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THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 4

THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 4

Betty stopped reminiscing and looked down at her tied legs.

She was sorry that she had
been so harsh with Buddy.

He had tried to make pleasant advances to her after the
scene, but she had rebuked him as if he were the plague itself.
Her thoughts of Buddy were halted by the sound of a barking dog.

They must have left
a watchdog to guard me, she thought.
Just then the door flew open, and Joey led his gang of criminals into the one-room
"Well, how’s our young cop doing?" Joey asked.
Betty hated his familiar tone, especially in the circumstances she was in, being tied and
bound by him and his henchmen.

It was like he was making fun of her and she
couldn’t do anything about it.

She had the greatest desire to spit in his face to show her
defiance, but he wasn’t close enough, and she knew that she should keep her cool.
"We talked with your wonderful police chief," he said.

"We’re going to be able to
exchange you for Mack."
Betty remembered that Mack was the member of their gang that the police had
captured near Harvard Square about a month ago.
"I don’t know if the rest of the boys want to trade off someone as beautiful as you for
that clumsy asshole," Joey continued.

"But we have to because he is the only one who
knows where the money is."
"Ya," said the short, dark man with black eyes.

"He isn’t half as pretty as you are."

"Oh," Joey said with a facetious smile, "we haven’t been introduced properly, have we?
Well, this big spade is Shorty, and this lime guy with the weasel eyes is our
mastermind, Albert.

The dumpy one is Willy, and the guy standing by the door is

He can open anything with a lock on it.

I’m Joey Frank.

I suppose you’ve
heard of me?" He laughed and the rest of them laughed with him.
"We have two hours to blow," said Willy.

"Why don’t we fuck her real good before we
"NO!" Betty yelled.
"I was afraid that you couldn’t speak," Joey said.

"But now that we see that your mouth
moves, I’m going to stick my cock in it.

But you better not let a drop slip from your
mouth, because these boys can be very irrational."
Betty couldn’t help but shake with fear.

They really expect me to eat his sperm, she
thought, clamping her lips tight, hoping that they wouldn’t insist on this debasing
She watched as Joey pulled down his pants and the others gathered around the head of
the bed to be able to watch.

The only one who seemed a little reluctant to join in was
Albert, who finally moved up with the rest of them as Joey’s shirt hit the ground.
Joey climbed onto the bed and Betty felt her arms and legs pulling at the cords as she

She tried with all her might to get free, though she knew it wouldn’t work
with all of them standing around her.
"Now open that pretty little mouth," Joey coaxed.

"And if you bite my cock, I’m going
to slap you silly." He was grinning, his teeth closed tightly in a devilish smile, and she

knew that he was telling the truth.

She opened her lips reluctantly, and Joey swung his
legs over her chest as he mounted her.
She looked at his cock for the first time.

She could see the wrinkled flesh just below the
cockhead and knew that he wasn’t fully erect yet.

He pulled the skin back and she saw
the head go taut and shiny.

She remembered thinking that Buddy had been brutal with
her; but that was nothing compared to what she was in for now.
"Now swallow it!" Joey demanded.
Betty first swallowed the lump that had risen to her throat, then she looked around her
at all of the leering eyes.

She looked back at the cockhead positioned at her face and
saw the lubricant dripping from the spongy head.

She opened her lips a bit more and
Joey moved his hips forward, insinuating the glans into her mouth.
She could taste the spunky liquid on her mouth, and the flavor made her stomach do a
little flip.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

The big prick slid in across her
teeth and to the back of her mouth.

She felt the pulsing along her tongue as the cock
was buried in her warm mouth.
"Look at dat!" said the big Negro in his colorful bass tones.
"Ya!" said two of the others in unison.
"Now suck on it!" Joey commanded with a sneer.
Betty closed her lips around the throbbing prick and drew in her breath.

She felt the
skin along his cock draw into her mouth and cover the pulsing head.

The lubricant
tasted even spunkier now and she would have tried to spit out both the fluid and the
cock if she hadn’t remembered Joey’s warning.

She swallowed again, drawing his cock

to the opening of her throat.
"Mmmnn!" Joey moaned as his cock was pulled taut.
Betty stopped sucking and just held the throbbing meat in her open jaws.

blow it!" Joey gasped.
She puffed up her cheeks and blew a breath of hot air into the tiny mouth of his

Joey buckled on top of her, tossing his head back and groaning loudly.
When she blew, she felt the bottom ridge of Joey’s cock expand like a balloon.

prick felt like it was burning hotter now, and Betty could feel the increased pulses of the
prick between her lips.
She sucked again as soon as Joey began to calm down a bit, and as the cock hit the back
of her mouth, he buckled again.

She had control now and she liked it.

Joey was like a
puppet on her chest, jumping and bouncing as she sucked or blew on his thick prick.
"Look at her go!" exclaimed Fingers in a low, slow voice.

None of the rest of them
spoke, but they all sighed deeply in agreement.
Betty closed her eyes again because her neck was becoming sore from the somewhat
unnatural position.
Joey, in all of his ecstasy, still seemed to notice.

"Untie her!" he commanded in a loud
distraught voice.
Fingers and Willy worked quickly at the cords and her hands and feet were free in no

As soon as her hands were free, she put them under her head for support.

Just as

she was getting back her rhythm, Joey pulled his throbbing meat out of her mouth.

gasped hungrily after the escaping cock.
"Stand on your knees!" he demanded, holding onto his prick with his large hands.
She pulled herself up shakily, having been tied in that supine position for over three

When she was on her knees, she wavered slightly and then lunged for his cock.
He let go immediately and she sucked it deep with one breath.
She knew why he wanted this now.

His cock was no longer chafing across her bottom
teeth, and his prick could go much deeper into her mouth from this angle.
Betty sucked again and the head of the turgid cock sunk into the opening of her throat.
She gagged and held her breath, not sure if she were going to suffocate while trying to
satisfy Joey’s perverse desires.

Then, as panic set in, she quickly realized that even
though her throat was blocked she could still breathe through her nostrils.
Joey then lay down on his back.

Betty followed, holding onto his prick with her
beautiful, sensuous lips.

This angle was even better yet; she forced her face down and
the cock went deeper, throbbing at the tender tissues of her throat.
She was breathing easy now, through her nose, and massaging the ridge along the
bottom of his throbbing cock with the top of her agile tongue.

She scrubbed at the
member, and Joey began contorting on his back, writhing halfway between pleasure
and pain.

Betty was a little worried at first, but his animal groans told her that it was
just excitement that made him act that way.
Now the collar of matted hair at the base of Joey’s turgid cock met Betty’s lips.

It tickled
slightly and she began to laugh.

The laughter made her throat muscles contract and

expand around the stiff shaft, pulling more and more of his cock until her lips were
pressed tightly against the pubic arch above Joey’s cock.
The prick started to pulse in rhythm with the laughter, and Betty realized that if she
didn’t stop laughing that she would swallow him whole.
She fought, and the laughter subsided, leaving tears in her eyes from the excitement of

Her cunt was beginning to itch, and she knew what that meant.

The little fire in her
belly that accompanied her itch sprung up and she knew that, even against her will,
passion had been ignited in her by blowing Joey.
Joey put his hands up and clasped them around Betty’s ears, and he began pulling her
head back and forth on the length of his mighty cock.

She could feel the member drive
in and out of her throat, the spongy glans sliding across and exciting the tender tissues
of her young throat.
She heard someone speaking in the background about her, and she realized by the
drawl that it must be Shorty.

He was saying something about her cunt, but she was too
busy to concentrate on just what was being said.

Then she suddenly realized that her
ass was facing the tall, broad Negro and that her cuntlips were winking at him.

concentrated for a moment on them, trying to forget Joey; but the feeling she was
getting from blowing the leader of the gang was too great to resist.
The passion felt like a warm, moist wind blowing through her young, shapely body,
and though she didn’t want to, she abandoned herself to it and was carried away.

sobered a little as Joey’s cock began pulsing more wildly.
Joey had her head held tightly now and was holding it still.

She was waiting for him to
start pumping her head again on his cock; she was beginning to love the feel of his

thick rod in her throat.

But she just lay there, shivering on top of the bed, his body
jumping occasionally as if hit by an electric charge.
Just as she decided to move herself, his balls jumped up against her chin.

She was
frightened and didn’t know what was happening.

She found out as soon as the thick,
heady fluid began to pump into her mouth.

Her throat began contracting sporadically
around the member, taking big gulps down the inflamed tunnel.
She remembered his warning not to spill a drop of his sperm, and she started to
swallow wildly.
As Joey was emptying his seed into her, Betty knew that she was not going to be able to
get release herself from the large, heavy fire burning in her young belly.

She wanted it
to end so bad, and bask in the afterglow that she began to hallucinate.

Vivid colors and
loud sounds seemed to surround the young novice.
Then she felt a finger probe the folds of her cunt, hunting for the nubbin of her clit.
She was grateful that someone had taken pity on her.
Suddenly she exploded, gushes of fluid pouring out of her sopping cunt as the large
finger touched the point of the clitoris.

She moved against the hand, still holding her
mouth around the cock that was rapidly becoming limp in her mouth.
She sucked the last drops of liquid from Joey’s spent cock as the last waves of her
tumultuous orgasm washed through her tender, young body.
She fell down across Joey and rolled to one side.

She looked back over her shoulder to
see who had helped her.

She saw the big spade smiling down at her.

His large finger
was probing around in her vaginal cavity.

She was too weak to protest, and besides, it

felt much too good to ruin.
"Now it mah turn!" said Shorty, pushing aside hilly who was standing beside him.
"Ah’m goin’ ta give her a real honeyfuck!" The others laughed, though rather forcedly,
afraid that the big Negro would hurt them if they contradicted him.
Betty watched in horror through her post-orgasmic haze as the tall, black man stood up
on the bed and dropped his pants.

Betty’s mouth dropped too, as she saw that he was
wearing no underwear, his gigantic coal-black cock sticking uncircumcised toward the
"Ya like it, eh?" Shorty asked facetiously.

"Well soon you’ll get a taste of it."
Betty panicked, thinking that he meant her to eat the throbbing black member.

But as
he knelt down at her spread legs, drooling over her gaping cunt, she realized that he
was going to fuck her.
Shorty placed his large hands on her ankles and pulled her legs apart.

Betty was glad
that she couldn’t see it, because she knew that it must look more than disgraceful.

closed her eyes because she was beginning to imagine it, and even the thought of
looking at the open folds of her reddened cuntlips was slightly repulsive.
With her eyes closed she could feel the large rough fingers crawling up and down her

She wanted to shiver and shake them off, but they were beginning to feel too

She didn’t know what to think of herself, taking to sex like this.

She began to
think that there would be no end to her depravity if this kept up.

She put out her hands
and tried to push him away, but he didn’t move.

He laughed at her meek attempt to
repel him.

Shorty then put both of his thumbs into her cunt.

Betty squealed and shook her hips,
more out of the excruciating pleasure than out of shame.

His thumbs went deeper and
deeper, side by side, into the rosy hole.

Betty felt her tissues being expanded like they
had never been expanded before.

She wondered why he would want to stretch her cunt
so much, but then she remembered the awful size of his cock.
"You’d better hold still for this one," he warned in his deep, bass voice.
"Ahhggg!" Betty screamed as the thumbs dug into her cunt.
"Watch out, Shorty," Albert said, "or you’re going to tear her apart inside."
"Ya, ya!" the broad Negro exclaimed as he insinuated the head of his terrible, black
cock into Betty’s juicy vulva.
Betty tried to spread her legs wider, thinking that if she didn’t have her cunt as open as
possible that she would be hurt for sure.

He smiled down at her contorted face and
began pushing his mighty hips in toward her tender, young body.
"Be careful!" she asked in a meek sort of voice, but with enough power in it to tell
Shorty that she really meant it.
"With you, honey, I’ll be mo’ than careful." He laughed again, as if to tell her that he
could do anything with her body that he wanted to.
The young cop suddenly lay still under him, afraid that any further movement on her
part would mean pain.

She could feel the spongy glans of the giant head pushing at her

Her cunt began to ache to be full, but she was also frightened that what it would
be too much for her recently virginal hole.

She whisked the thoughts of fear out of her
mind and concentrated on the pleasure that the bulbous head was causing as it pushed.

"Mmmnn!" she groaned as the head slipped with a pop into the muscles of her cuntlips.
Though his cock was very large she was amazed that it fit in her cunt.

It was tight, but
it felt good.
Shorty began to move the bulk of his body forward, finding that the going got hard as
he went deeper.

Betty’s cunt was already full with his turgid meat, and he was only
about halfway into the juicy hole.

She moaned a deep, guttural cry of ecstasy and
Shorty stopped pushing.
"What’s da matter?" he asked.

"I’m goin’ ta start fuckin’ again," he said with a finality that made Betty catch her
She was prepared for it now, her cunt stretching out.

He began to draw out though,
and Betty was bewildered.

Just as she was about to reach out and pull the big Negro
toward her, he dropped his hips again, pushing the mighty cock back into her juicy
He halted again halfway into her pussy.

She felt an itch deep inside her cunt, where no
cock had been before, and she knew that the only thing that could scratch it was the
spongy head of Shorty’s driving cock.

She pushed herself up, trying to position herself
so that she could pump her hips up at him, but his weight on her chest was too much,
and she couldn’t move an inch.
Again he pulled back, easing the shaft of the mighty cock out so that only the head
remained buried in her tender cunt.

Again she fought to push herself up, trying

desperately to scratch that awful, pulsing itch.

Shorty smiled as he began to understand
what she was doing, and he started to drive the stiff rod back into the juicy hole.
Betty had her legs spread and she pulled them back as far as they would go.

She knew
that he could drive it all the way into her cunt now, and she wanted it, she wanted it
Finally she raised his bulk of a body off her for a split-second, and drove her hips up at
him, impaling herself on his throbbing prick to the hilt.
"Ohhhh, GOD!" she screamed.

"Thaaat’s GREEEAAT!" She could feel the glans
tickling the entrance to her womb, before bursting through the sensitive cavity itself.
Her heady juices began to flow out around the shaft as her orgasm rocked her body.
Shorty held still while she contorted under him.

As soon as she began to settle down
and her eyes became very glassy, he started his retreat.

He pulled his shaft gently out.
Betty could feel the withdrawing cock cause a vacuum in her belly.
She expected it to be all over because she had come already, but Shorty had other ideas.
He started pumping with his big cock more rapidly than ever, cock driving in and out
of her tender tissues.

At first she wanted to scream, but the faster he went, the more she
wanted his big prick.
She reached down and felt his body become rigid with tense muscles.

She slid her
hands down to his ass and felt his buttocks tremble as he pulled out his mighty cock
and then drove it into her juicy cunt again.
Betty was still slightly in the afterglow of her orgasm, but the feeling of his mighty cock
pistoning into her juicy pussy was heightening her greatly.

She didn’t know that a

woman could feel this good physically while engaged in fucking.

She had been taught
that sex was just for the pleasure of the man.

That was one of the reasons that she had
been so against it; she had wanted to be as much a part of the feeling as her partner.
And now she was.
When she thought that Shorty was going to speed up and finally come, he started to
turn her onto his side, slowing down his pistoning action slightly.

She was bewildered
and didn’t know what to think of this.

He saw the look on her face as he kept pumping
his mighty cock into her cunt.
She was on her side and she was surprised that this position worked; he slid his balls
along her leg as he continued to thrust his meat into her sopping cunt.

She knew that if
he drove it in all of the way that he would really penetrate her tender womb with his
turgid cock.
He picked up speed in this position, but he was careful not to drive the full length of
his black cock into her.

Just when Betty began approaching another of her sexual peaks,
he slowed down again, the strain showing on the muscles of his dark face.
Betty wanted to scream with frustration, but she could only moan helplessly under his
He began to turn her again, rolling her onto her soft stomach.

Betty felt powerless in
his strong grip, and didn’t try to resist as she was rolled over while he fucked her.
She lifted her leg as high as it would go as she spun, avoiding kicking him in the
stomach by only an inch.

As she flopped onto her chest, she felt his cock still digging
into the depths of her body.

Betty looked out of the corner of her eye and saw Shorty reach for the pillow that had
been placed under her head while she had been bound.

He lifted her hips off the bed.
With one quick motion he shoved the pillow under her cunt.

She was now jacked up in
the air about two more inches.
As soon as Shorty began to fuck, Betty realized that he had done this because it allowed
him deeper penetration.

And she couldn’t understand why he wanted that, he was so

She felt his pubic arch hit against her asscheeks as he drove his cock into her
reddened cunt.
She felt her insides on fire another time.

His prick was like a poker, rubbing her to
flames of passion.

She could feel her clit becoming puffed up and sensitive as it rubbed
against the soft pillow.

Then she began flying like a rocket.

She could tell by Shorty’s
puffs and pants that he was becoming as excited as she was.
His strokes began to go deeper and deeper into her cunt as his speed increased.

head was swimming in ecstasy as she arched her ass up at the driving cock and buried
her face in the sheets.
Again and again he drove into her, going deeper each time he stroked.

She could feel
the thick, black meat digging into the very center of her pussy as he fucked with
obvious abandon.

The throbbing cock felt wonderful in her arched twat; she could feel
the soft folds of her labia harden with excitement.
His strokes slowed suddenly and Betty thought that he was going to start turning her

He reached under her chest and grabbed her soft tits, squeezing them as his cock
began throbbing wildly inside of her pussy.
She ached for release as her nubbin of pleasure began buzzing like a live wire.


she felt all hot and wet inside.

He was coming, squirting large globs of cum into the
depths of her tender cunt.

He pulled back again, and then jammed his hips hard at her
ass, his cock sinking inches into her womb.

Then she felt herself gush, her orgasm
pouring fluid over the pulsing prick.
Her juices and his were steaming inside of her in a turmoil.

She felt the cauldron of her
cunt expand to allow the juices from her orgasm and Shorty’s spewing cock to mingle
inside of her.

Then as his cock shriveled, and a space was formed around it, the
steaming juices shot out of her, running down her thigh in thick gobs.
Shorty moaned for the last time and collapsed.

She took his great weight on her back
and then rolled, tumbling him off her.

She could hear voices buzzing all around her,
but she couldn’t understand what they said.

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