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Carol put her hand over her twat as if to cover her shame. But she couldn’t keep her
fingers still in the wet silkiness of her puffy cunt meat.
"Hey, that’s it! Flick yourself off and get up a real thick soup of pussy juice, fresh and
hot. I’ll bet he’ll go for that."
Carol snatched her hand away from her cunt. "Tish!" she cried.
"Okay, I will, then, big chicken. Damn it, Carol, this is money. Not only will he be a
big fucker when we’re through with him, he’ll be a damn beautiful dog besides."
She spread her legs and tipped her crotch forward, spreading her cunt lips with the
fingers of one hand. She ran her middle finger of the other hand up and down her silky
gash, doing it right in front of Carol.
She worked industriously a moment, rolling her clit, sliding her finger up and down her
rosy gash, then slipping it into her cunt hole and making it wriggle there.
"Mmmm," she said.
There wasn’t much conviction to it. She closed her eyes and fucked her finger all the
way up her cunt to her palm, taking long strokes. All the while, she held her puffy
cuntlips apart with her fingers, letting Carol see everything.
"Hell," she said after a moment. "I can’t even get a hard clit going. Maybe I should lie
She went to the bed and lay back on it, her legs straight out from the side, her rump on
the edge. She worked at her pussy again, her tits pointing to the ceiling and jiggling as

her arm moved up and down.
Carol stared. Tish’s body was so totally open there was something almost pure and
innocent about what she was doing. Carol put her hand back over her pussy and finger-
fucked her hole, too. She didn’t have any difficult getting her cunt hot and juicy.
Tish stopped and opened her eyes and lifted up slightly, looking at Carol. Carol
snatched her hand away from her trembling cunt again.
"I know how to get my pussy juiced up," Tish smiled, her expression sultry.
Carol didn’t like the look of it. "How?" she asked guardedly.
"Come here, and I’ll tell you."
"You could be a sweet and loving sister to me," Tish smiled. "Very loving."
She pulled her cuntlips wide apart and tipped her pussy up in invitation for Carol to
suck it. She moved her hips from side to side and made the mouth of her little cunt
squeeze and pulse.
Carol sucked in her breath. She moaned. Don’t do it! she told herself inwardly. Oh,
God – resist her for once! Don’t suck her slutty cunt!
"Mmmm, hurry, honey," Tish moaned.
"No…" she said weakly, shaking her head.

There was a knock at the door. "How’s it going?" Harley asked through it. He turned
the knob.
"Don’t come in!" Carol cried.
Too late. He was already in. He looked at his sisters – Tish spread out on the bed with
her beautiful, beautiful pussy all spread open and rosy and bedewed with honey. And at
Carol, standing in the middle of the room in naked, tight perfection, her big tits so
round and soft, and her ass jutting out in twin melons of firm flesh.
Harley sucked in his breath and felt his cock throb heavily. He closed the door behind
him. He was damned if he was going to go out and miss all this!
"How’s it going?" he repeated.
"Harley, get out of my room!" Carol cried.
"Don’t listen to her, sweet brother. You stay right where you are. I’ve got something for
you to do. Something you’ll just love doing, I know. Darling, you’re overdressed."
She smiled sexily. She kept her pussylips spread apart with her fingertips all the while.
In fact, she hadn’t made a move at his entrance.
"W-What?" Harley choked, unable to do anything but stare at the beautiful open-lipped
cunt he’d dreamed about so many nights.
He’d pulled his dick sore over visions and imaginings of that pussy. He must have
pumped a thousand loads through his prick while visualizing it. Now, here it was, in
dark-pink reality right before him, wet and slick and sweet. His prick threatened to rip

right through his tough Levi’s.
"Strip out of those heavy clothes, darling brother, and I’ll tell you what I want you to
do for me. Come on, Harley. Let your sisters see that big prick again when it’s not all
limp from fucking hot bitches."
"Oh?" Carol drawled acidly. "Has Harley been fucking you lately, Tish?"
Tish looked at her, but she didn’t respond. She watched Harley pause for just a
moment, then attack his belt buckle as he stared and drooled from the mouth over her
spread cunt.
His boots clumped to the floor. He pushed his Levi’s after them, then stripped out of
his shirt. His prick was iron-hard and throbbing, standing straight out in front of him.
He moved towards Tish, fully expecting to finally fuck her and fuck her.
"Take your goddamn Stetson off, dummy," Tish said. "You can’t do a proper job of
sucking my pussy with a hat on."
Sucking it?" Harley half cried, disappointment obvious in his husky voice.
"Don’t you want to smell and lick my pussy, honey?" Tish said, tipping her crotch up
and down, making her cunt hole pulse wetly for him. "If you don’t, then you can just
get the hell out of here and let us figure out what to do with this dumb dog."
"Naw!" Harley barked. "Sure, I’ll suck it. God, yes! Anything you say, Tish."
Carol watched him with growing disgust. For just a moment this morning it seemed as
if he might come out of his servile role and actually tell Tish where to get off.
But it was back to the usual already. He was no more than a willing slave to her. He’d

never be anything else. Not really.
"Down on your knees, brother," Tish ordered. "Right there – between my legs. All
right, dummy, you can quit staring at it. Start sucking. Do you know how? Have you
ever sucked a cunt before? Any cunt? Even that Labrador’s?"
"Yeah, sure," Harley said. "What the hell!"
He looked down and shook his head slowly, licking his lips with the embarrassing
admission. Nearly twenty, and he’d never sucked or fucked a real cunt.
"Well, I’ll tell you about it, darling. You just listen to your sister."
Tish put out her hands and cupped the sides of his head. She drew him forward. He
went cross-eyed looking at her strawberry-fringed pussy. Then his lips touched her
gash, and he didn’t really need a hell of a lot of instruction.
Tish moaned. She rocked her crotch up and down under his lapping tongue. Her clit
stiffened, and her cunt became extra slippery and wet.
Carol watched with a horrified kind of fascination. She listened to the slurping, sucking
sounds. She watched Harley’s lips suck the stiff clit tip between them and draw on it,
and she heard Tish’s moan of rising heat.
Her pussy was getting wet now, all right. Good and wet. And so was Carol’s. She
watched Harley and remembered the way Alec sucked her cunt, and her twat lips
bloated apart and drooled slippery juice.
The dog seemed totally disinterested. He slid his fore paws out in front of him and lay

on the floor, opening his mouth and panting softly.
Harley knelt on the floor in front of Tish and ate out her snatch furiously. His cock
jutted between his thighs and throbbed with every beat of his heart. His naked butt
cheeks flared apart, showing a crack deep enough to be a woman’s.
"Ohhhhh, that’s good, Harley!" Tish moaned. "Mmmm, yes, like that! Use your tongue
– your sweet tongue. Do it the way Charger did it to Mrs. Jenks this morning. Deeper!
Fuck it in deeper, Harley!"
Harley slurped and stabbed and licked at her gushing cunt. He gripped the sides of her
hips with his hands, sliding them up and down the firm curves. Then he slid them
under her ass and lifted her twat up. He kneaded her butt cheeks, and he drank from
her cunt as if he had hold of a two-handled mug.
"Eeee, I’m going to come, Harley!" Tish cried in a moment. "Stop! Stop sucking my
He didn’t believe she meant it. She was right on the verge of coming, and he wanted to
be the one to thrill her. She’d let him fuck her then, and he could hardly wait for that.
"Stop, damn it!" Tish cried, hitting the side of his head.
Harley jerked back and put his hand to his temple. Tears stung his eyes from the blow.
"Hell, Tish!" he cried.
"I told you to stop."
"I thought you wanted me to suck you all the way off and make you come!"

"Not this time, sweetie," she said, smiling at him quickly. "I just wanted you to get my
pussy flowing and juicy. Now that it is, bring Greenie over here and let’s let him get a
taste of my honey and see if he can learn as fast as you did, Harley."
Harley looked crushed. His prick pounded in the air. But he got to his feet and came
over, hoisting the dog between Tish’s legs.
"Damn," he said. He looked at Carol as if for aid. "Damn," he said again.



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