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"I tell you, it’ll work," Tish said firmly. She looked from Carol to Harley and gave a
positive little nod of her head that made her haltered tits jiggle.
Harley watched them and licked his lips. He pushed his hat back on his head and
looked down at the ground before Tish noticed where he was looking. He scraped his
boot toe in the dust.
"Sounds all right to me," he said weakly.
"I think it sounds – outrageous!" Carol cried. "No! I won’t permit it!"
"Look, Carol, you just said yourself that we were in trouble, that we had to do
something," Tish went on. She glanced through the wire fence to the yard full of
romping dogs, exercising in the pen. She looked back. "It’s two against one, Carol."
Carol’s eyes sparked. "Yes. It’s always been like that. That’s how we got into this mess
in the first place. You have a crummy idea, and then you get Harley to go along with it,
and I’m outvoted. Well, not this time, Tish. This is going too far. Just too far!"
Tish looked at her and smiled deviously. She pursed her full lips prettily, but it was
pure poison that came out of her mouth.
"It wouldn’t be that you’re afraid of getting rid of sweet little Charger, would it,
Carol shot her a wicked glance. "You shut up, Tish. I’m warning you."
"Why? Afraid of what Harley might think?" She laughed cruelly and slid her arm
around Harley’s neck and hugged him, pushing her tits against him obviously. "What

can Harley say, after we saw what he was doing last night?"
Harley turned scarlet and broke into a fast sweat and muttered unintelligible sounds,
toeing the dust with his boot again, making a deep groove.
"Don’t do that to him, Tish," Carol said. "Can’t you ever be anything but cruel?"
"I can be hot," Tish smiled. "Nearly as hot as you, honey."
"Damn it, Tish!"
"Did Carol tell you about it, Harley?" Tish asked, looking closely into her brother’s
face, still hugging him around the neck. She made her hip rub against his.
"N-No," Harley choked. He was barely able to look at her, keeping his eyes downcast.
"Tell me about what, Tish?"
"About what she likes to do with Charger?"
"Tish! Stop it, damn you!" Carol cried angrily. It didn’t occur to her to tell Harley that
Tish had let Charger fuck her, too, that she was just as guilty, just as shameful. It never
Tish laughed with a tinkling sound when Harley gasped and lifted his head and looked
at Carol with a startled expression.
It was true! He had seen Charger with her at the window!
He watched the play of emotions over Carol’s face and felt sorry for her, for her
embarrassment. It was nearly as great as his own. And she was right – Tish was being
cruel to both of them. He looked at his older sister in a new light. Then he looked at

"She didn’t have to tell me, Tish," he said, his voice surprisingly even. It was almost
quavery when he talked to Tish. "I saw her with Charger last night."
Tish grinned at Carol and gave Harley a little hug again, loving every moment of their
mutual embarrassment. To her, it was damn silly to get hung up about sex all the time,
and bringing it up was the surest way there was to make somebody uneasy.
"Oh, you saw her with Charger last night, Harley? And what was Charger doing to her,
"The same thing he was probably doing to you, Tish," Harley said with surprising
calmness. "Because I saw you, too. You were both naked in your bedroom – with
Charger. You must have been letting him fuck you, huh, Tish?"
Tish whipped her head around. Carol laughed with a nervous sound, enjoying Tish’s
expression of shock. It was the first time ever that Harley had talked back to Tish.
"Well, well, little sister. I guess that puts us all in the same boat now, doesn’t it? We’re
all guilty. We all fucked dogs last night, and nobody has anything on anybody else, isn’t
that right?"
"Harley, you little sneak!" Tish said finally, deciding to laugh instead of knocking his
dumb head off. "I’ll bet you sneaked up the stairs and peeked in my room and then ran
down to fuck those two hot pussies, didn’t you?"
Harley pulled back slightly and looked down his nose at her. His cowboy hat was
pulled half over his eyes now, and he swelled out his chest and stood with his legs
braced and slightly bowed.

"Never mind what happened last night, Tish," he said casually. "The question we’ve got
going now seems to have taken a new turn. Instead of selling dogs in heat to horny old
men, it looks like we can sell dogs with big pricks to horny young women, too."
"It’s terrible!" Carol cried again.
Harley swiveled his head slowly and gave her the same authoritarian look. "I think it
makes sense, Carol. I’m big enough to admit I kind of dicked up yesterday buying all
those mutts."
"Kind of!" Tish hooted.
Harley ignored her for once, and the ability to do it was dizzying to him. "Besides, it
takes a long time to train a dog to attack. Training him to fuck would be lots easier,
something almost natural to him – with women, I mean."
He hitched up his pants and hooked his thumbs in his belt and rocked on his boot
heels. "I could get the females used to taking a big dick. Shit, I got a good start on two
of them last night. And Tish, here, could help out training the males to fuck pussy.
We’d have us a hell of a going thing here, girls." He turned his head to the side and
spat from the corner of his mouth, rocking on his heels again, the sagest bastard who
ever rode the plains.
"Jesus," Tish breathed, pulling back, a strange smile on her face. "Listen to him, will
you! He thinks he runs the place now!"
"It was your idea, Tish," Carol said softly, unable to keep a smile from her lips. The
little bitch had been caught in her own trap for once.
Tish looked at her challengingly. "All right, big sister. I’ll go along with it. I’m game.

I’ll fuck anything. But I’m not training all of them. You’re helping."
"Now, just a min-"
"That’s fair, Carol," Harley broke in.
She looked at him. She’d just begun to have a little respect for him. Now he was siding
with Tish again, and things were back the way they were.
"We can start right now, Carol," Tish grinned, reaching out for Carol’s hand. "You can
have the Great Dane. I’ll take the Cocker."
Harley guffawed and whipped his hat off and slapped his pants with it.
"Oh, shut up, you little bastard!" Carol cried.
She whirled around and stalked towards the house. Harley stared after her with
surprise. His balloon had just popped, and he wasn’t sure why. But it had been fun
while it lasted.
Carol slammed into the house and plopped onto one of the kitchen chairs. She stared at
the wall a long moment, then dropped her face into her hands and made a choking
Alec – come get me out of this madhouse! she cried inwardly.
Sometime later, she stepped out of the shower, drying herself with a towel that seemed
very heavy. She sighed and held it to her full tits and walked stiff-legged to the bed.
She flopped down on her back and stared at the ceiling. She didn’t feel like getting up.
Maybe she would never get up again. What the hell was the point.

She heard a car drive up into the yard and stop. The sun came in through the window
and warmed her and made her feel even more sluggish.
After a moment, she heard a woman’s voice. It was astonishingly grating and shrill. The
woman had an obnoxious laugh, and she used it frequently.
Wondering finally what was so damn funny to her, Carol lifted up on her elbow and
looked through the window.
She recognized the woman. Not by name, but by sight. She was fortyish, and she lived
alone in a small house on the street Carol used to take to Alec’s apartment. Carol
recognized her because she was always working in a lush little garden in her front yard.
The woman was talking to Tish, doing a lot of gesturing with her hands, laughing when
there couldn’t be anything at all to laugh at.
Carol watched them, wondering if maybe the woman wanted a dog for company, since
she lived alone. Then she caught sight of Harley in the penned yard. He was bringing
Charger along, leading him towards the kennel.
A quick throb went through Carol’s chest. It was a strange sensation – akin to dread.
Not Charger!
And then she noticed that Harley wasn’t taking him to the front where the woman was
but to the side room.
"Oh, no…" Carol groaned.
She got off the bed quickly, coming to sudden life again. She dressed hurriedly,
picturing the side room in her mind.

The kennel had been a huge old garage at one time. Harley had done most of the work
converting it over, laying the cement floor and the rest of it, and he’d done a good job.
It was one of the reasons Carol had gone along with the whole idea in the first place –
the good job he’d done and the hope that he might be ready to make something of
himself after all.
But the side room…
That had housed the chauffeur or whatever he was called back in the days when the
place was built, back before her parents had bought it and made it their home. Her
father had fixed up the side room for a study. It hadn’t been used much since then.
But Carol had the certain feeling that it was going to be used plenty from now on.
She glanced through the window again. The woman and Tish were entering the kennel,
the woman still waving her arms in gesture and grating out that terrible laugh again.
Carol hurried down the stairs. She’d thrown on a shirt dress, not taking the time to slip
into panties. Droplets of water from the shower made spots of darkness on it. Her
damp muff made a fuzzy patch over her lap, but she didn’t care about that. The only
thought on her mind was to stop Tish from giving them a reputation that would make
her parents spin in their graves.
Or was it to keep her from selling Charger…?
Carol hurried into the yard towards the kennel. She went in. The females they’d known
to be in heat were in their cages. They looked out at her, wagging their tails in greeting.
Carol went the length of the kennel and turned at the end, where the short hallway led
from the old garage to the room.

There was a small alcove just this side of the door to the room. Off it had been a rather
large closet. The door to it was only half-closed. Tish stuck her head out quickly and
put her finger to her lips in a stern shushing gesture.
Carol stopped up short. She heard the woman’s voice on the other side of the door to
the room. She looked in the closet and saw that Harley was in there with Tish.
"What are you doing?" Carol demanded, whispering angrily. She didn’t know why she
whispered, except that Tish had told her to be quiet.
Tish gestured with her hand. Harley looked at her and grinned sheepishly, then went
back to staring at the wall inside the closet.
"Have you gone nuts, Harley?" Carol whispered to him.
Tish reached out and took her wrist and pulled her into the closet. She gasped sharply.
Harley wasn’t staring at the wall. He was looking through a pane of glass into the
"It’s a one-way mirror," Tish whispered.



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