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THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 10

THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 10

Betty’s ears perked up from the half slumber she found herself in after Bud had lifted
her off the hook in the doorway.

Fuck a dog? When will this ever end? The man has no
limits to his perverted imagination.
"No, you don’t!" Bud said as he dove toward Joey.

Shorty blocked his dive, catching the
rookie cop by a thigh and an arm, stopping him.
"Tie him up again and then go get the watchdog," Joey said.
"But we need the dog out there to warn us," Willy said.

"You’re goin’ crazy, boss.

just get our money and run."
"No," Joey said.

"You don’t fool me.

You want my money too, you want it all."
"Bullshit!" Willy said.

"I just want my fair portion, but I want it pretty soon.

We might
not have as much time as you think."
"We’re goin’ to have as much time as I say we have.

Fingers and Shorty are behind me,
so if you aren’t, we would love to divide your share of the profits up among us."
"Forget it!" Willy said, looking silly and disgusted after being talked down like that in
front of everyone.

He walked over to a corner while Shorty dragged in a complaining,
huge German Shepherd.
Betty looked at the animal with fear in her eyes, real fear, the kind that only gets worse
when you start to think about what’s going to happen to you.
"Ain’t he a beautiful animal, lady?" Joey said with a sneer.

"Look at the way he’s hung,
almost like a horse."

Betty was appalled at what was being said, and she could see the slick-looking pecker in
its hairy sheath begin to extend, half from fear, and half from seeing her naked body
huddling in the corner.

She looked into the dog’s eyes and was surprised to see
something resembling human compassion, something she didn’t see in Joey’s evil eyes.
But instead of soothing any of her fright, this only heightened it – a dog feeling like a

She began to wonder if all the sex today had driven her to the brink of sanity,
for she looked again at the dog and saw nothing but a very dumb animal.
"Pull him over here!" Joey demanded.

"Over by her side."
Betty cowered deeper into her corner as the huge dog ambled toward her shivering

He must weigh a hundred pounds, she thought as the dog approached her.
"Sit, boy!" commanded Shorty as he pulled on the leash.
Betty watched as the panting animal sat on its haunches before her, his chest and
stomach exposed to her frightened view.

The dog’s cock began extending out of its
hairy covering, looking sticky like fly-paper and very nasty.
They don’t expect me to be fucked by that animal? They can’t mean that.

But they
obviously did.
"Reach out and touch his cock," Joey said, leaning down with an awful smirk on his
"No!" answered Betty, putting her hands behind her back as if to protect herself from
the thought.
"Oh, yes!" Joey said, reaching behind her and pulling her hands out.

"Stroke him or I’ll
break your arm."

Bud moaned, but he couldn’t do a thing.
"He won’t hurt you," continued Joey.

"In fact I bet he’ll like it!" He laughed and
Fingers and Shorty laughed with him.
Betty reached out for the awesome-looking member.

Instead of biting her as she had
supposed, the dog moaned in a deep whine, letting everyone hear that he liked his
genitals touched.
"Now stroke it!" commanded Joey.
Betty felt the stickiness of the distending tool coat her fingers as she pushed down on
the member.

The dog cock expanded in her hand, filling it.
The dog continued to moan as Betty watched two knobs of hard flesh form above its
balls at the base of its cock.

She wondered what they were until she remembered her
father tossing hot water on the dog she had when she was a child.

That locks the dogs
together when they mate.

Oh, God! That’s what’ll happen to me.
She released the dog cock and tried to back away, but the dog walked toward her on its
haunches, humping its rump across the floor.

When it got up to her, it wrapped its
front legs around an exposed thigh and began pumping on her foot.
"Nasty thing!" she sputtered, slapping it on the nose.

The big dog bared its teeth to her
and she pulled her hand away very quickly.

It looked like some beast out of a class-B
horror film.
She reached out again to appease it, stroking the back of its head in as lovingly a way as
she could.

This exposed her right breast and the dog leaned forward and lapped across
the pink nipple with its rough, sandpapery tongue.

"Ohhhggggmmm!" Betty uttered.

The feeling was one of intense pleasure, but she hated
herself for showing it.
"You’re goin’ ta have trouble, boss," Fingers said.

"She likes anything with a cock."
"Wait until he sticks that pecker into her and starts driving.

A dog ain’t like a human
being he doesn’t know when to stop." Joey held his stomach and laughed at the
thought, unable to control himself.

"Just wait!" he said again.
Shorty pulled the dog back with the end of the leash, and even as strong as the big
Negro was he really had a hard time of it.
"Lead her over to the bed," Joey said to Fingers.

"We’ll let the two animals fuck there."
Betty hated Joey, hated him more than ever, but she couldn’t do anything about it.

was just hoping that someday he would be caught and have his goose really cooked.
She was forced to lay down on the edge of the bed with her legs dangling off obscenely.
Her cunt was exposed for everyone to see, especially the dog.
The huge animal ambled up to her and immediately put its cold nose in the fishy, soft
folds of her labia.
"Shit!" she yelled, trying to pull herself away.

But Fingers had tied her hands to the
bedposts again – she couldn’t even turn over.
Lapping again and again with its prickly tongue, the dog was making Betty’s poor cunt
raw and supersensitive.

She hated to admit it, but she knew that the dog was forcing
her toward orgasm.

Trying as hard as she could to suppress her excitement, she only
succeeded in building up the pressure of the impending climax inside of her.

She felt dizzy and frayed, heat swelling in her belly as the dog continued to lick.
"Stop him! Stop him!" she cried, on the edge of both despair and orgasm.
The dog continued to lick, not heeding even the tone of her plea for salvation from the
plight of bestiality.

She was sunk now, and she knew it.

She would never be able to live
down the awesome fact that an animal had forced her to orgasm.
The springs inside of her broke, and thick fluid dropped out of her sopping, red cunt.
She squirmed and twisted, but that only made her orgasm even more, pouring the
precious liquid into the dog’s lapping, hungry tongue.
Bud was tied in his corner, moaning and complaining through his gag.

Bud had been
bound very securely, and the twisting he did only made his bonds dig deeper into his
Betty looked through her haze at the animal at her crotch.

She was sure that once she
had come he would leave her alone, but the dog didn’t know any restraints, and only
kept licking on the spent pussy lips with renewed vigor.
The animal put its paws up on her thighs and started to pull its face toward hers,
licking and slurping on her soft belly as it went.

She was so weak from her orgasm that
she didn’t even have the strength to give a verbal protest.
The dog hesitated at her tits, licking the luscious mounds of flesh all over.

Her nipples
perked, even in her tired state, and the dog ran his long tongue the full length across

She tried to move her tits out of the way, but the dog thought she was playing a
game, and he swiped at her bobbing nipples as they passed his huge face.
Betty was tired beyond words, but the dog had obviously only begun.

She tried to cross

her knees and discourage the animal.
Suddenly she felt a great heat at her crotch and she knew that the dog had forced her
legs open and had placed his cock at her pussy.

He began pumping wildly, still not in
her cunt, his slick prick sliding up and down her white thigh.

She tried to lift up to see
the evil thing that was happening to her, but the dog put his front paws on either side
of her neck, forcing her back down.
The hot tip of his cock was at her pussy lips, pushing its way down her slit over the
inflamed nubbin of her clitoris.

The hood slipped back from the naked knot of nerves
and Betty felt the prick touch her point of pleasure.
"Ohhhh! Shit!" she screamed, more in excitement than in disgust.
What am I being reduced to? They’re making me nothing but an animal and I can’t do
a thing about it.
She tossed and turned, but it only helped slide the cock down to her cuntmouth.

dog hovered momentarily there, and then shoved his hips in and out with great
rapidity, pushing the head of the huge, sticky prick further and further into the mouth
of her cunt.

She bucked some more, trying to force the dog cock out of her, but with
one final thrust the dog was buried to the two knots of hard flesh into her cunt.
Betty tossed and turned more violently.

But she could feel the hard, iron like balls of
flesh at the base of his cock pushing hard at her for entry.

Still jack hammering his
haunches at her, the dog was wedging his entire cock into her succulent pussy.
She tried to close her legs, putting her heels on the animal’s flanks and squeezing, but
he was securely embedded between her lily-white thighs.

The hairiness against her body
tickled every inch of her fighting form, making it more difficult to resist his advances.

She felt the bulbs of hardened flesh begin to slip into her cunt, and she started yelling
at the top of her lungs.

She imagined that she would have to have hot water thrown on
the dog to get the animal off.

Shorty reached over the bed with his big, black hand and
covered her face, muffling her scream.
"Fuck her doggie, fuck her!" Joey encouraged.

But the animal didn’t need any

Its haunches were already moving, jamming the knots into her cunt.
Betty felt the knots pass it, spreading her cunt like it had never been spread before, even
by Albert.

Panting and slobbering on Betty, the dog stopped pumping for a second and
looked around bewildered, almost surprised that he had done it.
"Stop it, you beast, stop it!" Betty demanded in hoarse tones.

She wasn’t talking to the
dog, but to Joey.

"You’re the sickest human being I’ve ever met," she said, spitting out
her words with a venomous tone and a sneer.
"I ain’t never fucked a dog, lady, so watch out who you’re callin’ the kettle black!" Joey
was laughing harder than ever.
Betty could see Bud across the room, his face red and his body vibrating with anger.
She sympathized with his helplessness just as he was sympathizing with hers.
She could feel the dog start to move again.

Fire began surging inside of her, spreading
from her bloated, tight cunt to her belly, from there to her bobbing, jelly like tits.
The hard bone in the animal’s chest rested on her breastbone, almost hurting.

It would
have hurt if the dog was not supporting its heavy weight on its front paws as it drove
the turgid, seeping cock into her.

She wanted to cry.

She grimaced as the stroking cock
began to give her pleasure.

I hate myself! I hate myself! her thoughts kept saying, but the excitement and pleasure
kept mounting.

She felt another, nasty, dirty orgasm drifting down her body, begging
for escape.

The frenzy of the animal above her told her that he was going to have his
The rasp of his fur on her skin became more and more exciting until she forgot her
distaste for the scene and abandoned herself to the pleasure of his cock.
She began humping in time with the dog’s short strokes, pushing up her hips as he was
coming down at her.

The redness of her pussy was flaming.

She felt the juices in her
rosy cunt flowing down to aid the orgasm which was approaching at runaway speed.
The cock was swelling up inside her, pulsing with the rapid heartbeat of the animal.

was difficult to match his demonic, frantic pace, but soon Betty forgot about her disgust
and caught up with him, the reddened lips of her cunt surging up around the base and
knots of the pounding cock.

It was strange feeling the bristling fur scraping her soft
cuntmouth, but she began to think of the dog as friendly – just an animal getting
pleasure – and she abandoned herself.
A strange hotness welled up within her, something she had never felt before.

couldn’t imagine it being the dog’s orgasm, because his pace hadn’t been affected at all.
But it was! The hot spunk began flowing out of her tight cunt, seeping down her
dangling legs.

All of the muscles of the animal were tight as his orgasm spent itself
The dog then tried to pull out, the knots and its cock still swollen inside of an
unsatisfied Betty.
She screamed again, the dog’s attempted withdrawal nearly tearing her cunt open.

finally came as the dog struggled to get free.

Betty screamed again, the pain mingling

with her orgasm, becoming indistinguishable from it, and flowing out of her cunt.
"Hold the dog still!" Joey yelled.

"It’ll kill her!"
Shorty bounded over the bed and grabbed the dog with his powerful, black hands,
holding his hind legs.
Betty was relieved as she felt the brutal prick begin to go flaccid inside of her.

sighed deeply and the dog slipped its meat out of her.
"Have you had enough?" she asked Joey bitterly.
"No!" Joey said.
"What do you mean?" she asked indignantly, pulling as hard as she could at the ropes.
"I mean you have to blow the dog first."
"Look, boss," Willy said.

"It’s already past dark.

We got to get our money.

I ain’t
waiting here another minute."
"Tie him up, Shorty," Joey said casually.

Willy had forgotten that Joey held all the

Shorty would do anything for him, even kill if he was asked.
"Okay, boss, you win."
"You’re Goddamn light I do.

Nobody fucks with me, you hear?" snarled Joey.
"Well, you’re setting tied up anyway.

Tie him up like I said, Shorty." Shorty moved
over to Willy with the only remaining piece of rope in the room and bound his hands.

"I been good to you boss, why do this to me?" Willy asked almost pleading.
"Because you’re more damn trouble than you’re worth," Joey hissed, arching his
eyebrows, making his face look even darker than it already was.
Joey turned back to Betty and untied her wrists.

He moved her over to the middle of
the bed and then whistled for the dog.

It moved slower than it had before, still
recovering from a giant orgasm.
"Now blow him!" Joey demanded.
"Not on your life!" Betty answered.
"It might be your life if you don’t do it!" he said, sneering and looking evil.
"It’ll have to be," Betty said.

"I’ve gone through enough today.

If you want any more,
it’ll have to be as a necrophiliac."
"What’s that?" Joey asked, angry that he didn’t know.
"That’s where they fuck dead people," she said.
"Not a bad idea," he said facetiously.

"But we need you for the exchange, so that game’s
off for today."
"Then forget it, because I’m not doing any more."
"Tie her hands again and then put the dog’s cock on her face," Joey said to Shorty.
Shorty was just following out his orders when the door burst open and a dozen or so
policemen rushed into the room.

Betty swooned and fainted, the last thing she saw was Albert coming in before the chief.

She opened her eyes to see that a blanket had been tossed over her naked body, and her
hands had been untied.
"You did a very nice job," began the chief.

"Holding them here while Albert went to get

We heard screaming and thought that they were torturing you.

We didn’t dare to
barge in then, they might have hurt you.

When they took that dog away was our best

We didn’t know how to get by him without being detected."
Betty stared up at the kind, older face.

He didn’t look half as mean as when he assigned
her to this difficult job – trying to track down the biggest bank robbers in the state
while still a rookie.

Respect was in his eyes, and Betty forgot all else and knew that
what she had done had been worthwhile.
She was still too weak to answer, but held her hand out to him.

Albert was standing
beside the chief and took her hand.

Betty looked over at him and saw love in his eyes.
Two policemen walked over to the bed with her clothes.

She gathered the blanket
around her as modestly as she could and headed for the bathroom.

She felt funny
having clothes on – she had been naked so long in front of so many men.

But it was
good to feel protected, secure in her wrappings.
As she walked out, she saw Bud, the chief, and Albert talking.

They seemed to be
arguing about something, with Albert and the chief seeming to agree.
"What’s the matter?" she asked as she walked slowly, still feeling weak from the day’s

"They want to set this sonofabitch free!" Bud said.

"He’s the one who planned the
whole damn thing; he said so!"
"Ya," said the chief.

"He was the one who led us to you, without even asking for

What do you think, Officer Brady?"
Betty thought for a minute, not wanting to betray either Albert or Bud, she was caught
in a dilemma.

She hesitated.
"Well, what do you think?" repeated the chief.
"I think without Albert we might never have gone free," Betty said, reluctantly looking
at Bud.

He seemed less mad than she thought he would be, but he wasn’t smiling.
"We have to take you down to the station," said the chief.

"Forms and that sort of thing
have to be filled out.

It’ll only take an hour or so, then you and Bud can go home for a
deserved rest."
Betty suddenly realized that Bud had volunteered for the job of decoy because of the
way he felt about her.

She was glad that Albert was going free, but sorry that she had
had to disappoint Bud.

At the station Betty was forced to remember exactly what happened to her.

She found it
difficult to recall each degrading position she had been made to assume.

But events
began coming back to her and, after an hour and a half, she had everything down.

only thing she didn’t tell them was that Albert had balled her.

She didn’t know why she
did this, her entire police training had been toward relating the whole truth.

But she
knew beyond all else that she didn’t want him to get into any trouble.

"You’ve earned a long rest," said the chief.

"So you and Bud are getting a week off, as
well as a big raise."
Betty knew she should feel delighted at what he was saying, but she was just too damn
On the way back to her apartment she even fell asleep in the back of the patrol car.
She entered her room and looked around.

It had only been sixteen hours since she had
seen it last, but it was different.
She reached the couch, where she collapsed in exhaustion and slept for sixteen more

In the sixteenth hour Betty dreamed about everything the gang had done to her – all
their cocks fucking into her cunt at the same time – and then she dreamed of a strange-
looking cock, one that had a big red knot on the end.

It was a dog’s cock that she saw
so vividly, a German Shepherd’s prick that was as big as a man’s cock.
The big dog was burrowing his nose into her pubic hair in spite of her tightly clamped

She laughed nervously and locked her hands under his chin to raise his head.
"Nice doggie.

You wanta fuck Betty, don’t you?"
In her dream she uncrossed her knees and parted them.

The German Shepherd edged
around her leg to thrust his head between her thighs.

The chill of his nose as it touched
the inner bulges of her thighs shocked her.
"Ohhh!" she gasped, and flung her knees apart.

He touched the edges of her cuntlips.

A thrill of guilty pleasure surged over her.

laid one hand on the top of his head and buried her fingers in the dense fur.
"Oh my God! I didn’t know I was that horny!"
His tongue probed between the hair-covered folds of flesh at the base of her cunt,
arousing an agonizingly intense sensation in her pussy.
"Jesus! Oh, Jesus! I’m terrible, but I like it!"
The dog raised his head momentarily to look into her face, then dipped it and explored
her cuntlips with his tongue.

She watched briefly, then dropped to her back and lay
with forearms raised and fists tightly clenched.
"Ooooh! Ooooh!"
He lapped gently and steadily, the roughness of his tongue dragging at the hair that
grew on the fatness of her cuntlips, then tentatively dabbing at the moist, hairless inner

The sensations seemed incredibly pleasurable to her.

She strained to
separate her thighs to their greatest possible width.
"Oh fuck, oh fuck, doggie!" she whispered hoarsely.
She recognized the feeling of fullness in her cunt; her tissues were swelling and parting
to expose her cuntmouth under the excitement that was building in her pussy.

elbows were tightly clamped to her sides and she felt her thighs trembling violently.
The tonguing could have been rough and greedy, she reflected.

Instead, it was gentle
and thorough and deliberate.
As the dog savored tiny portions of her wet cunt, he worked his way along a narrow
strip of flesh from back to front, then stripped the same narrow band on the other side

of her pussy before starting on a section a fraction of an inch closer to the center.
But little by little, he was working his way closer to her slit and the rim of her

And he was stimulating every nerve ending as he did so.

Her belly muscles
repeatedly snapped taut in a savage, involuntary contraction; she yielded to them as if
they were a different kind of orgasm.

The flood of sensation was growing so intense she
found her hands opening and closing spasmodically and she realized that she was lifting
first one foot up, then the other.
"Oh dear!" she whispered.

"God help me!" She raised her legs and drew her knees to
her chest.

Clutching each thigh behind the knee, she pulled her knees to the sides of
her rib cage and clamped them there with her arms.

Her feet churned the air above her
face while the flesh of her cunt blossomed in front of the dog.
She knew she was oozing more fluid from her cunt.

She could feel the coolness as it
evaporated where Shad had not yet licked it off.

Some of it, she noted confusedly, was
even spreading onto her ass.
But the dog seemed well aware of her condition.

He began to scoop at the crack of her
ass with his tongue, lapping with the full breadth of the warm organ.
She cried out with startled pleasure when he concentrated on her asshole.

"Ahhh! God,
it feels so good!"
He probed at the sphincter as if it held special interest for him, and her hips jerked
wildly at the fiery lances of excitement that shot through her.
"My God! Oh shit! I didn’t know that a dog could make me feel so good!"
She was seized by an insane impulse to spread herself still further open for the amazing


Her hands slid along her calves to grasp her ankles and she swung them as far
out to the sides as she could, forming a broad, flat angle with her thighs.

She felt the tip
of the dog’s tongue wedge itself into the tight circle of her asshole and she cried out in
low intense tones.
The spasms of a small climax tore at her and she managed to force her feet still closer
to the surface of the bed.
"Oh my God! I…

I’m awful! I’m wicked! But, oooh, it feels so good!"
He withdrew his tongue from her ass and she sagged, trembling wildly.
"I mustn’t! I mustn’t let you lick any more! Oh, dear God!" But she knew she could do
nothing to stop the fantastic flow of sensations.

She was alone with the dog, and no one
would ever know the terrible thing she was doing – except for Joey’s gang.
The dog resumed his lapping at her cunt, his tongue dabbing briefly at her cuntmouth
and then working forward along the bottom of her slit to her clitoris.
She jerked convulsively.

"N-no!" she cried sharply.
The dog ignored the command.

To her astonishment, he seemed to have closed his lips
over the swollen lump of her clit, the tip of his tongue caressing her sensitive nerve.
Wild, fierce sensations poured through her and she jerked her legs together.

She knew
the sensations would become so intense she would involuntarily block the dog’s muzzle
if he continued.

Desperate to prevent herself from prematurely ending her savage
pleasure, she pulled her knees against her breasts and hugged the calves of her legs, her
muscles stretching agonizingly.

As the dog sucked and caressed, she rocked back and forth.
She gulped frantically and her body thrashed in the grip of a powerful orgasm.

The dog
rested his forepaws on the taut backs of her thighs to steady her heaving ass, and his
muzzle remained firmly attached to her clitoris.

Through the haze of her helpless
spasms, she realized she could tolerate no more of the violent sensations.

But in the
instant of her realization, the big dog released her tortured clit and began again to lap
at her cuntlips.
Her orgasm subsided to a level she could endure, and she grabbed her ankles and
assumed the widespread posture she had used before.

The dog’s tongue dipped to her
cuntmouth and scoured the gaping rim.

She breathed in heavy, panting sobs of delight
while her hips leaped.
And as her second orgasm exploded within her cunt, Betty woke up.

She didn’t know if
it was her dreamlike ecstasy that had gotten her up or whether it was her pet basset
hound, Shad, who was so glad to see her that he was joyfully licking her face.
Betty was at first startled, having forgotten that her favorite pet was taken care of in the
day by the manager of the apartment building and that he had been put back in her
apartment while she had been asleep.
"Hi, Shad," Betty welcomed heartily.

"God, how I’ve missed you." She grabbed his
jowly cheeks and kissed him on the muzzle.

"If only you had known what I’ve been
Then Betty remembered the dream that she had just had – the big German Shepherd’s
tongue reaming out her cunt.

She reached beneath her nightgown and ran her fingers

over her cuntlips – they were wet and moist.
Shad turned his head, uplifting his nose and sniffing the air.
Betty knew what Shad was smelling – the odor of her hot cunt.

He had embarrassed
her before when she had been roused from her sleep by Shad’s sniffing nose around her
Betty smiled, and her legs parted.

She wondered how far Shad would go if, this time,
she didn’t push his head away from her heated loins.
Shad sniffed at her belly, then his nose nudged away the hem of her nighty.
She looked at Shad’s prick.

It was still sheathed.

A week ago she would have forced
Shad’s head away from her thighs, but now, as she watched him forage through the
forest of her pubic hair, she knew she wanted Shad to lick her cunt, to give her the
same kind of orgasm that she had dreamed about only minutes before.
Shad became overeager.

The tip of his tongue repeatedly slipped through the winking
opening of Betty’s cunt to jolt her with a teasing fullness, and she mumbled

She opened her mouth wide and gazed unblinkingly when the long
tongue snaked into her cunt and started scooping wetness from the inside walls.
"Don’t-do-that-don’t-do-that-don’t-do-that!" she whimpered in an unbroken stream.
The dog seemed to be licking her internal organs.

But the more deeply he probed, the
harder his tongue felt where her cuntmouth clamped on it.

And each time he
transferred a tongue full of the oozing fluid to his mouth and returned for more, the
effect was a weird, delicious kind of fucking.
Betty’s orgasm came with a blast of incredible pleasure, her cunt contracting in slow,

powerful waves and her body tensing to the rhythm.
When Shad extracted his tongue, she pleaded with him.

"Don’t stop! Not now, Shad!
Oh, God, don’t stop now!"
His forepaws still rested on her widespread thighs, their pressure the only stimulus she
could concentrate on while her orgasm continued.
"Oh, please! Please, Shad, do it some more! Aiiggh!"
She felt one of his paws lift from her thigh, then she was dimly aware of the fact that he
had set it on one side of her waist.

A moment later, he moved his other paw to the
other side of her waist.

He clasped them to her in a manner that seemed a little like a
man seizing her waist in his hands.

She felt something dancing over the soft
membranes that surrounded her cunt and began pleading again.
"Please, Shad! Lick! Stick your tongue in!"
The dancing point of his tongue settled in the opening of her cunt and began to bore
As her cunt began to stretch to receive the wedging action, she sensed that Shad was no
longer using his tongue.

She brought her gaze down to his head and saw the open
mouth and lolling tongue inches above her breasts.

She stared unbelievingly, still
shaking in the grip of her climax and jerking furiously in response to the delirious
pleasure of the entering object.
"SHAD!" she gasped.



There was no mistaking the thickness or hardness of the rigid dog-cock that was sliding
rapidly into her cunt.

Nor could she overcome her body’s response to the entering

She clutched her ankles fiercely and forced them further apart while the heavy
cock surged in rapid, hard thrusts.

The pointed cockhead plowed the length of her cunt,
and she felt the inner end stretching to accommodate the cock’s entire length.
When she was already becoming alarmed at the fantastic penetration, she felt a fat, hard
bulge pressing at her cuntmouth.

"Oh shit!" she whispered.

"What’s that!"
Shad thrust brutally at her, driving the enormous knob in as if it were a blunt wedge,
and she felt it pop past the lips of her cunt.
"Ohhh! Ahhh!" She exhaled with a shudder.
The sheath of Shad’s cock bore against her raw cunt, its stiff bristles stabbing her

The great dog jerked at her with his forepaws, banging her against the base of
his cock as his rump pounded his cock deeper.
Wild-eyed and terribly frightened, Betty let go of her ankles and grabbed Shad’s ruff.
"Dear God, Betty!" she exclaimed to herself.

"You’ve gone too far! You’re really getting
fucked now, and it’s nobody’s fault but your own." Her voice broke in a jerky sob.
The long cock jerked back and forth in her, the strange knob at the base blasting the
inside of her cunt with every stroke.

She trembled and clasped her thighs against Shad’s
As if he needed to reorganize after such an incredibly easy victory, Shad paused for a

He clasped her waist firmly with his forepaws and let his chest rest heavily on
her belly.

He stopped at the inward end of a stroke, cock fully buried and sheath seated
tightly on the soft outer tissues of her cunt.

The hot, muscular flesh of his belly rode

hard on her mound and against the tender smoothness of her thighs.
She clutched at his forelegs, conscious of their strength, and reduced the strain in her
legs by wrapping them around his body and locking her ankles over his back.
The bulging hardness of the great dog’s cock maintained an unyielding, continuous
force inside her cunt and the long, rigid dick continued to produce stretching sensations
in the barrel of her vagina.

She felt a tickling at her ass from the stiff hairs of his balls
and scratchy warmth over the entire area of her pussy and thighs from his thick, soft
The overwhelming feeling that beat at her awareness was that combination of elements
that added up to gross, brute intimacy.

The heat and size of his cock generated a
continuously welling storm of excitement in her, even while he leaned motionless in the
cradle of her legs.

She tormented herself deliberately with the certainty that she was
totally helpless in his grasp.

His strength was so much greater than hers that no
leverage available to her would enable her to overcome the grip he had on her waist.
And the cock that impaled her was so deeply embedded and so rigid that no sideward
movement could conceivably dislodge it.
Betty admitted her feelings aloud to Shad.

"Oh, you lovable bastard!" she crooned.

know where you’ve got me, don’t you! Look at me, for Christ’s sake! Me flat on my
back with my legs wrapped around a big, hairy dog who’s got his pecker stuck clear in
to his balls in MY CUNT! And I can’t do a Goddamn thing about it!"
Shad whimpered contentedly and lapped at one of her nipples.

She tightened her grip
on his forelegs reflexively and groaned.
"And you know what? Know what, you son of a bitch? I don’t WANT to do a
Goddamn thing about it, except enjoy every second of it! You’re going to fuck me,

aren’t you.

You’re going to fuck me, and I’ll bet I come three times before you do once!
I’m going to pound my cunt against your belly and come and come and come! And
your cock is going to keep poking until you fill me up with your jism and I yell for
more! I’m a lewd, unspeakable slut, letting an animal fuck me…

She jerked with her legs driving her cunt onto the base of the hard cock and grinding
bristling hairs into her quivering membranes.

Shad grinned, panting, and began to fuck

His haunches bunched and thrust, while her feet bounced on his back and her
knees jerked.

Her cunt burned from the savage friction.

Waves of lust swept her, each
leaving her gasping and giddy.

She felt as if she were in a delirium of pleasure.

She had
abandoned all the subtle shades of emotion she would have shared with a human male;
her entire consciousness was focused on physical sensation and the delightful defiance
of convention.
"FUCK HARD!" she hissed violently.

Her back perspired heavily, and she felt sweat trickling off her sides.

Her skin stuck to
the pad so that she felt herself sliding back and forth as Shad pumped at her.

The long
masses of hair under Shad’s shoulders brushed her nipples as her tits surged, and she
watched strings of his saliva that hung between his tongue and her chest.
Shad’s thrusts were smoothly rhythmic-hard, even spaced jabs that hurt delightfully as
they battered her.

With each thrust of his cock, his forepaws swept her under him
violently and abruptly.

At the end of the stroke, they merely relaxed briefly, rather than
returning her to her original position, and she slowly recognized the fact that less and
less of her ass was supported by the bed.
"Shad!" she panted.

"You’re going to pull me off the bed!" Her visual image of the

results overwhelmed her.

"Good God, no!" she exclaimed.
Reluctantly, she released the grip of her thighs on the hard body and spread her feet to
brace them against the corner posts of the bed.

Pushing as hard as she could and
twisting her body from side to side, she wriggled back onto the bed without
interrupting the mechanical pumping of the big dog’s cock.

With a sigh of happy
excitement, she clasped her thighs to his sides again and hooked her heels at his rump.
"Ohhh, fuck, you lovely beast!" she crooned to him.

"Just keep on fucking, love! Hard,
hard, hard!" Then, with a wild note of triumph, "I told you…

so! I…

I’m going to…
Spasmodic contractions tightened her cunt-mouth rhythmically on the base of his cock
and traveled inward along her barrel in a close-spaced train of waves.

She squeezed with
her thighs and let go of his forelegs to clutch at his shoulders.

Hugging him fiercely,
she pulled her upper body to him and buried her tits in his fur.

His muzzle rested at
the hollow of her throat, the great, wet tongue lapping erratically while her body jerked
convulsively with pleasure and explosive release.
The intensity of her spasms subsided after the first wild interval, but as Shad continued
to fuck without a change or break in his rhythm, they kept grabbing her weakly and
failed to bring the muscular relaxation her orgasms normally did.

Her sensitivity
seemed to have undergone a remarkable increase, and the friction in her cuntmouth
was a flaming throb that threatened to drive her into hysteria.
She was instantly aware of the difference in Shad’s behavior when it occurred.

thrusts grew shorter and faster and he stopped the powerful, involuntary jerks with his

Instead of jerking at her, he seemed to be trying to force her even further
onto his cock, tugging and straining without interruption, until her skin burned and

she expected to find it torn and bleeding.

His haunches vibrated fiercely; his cock
buzzed in her cunt.

A new level of sensations washed hotly through her, eclipsing those
she had already experienced, and her orgasm exploded again.
Shad began to groan.

His eyes closed and he appeared to clamp his jaws together, only
the tip of his tongue showing.

In the desperate intensity of her tremors, Betty squeezed
him with the full strength of her legs, her thighs molding themselves to the contours of
his hard, lean sides.
She realized suddenly that she was not going to last out his prolonged climax.

convulsive contractions had again dwindled and the orgasmic strength with which she
had clasped his body with her thighs seemed abruptly to fail her.

With a frightened
whimper, she felt her muscles relax.

Her legs slipped away from Shad’s vibrating
haunches and extended loosely, her heels falling to the floor and her knees
The dog’s weight rested on her pelvis and pressed her ass firmly against the edge of the

The force of his paws pulled her waist upward, arching the small of her back and
crushing her belly against his chest.

Even her fingers lost their grips so that her arms
fell limply at her sides.

She turned her face aside while the powerful brute finished
fucking her.
When his fierce vibrations died down, she was aware of the pooled heat in the core of
her belly and waited for his cock to soften and withdraw.

But the enormous knot that
filled the throat of her cunt seemed to lose none of its size or hardness, and when Shad
tugged at it she felt no resulting movement of his cock.
"Oh God!" she whispered shakily.

"No, Shad! Oh, no! Are we stuck together?"
The notion horrified her.

Grotesque as the idea of letting a dog fuck her would have

seemed, she had gloried in the strange sensation when it had become a reality.

But she
felt a tremendous surge of desolation at the notion of being subjected to the indignity of
being unwillingly coupled to him when he wanted only to be free from the clutches of
her tightening cuntmouth.
After his first unsuccessful effort to pull his cock loose, Shad grunted and sagged
against her.

She struggled to arouse herself, knowing that his patience would grow
shorter as his strength returned.

With desperation born of fear, she raised her legs and
managed to rest the sole of each foot on the bedposts.

She worked herself backward
until the firmly coupled cock stopped her.

She whimpered as she braced herself for
Shad’s eventual serious tugging.
When he did begin again to pull at her, she cried out and swung her head from side to

She had imagined herself beyond the danger of further sexual excitement; to her
chagrin, she discovered that the awful pressure against the inner side of her cunt
flooded her with deep new waves of pleasure.
"Holy Jesus!" she moaned.

"Goddamn you, Shad, you’re getting me all excited again!
Unhhh! UNNNHH! I’m going to come again when you aren’t doing anything but
trying to get your cock back in one piece! UNNNNHHH!"
His struggles intensified.

Betty’s legs trembled and she felt the beginning of cramps in
her strained thighs.
"Ohhh, you son of a bitch!" she whispered.

"I can’t do it!"
Her tortured legs collapsed, too widespread to cope with the forces Shad imposed.

felt her butt sliding off the edge of the bed and groaned resignedly, wrapping her legs
around Shad’s body again to save herself from being torn apart by being suspended on
the brutal cock.

She had to twist violently when Shad dropped his forepaws to the floor,

pinning her shoulders to the bed by his chest.

She managed to work herself off the bed
so that she hung from him by her tightly clamped legs, her shoulders and arms resting
on the carpeted floor.
The grip of her legs reduced the force of his erratic jerks but didn’t eliminate it.

excitement continued to grow, reinforced by the intensity of her sense of the indignity
in the situation.

Shad seemed to understand what was happening and to be concerned
over her reaction.

He lowered his head repeatedly to give her face an apologetic licking.
But his desire to free his cock appeared to exercise priority over whatever other
sentiments he might have, and he became increasingly energetic in his attempts.

dragged Betty, and more than once she had to struggle to prevent him from planting
his paw on her chest to pin her down while trying to wrench himself loose.
She shivered with terror as she wondered how long it must take for such an awesome
growth to subside when it was continually irritated by the pressure of a tortured

Her excitement had risen to violent heights again and she discovered that
her legs were rhythmically jerking her cunt against the base of Shad’s cock.

To her
shame and simultaneous fierce joy, she knew she was fucking the exhausted dog.
"How do you like this?" she demanded thickly.

"Huh? How do you like getting fucked
when you’re all worn out? Shows who’s got more sex, doesn’t it!"
Her orgasm came quickly and savagely, the contractions of her pussy hitting her like a
rapid series of hammer blows.

Once more, she could feel the entire length of the brute’s
cock inside her belly, the tightening spasms of her cunt lovingly caressed the entrapped

She clenched her fists and rolled her head from side to side to bite at the sheets.
Her tits jumped to the contractions of her belly muscles and she could see the shadow
of her feet as, ankles locked, they pumped back and forth over Shad’s back.

As her spasms eased, she felt her cuntmouth slipping by degrees on the monstrous

Weak hope began to warm her and she stared at the big dog’s face to see if he
realized they were beginning to come apart.

Shad whined gently and worked his
haunches; there seemed to be no doubt that he was aware of the improving situation.
Once the unlocking had started, it accelerated rapidly.

Her cuntmouth released its grasp
on the shrinking knob and permitted her to slide down the still-firm cock.

Her butt
landed in the carpet while she still had more than an inch of the long cock inside her.
Shad jerked backward and his cockhead popped free of her aching cunt.

She let herself
sprawl obscenely, too far depleted of energy to care what she looked like.
"Shad," she mumbled in a low tone, "you fuck harder than any human I’ve ever balled."

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