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Carol stared. Her cunt throbbed and squirmed, and a flash of lust jolted through her
body and made her nipples swell against the thin fabric of the shirt dress.
Harley had made room for her to stand next to the wall and look through the panel. He
now pressed up against her back, and felt the line of his prick grow rigid against her
lush butt cheeks.
"Man, look at that," he breathed in her ear.
Tish stood beside Carol and let out a soft moan, as if remembering the night before and
knowing what the woman was feeling right at that moment.
They heard her grating moan through the wall. She stood in the middle of the room,
looking down at Charger. At least, at his back. His head was out of sight. It was buried
under the hem of her dress.
"Tish!" Carol gasped. "Oh, Tish, you didn’t!"
Tish looked at her. "What’s the matter with you, Carol? That was the agreement we
made this morning, wasn’t it?"
"I didn’t make any agreement!"
"We made it. We outvoted you. What the hell – it’s paying off already." She looked
back at the panel. The woman was looking furtively around the room, checking to be
sure the door was closed and the windows covered.
She stared straight at them, and Carol ducked instinctively.

"She can’t see us," Harley whispered, pushing up against her back still. "I checked.
She’s just catching sight of herself in the mirror. Man, look at the heat in her face. I’ll
bet her pussy’s shaking and flapping like butterfly wings right now."
If the woman’s wasn’t, Carol’s was. She surreptitiously put her hand to her cunt and
pressed in hard, feeling the dampness from her undried pubes really soaking into her
dress now. Or was it pussy juice already?
The woman moaned again. She went over to the couch that was against the wall.
Charger followed her, prancing eagerly, his tongue lolling, his ears pricked up. Already,
his cock was a red tip sprouting through his furry sheath.
"Where did she come from?" Carol questioned. "How did she know?"
"I told her," Tish said.
"You what?"
"God, Carol – she just drove in and said she’d heard about the new kennel and wanted
a companion. I told her we bred very special companions, and she started giggling. I
told her she could try him out, and the old bat nearly wet her panties right there in the
yard. She couldn’t even wait till she got home."
"Where did this one-way glass come from? Who put it up – and why?"
"I did," Harley said. "I had some in the ba- I had some," he choked.
Carol turned her head and looked at him through the dimness. Her eyes bulged when
she saw the high color in his face.
The horny little voyeur! That was what she’d noticed different about the main

bathroom a few weeks ago! He’d put one in there so he could peep at Tish and her
while they were showering and pissing and everything! That was why he had that new
big picture hanging on his bedroom wall! So he could swing it aside and have full view
of them every time they used the bathroom!
"Harley, you little-" she started.
"Shhh!" Tish hushed.
She sucked in her breath and stared through the panel, and Carol couldn’t help looking
herself. She wished she hadn’t. She could feel it starting all over again, the sensations,
the need.
The woman had pulled her skirt to her waist and pushed blue panties to her knees.
Charger was leaning over the side of her hip, lapping at her pubes, trying to sink his
tongue between her pussylips.
The woman groaned and bucked up. She hurriedly slipped one leg out of the panties,
glanced at the door, then stared for a moment into the mirror to see herself and what
the doggie was doing to her wet, trembling snatch.
"Ohhhhh, God!" she cried, the sound grating and audible.
Her legs shot wide apart, and her bush fanned into full view. Her cuntlips were bloated
and shiny, dripping with hot juice. Charger fairly leaped over her outstretched leg to
get between her thighs, and his tongue lapped and lapped at her cunt.
"Oh! Ohhhhh! Oh, wonderful! Oh, I love you!" the woman cried. "I want you, I want
you! Ohhhh, you’re mine – yes!"

"Stop it, Tish," Carol gasped. "God, make them stop it!"
"Carol, have a heart! The old gal’s lonely. She hasn’t had a cunt-sucking like that in her
whole life, I’ll bet. What man could stand to listen to that horrible voice for more time
than it took him to run out of the place? She needs a good fucking, Carol. Think of the
wonderful service we’re going to be giving to lonely women."
"And men," Harley choked.
Carol became fascinated. They could see halfway up the woman’s spread cunt. Despite
her voice and her rather plain face, she had a tight, curving body, firm and in good
The kind that needed lots of fucking.
But not from my Charger! she cried silently.
Her hand jiggled over her pussy. She was acutely conscious of the rigid length of
Harley’s prick pressing more and more tightly against her ass, the increasing heaviness
of his breathing.
"Oh, my!" the woman cried sharply.
Her eyes popped open. Her belly hunched up and down. Her fingers curled and then
clutched at Charger’s head, pulling his sharp muzzle and his long tongue deep into her
"Oh, God, you’re going to make me come! I can’t believe it! A dog! Ohhh, what a cunt-
licker you are! Ah! AHHHHHGH!"
Her body wrenched tightly. Her lips puckered and fluttered. A groaning moo came

from them. Her cunt lifted and shuddered, and her feet drummed on the floor.
She came as if it had been the first time in three months, and Charger didn’t let up for
a moment. His tongue slurped and drilled into her quaking, fluttering cunt, lapping up
all the juice she poured forth.
Then, almost as if knowing she’d come and yet needed another one, Charger lifted his
head and licked his chops and then propped his fore paws on the couch, scooting up
between her spread thighs.
The woman looked at him in a moment of fear, and then the fear vanished as her eyes
swept down under Charger’s belly and stared at his big scarlet cock.
It pointed right towards her open pussy. It shone with a slippery look. It leaked from
the tip and jutted back and forth with jerky little fucking movements.
"Oh, my God!" the woman cried softly. "What a big prick! Ohhh, what a dog!"
"Oh, God! He’s going to fuck her, Tish!" Carol whispered, her voice husky with lust
and terrible need.
She stopped trying to pull forward to get away from Harley’s cock. He’d dipped back
and pressed up against her ass again, and now his prick was pointing up inside his
pants instead of down, and she knew it was fully erect and throbbing.
Beside her, she could feel Tish’s moving elbow bump into her side now and then, and
there was no question in her mind but that Tish was finger-fucking her horny twat.
Carol glanced down at Tish’s front and gasped. The dainty little hand was inside her
bikini panties! The knuckles bumped the front of it and wriggled as she moved her

fingers over her clit and the bloated lips of her wet pussy.
Carol couldn’t stop herself. She let out a soft moan and rucked the front of her shirt
dress up to her crotch with stealthy motions of her fingers.
She touched the dripping meat of her cuntlips and stared ahead into the room at
Charger’s thick red cock, watching him hunch and thrust forward in an effort to sink
the pointed, spearing tip into the woman’s cunt hole.
At the same time, Carol pressed her ass back against Harley’s prick. It was nearly an
involuntary motion. It had to be that. She would never dream of swaying her rump
back and forth until the rigid line of her brother’s prick was between her buns.
She heard his sharp intake of breath. She didn’t know whether it was because her ass
cheeks had constricted around his prickshaft or because Charger had straddled the
woman’s stomach low enough to finally fuck his dog’s cock into her pulsing hole.
"Ahhhhgh!" she moaned in that grating tone. "Ohhh, you’re fucking me! What a prick!
So big! Ohhh, so pointed and red! Oh, it’s right up my pussy! It’s in me!"
She looked at the mirror. She saw a handsome young dog between her outstretched
thighs, hind legs straining, tail stiff, furry belly against hers, flanks shuddering as he
fucked into her horny cunt.
"Ohhhh, I love it! I love it!" she cried, flinging her arms around Charger and hugging
him closer to her.
She scooted her ass farther forward to the edge of the couch to lie under him better and
lift her raging twat up around his plunging prick.

She lifted her legs and made them bow and locked them around Charger’s ass. She
nearly hung from underneath him, rocking back and forth, taking his cock as far into
her horny cunt as she possibly could.
The sight was too much for Harley. He gasped and tried not to groan in Carol’s ear.
That didn’t help him any. He shoved up against her ass and pressed his prick tightly
into her deep butt crack and shuddered against her back.
Carol held her breath. He couldn’t be! Her own brother!
But then she felt the warm, wet spread of rushing jizz soaking quickly through his
pants and the back of her shirt dress. It seeped all over her crack, wetting her asscheeks.
He humped and shivered against her and finally let out a gasping groan that left no
doubt at all that he’d come.
"Carol…" he whispered chokingly.
"Oh, Harley…"
Tish turned her head. "Ohhhh, me, too, Harley – me, too!"
She jiggled her hand quickly and moaned. Her knees buckled slightly. Her head tipped
back. In the dim light, Carol watched her sister’s nostrils flare and her tongue lick
sensuously over her lips as her hand shoved deeply into her panties and sent a
squirming finger up her writhing, spasming cunt.
"Oh, God!" Carol whispered tightly. "M-Me, tooooo…"
Orgasm whipped through her body and made her wet cunt suck and pull at her
probing finger. She rolled her thumb over her clit and made it a good one.

There were no secrets among them anymore. In a kinky way, they were finally a real
family, and she pushed her ass tightly against Harley’s throbbing prick to let him know
that she didn’t care at all that he’d come in her ass crack and stained her dress with his
hot, flowing sperm.
In the other room, the woman opened her big mouth and yelled. She tried to clamp her
hand over the yawning cavern to silence the outcry, but it didn’t help.
The voice was terrible. Carol could see what Tish had meant. No man would be able to
take that voice for long, unless he were deaf as a post. But Charger didn’t care.
He fucked and fucked, hunching and licking the air and then finally blasting her
sucking pussy full of dog-cum.
The woman yelled a second time, banging off another strong orgasm. She acted as if
she were just getting into the swing of it, when she realized where she was and what
ghastly, perverted thing she was doing there.
She let her spasms subside and then pushed at Charger, making him get back onto the
floor. Her pussy was wide open when he hopped down. They watched the wet, red cunt
mouth shake and drool some of the full load of doggy jizz he’d shot there.



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