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"Carol, honey, I just stopped by to talk things ov-"
Alec stuck his head through the door. He seemed to stick in the crack. His eyes bulged,
and his face went chalky for a moment as he looked at the scene before him.
Harley was straining forward, his knees on a pillow, his head tipped back, his cock
shoved all the way up the steel-blue bitch’s twitching pussy.
There was a goddamn Irish plunging and fucking away at his Carol’s ass, and she was
all screwed up in the spasming position of orgasm he’d come to know so well.
And there was that little bitch Tish, with her legs spread as wide as they could get,
finger up her little cunt, thumb rolling over her clit, encouraging them all on.
"My God!" he gasped.
The whiteness left his face, and color came back, growing deeper and deeper. Tish
heard him. She turned her head and looked at him. She didn’t stop masturbating a lick.
Instead, she smiled with sultry heat at him and lifted her cunt higher.
"Ohhh, baby – come and fuck that big prick into my hot pussy!" she cried to him.
Carol whipped her head around. She was still coming. Her voice was a tight squeak of
Harley shot his load into the Labrador’s pussy at the same moment his head whipped

around to see Alec standing there. The presence ruined the big roaring orgasm he’d
built up to, but he knew better than to bitch to Alec about it.
"So this is why you wanted the fucking dogs!" Alec roared at Tish. "So you could work
your perversions on your dumb brother and the sister you hate so much! You fucking
little cunt, I ought to…"
His face went dark-red, and his fists balled.
"Yes, Alec – do it! Oh, God, come do it! Fuck the shit out of me, you big bastard!"
He strode towards the bed. He grabbed the Setter by the tail and pulled.
"Yaaaaah, no!" Carol screamed. "The knot! You’ll pull my ass inside out!"
Alec let go. He didn’t know what Carol was talking about, but the dog’s prick was up
her asshole, not his, and she ought to know what it felt like.
He looked at his girl, the woman he loved. It seemed unbelievable that she was doing
this, letting a dog fuck her. But at the same time he knew that it hadn’t been her doing.
None of it had. It had all been Tish’s evil little mind at work.
"Rotten little bitch," he growled.
"Yes, yes, Alec. Nasty little slutty bitch. Punish me. Come fuck the shit out of me and
teach me a lesson I’ll never forget!" Tish cried, still swirling her hand over her cunt.
"By God, I will," Alec growled again.
He ripped his shirt off. He pushed his pants down. He didn’t bother with his shoes.

The slut didn’t deserve any better than to get plowed by a guy still in his shoes and
He jacked at his big prick. He saw Carol stare at him with wide eyes. "What the hell
are you looking at?" he said to her. "You want a mirror so you can see yourself, baby?"
Carol looked away, hiding her shame by burying her face in her hands. Alec looked
down at the nearly bald little twat. It was open and red and wet, and he hadn’t had a
good fuck since Carol had been to his place a month ago.
He was ready.
He was more than ready.
Even with a rotten bitch like Tish.
He got between her legs and aimed his cock. He didn’t wet it. He put the tip against
her cunt mouth and felt the slippery silkiness of it, the heat and juice.
The big Irish next to him howled and shuddered, sinking his red prick into Carol’s
asshole and blasting her butt full of hot, boiling sperm.
The sight infuriated Alec. He saw red. He shoved his cock forward as hard and brutally
as he could, raping it into Tish’s open, shuddering maw of silky cunt meat.
"Yaaagh!" Tish bellowed.
The sound of her pain gave him immense satisfaction. He drew back and gave her
another brutal lunge, banging his pubic bone against hers, making her naked butt scoot

backward across the bed.
"Ahhh, God! Finally! Finally!" Tish cried.
Alec paused. That wasn’t agony in her voice. That was triumph!
He looked at Carol. Carol had heard it, too. She looked into his face, and her color
"Oh, Alec…" she said softly.
"I told you, Carol! I told you the little bitch had been lying to you! I told you I’d never
fucked her!"
"Ahhh, you’re doing it now, you big-pricked bastard. I knew I could get you. I can get
any bastard I want. You just took a little longer, that’s all. Carol, look at your boy
friend. He’s fucking me, Carol. See him fuck his big prick into my hot little pussy?
Aren’t you jealous, darling? Aren’t you going to go off and pout for months on end
again? Ahhhh, what a big prick he’s got! Mmmm, I just love all your boy friends’ big
Tish tipped her head back and opened her mouth wide and laughed shrilly at the
ceiling, at the gods above, at Fate itself. The whole world was hers to fuck. All she had
to do was smile sweetly and shake her ass and spread her silky little twat open, and the
earth itself would grow a spire up into her cunt!
Alec banged and plunged and thudded against her with fury. It had no effect. She loved
it. She absorbed all the blows of his pounding, momentum-packed hips.

And she thrived on it.
There was a perverse thrillingness to the knowledge. He’d heard of women like that.
The ones who could take anything and love it and come back for more. The ones you
could expend the totality of your sexual energies on, no matter what form those took,
and it would be like pouring water into a bottomless hole.
As a youngster, a horny, cock-centered youngster, he’d dreamed of meeting such a
woman. Now he had her under his pounding hips, her cunt wrapped silkily around his
ramrod cock. And he felt his anger begin to turn to lust.
He had full balls. Very full. His cock had been deprived for a month. He should be
ready to blast her bottomless, savage cunt full, but something stayed him.
There was a sickness to this kind of woman he’d dreamed about as a youngster. A rank
stench that didn’t sit right in his nostrils.
He looked at Carol. The dog had gotten off her ass and was now fucking the Labrador.
Carol was watching him, tense, expectant – afraid?
He thought back on his time with her. She had been bottomless, too. As alive and
willing and open as any man could ever hope for. But there was a sweetness and beauty
to her kind of appetite, something he wanted to care for, not punish.
He felt his prick throb on the verge of exploding.
"Carol!" he gasped.
"Oh, Alec… don’t…"

"Don’t what?"
"Don’t – obey her."
"Have you stopped, Carol?"
"Yes, yes – oh, yes! Darling…"
She moved towards him, half rolling onto her back. Her round tits rolled on her chest.
Her lips fell slack and full and expectant. Her eyes were hazel and open and soulful.
And her pussy was wet and pure and open to him.
Tish growled and writhed under his pounding thrusts. She gurgled with victory in the
back of her throat. He looked down at her and wanted to spit in her open mouth and
gag her.
He yanked his cock from her churning pussy, her grasping, sucking, evil cunt. He
shifted his position and came against Carol, and she spread willingly under him with a
small sound of gladness, of total acceptance.
His prick slid into her oiled cunt, the sweet haven that had no equal anywhere on this
She rose up to meet him, and his sperm spilled from the tip of his prick and flooded
into her cunt, cleansing her, washing out all the bad that Tish had placed there, and
leaving her clean and pure again.
"Darling – darling, I was such a fool to listen to her!" Carol cried, flinging her arms

tightly about his neck, hugging him, tears of joy leaking from her eyes and wetting her
"Ahhh!" she cried blissfully, sliding her sucking pussy up around his throbbing cock,
milking it, conforming to it all along its length until they were as one.
The sound came from far off. It was an ugly, intrusive sound. It punched through the
satiny, nebulous bliss of their togetherness and was raucous in their ears.
"Bastard! Fucking dirty bastard! Ohhh, you left me hanging! But I got you! I got your
cock into me! I made you fuck me! I can make anybody fuck me! Harley, you little shit
– get over here and finish me off! Harley, your cock! Give me your cock!"
Carol looked at her brother. He stood near the center of the room, watching them all.
She held her breath. Don’t do it, Harley! she cried inwardly.
He went over to the fucking dogs and batted Greenie’s ass until he jumped down off
the bitch. Harley lifted his prick and stuck it in the Labrador’s pussy.
"Harley, you little shit!" Tish screamed at him, her face red and ugly now.
Harley fucked the dog and didn’t look at her. Greenie watched him, his eyebrows lifting
up and down alternately in disappointment. He turned and walked towards Tish, then
hopped up between her legs and panted at her face.
"Nice doggy," Tish moaned, hugging him. "Give me your big horny prick, you
beautiful dog. Ohhh, that’s it! Now you’ve got it, darling! Ohhh, right in my cunt! Fuck
it! Fuck my cunt! Yes, yes, like that! Ohhh, what a big, wonderful prick! I’m going to
love training dogs!"

She tossed her head back and forth and made her gobbling, bottomless pussy suck up
and down his shaft. She moaned and crooned and hugged the dog tightly to her body
and came furiously, flinging her legs about his furry body.
Alec looked at Carol. They stood up. They picked up their clothes. Carol paused at the
door, looking back. Harley looked at her. He said nothing, but there was a sadness in
his face that said more than words.
Alec tugged on her arm. She looked at him a moment, then turned her back on the
room and went with him.
For always, this time.



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