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Carol closed her eyes. She couldn’t watch any more. It was going to happen, and there
was no more resistance in her, no more fighting.
It seemed an appropriate culmination to the last seven years of her life, somehow – the
devious end toward which Tish had been guiding her so cleverly all this time.
Tish had overshadowed her despite the fact that she was nearly eight years younger.
She had seduced all her boy friend’s and fucked them and ruined whatever had been
good with them.
Tish had been the boss, really. Not by age or sense or experience or legal sanction after
their parents had been killed. She’d been boss in a subtler, more basic sense.
Somehow, whatever Tish had ordered, Carol had done. Eventually. Maybe after a show
of protest, a time of clever manipulation during which Tish’s idea had been subtly
transformed into her own. But it had happened – just as with the dog kennel.
Even with Alec. Tish had told her to drop Alec. She had given the reasons. Carol had
fought them, defying her. But Carol had dropped him all the same, and the reasons
seemed almost all her own.
Now, Tish was telling her to spread her asscheeks and brace her knees wide. To open
her watering cunt so that a dog could fuck it.
And Carol was poised. Ass upthrust, body quivering, orgasm just strokes away from
completion and mind-fogging bliss.
Perhaps it was to be the end of old struggles, the beginning of a new way of life for her

– one without men who could be seduced away from her by hot-pussied, evil little Tish.
Carol’s throat closed up with a choking sound, a small sob that was half-anguish, half-
joy over her new fate.
She felt her cunt flaps bloat impossibly and spread completely open. Her pussy mouth
pulsed and sucked audibly, and her whole channel seemed to stretch lengthwise, going
deeper towards her womb in preparation to receiving the animal cock into her body.
"Up, boy, up," Tish kept saying, urging Charger.
Her hands swept over Carol’s pussy again and again. They pried her asscheeks apart.
They lifted Charger’s forepaws to Carol’s butt in an effort to get him to mount her.
The fur was warm and strange against her flesh. His dew claws scraped the rounded
sides of her rump. His panting was harsh and animalistic and primitive, and there was a
strange kind of thrill in hearing it.
Then he was on her ass, staying there, whimpering and whining at Tish’s words of
praise and encouragement. Charger’s forepaws wrapped with an agility that was
astonishingly human around the sides of her hips.
He danced on his hind legs on the bed, positioning himself in this instinctive posture.
Hot saliva dripped from his tongue to the small of her back.
And then she felt the blazing, pointed, slippery tip of his fiery cock probe her butt
"Oh, God!" she cried sharply.
Tish’s hand was there, too, stroking up and down the scarlet prick, aiming it, urging it

forward. She pushed on his rump to get him lower and pushed upward on Carol’s cunt
to get it higher to align them.
"Tip your ass, Carol – up! Come on, quit being difficult. You know you can’t wait to
feel this hard prick in your hot pussy. God, it’s so stiff! There’s a big knot in it that’s
going to stick in your pussy and make you both fuck and fuck forever!"
"Ohhhhh, God…" Carol moaned.
She had to obey. She tipped her ass up, arching her spine more. She lifted her cheek
from the bed and wagged her head back and forth and made mooing sounds. She felt
her tits drag across the sheet and burn fire into her nipples.
She felt Tish’s finger whip over her clit every now and then, deviously and calculatedly
keeping her aflame and unable to move away from this degrading, bestial act.
The pointed tip probed and punched into her firm butt flesh. It snagged for an
indescribable moment in her asshole and plucked the rubbery ring into constant
"Ohhhh," she moaned. It was a mindless kind of sound. She made it ceaselessly.
Charger’s prick touched the puffy, slick inner surface of her cunt lip. Tish must have
had her face directly there to see it, for she let out a heated sound, then pushed hard on
Charger’s ass.
He growled loudly. His prick shot straight into Carol’s watering, squirming cunt. She
yelled and bucked and came immediately.
"He’s fucking me! AHHHHHGH!"

She said more. She didn’t know what she was saying. The prick ran into her pussy, big
knot and all, bumping and sliding past her cunt mouth, sinking deep into her sucking
Her pussy spasmed harshly around the stiff, bone-hard cock, sucking and pulling. She
felt Charger’s paws wrap tightly about her waist and pull, and then his bucking,
hunching, fucking belly mashed against her butt, surrounding it with warm fur.
"He’s doing it, Carol!" Tish cried. "His cock’s all the way in! Part of his sheath, too!
Ohhhh, God – what does it feel like!"
"Ahhhhhgh!" Carol cried again, coming a second time, before the first spasms had even
died away.
She wrenched hard to the side, whipping her ass. A man’s cock would have slipped out
of her pussy. Charger’s prick was stuck there. Her motion made him dance to the side
and grip her waist more tightly.
He growled and hunched rapidly against her ass, driving his prick home into her
sucking, pulsing channel. His prick bucked and spewed, and Carol felt the hot stream
of dog sperm shoot into her cunt through the pointed tip, hosing towards her womb.
"Yaaaah!" she cried tightly, her head jerking up. "He’s coming in me, Tish! I can feel it!
He’s pumping me full! Oh, God! God!"
"Ohhhh, Jesus, it’s exciting, Carol!" Tish cried.
She sat on her butt and flung her knees wide. Her pussy opened up before Carol’s eyes.
Tish put her hand to it and masturbated rapidly, her fingers slopping through the
drenched red meat in a fit of heated lust.

"Ohhhh, look! He’s still trying to fuck you, Carol! Get her, boy! Oh, Charger, you
wonderful doggie!"
"Tish! Tish!" Carol cried.
She didn’t know why she was calling her young sister. There was no way to say what
she felt. She wasn’t even certain what it was she felt just then.
The hard prick jacked in and out of her cunt. The big knot rippled and thudded over
the convolutions of her twat walls, and each vibration sent a new surge of sensation
pulsing through her inflamed body.
Tish lay half on her side and half on her back and stared fixedly at the junction of
Carol’s pussy and Charger’s scarlet prick. She masturbated her own little twat with one
hand and cupped one of her sister’s dangling tits with the other.
Carol lifted her head. She looked directly into Tish’s green eyes, moaning again and
switching her ass back and forth, feeling the way Charger’s stiff, bone-hard prick
stabbed into one pussy wall and then the other.
"Tish…" she groaned again.
She gasped. Her lips pursed. Her eyes rolled in their sockets and became hooded. Her
nostrils flared once, and her lips swelled and became slack.
"Ohhhh, Tish…"
"Carol? Are you going to? Oh, your face! It looks so – hot! Are you going to come

"What does it feel like, Carol? Is he a good fuck?"
"Good… good…" Carol moaned mindlessly, beginning to wag her head in time with her
Tish stared. Carol didn’t care. Charger’s prick tucked in and out of her pussy, and his
furry belly felt good against the firm meat of her ass.
He tossed his muzzle and panted harshly. His tongue lolled and licked at the air as his
sturdy haunches vibrated with the pumping motions and the intermittent shifting of his
Then he growled and whimpered again, and his jaws rattled when he stopped licking
the air and gripped Carol’s hips tightly between his fore paws.
"He’s coming again, Carol!" Tish cried.
She dipped her head, looking under Carol’s body, between her dangling tits. She saw
the rapid pistoning of the scarlet cock into the dripping, fluttering pussy hole, and she
gasped nearly at the same time Carol did.
"Ah!" Carol cried sharply. "It’s swelling in my pussy! His cock is like a balloon! Ohhhh,
that knot! It’s pulling my cunt walls out and pushing them back in again! Ohhh, Tish
– Tish!"
"Oh, God!" Tish cried softly, staring and staring, afraid to blink for fear of missing a
twitch or a throb.
She missed none of it. Charger’s black balls moved up and compacted and began
pumping. His scarlet cock shot all the way forward from its sheath and punched deeply

into Carol’s throbbing hole.
The dripping cunt mouth sucked and spasmed around the red shaft, pulling it deeper
and making it buck and spurt.
"YAAAAAGH!" Carol shouted throatily, shaking her head back and forth, aware that
her sister was peering intently at every muscular spasm of her climaxing body.
The hot sperm hosed into her cunt again, jetting and spewing, filling her tunnel, mixing
with her copious flow of honey until she was so full of juice it spurted out backward
and dripped from her bloated, fluttering cuntlips onto the bed.
"Oh, God, you’re dripping, Carol!" Tish cried. "Ohhh, I’m going to come, too!"
She whipped her hand over her snatch, swirling and slopping through her seeping
juices. Her body arched and shook, and a small cry tore from her throat.
"No-no!" she groaned, snatching her hand away from her throbbing clit at the last
moment. "I want Charger to fuck me! Ohhhh, baby, come fuck me!"
She shifted around quickly and hugged Charger’s neck. Her sharp tits pressed tightly
against Carol’s shuddering butt, and her hips weaved and wouldn’t stay still as juice
trickled from her tight little pussy hole along her inner thigh.
"Quit fucking him, Carol. It’s my turn!"
"Ohhhh, don’t pull him like that, Tish!" Carol cried sharply. "His cock’s stuck in my
pussy! Ahhhh, it hurts!"
Tish didn’t care. She pulled at Charger’s ass anyway. He growled and whimpered and
swung his muzzle around as if to bite her. He didn’t. Tish didn’t know if his cock were

being stretched painfully or if he just didn’t want to stop fucking yet. She pulled harder.
"Ah!" Carol gasped.
Charger’s prick popped from her cunt, red and wet and swollen hugely. He licked her
ass and tried to mount her again, but Tish wrestled with him, pointing his nose at her
own twat.
"Here, Charger – here! Here’s my pussy, honey! You can fuck it! You don’t have to
quit fucking!"
She switched around again and shoved her ass in his face. He whimpered and licked it.
He tasted her pussy juice and licked again. Tish urged him to mount her.
Charger looked at Carol’s weaving butt and then at Tish’s. He howled with excitement
and jumped up on Tish’s hips, his hind legs dancing on the bed, his red cock spearing
"Oh, fuck me, fuck me!" Tish cried. "Carol, help him stick his cock in!"



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