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She let Tish lead her with an arm about her waist, her legs feeling stiff and rubbery at
the same time. Her mouth was partially open and slack-lipped. She turned around
dutifully when they reached Tish’s bed.
Tish pushed close to her and ran her dainty hands up and down Carol’s thighs, feeling
her, teasing her even more, heating her.
"Ohhhh, Tish, what’re you doing!" Carol moaned, watching the hands stroke sensation
through her thighs and ass. "Tish, you’re a girl. You shouldn’t be feeling me up that
way. You’re my sister! Ohhh, stop playing with my pussy like that, Tish!"
Tish’s hands were gentle and dainty. Her fingers were nimble and terribly exciting-
shamefully exciting, the way they teased around the edges of Carol’s shorts and pinched
at her swollen cunt lips underneath the fabric.
"Come on, honey," Tish said softly. "Let’s slip out of these. Charger can’t lick your
pussy through these shorts. He likes bare, pink, wet flesh to run his wonderful tongue
over and into."
Carol stood there and let Tish undo the fastenings of her shorts. She felt strangely
powerless, disturbingly helpless, fully at the mercy of her sister’s touch and her own
body’s violent cravings for sexual release.
She looked at Tish’s pointed tits swinging and jiggling right before her eyes, and she
saw the excitingly spiked nipples. Her own were that spiked, that rubbery and red-
maybe even more. She knew it. She could feel them punching against her thin blouse.
She glanced down at Tish’s strawberry-downed cunt and saw the gleam of juice on the

puffy twat lips and inner thighs, and she knew her own were twice as wet and slick.
Tish’s nimble fingers spread the cutoffs wide and hooked into the material and pushed
down. Carol stood helplessly and let her young sister undress her. It was a strange
reversal of roles. She remembered the times she had undressed Tish when she was a
little girl.
The shorts and panties rolled over her round, tight asscheeks. They pulled stickily away
from her drenched puffy gash, and slid down her thighs. They fell into a damp puddle
on the floor at her feet, and then she felt Tish’s eyes eagerly staring at her naked,
soaked pussy.
"Mmmm, Carol – your cunt’s so wet! Ohhh, I knew you were ready for a big one.
Charger – here, darling. Look what Carol’s got waiting for you to lick up, you sweet
"No…" Carol choked. But she couldn’t resist Tish’s determined push against her chest
and boobs.
She went onto her rump on the bed, sitting there in a daze. She looked at Charger’s
lolling tongue and the brightness of his eyes, and she shuddered with a sudden thrill of
"Ohhhh…" she groaned. "Tish, stop. Tish, don’t. This is terrible. This is perverted.
Ohhh, you little slut, stop!"
Tish didn’t stop. She laughed softly. She hooked her fingers into the hem of Carol’s
blouse and leaned over, her own tits swinging tautly on her chest.
"Come on, sweetie. Off with the blouse, too. When Charger’s long, wonderful tongue

drills into your squirming pussy hole, you’re going to want to play with your tits over
and over, and you can’t do that right with this blouse on."
She lifted, stripping the garment from Carol’s body. Her round tits caught in the
material and pulled upward and then bobbed back into place, the nipples spearing from
the firm ends.
"Ohhhh, this is terrible!" Carol groaned, lifting her arms over her head, letting Tish
make her completely naked.
"Terrible, hell," Tish whispered softly. "Mmm, I’d forgotten how big and round your
tits are."
She put her dainty hands on them and squeezed the firm jugs and rolled them over
Carol’s chest. Carol stared with wide eyes, watching Tish’s nipples stretch outward a
little more with excitement.
"You like playing with my tits!" she gasped, making it sound like a shameful thing.
Tish looked at her strangely. "Come on, Carol," she said. "When are you going to stop
being such a prude! You’re missing half your life by not living it. If it feels good to have
me play with your big tits, then lie back and enjoy it."
"No! No…" Carol gasped, trying to reach up and push Tish’s hands away. Her arms
seemed very sluggish, nearly useless. She wanted to make Tish stop. She wanted not to
do this – really, she didn’t…
"Come on, Charger!" Tish called quickly. "Eat her cunt out and make her blow her
puritanical mind! Come on, sweet doggie. Eat big sister’s pussy all up!"

Tish pulled the dog forward between Carol’s thighs. His tongue shot out and lapped
furiously at the draining red mouth of her silky cunt.
"Yaaaaah!" Carol cried, screaming with the sensation.
Charger snuffed and blew against her pussy. His tongue washed over her bloated twat
lips and milked more juice from them. He sank the long, lapping organ between them
and past the muscular ring of her spasming, silky cunt mouth, running it deep into her
writhing hole.
"Ohhhh, God! God!" Carol cried.
She fell onto her back on the bed and grabbed her round tits in her hands and came
immediately, her knees shooting up and wide apart.
She squeezed her tits and rolled her hips on the bed and hunched her snatch up and
down, letting the writhing tongue fuck her horny cunt into a second explosion.
"AHHHHHGH!" she screamed, one cry blending into the first, the spasms ripping
through her starved cunt one after the other without pause.
"Tish! Tish! Make him stop! Don’t get me turned on! God, don’t get me started, Tish! I
can’t stop! OHHHH! AAAAAGH!"
Carol thrashed on the bed, bouncing up and down. Her thighs scissored and squeezed,
and her cuntlips sucked around the long wet tongue plunging between them and eating
her pussy out.
Tish looked at her older sister quizzically. Was all that one hard come? Or had she
come twice already?

She grinned slowly. She put her hand to her sparsely furred cunt mound and swirled
her fingers over it. She spread her pussylips with her middle one and made her own
juices flow again.
"Darling, you’re really already turned on," she said gently. "Oooo, look at him go,
Carol. You should see the way Charger’s drilling into your sweet pussy! You must taste
better to him than my cunt did. My God, look at him!"
"Ohhhh, I don’t have to look, you little brat! I can feel him! Oh, make him stop, Tish!
Before it’s too late!"
It was a ridiculous request. It was already too late by far. Besides, all she had to do was
reach down and push Charger’s head away and pull her panties up and walk out of the
room, if she really wanted to end it.
But the dog’s tongue was long and thrilling. It moved and twirled constantly in her
eager cunt. It speared into her eager hole and stretched her pussy walls and lapped up
all the juice that flowed from them.
Carol couldn’t help the way her hips switched and churned on the bed, the way her
crotch rocked up and down and made her pussy rotate about Charger’s licking,
thrusting tongue.
She mauled her hard, swollen tits with her hands, then reached down and touched the
sleek head between her thighs.
She couldn’t muster the will to push him away. His tongue lapped and lapped at her
snatch as if it would never stop. It was heaven. She had to admit it. He was driving her
pent-up pussy wild.

Her fingers slid from his head and muzzle. She heard the constant slurping sound of his
tongue on her wet, silky cunt tissues as he licked every surface of her pussy and drilled
in for more. She groaned and spread her thighs wider for him, even holding her
cuntlips apart with the tips of her fingers.
She bared her quivering hole totally. Her pelvis rocked up and down, and her pussy
shuddered. Charger’s long tongue stabbed into her hole and squirreled away in there,
and she nearly mashed her puffy pussylips flat with her spreading fingers.
"Ohhhhh, Tish! Take him away!" she cried, tossing her head back and forth in obvious
bliss. "I don’t want him to lick my cunt! Ohhh, I don’t want to be sucked out by a
damn dog! Tish! Tish! I’m going to come! Ahhhhgh! I’m coming again!"
Her cunt spasmed and flapped wildly. Her breath rushed from her lungs and burst
through her lips in a long groan of orgasm.
She twisted and writhed and clamped her hand around Charger’s head and held his
snout directly against her satiny, quivering meat. Charger snorted and blew into her
hole as if he were trying to inflate her ballooning quim. Carol screamed again and
nearly fainted.
"Carol!" Tish cried with surprise. "You’re coming again! Already, Carol? Ohhhh, you
were hot!"
"Damn you, damn you," Carol moaned after a long moment, her voice quavering and
weak. "Why’d you get me started? Why!"
She squeezed her thighs together and forced Charger to withdraw. He licked his chops
and whimpered and whipped his head back and forth from one to the other of them.
He pawed at Carol’s thigh, trying to get at more of that wild cunt juice.

Taking advantage of the break, Carol clamped her hand over her pussy. But she
couldn’t keep it still there. She writhed and moaned and shook her hand up and down,
masturbating openly, unable to keep herself from doing it, from scaling that peak and
going off in ecstasy again and again and again…



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