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THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 11

THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 11

"Hi, Bud, I didn’t…" Then she remembered having invited him over.

She had only just
gotten up herself a couple of hours ago, and her mind wasn’t working right.

She looked
around the small, dimly lit room and said, "Sorry it’s such a mess, but I just got up.
Come on in."
"I didn’t mean to disturb you," Bud said truthfully, looking around the room and then
at the flimsy nightgown that Betty had thrown on for comfort.
"It’s all right," she said.

"I’ll just go and change, be right back." She whisked into the
other room of her tiny apartment while Bud tried to make himself comfortable on the
cluttered sofa.
He was excited about Betty, even seeing her taut nipples through the nightgown had
given him a partial erection.

He reached down and rubbed it while listening to the
drawers and closet in her bedroom being opened and closed as she dressed.
Betty walked out in a simple dress, looking more feminine than Bud had ever seen her

"Would you like to go out to dinner?" he asked as she walked up to him.
"No," she said.

"I’ve just eaten a TV dinner.

Sorry I forgot you were coming over.

memory still hasn’t come back to me completely, and I’d rather just sit and talk."
That obviously wasn’t what Bud had in mind, and he felt very self-conscious sitting
there before her.

She sat down beside him.
As she sat beside him, his hand slid easily, unconsciously over her bare, white knee.

didn’t move, frozen with the anticipation of gentle handling.

She had almost forgotten
what sex was supposed to be like, but she was willing to relearn it.

He turned, his hand sliding up her leg, sending chills of excitement up her thigh.

squeezed and she felt her resilient, white skin give way to his gentle pressure.

again, Bud’s hand moved up her white thigh, his fingertips brushing the tiny hairs
which had escaped her lace panties.

She sighed and let her head fall back against the
overstuffed sofa.
Bud leaned over her, planting a wet kiss on her sensuous lips.

She accepted it, moaning
slightly to show her approval.

Her eyes fluttered in pleasure as the thick, hard snake of
Bud’s tongue gently pried her lips and teeth open.

She felt the muscle darting around in
her mouth, almost unable to control itself once it was between her lips.
Softly, Betty sucked on the probing tongue.

Bud’s hand moved slowly from where he
was feeling the moss-moist cunthair, under the lace edge of her panties, onto the thick,
wet petals of her pussy.
She sighed.

"This is good!" she exclaimed in a whisper.
Cautiously, Bud moved his finger further up the hairy vulva, feeling the wetness of her

Opening up the pussy with one finger, he felt the sensitive knot of her clit.
"Uhhhmmmnnn!" Betty moaned.
Her right hand went up to his side, sliding around his ribs to his stomach as his lips
met hers again, his tongue darting against the ivory of her teeth.

As she parted them,
her hand slipped down to his belt.

She felt the member respond and become hard.
Bud slid her along the back of the couch, dropping her slowly to her back.

She felt like
she was riding on a cloud, needing no strength of her own to keep her afloat in the
sensuous world of pleasure that Bud was carrying her to.

As he lay down on top of her, his half-extended cock slipped between her fingers, the
loose flesh of the foreskin feeling like moist putty in her hand.
Squeezing again, Betty felt the head of his prick fill her hand.

Bud began pumping into
her hand with the same rhythm that his tongue was using in digging into her mouth.
She moaned around the plunging muscle and squeezed as the moist meat continued to
drive into her palm.
Suddenly she thought of Albert.

His giant cock embedded deep in her sopping twat.
She suppressed the thought.
"Let’s get undressed," said Bud.
"Okay!" Betty replied.
She felt his weight leave her body, and his cock leave her hand as he pushed himself off
the sofa.

She looked down and saw how her legs were spread, her dress up over her

She quickly pulled the dress down as Bud stared at the violent pinkness of her
She got up off the sofa herself, turning her back to Bud as she unzipped her dress.

reached and turned on the radio; tuning it to the soft music station she sometimes
listened to.
Her dress fell to the floor as she stood up.

She looked over her shoulder at Bud.

He was
already undressed, his huge meat sticking up along his belly as his heartbeat pulsed
within it, filling it with blood.

She turned back around to face the wall.

Bud moved up
behind her and unsnapped her bra.
He reached around in front of her, sliding his hands up her ribs to where her tits jutted

out abruptly.

Forcing his fingers gently under the bottom edge of her bra, he slid his
fingers up over her tits, catching her nipples between his thick fingers and squeezing.
"Aaammmnnn!" she moaned, involuntarily grinding her hips back against his bobbing
"Jesus!" A tremor shook Bud.

"I’m going to wake up soon, and this beautiful dream will
have vanished."
She thrust herself back against him again, trapping his cock between her grinding

"Let’s make it last!"
"Let’s dance!" he said.

"Take off your panties."
She bent down, pushing his cock even deeper into her soft crack as she pulled the
panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them.

Bud spun her around slowly,
savoring every inch of her body.

She looked down at the ground, putting her arms on
his shoulders, but couldn’t help but see his cockhead staring up at her with a drop of
lubricant gleaming there.
Bud danced, moving Betty slowly.

The room was small, but large enough for Bud to
maneuver her very close to his hairy body.
She felt the hairs from his chest prickle at her very sensitive nipples, hardening them as
she pushed against his chest.

Tightly they held each other, getting their bodies closer
and closer.

Betty’s tits were now squashed flat against his hard body as his cock was
pressed between them.
Bud gave up all pretense of dancing.

Both hands closed on her round butt, he massaged
and kneaded while exciting fires roared through her.

Betty spread her knees, stood on her tiptoes, and pushed her wet pussy hard on the
swell of Bud’s thigh, her lower belly still grinding on his cock.

Her rigid, tender nipples
brushed his tense flesh.
He continued to fondle her ass with one hand while his other hand slipped to the small
of her white back.

Bending slowly forward, Bud arched Betty’s back with his body.

breasts thrust upward, her moist pussy riding high on his thigh, and her heels coming
off the carpeted floor.
"Ahhhggg!" she groaned.

"Ahhh! Bud, oh, Bud!"
He ducked his head, his pursed mouth seeking one of her tender nipples, and she
shuddered with pleasure.

He sucked the quivering flesh into the hot, wet cavern of his
mouth and began to roll the stiff nub with his tongue.

Her hips undulated to the
rhythm of the music, grinding her pussy on his juice-smeared leg and pumping her
belly against his hard cock.

She had imagined that she had had enough sex to last her a
lifetime, but Bud was showing her that it wasn’t true.
He thrust his hips up to reinforce his contact with her, and his fingertips strayed along
the crack between her asscheeks.
"Oh, Bud!" Betty cried out in a low, hoarse tone of urgency.

She had hoped to show
some control, but the pressure of their two naked bodies undulating in the middle of
the small room was too much for her.
Bud raised his head, leaving her pink nipple wet, puckered and tense with passion.

drew her erect and seized her ass with his hands.

She felt herself rising from the floor as
if on a cloud of passion as Bud lifted her.

Her body was sliding along his, upward, until
his cockhead rested in the crevice of her heated snatch.

This position reminded her of

being hung from the doorway with Bud and Fingers.

But it wasn’t the same.

The tone
now was one of kindness and love, and there was no brutal cock up her asshole.
She hesitated, then thrust her knees apart.

She felt her wet tissues part to close around
the enormous cockhead.

The entrance to her pussy opened, and her vulva guided the
cock toward the juicy hole.

There was an instant of ecstasy when the head and the
greasy mouth found each other, and then Bud began to fuck her.

The pressure of the
impending entry rocketed.

Betty found she had to fling her knees widely apart, then she
instinctively closed her legs around Bud’s hips, her heels resting tightly on the backs of
his thighs.

She held herself to him while she impaled herself slowly on the impossible

Mnnnnnn! UNHHHH!" Her moans grew louder as the cock slid further up
her drooling channel, filling her cunt.
"Oh God, Bud! That’s great!"
In a moment, she felt something round and soft beneath her ass.

She panted and
glanced down.

She was sitting on the overstuffed arm of the sofa, the height almost
perfect for Bud.

She raised her feet, crossing her ankles at the small of his back and
pulling him harder into her gulping cunt.

He steadied her ass and began a rhythmic,
hard thrusting, driving his cock again and again into the taut, moist cunt, his pubis
striking her pussy with audible smacks.
She felt a gathering violence in her belly and a rising pleasure in her clutching pussy,
and she knew that this gentle sex was going to be hers for a long time to come.
Bud groaned and stopped jabbing his mighty cock.

His face contorted as he gently
massaged her buttocks.

Sweat poured from his forehead as he tried not to be brutal.

Slowly, he appeared to regain a measure of control over himself.

"Christ!" he exclaimed.
"Oh, Christ, that was pretty close!"
"What’s wrong, Bud?" asked Betty.

"What’s the matter?"
He grunted, and then smiled at her.

"Too fast.

I’m going too fast.

I nearly blew my wad
in you right then, and I want this wonderful sex to last."
She sighed and clung to him, sure that he was one of the kindest people she’d ever met.
He pressed her body down on the arm of the sofa.

She fought him at first, not knowing
what he meant to do with her.

She yielded, making herself lie quietly before him,
impaled on his giant cock, her legs still clamped tightly around his lean ass.
She clutched at the edges of the sofa, momentarily overcome by the fear.

But the
pressure of Bud’s thick cock deep in her hungry cunt and the sight of his sweaty,
gleaming body above her brought her back to reality.

She shivered with lust as she
watched the hungry way he stared at her willing body.
She treasured the gentleness of his large hands as they caressed her warm belly.

closed over her quivering, weaving tits.

She thrilled to the slow rocking of his hips that
kept his cock rubbing slowly against the walls of her eager vaginal tract.
He smiled, his expression strained, and placed his hands at her waist.

She gasped when
he began to stroke her onto his rigid shaft.

The experience delighted her with new
sensations, and she was soon helping by jerking at him with her white legs, timing her
tugs to match the rhythm of his misty pulls.
The hot frenzy of her earlier excitement gave way to a more intense awareness.

sensed she was on a high plateau of pleasure that could continue unchanged for a long

She smiled at Bud, his features hidden in the shadow of night that had overtaken them.
The room was almost completely dark.

The only light was that from a street-lamp
outside her window.
"I like it! I like it this way, Bud!" she exclaimed in a deep whisper.

She closed her eyes.
This was like remembering a happy moment of childhood – warm, gentle and loving.
"There’s time to feel it all," said Bud, leaning forward and kissing her on the cheek.
She giggled.

"And ‘all’ is an awful lot!"
Bud pulled his cock out so that only the mushroom of his cockhead was still in her.
Then he pushed forward, sliding the shaft deeply into her, the slippery sides of the cock
generating heat and excitement in her twat.
Betty realized the new position exaggerated her breast size.

She shivered with delight at
the new expression of savage hunger in Bud’s eyes.
He yanked her onto his cock with a harder stroke.

She felt her excitement start to grow

She tried to contain her rising agitation, but her legs betrayed her, tightening
"Ahhgggg!" she grunted explosively.

"Jesus, Bud! I…

can’t hold out…


He was sweating profusely, and she realized her own body was bathed with

But there was an explosive expression of vigorous enjoyment in his carved

His grip on her thin waist was sure and firm.

Betty knew that she had had so much fucking that she didn’t think she could stop if she
wanted to.

Her body was hungry for satisfaction as Bud slowed his strokes.

She wanted
it to last forever – a delicious eternity.

But Bud’s ball’s were beginning to bounce
against the winking rosette of her asshole.
He slid his hands under her back and lifted.

The only result was a steep arch in her

He laughed lightly and worked his hands toward her shoulders, then lifted again.
She caught at his arms, helping.

He stopped lifting when she was at a forty-five-degree

She clung to his upper arms, helping to support her body, but wondering what
was to happen to her now.
He backed away from the sofa, holding her on his cock.

Her weight drove her fully
onto his cock, and she squirmed happily.
Gripping her waist, Bud began to fuck into her the full length of his blood-engorged

Her tits bounced and her hair flew erratically.

She gritted her teeth and clamped
her thighs on his hipbones, her excitement mounting in sudden leaps as he walked
about the small room.
Each blow jarred her.

The moist channel of her pussy was hot, irritated and sensitive
because of the friction.

She twisted so that her clitoris came down on the base of his
cock, flaming spears of delight stabbing her in rapid succession.

The tight knot in her
belly hardened even more, and her body tensed.
"Now, Bud! I’m making it…

NOW!" As if the knot had exploded in her belly, her cunt
contracted violently on the buried cock.

Spasm after spasm wrenched her inner walls,
and she shook with the intensity of her sensations.

She scissored her thighs around his
waist and felt him suddenly stiffen.

His hips thrust forward and up, and his shoulders
jerked back as he started to erupt inside of her tender body.

A hot pool grew around his

cockhead and triggered a new series of contractions in her ecstatic pussy.

She gasped
with deep pleasure and dug her short fingernails into the meaty muscles of Bud’s back.
She flung her head back and moaned, unable to do or think about anything but her
Bud’s pulsing jabs slowed gradually and his body relaxed.

He blew out his pent-up
breath and walked shakily back to the sofa.

He was still being very careful with her,
though it was only obvious that his orgasm had so weakened him that he could hardly
Betty was surprised to see that what Bud was trying to do was to not let his limp cock
slip out of her cunt.

She tightened the muscles of her pussy, trying to help him.

As she
fell to the sofa, she felt his cock begin to slide out of her.

Clenching her muscles as
tight as she could, her cunt tightened around the bulbous head.
He pushed the flaccid tool the rest of the way into her.

In a moment he seemed to be

She put her arms around his shoulders and hugged him lovingly.

It seemed like seconds later that she woke up, Bud still on top of her the way he had
been when she closed her eyes.
"What time is it?" she asked.
"It’s ten o’clock," he said.
"Three hours!" she exclaimed.

"I thought I had just lain my head down for a moment."
"It was that good, huh?"

"Ya," she said with a sleepy smile.

She was about to push him off playfully when she
felt his cock began to harden inside of her.
"Are you game for another go at it?"
Betty was glad that he had asked, not because she didn’t want to, but because it showed
that he was considerate of her feelings and her desires.
"Sure!" she said.
Bud bowed his head to her tit and sucked her right nipple deep into his mouth.

She felt
it immediately harden.

She pushed her tit up into his face, his mouth opened and
swallowed more of her breast.
She squirmed her hand between her belly and Bud’s.

She could feel the head of his cock
in her hand.

Her fingertip touched the tiny mouth of the big cock, and Bud bolted
backward, spitting out her tit.
"I didn’t even know that my cock wasn’t in you," he gasped.

"I thought that it was so
warm and moist it couldn’t be between our bellies.

I didn’t know what hit me when you
stuck your finger in me."
Betty laughed lightly.
"Fuck me now!" she whispered in his ear as she grabbed his cock fully in her hand.
She felt him stiffen at her words, but he slipped his arms under her and embraced her
as he reinserted his cock.

New vigor seemed to come over him as he thrust it into her

His huge meat dug into her cunt, as it plowed toward her womb.

She gasped,
and Bud stopped just short of the tender opening.

As he began to stroke, Betty could feel her cervix being rubbed by the top of his cock.
She imagined that she could feel every bump and vein in his cock as it spread her
vaginal walls.
Her cunt flamed with greedy pleasure as she began to match his strokes.

The rhythm of
their fucking grew as the fire in Betty’s belly ballooned.

She could feel Bud’s cock
probing for the sensitive spot, trying to burst it into an orgasmic rush for her.
Pounding and pounding, he continued to drive his thick cock into her.

Betty felt her
cunt clenching around the shaft, pulling and trying to hold it in.

Bud was going too
fast, and the spasms of her belly only opened her up more to his deep penetration.
But drove deep with a mighty thrust and stuck the purple mushroom of his cockhead
into young Betty’s womb.

"AAAGGGHHH!" The pleasure-pain feeling burst within

Her cunt opened and closed with intense force.

Hot streams of greyish cum spurt
into her, scalding her womb and vaginal tract.
She fell back, weak, unable to control the orgasms which raced through her tender

Bud collapsed on top of her, his cock slipping free of her cunt, but still spewing
cum all over both of their weak bodies.

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