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THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 12

THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 12

Bud had stirred shortly after he had fucked her the second time.

He apologized for
having to leave, but Betty wanted to sleep alone that night anyway, so she just kissed
him goodbye as he told her he would be back.
She tried to go about the business of cleaning her apartment.

She went methodically
about the rooms, picking up things, dusting and vacuuming.

She found some small joy
in being able to submerge herself in the work, not having to think about herself.
The doorbell rang and Betty jumped.

She was afraid it was Bud coming to ask for her

She knew right at that moment that she couldn’t.

She wanted her career and her

She walked slowly to the door, after turning off the vacuum-cleaner, and
opening it.
"Albert!" she exclaimed, her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped onto her chin.
"Hi!" he said casually.

"May I come in?"

sure!" she said.

"Please do."
"I came to see how you were," he said, his dark eyes flashing the same fire that Betty
remembered burning there.

"I thought you might like to know that the ECM
Corporation has hired me as a management consultant.

It’s the first straight job I’ve
had since delivering papers as a kid."
"That’s wonderful!" she said truthfully.

"How did you get the job?"
"Your police chief set it up for me.

He’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met."
"I didn’t think that when I was first on the force," said Betty, arching her brows.


now I see that I was wrong.

I even got a promotion from him."
"You deserve it," said Albert.

"What with all you’ve been through they should make
you a captain."
"That’s silly," she said.

"But thank you anyway."
"Well I can see you’re all right," he said.

"So I’d better be going.

I have to start work
"No," she protested.

"Stay and have coffee at least." She saw his cock start rising at his
crotch when he understood her words.
"Sure!" he replied.

"I have a little bit of time."
Betty rushed into the kitchen to start the water.

On the way she could feel her cuntlips
rubbing slickly together as she walked.

She was slightly embarrassed, but she knew that
Albert couldn’t tell.
She came out of the kitchen in a few minutes with the fresh coffee in her hand.

She set
it down on the end table and poured Albert a cup.

Her hands were shaking from the
excitement of having Albert here.
She turned around, holding the two coffee cups, but her hands were still shaking.
"Here," he said.

"Let me help you.

Wouldn’t want you to spill any on yourself."
"Thank you," she said as he took a cup from her hand.
Silently they sipped their coffee.

Betty began to get the jitters again and had to take her
eyes off Albert.

But each time she did she found that her gaze always came back to rest

on his crotch.
It wasn’t long before Albert noticed this and involuntarily began getting a hard-on.
Now Betty couldn’t take her eyes off his crotch at all.

She was embarrassed and knew
that she was being silly, but still her eyes wouldn’t leave his growing bulge.
"Nice weather we’re having," Albert said to break the ice, even though it had been
overcast all day.
Betty jumped at his words and smiled.

"Ya, I guess so."
Albert set down his coffee and moved his arm over beside her thigh.

His fingers inched
onto her leg as he said, "Is something wrong?"
Betty knew that it was only a ploy, but she was glad that he had done it.


Nothing’s wrong." She was shaking violently now at the pleasure of his touch.

the coffee cup toppled, coffee spilling onto her dress.
They both jumped, but that only made matters worse.

Now the coffee was all over both
of them.
"Let me help you," Albert said, brushing off her dress with his hand while he held her
shoulder with his other.

"You better get out of that dress."
Suddenly they both saw the absurdity of the scene they were enacting, and laughed.
Betty threw her arms around Albert and drew him close for a passionate kiss.

tongue slithered into his mouth, forcing his lips and teeth apart.

Her tongue darted
around inside the hot cavity of his mouth.

Her hand slid down his back until it rested
on his hips.

She pushed, feeling the heat of his groin set fire to her passion.

He began pumping his hips against her, grinding the covered cock into the softness of
her belly.

She pulled her mouth away with an audible smack.

"Fuck me!" she begged.
"Fuck me good!"
Albert’s lean body pressed against her as he worked his hands into position.

With one
sweep he picked her off her feet, rushing her into the bedroom with her mouth still
stuck to his.
By the look in his eyes she knew that he hadn’t been prepared for this, but she was glad
that she wasn’t stopping him.

She felt his long fingers kneading her thighs and back as
he whisked her to the bed.

Gently he laid her down.
She pulled him down with her onto the double bed, refusing to let go of his neck and

Her kiss was still burning into him as her tongue dug around in his mouth.

could feel his hot, panting breath escaping in gasps from the tight seal of their lips.

reluctant to release him, she had to be pried off.
"Let’s take off our clothes first, baby," he said once his mouth was free.

sure!" she exclaimed, still groping for his neck and mouth with her hungry lips.
Betty was amazed at the rapidity with which she dispensed with her clothing.

was only half undressed by the time she was naked and back on the bed.
"Don’t rush it," said Albert.

"We have all night."
Betty knew that they didn’t, that Bud was liable to show up any time now.

She was
willing to take the chance of fucking Albert and having Bud come in on them, she
wanted the thin man that much.

Albert began pulling his pants down, the protruding prick making that normally simple
task a difficult one.

He cleared the cockhead from the belt of his pants and the cock
snapped up, slapping against his flat stomach.

Betty sighed as the enormous pecker was
bobbing only inches from her mouth.

She licked her lips, not caring how decadent or
perverse it appeared.

She lunged for the prick.
Albert stepped back, but not in time.

Betty had the prick securely between her fingers
before he had taken a full step back.

She pulled him toward her with the tool, careful
not to pull too hard and hurt him.

She gulped at the purple, gleaming cockhead, but he
was still too far away, and she only wet the head with her tongue.
"Ahhh!" Albert exclaimed.

"Watch out there or you’ll bite it off."
Betty refused to let go.

She knew Albert felt funny standing there with his pants half
dropped, but she was being consumed by a passion that knew no logic.
Albert tried to step out of his pants, hobbling on one foot and then the other, his cock
still tethered to Betty’s gripping hands.

He was finally able to kick the pants free and
move toward Betty.
"Let me lie down first," he said with a laugh.

"I can’t even move with you holding me
like that."
Betty seemed to come to her senses as she let go of his prick and rolled onto her back.
The afternoon light was defused through the curtain in her room.

The atmosphere was
warm and romantic, slow and gentle.

But her body was surging with intense desire.
Albert walked on his knees across the bed, the huge prick bobbing at his belly.

was on her back looking up at the approaching member.

Albert kept walking until his
cock was positioned right over her smiling lips.

She reached up and took it in her hand.

Feeling the ridges and bumps in it, Betty took her time in bringing the pecker to her

She was so positioned that his balls hung in her eyes while his meat pointed down
over her nose to her hungry lips.
Albert put his hands on his hips and smiled down at her.

She couldn’t see him fully
because of the cock and balls blocking her view.

She put the mushroom head of his
putty-colored cock in her mouth.
"That’s so good!" he exclaimed as Betty sucked the cock into the churning cavity of her

Her tongue darted along the underside of the prick, probing the blood-filled
tube with her active muscle.

Then the tool slipped over her tongue, the head pushing
along the rough surface toward the opening to her throat.

She suddenly realized that
Albert was pumping into her.

She tilted her head back to give him a better angle of
entry, his prick now pressing hard against the constriction of her throat.
He took his hands off his hips and placed them on her breasts, as much for support as
for pleasure.

He squeezed his fingers around the resilient flesh, the nipples perking up
between them.

Pushing his hips down again, he found the muscles of her throat.

Betty choked on the huge tool, gagging almost to the point of vomiting.

Albert pulled
back immediately.
"Sorry," he said earnestly.

"I’ll be more careful."
Betty sucked his cock again, not dissuaded in the least.

She tongued the probing cock as
it slid down to the opening of her throat.

Stifling a gag, and breathing through her
nose, she was able to force the spongy glans into her throat.
"Aggg!" groaned Albert, squeezing her tits extra hard.
She felt the fire of passion surge through her, growing at the same rate that his cock

was expanding in her mouth.

She had to spit the cock out of her throat because it was
becoming so large.

She was sorry that she couldn’t do him like that now, but she knew
that she would be able to do it for him later.
She satisfied herself by just sucking the top half of the cock.
His balls contracted to a tight, wrinkled bunch of skin above her eyes.

She saw them
start to spasm.

She spit the prick out quickly, grabbing it with both hands as it left her
"What in the hell are you doing?" he yelled, grabbing her tits even tighter than before.
"I don’t want you to come," she said, smiling up past his cock at him.

"Let’s make it
He understood her logic.

Albert tightened all of the muscles in his body in an attempt
to suppress his impending orgasm.

Betty turned back over onto her stomach, still
gripping his cock, as the pulsing in his groin ceased.

She got up onto her knees and
then released the member, surprised when it spouted a tiny bit of cum.
"Caught it right in the middle, didn’t we?"
"Looks like it," he said pantingly.
Betty pushed him onto his back, walking toward him on her knees the same way he
had walked toward her.

She rubbed her hand up the hairiness of his legs, feeling the
tight muscles relax to her touch.

She massaged his calves and then moved up to his

She was making all of the muscles in his body relax but one – his cock still
stood straight up in the air like a proud pole.

She was careful not to touch his groin as she moved from his thighs to his stomach.

even then the silky cockhead brushed against her hanging tits.
Betty began swinging her tits back and forth across his cock.

She then grabbed her tits
in her hands to stop them, trapping the huge cock between them.

She began slowly
masturbating his hard tool with the succulent flesh of her breasts.
"That’s quite a trick," groaned Albert.

"We ought to see if it’s marketable."
They both laughed as Betty continued to rub the giant tool.

Fire was surging through
her groin again, filling her with desire – the desire to have a cock stuffed up her cunt.
She released his cock with her tits and continued to crawl up his body.

When her cunt
reached his cock, she realized that she would actually have to stand up a little to
position her pussy mouth over the gigantic tool.
She shifted her weight from one foot onto the other, until she was standing in a crouch.
She reached around behind her ass and grabbed the cock, still slick and wet from her

She rubbed it around in her juicy twat and then positioned it at the mouth of her
Squatting slowly, Betty was able to insert the head without much trouble.

But her
cuntlips were spread wide and taut.

She wiggled around, trying to loosen herself up for
final penetration, but she was as wide as she would go.

She could feel the pulsing of his
pecker inside her, telegraphing desire to the center of her body.

She was almost afraid
to drop her impaling weight onto the mighty cock, but remembered that it had been
done before.
Dropping slowly, Betty could feel the awesome cock plowing into her tender body.

continued to lower herself until she felt completely stuffed with cock.

She looked down

to check, only to discover that she was little more than halfway onto the prick.
Slowly she began to lower again.

She was surprised that the further she went after the
halfway mark, the easier it became to go further still.

She almost dropped the rest of the
way, impaling the cock clear into her womb.
"Ahhhggg!" she groaned as an orgasm rocked her to the very marrow of her bones.

went limp.

The orgasm was clenching and unclenching her cunt muscles, pulling her
further onto the cock.

She didn’t know when she would stop sinking, but she knew that
if she didn’t, she would be hurt seriously.
Suddenly the muff of his pubic hair tickled her twat, then pressed against it.

She was
safe, and she relaxed.
Spasms still rocked her cunt, squeezing the impaled cock to a pulp.

As her contractions
receded, she felt his begin.
Huge globs of scalding cum shot into her tender womb, triggering another climax
within her.

His hot cum continued to spout until Betty couldn’t imagine him being able
to come anymore.

But it continued.

The hot fluid seeped down between his legs.
Finally his spasms stopped, and his cock began to grow limp inside of her.

She felt the
flaccid member retract from her womb, almost pulling violently the remaining strength
she had from her body.

She collapsed in a lump on top of him as he folded his arms
around her.

"It’s the doorbell," Albert whispered as he shook Betty gently, trying to bring her out of
her sleep.


What is it?" she asked, lifting up her head to look into his eyes.
"There’s someone at the door."
"Really!" she exclaimed.

Just then the doorbell rang again.

"Why don’t we just let it

They’ll go away in a minute." Betty thought she knew who it was, but didn’t want
to let on.
"There it is again," said Albert.

"Just go and tell whoever it is to leave us alone.

Go on
She threw caution to the wind and got up.

Throwing on her robe, she headed for the
The bell was still ringing as she opened the door.

"Hi, Betty!" he said.

"I thought that
something was wrong because you didn’t answer and you said you’d be here."
"No," she said, trying to fake a yawn.

"I was just asleep.

Sorry I didn’t hear the bell
sooner." She hadn’t moved from standing in the doorway, thinking that if she could
stand there long enough Bud would go away.

Then she felt it – cum began running out
of her cunt down her legs.

She crossed her legs trying to hide it, but that only brought
attention to it.
"What’s the matter, Betty?" asked Bud, looking down at her legs and then into the

"Is something wrong?"
"No," she said, just a bit too emphatically.
"Then may I come in?"
"Sure, why not?" Betty knew that it was through now.

"Who is it?" called Albert from the other room.
Bud leaned down to Betty and whispered hoarsely, "Is that pervert in there?"
"I’m going to kill him!" Bud exclaimed, turning for the bedroom door.

Betty caught the
sleeve of his jacket and held him, digging her feet into the carpet.

She looked past the
enraged Bud and saw Albert standing beautifully naked, his cock hanging halfway
down his thigh, in the doorway to the bedroom.
"Stop!" Betty commanded.

"I’m my own woman.

I wanted him here."
"What do you mean?" asked Bud, spinning around to face her.
"I mean that I want him here."
"Are you choosing him over me?" asked Bud.
"I don’t want to choose anybody over anybody," she said.

"I just want to be able to do
what I please."
"You’ll just have to do it without me," Bud said.
"Why?" asked Betty.

"We could work something out.

You have something that Albert
doesn’t have that I need very much, and he has something that you don’t.

One of you
isn’t better than the other, you’re just different."
"But Betty, it’s just sort of sick." Bud’s fire had been extinguished.

Betty knew that it
was only a matter of time before she brought him over to her way of thinking.

She was surprised at herself.

She had never even wanted to fuck before, and now she
didn’t want to give up either of the men she had acquired.
"What do we do then?" asked Bud.
"You can both fuck me," Betty said gleefully.

"At the same time, or separately,
whichever you choose."
"Sounds like fun to me," Albert said from the doorway.

"Why don’t we try it right
"Come on, Bud," said Betty, taking his arm.

"At least try it before you condemn us."
"Okay," he said reluctantly, following Betty into the room.
Betty knew she had what she wanted now.

It was more than she could have ever wished

The fact became stronger as the two began fucking her, both of them enjoying it
more than either of them thought possible.

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