ass tightly back against his prick root and felt the warm, tight
sheath surround his cock completely. He ignored the howl the Collie let out, just
concentrating on the way her spasming, coming cunt felt around his prick.
"Take it, baby – take it!" he cried.

His balls drew up under his throbbing prick and shuddered. His cock swelled in the
tight hole and pumped sperm into it.
He came so hard he pitched forward and would have fallen on his face if the
shuddering bitch hadn’t been there to stop him.
He came so hard and dizzily there was a roaring in his ears that prevented him from
hearing the scrape of shoe sole on the cement or the combined gasps of his sisters as
they watched him fuck his second load of jizz into a dog’s cunt.



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