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Carol just didn’t care if Tish saw her finger-fucking her cunt or not. She was just too
hot to care. The flames had been ignited and were now roaring uncontrolled through
her body, and anything was liable to happen.
"Oh, honey," Tish said gently, watching her sister shudder and writhe. "You’re on fire!
Carol, I had no idea you were like this. You’ve always seemed so restrained and –
Carol glared at her. At least, she tried to glare. Her eyes were hooded with passion, and
her full lower lip sucked inward with gasps of heat. It was difficult to masturbate to the
edge of another orgasm and glare at the same time.
"Is that why you fucked all my boy friend’s, you little slut? Because you thought I was
too prudish to give them the fucking they wanted?"
"Carol, honey!" Tish cried innocently. "I didn’t fuck them. They fucked me! Can I help
it if they put the make on me? I’m not a big strong girl, Carol. I couldn’t fight them off,
could I?"
"Don’t give me that, Tish. You did it on purpose. I know you did. You wanted to take
them away from me. At least to ruin them for me. Even Alec, damn you."
"I couldn’t help it, Carol," Tish said again.
"You hot-cunted little slut – why! I didn’t ask to be boss over you and Harley. I didn’t
ask for Mom and Dad to be killed. I’ve done the best I could with both of you, so why
don’t you thank me instead of seducing all my boy friend’s and leaving me like this!"

She let out a choking sound. Her hand still sawed and slopped over her wet, flowing
pussy. Charger was persistently trying to get his long tongue back on her cunt, and he
slurped over her fingers and thighs as she masturbated and covered her cunt with her
She nearly spread her pussy open to the dog again. She moaned and turned her head to
the side and was able to refrain from it.
Tish came to the bed and sat on it, watching the play of fingers on pussy. Her tits
jiggled firmly with the rocking motion of the shaking bed.
"Carol, I’m sorry," she said softly. "I wasn’t trying to be mean to you. Really, I wasn’t.
Let’s be friends, Carol. Let’s finally be friends, instead of bossy sister and little brat.
She watched Carol continue masturbating and knew she was approaching another
orgasm. It excited her. She opened her own legs and put her fingers over her strawberry
twat and started diddling herself.
"Mmmm, you’re getting me hot again just watching you, Carol," she said heatedly.
"Move over, and we’ll lye here and flick it off together. Mmm, why didn’t we do this
when we were kids? It’s kind of exciting, a little kinky."
Her fingers curled under her crotch. One of them slipped deeply into her hole, and
juice started to trickle down her knuckle. She lay back with her legs dangling over the
rocking bed and her small twat weaving under her hand, the side of her hip brushing
warmly against her sister’s.
Her butt rolled, and her tits jutted from her chest, pointing towards the ceiling. Her
nipples grew redder and stiffer with her increasing heat.

Carol couldn’t help looking over at Tish. She watched the nimble fingers roll over the
bloated little pussylips and fuck between them into the small gash. She stared at the
little twat and wondered how Tish could take so many big pricks into it. Was her pussy
as tight and small as it looked from the outside, or was it loose and stretchy and
While she was wondering, Charger gave up on her and pranced sideways, bulling his
way between Tish’s spread thighs. He whined and shoved his muzzle into her crotch
and pushed her hand out of the way, licking and licking.
"Oooo, yes, darling, yes! Lick my pussy again! God, to hell with masturbating! Lick me
out! Clean my cunt of every luscious drop of honey, you wonderful dog!"
Carol watched and gasped. She rose up and bent to the side and fairly hovered over
Tish’s churning pussy, watching the long tongue snake between the puffy cuntlips and
swirl into the tiny hole.
It washed over Tish’s thin-haired snatch petals and massaged them thoroughly. The
pubes were so thin and light they might as well not have curled from her cunt, because
they hid nothing.
The stiff little clit throbbed and shot rigidly from its hooded sheath, straining upward
from the top of Tish’s gash towards Charger’s busy, ceaseless tongue.
Tish moaned loudly, tossing her head back and forth. She played with her tits, pulling
them to sharp points. Her hips rolled and bucked, and it was clear she was going to
Carol couldn’t keep her own hand still. She watched Charger’s broad tongue spread the
small cunt hole and dart inside again, and she could remember too clearly how

delightful that had felt in her own pussy.
She masturbated faster and faster and knew another climax was about to sweep through
her body. It came while she watched Tish thrash and twist. But she compressed her lips
tightly and didn’t make a sound, rocking and shivering silently.
Until the last.
Then she bellowed and twisted away and fairly tore at her cunt at the same moment
Tish squealed and groaned and came furiously, giving Charger another gush of warm,
wet honey from the depths of her silky cunt.
"Eeee, Carol! He made me come again! God, it’s wonderful! Wonderful! Are you
coming, too? Ohhhh, you are, honey, you are!"
Tish twisted away from Charger. She half sat up and looked over at her older sister,
watching her come and hunch her twat furiously into her hand.
Carol’s thighs clamped tightly around her cupping palm and scissored up and down.
She rocked from one hip to the other on her tight, round ass. Her tits ballooned and
shook on her chest, the hard nipples punching from the ends.
"Oh, God!" she cried tightly. "There’s still more in there! Damn you, Tish – there’s still
"Oh, honey…" Tish started.
She reached out with her hand. It hovered over Carol’s cunt mound. She wasn’t sure
what to do with it. She put it on a round, full tit and immediately felt the difference in
feel from her own.

"Tish!" Carol gasped.
"Carol, do you want me to – help you? Honey, I will! I’ve never done it with another
girl, but I will for my own sister!"
"God, no…"
Tish moved her hand swiftly to Carol’s hip, then darted it to her sodden pussy. Her
fingers curled around Carol’s twat and cupped it tightly.
"Ohhhhhh, don’t!" Carol moaned, clamping her thighs together, inadvertently trapping
her sister’s hand there.
Carol tried to roll away to her side. Tish had to follow her imprisoned arm, and she
rolled so that her stomach was over Carol’s hip and her tits pointed into Carol’s side.
Carol felt the sharp boobs against her, the light scratch of strawberry pubes against her
butt cheek and hip. Then Tish shifted to her knees, and the tits pillowed against the
side of her face softly.
In the confusion, Charger kept trying to lick between Tish’s legs. When she stood on
her knees on the bed over Carol’s body and made her round, tight rump stick up in the
air, Charger jumped up on the bed behind her and stuffed his nose into the deep crack
of her ass, licking and licking under her pussy.
"Ooooo! Eeeeeeee!" Tish cried, switching her butt. "He’s eating me alive, Carol!
Ohhhh, God, what a dog!"
She braced her knees wide apart and let him have full access to her crotch. His tongue
washed over her cuntlips and drilled into her pussy hole and lapped up and down over

her buns, pausing to taste the new flavor of her puckered, quivering asshole.
Tish squealed again and managed to look under her body, between her tits and spread
thighs. She saw Charger’s tongue lapping at her cunt. And then she saw his red, shiny
prick straining from its furry sheath.
Tish gasped. Her pussy writhed inside. A devilish thought swept through her
mischievous little mind. She wriggled the fingers that were still trapped between her
sister’s thighs and felt one of them slip into the wet, sucking maw of Carol’s cunt.
"Ohhhh, Tish! Don’t finger-fuck me! Ohhhh, take it out, Tish! That’s perverted!"
Tish quickened her stroke. She managed to slip her fingers through the slick wetness
and find Carol’s clit. She rubbed it back and forth and heard Carol gasp with
undeniable heat.
"Ohhhh, God, Tish! Ohhhh, don’t do that! Ohhh…"
Carol’s mind spun for a moment. It was going to happen again. Tish had her now. The
finger in her pussy could be fought against. The one buzzing electric fire through her
clit couldn’t.
Her thighs relaxed and opened gradually, giving Tish access to her inflamed crotch. She
moaned over and over again and didn’t resist when she felt Tish rolling her over onto
her stomach and lifting her ass up in the air.
It was degrading, shameful – perverted. But Carol didn’t care anymore. She braced her
knees wide on the bed and pushed her cheek against the pillow and felt her tits swing
under her angled chest.

Tish’s hands swept along the surfaces of her inner thighs and massaged her draining
cuntlips and twirled her burning clit, and all Carol could do was thrust her ass higher
into the air and moan into the pillow.
Her ass shook and quivered. She knew Tish was looking into the deep crack between
her shaking buns, and she didn’t care. She felt her asshole pulse in and out, and she
remembered the feel of Alec’s big prick in it. That made it pulse more and sent another
surge of tingling through her inflamed body.
Charger was on the bed. She knew that. She could hear his wonderful tongue slurping
and lapping at Tish’s crotch. She weaved her ass and sucked in her breath and waited
for the crushing orgasm that was so near to sweep over her.
One of Tish’s hands left her rump. The bed jiggled a little. Charger made a growling
sound, then a whimper. Carol managed to lift her head enough to look back.
"Oh, God!" she squeaked. "Tish, no!"
Tish was doing it again. Just the way she had out in the yard. She had her hand under
Charger’s belly, and she had her dainty fingers wrapped around his slippery, pointed,
scarlet cock!
"Up, boy. Up!" Tish ordered him, her voice gentle but firm.
"Nooo!" Carol wailed quaveringly. "Not a dog! Don’t make a dog fuck me, Tish!"
"You’ll love it, Carol. You’ve got more in there, you said. Well, poor Charger’s prick is
swollen full! Come on, fella – up! Let’s pop that red, red cherry of yours in Carol’s
pretty pussy and become a man!"

Carol sucked in her breath over and over. She stared in horror and fascination
combined. She tried to move away, but she couldn’t. Every time she thought she had
the will to, Tish’s fingertip swept over her clit and made her shudder.
Charger sniffed at her crotch. He licked between her asscheeks, his tongue wet and
burning hot. The tip of his pointed cock pulsed and swelled with each movement of
Tish’s fingers on it. There was something nearly obscene and Godlike in the way Tish
was bringing the two of them together so inevitably, just by tiny manipulations of her



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