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Tish and Harley both worked at the dog, holding his head and pushing his snout into
Tish’s draining cunt. He licked his nose after each dip into the wetness of her oozing
box, but he didn’t seem to want to keep licking.
"Damn it, Harley, do something!" Tish cried. "I’m hot. I want to come. I want this
damn dog to learn to lick my cunt. Think of something!"
Harley groaned with frustration. Carol waited for him to tell Tish to think of
something, but he didn’t.
"Hey, I’ve got it!" he cried suddenly.
He didn’t answer. He got up and went to his pants. He reached into one of the pockets
and pulled out several of the little dog candies.
"Here, Greenie," he called.
The Setter turned his head, spotted the candies, and licked his chops. Harley fed him
one. He sat on his butt and chewed it, and it was astonishing that he didn’t bite
through the long, flat, lolling tongue at the same time.
Tish lifted up on her elbows and looked at Harley as if he’d lost the rest of his marbles.
"What the hell are you doing! Don’t reward him before he licks my pussy, you
Harley ignored her. He fed Greenie another candy and watched him chew it up. Soggy

bits of the biscuit crumbled under the shear of the sharp teeth and fell to the floor.
"Hey, fella, you want another one?" Harley asked.
He waved one at the dog, holding it in plain sight between his fingers. The dog
snapped and licked out after it, but Harley didn’t let him have it.
He brought his hand closer and closer to Tish’s spread crotch. She let out a yip and
tried to close her legs.
"What are you trying to do – have him bite my cunt!" she squeaked.
"You’ll see, Tish," Harley said quickly, "you’ll see!"
He laid the small wafer right into the mouth of her pussy. The dog went after it, drew
back, yowled with wagging tail, then looked at the tidbit again.
"Hold still, Tish. I think we’ve got him."
"The bastard better not have me, or I’ll make that bulldog bite your dick off, Harley!"
"Shhh! Come on, Greenie. Here it is," Harley coaxed, pointing right at Tish’s spread
pussy with his finger. He licked his lips. He reached down and held her twatlips open.
The tidbit circled and jumped with each twitch of Tish’s cunt muscles.
After a series of feints and withdrawals, Greenie lapped out for the candy.
"Ohhh, he’s doing it!" Tish whispered. Her cunt spasmed and pulsed. The wafer was
getting dark and soggy as it absorbed her pussy juice.
"He pushed it in a little," Harley said.

"Oh, God. That’s all I need – a cunt full of doggy dough. You ass, this had better
Harley was beginning to look worried. Greenie didn’t want to go after the one in her
snatch any more. He wanted another from Harley’s hand.
Harley gave him one. He chomped it down in one gulp. Harley let off a sickly grin and
taunted the dog with another candy. He put it into Tish’s pussy mouth again.
"That’s it, Harley. That’s the last goddamn one," Tish said warningly.
Greenie licked at it. He licked again. He put his muzzle to her cunt and slipped his
flexible tongue into her silky tissues, flipping it around the solid candy and drawing it
out. He ate it. He wagged his tail and grinned.
"Here, boy – there’s another one in there," Harley said, growing more confident again.
He pried Tish’s cunt lips wide apart so that Greenie could see it.
Greenie saw. He lapped into Tish’s cunt after it, sinking his tongue inches inside her
satin, slippery hole.
"Ohhhh, God! What a tongue!" Tish moaned. "Carol, it’s better than Charger’s! I swear
it is! Ooohhhh!"
Greenie got the soggy wafer out. It slid down his throat, soggy and coated with cunt
"Here, boy!" Harley said again. He looked positively radiant with his success now.
He placed the next one deeper into Tish’s twat, making sure the dog saw it, then
pushing it up her hole with his finger. He couldn’t resist tickling her cunt at the same

time, getting his finger soaked with her juices, feeling the silky, hot slipperiness of her
pussy walls. His prick throbbed as he finger-fucked her.
"Cut it out, Harley," Tish said in a low tone. But her pussy clamped and sucked around
his finger all the same.
Greenie had the idea now. He put his muzzle to Tish’s crotch and shot his tongue all
the way up her pussy. That’s what it felt like to her.
"Ahhhhh, God!" she cried, unable to keep her hips still.
Her crotch rocked up and down, and Greenie’s tongue slithered in and out of her silky
twat, drawing the candy slowly forward. He gobbled it down when he finally got it out.
Then he sniffed at her pussy to see if there was another one in there.
"Almost there," Harley said, his cock straining so hard it looked ready to rip off. He
acquired a devious look. "One more, Tish."
"Put it way up so he can’t get it out so fast," Tish moaned.
"I will, Tish," Harley said, his voice oddly strained.
He glanced at Carol. His prick leaked at the tip. He took the last candy between his
fingers and showed it to Royal Green. He put it at Tish’s pussy mouth. He pushed it
into her hole with his finger, making sure the dog saw it go in there.
Then he quickly stepped between Tish’s spread thighs and aimed his cock and fell on
top of his sister, letting out a harsh cry of bliss at the same time.
His big cock swam into her sodden pussy and slid frictionlessly to her depths, pushing
the candy ahead of it.

"Harley, you bastard! You’re fucking me! Get off! Take it out! Ohhh, you perverted
little shit! Ohhhh, God! God!"
Harley had no intention of taking it out. He groaned and fucked his hips back and
forth. He couldn’t believe the heat, the slipperiness, the silky smoothness of his sister’s
At last! He was fucking her at last! No more goddamn dreaming about it while he
jacked his meat. This was it! Really it!
"Ohhhh, Tish! Tish!" he cried.
"Stop, Harley – stop!" Tish groaned.
She didn’t mean it worth a damn. Carol could tell that. She stood there and watched
her brother and sister fuck and nearly screamed. Whether from electric lust or outrage,
she didn’t know. All she knew was that she couldn’t keep her hand from her spasming,
twitching cunt.
She finger-fucked her snatch furiously, knees bent and spread to the sides, arm
pistoning up and down and making her round tits shake and wobble over her chest.
She watched Harley’s round rump pump back and forth. She watched Tish’s hips surge
up and down as her tight little pussy wrapped around her brother’s big cock and sucked
on it, drawing it deeper and deeper into her hot, slutty body.
"Tish, I’m gonna come!" Harley squeaked.
"No! No! Ohhh, I don’t care! God, I’m so hot! Fuck me, you big-pricked bastard! You
perverted little shit! You sweet, cunning dirty-minded brother! You finally got me!

Ohhh, God, have you got me, Harley! Yes! Yes, now! Come in me! God, fill my cunt
with sperm! EEEEEAAAAAGH!"
Her legs shot up from their dangling position over the edge of the bed and wrapped
around his ass and locked there. She pulled inward against his ass and drove his
straining, reaching cock into the depths of her quivering cunt.
She spasmed and shuddered and rocked furiously, making all kinds of mewling sounds
as she came.
Harley growled and grunted and then ended up with a high-pitched squeal as his prick
bucked and spurted and hosed and streamed, shooting out all the nights of frustrated
dreams into her squirming cunt.
He puffed and gasped and ground his crotch against hers, getting the last measure of
feeling from her hot, flooded cunt. His balls shuddered and pumped out the last drop of
jizz stored in them for her so long.
Carol groaned and twitched and rubbed the side of her clit with her thumb. She shoved
her middle finger all the way up her cunt to her palm and came at the same time.
Her asscheeks clenched and shuddered together, and her knees went rubbery. She
started crumpling to the floor, reeling backwards until she was against the wall. She slid
down it, moaning, until she sat on her butt, her legs splayed out before her.
Royal Green looked at her. He looked at her pussy. He looked at the bastard who was
stuffing his cock up the hole where the last candy was, and he let out a yowl of
"Get off, Harley," Tish said. "Honey, let’s see if he’ll go after it now."

Her voice was unusually sweet. She smoothed her hand over his head and down the
side of his face, and she puckered her lips and kissed his mouth. She moved her locked
legs over his butt and swayed her hips, not really wanting to let him go.
"I don’t want to get up, Tish," Harley moaned softly, kissing her back, using the tip of
his tongue on her lips in a gentle Frenching. "God, I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long
I don’t ever want to take my prick out."
"I know you have, darling. And I’ve been so mean to you. Do you forgive me?"
"Only if I can fuck you again."
"Right now?" she laughed, her voice tinged with excitement.
"Now and whenever it seems like a good idea."
"That’s a tall order," she grinned.
"It’s a long prick." He pumped it back and forth and made her moan and surge up
against him again.
"It’s a wonderful prick, Harley. God, if I’d only known that earlier…"
Greenie stuck his nose against Harley’s hip impatiently. He looked at the dog and
"He still wants the candy."
"I want your prick right now."
"Greenie! Over there, Greenie! It’s in Carol’s pussy! Go get it, boy!"

He waved his arm. The dog followed the line of motion and stood in a natural pointing
stance, looking directly at Carol’s cunt. He sniffed the air, then trotted over to where
she lay on the floor. He stuck his nose between her legs and sniffed.
"Ohhhh, God," Carol moaned, sucking in her breath. Her cunt twitched and jumped.
There was more in there. No candy for the dog, but so much, much more.
"Come on, boy," she coaxed, spreading her twat lips the way Tish had.
Greenie licked at her cunt. The flavor must have been similar to Tish’s – the flavor that
led to the good little candies. He licked again. And again. Then his tongue slithered far
up Carol’s hole and made her squeal into immediate orgasm.
"Ohhhhh, God! Wonderful! Lick! Twirl it! Ohhhh, so deep! Deeper than Charger!
Ohhhh, God!"
She gritted her teeth and came a third time, bouncing and thrashing, her butt lifting up
and down against the floor.
"Look at him go!" Tish cried. "Harley, you did it! You taught him! Hey, you’re not so
dumb after all!"
"Now all we gotta do is teach him to fuck. How do we do that, Tish?"
"Show him, Harley," Tish said, the devilish glint in her eye again.
He looked at her. "You mean…"
His prick pulsed and throbbed rigidly in her cunt. "She’ll kill me!"

"Not when she feels that strong dick going into her hot cunt. Did she kill you this
morning when you shot all over her ass?"
Harley pulled his prick out of her pussy. Sperm drained freely from it, carrying bits of
wafer with it. The tip of his cock drooled with their mixed juices.
He got up and staggered towards Carol. She watched him come, while Greenie still
licked and lapped and slobbered at her oozing snatch.
"Harley…" she cried warningly.
"We gotta teach him, Carol," Harley said.
"Then teach him on Tish."
"Nothing doing, Carol," Tish said, propping herself on her elbows again. "Share and
share alike. I just taught him to suck cunt, and you’re getting the benefit of it already.
Come on, sweetie, up on your hands and knees like a good sister."
"Oh! Ohhhh!" Carol cried.
It was happening again. She wished to God she could control it. Harley was standing
right over her, watching everything, staring at her spread, quivering, orgasming cunt.
She thought her cunt hole would blow inside out. Everything pushed and squeezed and
went fluid, and Greenie’s rolling, twisting, curling, writhing tongue just wouldn’t stop.
Tish was right about that. He was better at muff-diving than Charger had been. It made
her shamefully curious about the next dog they would train. Was there a limit to how
much better they could get?

"God, Carol…" Harley breathed, watching her twist and squirm and thrash. His prick
lifted to full stiffness right in front of her.
"Ohhhh, don’t you fuck me with that, Harley," she groaned. "I mean it. I swear I mean
"B-But…" he stammered. "Aw, hell, Carol! Tish says to show him on you, and you say
to show him on Tish. What the hell am I supposed to do?"
"Show him on that Labrador you fucked last night," Carol groaned. "Go get her, I don’t
care. It’s bad enough to have my sister finger me off. Worse still to suck and fuck with
dogs. When it comes to getting fucked by my brother, that’s the limit," she stated
Harley got a funny look on his face. "Yeah," he said. "She’s right in – in my room. I
brought her up and was going to have a little fun with her while you two were in here
working over Royal Green…"



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