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"See?" Tish crowed happily. "I told you it’d work!"
They stood in the drive and watched the woman back hurriedly into the street and
squeak her tires as she spun down the road for home.
Carol stooped and flung her arms around Charger’s neck, hugging him tightly. The
dark stain on the back of her dress pulled wetly across her flaring rump, and she knew
Harley was looking at it and turning red with embarrassment. He’d pulled his shirt tail
out of his pants so that it draped over the front of them and hid the big puddle he’d
made in them when he’d come.
"Not Charger!" Carol cried, kissing his muzzle. She detected the faint aroma of pussy
on it. "Not my Charger!"
"She’s gone home for the money, Carol!" Tish said. "You can’t tell her she can’t buy
him when she gets back. What the hell’s the matter with you?"
"I don’t want to sell him!"
"She wants him now – in the worst way! Damn it, we’ve got to sell him. He’s the only
one trained to fuck so far. Besides, think of the business she’s going to drum up for us
at the Garden Club or whatever."
Carol looked up at Tish. Her eyes ran over the thrusting, tipped cones of her tits inside
the halter, over the smooth under curving of her bikini bottoms where they wrapped
tightly and sexily around her little twat.
She gave Charger a final kiss and sighed heavily as she stood up. "I guess so," she said

There was no point in arguing. The woman had gone after her money. And she would
bring more customers to them. And that was the name of the game right now, wasn’t
Tish smiled oddly. "We’d… uh… you’d better take a look in the yard, Carol."
Carol turned her head. "What?"
"A look in the yard. For the next one. Pick one you think you’d like to train to fuck,
honey. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do before the crowd comes."
"What do you mean!" Carol flared. "Me, pick it! Me, train it! You dirty little slut, you
were the one who taught Charger to lick your pussy. I watched you doing it!"
Harley sucked in his breath, looking from one to the other of them quickly. His prick
started to swell in his pants again. God, he wanted to watch this training process!
"Yeah," Tish said lazily, canting her hips, letting her hand dangle before her pussy. Her
fingers curled slightly, and the middle one traced her satiny gash, making the panties
indent into it slightly so that her slit was visible – and the little bump of her clit right at
the top.
Carol watched her do it. She felt her own pussy squirm at just the suggestion of being
stroked like that, and she knew again who was going to win the argument.
"I taught him to lick pussy, honey, but you were the one who taught him what a pure
joy it is to fuck a woman’s cunt. Remember, sweetie?"
Carol shivered. "I remember," she said huskily, her voice dark. "That means it’s your

turn. Share and share alike."
Tish shrugged. "I ought to get a bonus for the first sale. But I’ll be a nice sister. I’ll help
again. Just the way I did with Charger."
"Me, too," Harley said.
Carol whipped her head around and looked at him. His face was highly colored, but he
didn’t look down and scrape his toe in the dust. He held her gaze brazenly.
"You will not!" Carol cried tightly.
"Aw, what the hell, Carol," Tish said. "Don’t be such a prude. What’ve you got to hide
from our dear sweet brother, anyway? I mean, he did come all over your ass in there,
didn’t he? And, knowing you and your hot, hot cunt, I don’t doubt for a minute that
you moved your ass around and helped him out just a little. Huh, Carol?" she grinned
tauntingly. "Just a little?"
"I did not!"
"Well, I didn’t hear you yell with outrage. Besides, I think Harley’s got a good idea
there. He can make the instruction very graphic. Dogs are like children, you know.
They have to be shown how to do things."
"Oh!" Carol blurted. She stamped her foot. It was a very childish gesture for a twenty-
eight-year-old woman to make, but she couldn’t help it. Tish was infuriating.
She was ready to really do battle, when the woman drove back in again, going so fast
she threatened to run them over before she could stop the car.
She hopped out and waved bills that were clenched in her fist. She giggled all the way

from the car to where they were standing. The sound reminded Carol of a flock of
geese with bellyaches.
The woman barely looked at them. She had eyes only for Charger. Or maybe she was
too embarrassed to look at them.
"He’s a wonderful dog," she rasped. "He’ll be wonderful protection for a woman who
lives all alone. I’m going to tell all my single and widowed friends about this wonderful
Merry Time Kennel."
She giggled again. She looked at Tish. Carol saw a sly wink, and then the woman
pushed the money into her fist and led Charger off. He glanced around as if asking if
this were all right, and then he trotted beside her and hopped into the car, pawing at
her arm when she got in.
The woman backed away while Carol stared after the car. Harley came up to her and
held her wrist and took the money from her hand. He leafed through the bills and let
out a low whistle, pushing his hat back on his head.
"Five hundred bucks!" he exclaimed.
Tish and Carol both looked at him. "What?"
"Here, count it yourself!" He tossed his hat into the air and whooped.
"Tish!" Carol cried reprovingly. "You robbed her!"
"I didn’t tell her this much! I swear I didn’t, Carol! I thought I was robbing her by
asking three, but then I gave her the hard-luck story you gave us yesterday, and…"
She smiled very broadly. She took Carol’s arm and pulled her towards the kennel.

"Come on, sister. We’ve got work to do!"
According to his papers, the Setter’s name was Royal Green. That seemed a screwy
name, since he was a big red Irish, sleek-headed and bushy-tailed.
He seemed nervous about being in the house, because he kept turning from one to the
other of them, then pacing around to sniff at the furniture and the door and jumping
up to look out the window at the yard full of dogs outside.
"Maybe the living room’s too big," Tish suggested. "Let’s take him upstairs."
"Tish…" Carol started, a pleading sound to her voice.
"Come on, don’t get squeamish now, just when we’ve got the chance to make a mint."
"Where’s Harley, Tish? I won’t do it with Harley in the room. I just won’t. It’d bad
enough with you watching. God, it’s just bad enough, period."
"You didn’t think so last night."
"I did, too. I thought it was horrible." She sucked in her breath and closed her eyes a
moment. "God, I just can’t believe this is all real. What would Alec say?"
"Who gives a damn," Tish said gruffly. "You don’t need his approval for anything. Fuck
him. We’ve got it made now, honey. Come on, let’s get Mr. Green upstairs."
"Where’s Harley?"
"I don’t know. In the kennel. Probably fucking that Labrador again. Hey, how was it,

making her little brother shoot his load all over your ass?"
"Cut it out, Tish."
Tish went towards her and pressed up close. Her hand snaked over Carol’s butt, then
came around her hip to her pussy and stroked it through the thin dress.
"Got to stoke the fire a little, huh?" she smiled softly, licking her lips, pressing her tits
against Carol’s.
Carol moaned. She didn’t say the nasty word in her mind, because the fire was already
stroked. She shivered at the touch of Tish’s lust-whetting finger against her twat.
"Hey, we’re in luck. He’s headed upstairs to explore around. Come on, Carol."
She led Carol up the stairs after the Setter. She coaxed the dog into Carol’s room and
shut the door. He paced around, then sat in the middle of the floor and looked at them,
seeming a little more at ease.
"Here, Greenie," Tish said, holding out her hand. The dog sniffed it and panted, and
she petted his sleek head. "Come on, get that dress off. He’s tall enough you can just
spread your legs and stand up against his nose and let him get a good whiff of your wet
Carol flushed. "You make everything so delicate."
She hesitated a moment. Then she slipped out of her shirt dress and laid it across her
bed. The wet spot was still visible on the rump, and there was a stained quality around
the edges of it where Harley’s sperm had dried.
Tish looked at her naked body as if seeing it for the first time, and made her self-

"You get undressed, too," she said.
Tish shrugged and lifted her halter up over her head. Her tits jiggled and bounced
stiffly on her chest. She pushed her bikini down her legs and off, leaving it on the floor.
Carol stared back. She couldn’t get over the bald appearance of her little twat because of
the lightness of her strawberry pubes and the thinness of her pelt.
Tish turned the Setter’s sleek head and pushed her pussy up against his nose. He
turned away and licked his nose and continued to sit. His bushy tail dusted the carpet
with big sweeps.
"Come on, fella. That’s real cunt you just got a whiff of. Didn’t you like it?" She
motioned to Carol. "You try. Maybe he’ll like yours better."
Carol went up to them. She felt depraved. She took a deep breath and braced her legs
apart, pushing her pussy forward until her wet cuntlips touched the dog’s damp snout.
He turned his head again, licking his nose. "He doesn’t like pussy juice, that’s all there
is to it," Carol said quickly, turning her body to the side in relief.



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