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THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 3

THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 3

Buddy’s hand slipped uncontrollably down her slit, so that his fingers almost hit her

He drew them back up, allowing them to linger at the cuntmouth, exploring
the folds of her cuntlips.
Betty felt new sensations washing her body from head to foot.

She felt unabashed and
free as the passion coursed through her body.
Then Buddy suddenly pulled his hand out of her skirt, and she felt a void forming in
the middle of her belly.

She wanted it back, and she wanted it now.

She couldn’t help
showing it, and she didn’t care if she did.

She reached for Buddy’s hand to force it back
into her skirt, but he already had his arms under her and was lifting her up.

desperation she shoved her hand beneath her skirt, pulled back the clitoral hood, and
began rubbing the little, hot point of pleasure as hard as she could.
"You sure want it now!" laughed Buddy, carrying her toward the door to his bedroom.
She didn’t answer, but just lay limp in his muscular arms, squeezing her inflamed
clitoris between her forefinger and thumb violently, rolling her head in ecstasy.
Betty felt like she was floating as she was carried into the bedroom.

As she was set on
the bed, she pulled her hand out of her skirt and expected Buddy to put his back in, but
he didn’t.

He stood over her, staring at her full, voluptuous breasts while unbuttoning
his fly.

As the fly fell open to reveal the giant bulge at his Jockey shorts, Betty gasped
and put her hands over her breasts, as if to protect herself from the large weapon.
"Please take your hands away," Buddy said, moving his hands up to his shirt.
Betty slowly removed her hands from her mounds of luscious flesh.

Her hands slid

down her ribs, her tits jiggling as they were released.
"I just can’t get enough of an eyeful of them," Buddy said as his eyes refused to move
from the globes.
Betty flushed for the first time, being sober enough to know what was going on.

passion in her was telling her to pull off her skirt, but as she watched Buddy’s shirt fall
from his hairy chest she decided to wait and let him do it.
His light blue shirt fell to the floor behind him, his broad shoulders looking stronger
and more virile when naked.
Betty sighed and watched him reach down and push the slacks down his waist, allowing
them to drop to the floor.

Now he stood with only his bulging Jockey shorts on.
He moved his eyes from Betty’s breasts and looked her straight in the eyes.

She wanted
to watch his cock emerge when he pulled his shorts off, but his eyes hypnotized her like
the proverbial snake and bird.

She couldn’t turn away from his gaze.
After he stood back up from dropping his Jockey shorts, she finally tore her eyes from
his and looked at the engorged cock pointing at the ceiling.

She thought it looked as
big around as her wrist, but she knew that that couldn’t be true.

She could see the
purple veins standing out along the shaft even in the dim candle-lit room.

The pulsing
prick was as hypnotic as his eyes.

She felt calmed by the bobbing of his cock, but she
couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

Even as he approached and the cock began bobbing up
and down wildly, her eyes still followed its motion.
He placed one knee on the double bed and pulled at Betty’s skirt.

Her eyes now shifted
to his hands and she watched as her muff of soft pussy hair was exposed.

She would
have been embarrassed, but the light was too romantic, and the passion in her loins was

too intense.
"What a beautiful cunt!" exclaimed Buddy.
Betty had never heard words like that, but she was strangely not shocked.

It seemed
totally natural and right.
He pulled the skirt and panties off her ankles and then stood up, holding them and
staring fixedly at the light-brown muff of her pretty cunt-hair.

Betty had dug her hands
into the bedspread in quiet anticipation of something horrible, but nothing happened.
She relaxed her grip and looked back up at Buddy.
He was smiling broadly as his hand went down to his cock and he squeezed it tightly,
making the silky head turn red and puff out.

Betty sighed.

She thought that he was
hurting himself, but the reassuring smile was still glued to his face.
The bed bounced slightly and her tits bounced with it.

Buddy put one leg and then the
other onto the mattress.

Betty’s fingers again dug into the spread as she realized that
now she was going to be fucked.

She felt a perverse desire to get it over with.
Buddy gently took her by the knees and spread her legs, revealing the moist, glistening
slit of her cunt.

If Betty could have seen it, she was sure she would have been
embarrassed; but she could only see the muff of soft pussy hair.
Buddy sighed as he climbed between the spread limbs.

Betty watched as his mouth
dropped open in awe.

She smile to herself that she could affect a man in that way,
though it had never entered her mind to try it before.
She was strangely happy to be here with Buddy, although she told herself that it was
the alcohol that was making her do it.

Betty knew that he thought she was sober, and

that disturbed her a little.

But as soon as the hot glans of his cockhead touched her
moist cuntlips she forgot everything but that stiff prick at her twat.
"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she moaned, digging her fingers even deeper into the already
bunched up spread.
"Hold still, honey," Buddy warned as he tried to push his hips forward.

He was blocked
by Betty’s maidenhead, but kept right on pushing.
Betty didn’t know what was happening.

She had expected him to just force that hunk of
meat into her cunt and start pumping.

Then she remembered her maidenhead at the
same moment Bud did – he pulled back just as she was about to tell him that she was a
"I’m going to have to break your cherry with my fingers," said Buddy with a serious
He moved his muscular bulk across her body, planting kisses on her breasts and

He then ran his mouth down along her slit, but Betty balked at having her
genitals touched by his mouth.

She was more embarrassed for him than herself.

wondered how anyone could do that, though she had read that many people preferred

She stopped wondering as his tongue dipped into her cuntlips, and her passions

She could even feel the muscles in her twat loosening up for penetration.

knew now why he was doing it to her.
He pulled his head away and insinuated his finger into her cunt.

Betty tried to squirm
onto it, she wanted it so much.

She would have been ashamed of her passion, but it was
so strong that there was no room for regret or hesitation; she just pushed her hips
toward him and moaned loudly.

Betty felt his forefinger slide into the virginal muscles of her cunt, spreading them as it

She could feel her cunt walls separating to make room for the intruding finger.
"Mnnnn!" she moaned.
His finger went deeper until it hit the tough membrane.

She thought that it must be
really tough, having stayed in place for twenty-four years.

She wasn’t proud that it was
there right now, though an hour ago she would have sworn that her maidenhead would
always be in place.

It was a hindrance now because she wanted sex so bad.

She wanted
it so bad that she had her head spinning from the anticipation of it.
Buddy pushed again and again at her hymen, stretching it out and then letting it
bounce back into place.

Betty imagined that she could feel it being stretched to the
breaking point more than once, but it refused to break.
Suddenly he gave an extra powerful plunge and the hymen broke.

It felt like an elastic
band had been stretched inside of her and was suddenly cut, releasing all of the tension
in her body.

She didn’t understand it as such, but she had just had her first orgasm.
Buddy pulled his finger out and it was covered with something, but it was too dark for
Betty to see just what.

He moved quickly into the bathroom and came back with clean

Betty decided to not ask what it was; she was afraid of what he would tell her.
He seemed to be anticipating the question, and when it didn’t come, he seemed to be
He mounted the bed again, moving between Betty’s still spread legs.

She held out her
arms and took his weight onto her chest, the hair of his chest bristling against her
nipples, making them stand erect again.

She was beginning to really enjoy sex, Buddy
was so strong and gentle at it.

He reached down and placed his cockhead at the entrance to her pussy.

She waited
with tensed muscles for the plunge, but he moved slowly and with care.

She had her
arms around his back and pulled on him to tell him to do it rapidly.
"Let’s go slow so you won’t be hurt," he said.

But she ached to have the thick, pulsing
meat buried deep inside of her itching, moist cunt.
He moved his hips gently, the glans of his cock pulsing at her cuntlips.

Slowly the shaft
began to descend into the wet tunnel, pushing aside the tissues as it went.

Betty could
feel that the pussy hair was being drawn in with his dry cock.

It felt like she was going
to be turned inside out, but she didn’t mind.
The shaft went deeper and deeper as Betty’s head began to spin more and more.

being fucked! she thought as the impact of the scene finally hit her.

She arched herself
up to the driving rod, carrying Buddy a couple of inches off the bed.
"Calm down," he said.

"You’ll have had plenty of this cock before we’re through."
That sounded more ominous to Betty than she would have liked, but she soon forgot it
as his cock was finally in her to the hilt, touching her cervix.
"Oh! Jesus H.

Christ!" she yelled, unable to contain herself even a little bit.
"You sure take to this," Buddy said between hoarse breaths, "especially compared to
how long you fought me."
Now that she was really being fucked Betty knew that she was going to be in for some
hard times.

But these times right now were so soft and gentle at Buddy’s hands that she
fell back into the feeling of passion and pleasure.

Buddy began withdrawing his mighty cock from the depths of her virginal cunt.

She felt
as if he were drawing the life source from her body, leaving her weak and helpless.

fought against it, trying to gain back the lost control over her senses, but they had gone

She saw clear colors flashing in the darkened room, and she heard a buzzing in
her ears like the distant drone of police sirens.
As he pulled back, and his cockhead was the only part of his prick left in her, he raised
his chest off hers and then placed his hands on her jiggling breasts.

She felt his warm
hands cup the full globes of flesh as her nipples tightened into tiny knobs of tense and
impassioned flesh.
He remained like this for a minute, with his back arched in a bow and his teeth gritted

Then he plunged his hips quickly at her, driving the moist shaft completely into
her itching twat.
"Oh, yes! Do it!" she screamed, abandoning all pretense of control as his cock fucked
into her.
She suddenly realized that she could be hurt by his tremendous cock, and she balked as
he pulled slowly out again.

But then she remembered how kind Buddy was being to
her, and she relaxed, feeling his cock being shoved in and out of her tender parts.
His speed picked up and she felt herself melting away, his driving thrusts filling and
then emptying her pussy of his giant tool.
"OH! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she cried out, knowing that she had thought that she would
never use those words.
"I’ll do my best," laughed Buddy, sweat dripping down his forehead.

Every time he thrust at her, she felt him grip her breasts harder with his muscular

The passion in her was a fire, burning from her belly to her chest.
She moaned and accepted every pump of his hips gratefully, feeling the probing cock
going deeper into her cunt.
His body had become a jackhammer, ramming her tender body with rapid, driving

By the look in his eyes Betty could tell that he was truly in ecstasy.

She bent her
back in order to take in more of the new and wondrous cock.

I’m going to…

COME!" Buddy yelled as he continued driving his meat into her.
Betty didn’t understand what he meant at first, but as the hot liquid flowed into her
abdomen, she definitely understood.
He then drove his hips for the last time, the glans of his cockhead finding its way into
her womb.

She buckled and let out an animal-like groan, a feeling more intense than
anything she had ever experienced before washing through her pent-up body.
She could feel his cock pulsing fluid into her cunt even after he had collapsed on top of

Her cuntlips clamped sporadically around the buried shaft as if they were trying to
draw it deeper and deeper into her cunt.
She slipped into a sleep.

Buddy fell asleep on top of her, his limp cock shriveling up
inside of her spent pussy.

About two hours later she woke up in a fright, having dreamed that she had lost her

As soon as she saw Buddy lying on top of her in his great bulk, she knew it

was true.

She began crying and pounding on his sleeping shoulders.

He woke up.
"What’s the matter?" he asked.
"Take me home.

Take me home!" she demanded, tears streaming down her face.
"Why don’t you spend the night here?" he asked kindly.
"Because I want to go home!" She was still crying uncontrollably as he lay on top of
Buddy rolled off her, looking puzzled, and he started to pull on his pants.

She jumped
up and threw on her clothes too.

She didn’t look at him throughout the entire

If she had, she would have seen that there was only kindness in his eyes.
As he drove her home, he tried to cheer her up, but her mind was set against it.
After he left, she cried herself to sleep.

She kept telling herself that he had taken
advantage of her being drunk and had raped her.
When she awoke in the morning, she swore that she would never speak to him again.

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