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Harley left the room and came back quickly with the Labrador. Greenie looked up and
woofed and sniffed the air. He trotted over to her and circled her and stuck his nose in
her twat. His ears pricked up, and his tail wagged stiffly. His cock stretched from his
sheath for the first time.
"My God, look at it!" Harley cried. He glanced down at his own dick and then back at
the Setter’s, clearly astounded by the thick, sturdy size of it.
Greenie started pawing at the Labrador’s rump with definite ideas of mounting her and
fucking her.
"Not her, dummy!" Harley cried, running over to drag him off.
Tish came off the bed. Sperm and biscuit mush drained from her cunt and trailed down
her inner thighs. She went over to Greenie and offered her pussy to him. He licked and
lapped and then spun around and whimpered, wanting to fuck the Labrador.
"Come on, Carol," Tish said. "Up! Get over the bed."
She hauled on Carol’s arm and pulled her across the room and made her belly down
over the edge of the bed so that her butt flared nakedly backward.
"All right, Harley, bring Greenie over here and let’s get him to mount Carol."
Harley obeyed. Why Carol stayed bent over, knees on the floor, tits pushing into the
bed, legs braced apart, she couldn’t have said. Unless it was the same old thing – she
was just too hot to care about anything but getting fucked.
Harley dragged the Setter over and shoved his nose towards Carol’s tight asscrack. He

took a good look at it himself. He saw the deepness of it, the round, tight, firm cheeks,
the puckered, rubbery ring of her asshole. He looked at the puffy cuntlips pouting
down beneath her crotch, so bloated they were spread apart and showing the lovely wet
redness between them.
"Lift him up, Harley. Give him some help."
"I’d like to give him some help, all right," Harley said, his prick throbbing over the
sight of Carol’s sexy, hot ass.
He straddled Greenie, his balls dragging through the silky red fur along his back. He
bent over and took the dog’s forepaws and lifted the animal, making him mount Carol’s
"Ohhhh, God!" Carol moaned, feeling the softness of the Setter’s fur over her ass. Even
that was better than Charger’s.
She couldn’t help weaving her ass, clenching her buns with lust, arching her spine a
little more to lift her cunt up. She felt Harley get the dog far enough up her back for
the furry sheath to come between her thighs.
But there was no hot red prick sticking out from it.
"Ohhhh," she moaned.
"Is he fucking you?" Tish asked.
Tish bent over to look at what was happening. Her face was under the dog’s belly,
between Carol’s thighs, looking directly up at open cunt and swinging sheath. Her tits

dragged the floor by the nipples, and her tight little ass flared out behind her.
"He hasn’t got a hard-on yet," she said. "Hold him there, Harley. I’m going to jack him
off a little."
She reached out and played with the dog’s sheath. She put the tips of her fingers to
Carol’s pussy and held the puffy gash apart while she rubbed back and forth on
Greenie’s sheath.
Greenie whimpered and tossed his head. He made Harley have to fight to keep him
positioned over Carol’s butt. He kept trying to hop down to get to the Labrador.
"Here it comes!" Tish cried softly. "Ohhh, it’s huge! Bigger than Charger’s, Carol!
There’s the tip! Atta boy, Greenie. Let’s see the rest of it!"
She jacked and rubbed, still holding Carol’s cunt lips wide apart. Harley grunted with
the effort of keeping the dog lifted. His balls were nestled warmly in the soft fur, and
his prick kept throbbing because of the incredibly sexy view of Carol’s ass he had.
He ran his eyes along the line of her spine, seeing the heated arch of it. He saw the way
her round tits were flattened and bulging at the sides by the bed. Even the tumble of
her auburn hair and the fleshiness of her parted, panting lips against the bed were sexy
to him.
"There’s some more!" Tish cried. "About an inch and a half so far. Harley, move him
up higher. Maybe his prick will come all the way out once he gets the tip into her
Harley grunted and manhandled the dog and got him forward a little more. Tish cried
out with glee.

"There! Can you feel his prick, Carol?"
The pointed scarlet end nosed into the puffy flesh of a cunt lip. Tish maneuvered it
until it was just inside the wet, silky cunt mouth, and then she jacked his rod harder,
pulling on his sheath to get more of his prick into the squeezing pussy.
"Ohhhh, God – I can feel it now!" Carol cried. "Hot! Stiff! Ohhhh, make him fuck me,
Tish! Make him fuck me!"
She switched her ass tightly back and forth. She felt ready to come. It was just the
anticipation. Right then she was hot enough to be fucked by anything or anybody.
"Wow, there it goes! God, what a cock! Shoot it into her, Greenie!"
The thick prick suddenly slithered forward, uncoiling from the sheath, the scarlet tip
seeking more of the silky warmth, more depth to surround it.
"Eeeeyaaagh!" Carol shrieked, her head lifting with a jerk from the bed. "He’s fucking
me! God, he’s all the way up my cunt! Ohhh, I’m coming! COOMMMIINNGG!"
Harley watched her whole body tighten and shudder. He felt her ass shake. He envied
the view Tish had of it, the way she could see the thick tube of cock surrounded by
pulsing pussy meat.
He was so horny himself he couldn’t stand it anymore. The job was done anyhow. The
dog was fucking Carol to a climax. A little more, and Greenie’d get his rocks off and
the idea would be implanted.
He looked at Tish’s flaring ass and wanted to fuck it, just the way Greenie was fucking
Carol. He released the dog and stepped over him and started to get behind Tish,

holding his prick as he moved. He noticed the Labrador was lying on her haunch with
her leg in the air, licking her twat.
Greenie noticed it, too. He yowled and pulled out of Carol’s sucking pussy and hopped
over to the Labrador, his big prick thrusting from its sheath. The Labrador got to her
feet and licked him in greeting and turned her ass to him.
"Ohhhh!" Carol groaned.
"Damn it, Harley, you let go!" Tish cried. "I wanted to fuck you. I thought it was all
"Well, get him off her! Don’t let him come!"
Harley hurriedly separated the dogs and hauled Greenie back to Carol. The trouble
was, the Labrador followed, not wanting to give up the chance to get fucked.
"Show him, Harley!" Tish ordered, flinging an arm around the Setter’s neck so that he
would have to look at Carol’s ass.
Harley licked his lips. Carol moaned and weaved her butt back and forth. He hadn’t
forgotten her warning, and yet she looked as if she wanted to get fucked really bad.
He aimed his prick. Tish had her hands full, keeping the Labrador aside so that Greenie
couldn’t see her and forcing his head to remain turned towards Carol’s pussy and
Harley’s big cock.
"Nooo," Carol moaned.
But she arched her spine and lifted her ass for her brother’s prick, and her cuntlips
puffed wide apart in readiness.

Harley let out a mewling sound. He got where Greenie had been, aiming his prick and
pressing forward. His cock slid into the hot, squirming, silky, impossibly heavenly cunt
of his older sister, and he pressed up against her round ass until the firm globes were
"Carol! Oh, Carol! It’s wonderful! Ohhhh, God!"
"Yaaaah, he’s fucking me! My own brother’s fucking me! Ohhhh, it’s terrible! It’s so
damn terrible!"
Carol moaned and writhed under him and twisted, showing them all just how really
terrible she thought it was. It was so terrible she came as if a stick of dynamite had been
shoved up her cunt instead of a cock.
Her pussy exploded around Harley’s prick, sucking and pulsing and squeezing and
shaking. Juice flooded over and around the prickshaft, lubricating it, making its slide in
and out of her box almost frictionlessly.
"Ahhhhgh!" Harley choked.
He pushed forward into her quaking hole and let go. Sperm flooded from the tip of his
prick and made a sodden mass of her pussy. He couldn’t believe how good it felt.
He couldn’t believe the difference in pussies, either. All these years he’d lusted after
Tish’s cunt, dreaming about it, jacking off over it, wanting it.
But now that he’d fucked Carol, he knew there was no comparison. Tish’s pussy was
better than a dog’s. But Carol’s cunt was silkier and slicker and tighter and better than
Tish’s by just as much. Hell, it was no wonder Alec didn’t want to give her up.

"You came in me!" Carol cried. "Ohhhh, Harley, you’re my little brother, and you came
in me!"
"Dumb bastard," Tish growled. "You were supposed to show the dog, not do it for him!
Get off her ass!"
Harley pulled his prick out of his sister’s snatch. It made a popping sound, and a
lengthy dribble of sperm came with it and fell to the floor. He looked down and saw
that Carol’s cunt was still squeezing and pulsing.
Tish had a hell of a time keeping the dogs apart. Adding to her problem was the fact
that Greenie kept taking licks at her pussy, still trying to get at that last candy he’d
been cheated out of.
"You take the bitch, Harley. Plug her cunt up so this damn dog can’t fuck her, and I’ll
get him to dick Carol."
Harley fumbled around behind the Labrador. She recognized him and his prick and
what they were good for, and she turned her ass to him, lifting her tail out of the way
so he could get at her cunt.
Tish struggled with the Setter, getting into the same position Harley had with him. Her
wet pussy straddled his back, and the red hairs became mingled with the strawberry as
she lifted him onto Carol’s weaving ass.
Harley fingered the Labrador’s cunt. He looked over at Greenie and Tish. The Setter’s
dick was sticking out this time. He shifted the Labrador over and positioned her so that
Greenie could watch his prick enter the dog’s pussy.
"Watch closely, stupid," he said to Greenie.

Harley aimed his prick and put the tip of it between the dog’s pussylips. He pushed
forward. The Labrador whimpered and pushed back. His slippery cock slid all the way
into the hot tunnel of her cunt.
Harley was shocked. He’d been wrong a moment ago. Fucking the dog was better than
fucking Tish. He humped back and forth and knew he was going to come in her.
Greenie watched, all right. His red prick shot forward all the way, wet and slick.
But Tish didn’t have him held right.
Carol’s head jerked up and made her neck go rigid. She made claws of her fingers and
dug them into the bedding. Her spine arched to the curve of a drawn bow, and she
screamed throatily again.
"He’s fucking my asshole!"
Greenie didn’t care. The hole was tight and hot and slick, and he fucked back and forth
in it as he watched Harley’s big prick going in and out of the Labrador’s pussy.
Tish felt her cunt grab and squirm. Her butt cheeks clenched tightly together, and her
bung burned and prickled. The idea was absolutely fabulous!
She could stuff dog candies up her butt and train the wonderful fuckers to eat out her
ass! Hell, they could double the price for a dog like that!
She hopped off Greenie, doing it cautiously, keeping herself ready to hop on again. But
he didn’t want to go anywhere this time. He must have used some kind of canine logic
to figure out that Carol’s asshole was better than a prick-plugged bitch’s pussy.

Tish rolled onto the bed beside Carol, going on her back. She turned her head and saw
the terrible depth of lust on Carol’s face. She clapped her hand over her wet cunt and
masturbated it eagerly, needing to come this time herself.
"Ohhhh, I’m going to come!" Carol moaned. "Right up my ass! No pain – just right
up. That pointed prick. Ohhhh, that big knot is pushing and pulling and… AAAAGH!"
Her scream was throaty, nearly a cry of agony. Her whole body crushed together with
the spasms of her orgasm, and her ass shook and shuddered, her butt cheeks clamping
tightly around the heavy, plunging prick between them.
Royal Green didn’t stop. He fucked and fucked into the tight, quivering asshole,
making Carol gasp and threaten to come again.
Tish laughed suddenly. The name had just hit her. Royal Green was a perfect name for
him after all! He could fuck you royally until you were green! Shit, she could triple the
price on him!
Her knees came up and fell wide apart, and she lifted her cunt up to her hand and let it
suck and pulse and leak and get ready to come and come.
She didn’t hear the step outside or the door open cautiously. None of them did.



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