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THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 5

THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 5

Then Betty heard the voices more distinctly through the haze.

She could hear Fingers
and Joey arguing about her.

but I want to!" demanded Fingers.
"Nobody is going to touch her now," Joey stated.

"There’ll be plenty of time after we
get Mack back here."
Betty gathered from this short exchange that they didn’t really mean to exchange her.
"Ya," Joey continued, "Albert had the great idea of making a dummy with the young
cop’s clothes.

We will be so far away that they shouldn’t be able to tell."
"That’s really good!" Willy exclaimed, slapping Albert on his back.
"You bet," Joey said.

"Now all of us are going to have to get on it to get the dummy
finished in time.

Willy, you and Shorty go to the store and get some paint."
Willy looked down at the spent Negro.

"I don’t think he’s ready to go anywhere," the
chubby man said with a sardonic laugh.

"I’ll take Fingers with me."
"No," Joey said.

"I need him here.

Take Albert." The short, thin man bowed in Betty’s
direction, turned around and left with Willy.
Betty realized that she was still nude, and it embarrassed her.

She wrapped herself in
the sheet and tried to be inconspicuous in a corner of the bed.
"Well, look at the shy one!" Fingers exclaimed as he watched her move across the bed.
"You’ll get your chance to be shy with my cock in your mouth, you pig bitch."

Betty realized that their scorn for her was not purely because she was a woman, but
more because she was a cop.

She took pride in their dislike of her; she knew that in that
dislike there was a spark of respect for her being in the police force.

She smiled to
herself and pulled the sheets up around her nakedness.
She watched as Joey came back from the bathroom with her clothes.

He smiled over at
her sarcastically.

She now took the time to note all of his features.

His hair was short
but wispy along his receding hairline; she thought that he would look distinguished if it
were not for the fact that he was a wanton criminal.

His broad shoulders and narrow
hips added to this appearance of distinction.
Joey dropped the clothes on the coffee table near Fingers and walked over to Betty.

still had that same smile of sarcasm glued to his face as he reached down and yanked
the sheets from her grip.

"We need them for the dummy, darling.

Sorry that your
beautiful body has to be exposed for everyone to see, but there’s no helping it.

We need
to keep you here in case anything goes wrong."
"But it’s going wrong from the first if you don’t keep your word and let me go." She
wondered how she could have ever spit out all of those words in one harsh breath, but
she knew that her point had been made, even if he wasn’t going to be affected by it.
She huddled naked in the corner now, trying hopelessly to cover herself with her hands
and arms.

She knew that most of her tits and all of her cunt were still open to view, but
she couldn’t do anything about it.
She watched, curiously, as the two men worked at making the sheet into tubes of cloth,
taping and twisting it into legs and arms.

Then Fingers turned around and faced her,
pulled out a gravity knife and flicked it open with a twist of his wrist as he walked
toward her.

Betty was frightened now, and she knew that the training that she’d had in

karate and judo were not much good against a knife.
Fingers then pointed the knife toward the mattress and put a big slit in the side with
one motion.
"We need stuffing," he said with a sardonic smile.
Joey laughed and went back to work tying off the sheets that were going to be stuffed.
Betty watched as Fingers took large handfuls of cotton stuffing.

The fright had
disappeared and left a cold feeling in her chest.

She was glad that she didn’t have to try
to fight him while he had a knife in his hand.
Betty then realized that the two were very occupied with what they were doing.

looked at the door and knew that they hadn’t locked it.

She began moving across the
bed to where the door was.

She knew that she would have to move fast to get out
before they catch her.

She suddenly realized that she didn’t even know where she had
been taken.

She swallowed deeply and decided to try the break anyway.
Just then she heard their watchdog bark.

Her heart sank.

Willy and Albert walked in
holding cans of paint.

Shorty was still asleep on the foot of the bed, snoring away quite
Willy walked over and shook the big black man by the shoulder.

"Hey, wake up you
big oaf!" demanded the fat man.
The spade jumped up violently, flaying his large arms around in circles as if to strike
some invisible adversary.

Betty watched as his cock swung around in circles.

laughed and the Negro turned around and glared at her.
He was approaching her in an aggressive anger just as Joey called out for him to get his

ass over and help.

The large Negro shrugged his shoulders as he got off the bed.

pulled on his pants, still glaring at Betty.
"We’re almost finished," Joey said.

"You can help stuff this last leg."
Shorty ambled over and began shoving cotton into the empty leg of the dummy.

would look over at Betty between handfuls and glare at her with mean eyes.

decided that he wasn’t going to do anything as long as the rest of them were there, so
she relaxed and returned his awful stare each time he looked at her.
Finally the dummy was finished and they were all preparing to leave.

For a moment
Betty thought that they had forgotten about her, and were going to leave her untied.
But as they were walking toward the door, Willy turned around and walked toward her.
He picked up the discarded cord and began binding her in the same position that she
had been in before.
"I was going to leave her free," said Joey, "because the dog would make sure she didn’t

But I guess you’re right, Willy – she could have gotten out of the window, even
though they are nailed shut.

These cops are pretty tricky sometimes."
"And just plain old pretty sometimes, too!" Fingers exclaimed emphatically, as he
walked over to her outstretched body and ran a quick hand down her still juicy slit.
"Ya," Willy agreed as he fastened the last knot.
Betty looked at them all sneering at her, and only saw compassion on Albert’s thin face.
She knew he was the smartest one of the group, and she deduced by his look that he
was also the kindest one.
When they left, Betty tried pulling on the thin cords at her wrists again.

This time they

seemed to have been done looser, and they gave a little each time she pulled.

about ten minutes she could feel that they were going to give way eventually.

decided to rest a minute before trying it again, her wrists being very sore and red.
She looked up at the head of the bed and saw where the cord was tied to the bedpost
above her left arm.

It wasn’t tied right.

She stretched her body, trying to reach it with
her left hand, but her feet were tied too well and she couldn’t move up enough.
Shifting her weight seemed to help as she bounced on the bed and continued pulling on
the cord.
Suddenly it came loose and Betty sighed deeply.

She quickly untied the knots on her
right wrist.

She sat there for a minute with her legs still tied, rubbing her sore wrists
until they felt better.
Betty then began undoing her leg bindings.

Just as she was getting her right leg untied,
she turned around and saw Albert staring down at her.

She hadn’t heard him enter.
"Can I help?" he asked in a sincere voice.
She was prepared to be shocked, but his words had sounded so full of honesty that all
she said was, "All right!"
Albert moved his thin body gracefully over to Betty’s side and began undoing the last
restraints that had been put on her.

As he did this, his fingers kept brushing up and
down her ankle.

Betty could feel the sparks of excitement running up her lithe leg.

tried to shut it off, but the tingling sensation kept running up her.
The knot finally came undone, but Albert did not let go of her ankle right away.

caressed her leg before he let go.

Betty could tell that he had been affected by helping


His face was flushed and his eyes gazed at her nakedness.


can I…" He kept hesitating, trying to say something that he just couldn’t get
Betty reached over and touched his arm to tell him that it was all right, and he turned
to her quickly and grabbed her breast.
"I’m a virgin!" he yelled at her.
Betty caressed his arm lightly.

He had released her breast, but now he turned back
toward her and began fondling both of them, but much more gently than before.

accepted his caresses and forgot completely about getting away for the time being.
Albert’s dark eyes wandered over Betty’s voluptuous body, and she blushed.

But she
kept control of her composure and ran her hand down the front of his shirt to his belt

Her lithe fingers quickly undid the brass buckle and pulled the belt loose.

just kept staring at her and fondling her tits.
When she had the buckle undone, she ran her fingers down the front of his pants,
feeling the bulge at his crotch expand as her hand brushed over it.

She was becoming
excited now herself, the flame in her belly burning hotter all of the time.
She ran her hand back up the ridge under his zipper, causing Albert to moan loudly,
and then he grabbed the brass tab of the fly and began pulling it down very slowly.
Betty was worried.

She’d never been in a position like this in her life.

But now that she
was taking the lead she didn’t know how to drop it, and she was scared.
Albert kept pressing her tits, the great mounds flattening to his pushes.

The zipper

dropped easily in her small hand and the purple head of his turgid cock protruded from
the opening.

Betty looked down between his arms and saw the organ throbbing.
She licked her lips, it looked so delicious.

She imagined herself running her tongue
along the huge glans and then popping it into her mouth.

The bottom ridge pulsed as
more of his cock became exposed.

She could see herself nibbling lightly and teasingly
on it.
Betty slipped her hand over the head and felt its intense heat throbbing in her grip.

shaft was narrower than the bulbous head, and she pushed down on his prick, making
the skin wrinkle around the base as the cockhead became tauter.
"Ohhhhmmm!" moaned Albert, pulling his face away from the full globes of Betty’s
succulent breasts.
Albert frantically pulled off his shirt as Betty’s lithe hand began moving up and down
the length of his blue-veined prick more rapidly.

He was on his back and he turned
himself so that his legs were beside Betty and she had a clear view of his organ.
Suddenly her fantasy of putting his cock into her mouth overwhelmed her.

She lowered
her head quickly and took his prick between her lips.

The first taste was salty and bitter,
and she almost spit his cock out of her mouth in disgust.

But then the taste became like
saltwater taffy.

She sucked deeper and felt the big head of his mighty cock go to the
back of her mouth.
Albert seemed as shocked as she was by her conduct, and he jerked away involuntarily.
"Why did you do that?" Betty sputtered as she grabbed for his hips and tried to pull
him back.

"I don’t know…

I don’t know…" he said, hesitating a second before lunging toward her.
He planted an open-mouthed kiss upon her lips, and ground his full, sensuous mouth
down upon hers with complete and utter abandon.
As he continued to grind his hot, sucking mouth against hers, Albert covered her
breasts and kneaded them until her nipples grew firm and rigid against the boniness of
his fingers.
Betty gasped deeply at the piercing pleasure he was giving her; she could feel the sticky
moisture forming on the thick lips of her cunt.

When Albert finally withdrew his lips
from hers, she pulled him down on top of her.

He seemed to find the opportunity to
pull his unzipped pants the rest of the way off.

He lay across her chest, forcing the
bristling hairs on his chest to dig into her sensitive nipples, and she groaned loudly.
She felt his cock start sliding down over her abdomen, dragging through the soft hairs
of her pussy, finally resting hotly against the sensitive skin of her naked thigh.

slavering mouth rushed wetly to the hollow of her shapely neck, down her collarbone to
the upper slope of her breasts.

He sucked in the tender flesh of her nipples.
She felt a new pang of guilt flash through her.

She felt numb and powerless because she
knew what he was about to do, but deep inside herself she knew she couldn’t, and
didn’t want to, stop him.
The kidnapper’s hot, demanding mouth closed over one of her taut, raspberry nipples
and sucked insistently, his bristling, dark chin rubbing against her resilient, white flesh.
His long-fingered hands, mauling her soft tits as he sucked her hardened nipple,
increased her excitement over and over again.
Making an animal groan, Albert released one nipple from his mouth and, moving as

quickly as a snake, he darted over to the other one.
His hips began moving his cock up and down.

Then he moved down her luscious body,
letting her full tits bobble free.

His hungry mouth caressed and nibbled its way down
her ribs, then settled at her navel as he licked and sucked and nibbled at her slightly
rounded abdomen.
"I thought you said you were a virgin," Betty said.
"I am!" he said, releasing her navel for only a moment.
"You’re sure doing this like you’ve done it before," she said in a soft tone.

He didn’t
answer her, but just kept on sucking at the softness of her belly button.
Betty bit down on her lower lip to stifle a cry of mingled desire and fright that she felt
welling up inside of her belly.

What he was making her feel was sinful and totally

But it was also very greatly satisfying and deliciously wonderful.
The small, dark criminal lifted one of her legs and slid his extended tongue along the
whiteness of the inside of her thigh, gliding upward toward the warmly throbbing cunt.
Betty could not imagine that anyone would ever do something like this to anybody else,
but it sure felt good.
Betty sighed as Albert nibbled the smooth flesh of her inner thigh, his ear sometimes
brushing against the heated sensitivity of her reddened cunt.

Then Albert brought his
hand into play and touched the hairy, fleshy lips of her pussy, pressing his fingers into
the lush softness of her most private place, caressing up and down between her
twitching legs, wiggling the outer lips of her steaming cunt as he went.
Betty shuddered with delight, longing to roll her pussy hard against Albert’s close hand.

She could feel the thick juices of her hungry cunt seeping warmly through the folds of
her pussy; she longed to have him spread her legs wide apart and let the cool air wash
over and cool down her overly impassioned twat.
Twisting her neck to stare down at the outlaw, she watched him kiss her soft belly and
thighs, his hot lips gliding sensuously over her satiny skin.

His long fingers continued
to caress the folds of her pussy, pinching them slightly now and then.
Betty tried not to let her reaction show.

She thought it was unbecoming of a
policewoman, but she was aching with passion to heave her pussy at him, forcing him
to penetrate her with his nimble fingers.
Inwardly she began to convince herself that this was inevitable.

But she also promised
herself that she would not enjoy it.

She didn’t know what was happening now.
Everything was becoming so confused.
Albert pulled his head back and stared down at her sopping pussy.

Laced with soft
golden-red ringlets of silky hair, the outer lips concealed the succulent folds within, like
a secret, hidden and delicious flower.

Betty looked up and watched him swallow and
then dart his tongue over his lower lip.

Then, fixing his dark eyes on hers for a second,
he lifted her leg over his head, spreading her thighs widely.

The cool air rushed in, but
didn’t dampen her passion at all.
Then, pressing his thumbs against the outer lips of her cunt, he peeled open the
succulent folds and stared down into the moist red flesh of her cunt.

The smooth, coral-
colored flesh gleamed with the passionate glaze of her juices.

In the outermost folds her
slick secretions had thickened into milky droplets.
Betty moaned softly, throwing her arm over her eyes as if blinded by the intensity of

her passion.
The aroused girl began to feel the tension generated by his more than casual admiration
of her cunt.

The frantic pitch kept growing until her excitement was almost too much
to bear.

She screamed, still not daring to look up.
Betty took her arm away from her eyes slowly and looked down at Albert.

Little by little
he was lowering his head toward the pulsing heat of her cunt.

The excited cop held her
Albert pressed his full lips gently against the slick entrance of Betty’s open cunt, his
long, hot tongue burrowing deeper into the warm, wet, slippery folds of her throbbing
"Glaaaggghhh!" Betty rasped, her back arching, pushing her hot cunt closer to his dark,
almost sinister-looking face.

She could hear her flesh slurping against the heat of his
lips and she gasped as she felt his tongue slither into her honeyed folds.

The intruding
muscle fluttered madly on her very sensitive clitoris.

Even though what this criminal
was doing seemed filthy and perverted, the distraught girl had never before known such
soaring pleasure.
He lifted her trembling legs onto his shoulders then, burying his face even deeper into
her juicy, musk-scented cunt.
Since Albert was no longer holding her cuntlips apart with his thumbs, the slick elastic
folds closed over his flailing tongue.

The gusts of his hot breath poured over the silky,
golden ringlets of her pubic hair from out of his flared nostrils.
His cock was now sandwiched between his thin belly and her calf.

Betty could feel the
throbbing of the heavy cock as it pulsed against her body.

"No, oh…

Yes, please…

Oh yes!" Betty gasped and moaned, her breath ragged with the
passion caused by Albert’s ravenous tonguing of her tender cunt.
She squirmed beneath him, twisting her flaming, slick pussy against his mouth, her
breasts bobbing like cream-colored Jell-O on springs.
Betty made a little groaning sound of deep pleasure and pushed her pelvis up at him at
the same time.

She felt his lips flatten her cuntlips, then the pressure of his teeth against
her outer lips as his tongue flicked even deeper.
She knew from the lapping motions of his mouth that his chin was coated with her

Squirming against the intense pleasure Albert was giving her, she brought her
hands up from her sides and tangled her soft fingers in the dark mass of Albert’s thick,
curly hair.

She made a little moan of pleasure again, as if she were telling this
passionate criminal something very special and very secret.
Albert seemed to answer her as he dug his tongue down into her deeper than Betty
imagined a tongue could go in her hot cunt.
She had felt the heat in her womb before, but now it mixed deliciously with his
slavering, tepid tongue, becoming so intense that she almost cried out that she couldn’t
stand it any longer.

But she only tangled her fingers more tightly in his dark hair,
shocked at herself for willingly pushing his face harder against her aching pussy.

could feel her abundant juices overflowing around his slurping mouth and running
down between her spread asscheeks and across her asshole.
At that moment, Albert’s tongue and lips skidded out of her cunt.

Undaunted, he
caught a mouthful of her outer cunt-hair, sucking fiercely at the meaty morsel.

Then he
shifted his position, and his hot tongue slithered back into the inner folds of her pussy.

A terrible jolt of pain and pleasure whirled within her pussy, so intense that her
stomach muscles pulled taut and she jerked hard on his curly hair.

Her breath hissed
from her lips as an audible sigh of pleasure escaped from her clenched lips.

She ground
her cunt up at him, knowing instinctively that his lips had closed over her erect clitoris.
The tip of his tongue fluttered wildly against it as she moaned.
Betty writhed beneath him, her knees over his thin shoulders, her buttocks twisting
beneath his grip, her heels tapping at the middle of his back as he arched it.
Suddenly an orgasmic vibration shook her unexpectedly to the pit of her very marrow.
She gasped at the intensity of the feeling, her cunt closing down on his tongue as if to
capture the swirling delight within her tender womb.

But the delight seemed to seep
out around his probing tongue.

Albert kept sucking and licking at her convulsive cunt,
his lascivious tongue wiggling in the pudding of wet, warm flesh – but her release was
cut short.
Betty felt his tongue probing every fold and wrinkle of her fiery crotch.

Even though he
was new at this he went about it with the vigor and form of a professional cunt-eater.
She could feel his hot tongue rolling over her stiffened clitoris, swirling it around and
around until she thought she would faint from the pleasure.

And then he shoved it into
her quivering vagina as far as it would go, digging even deeper than it had been before.
She could feel the pressure of his teeth.
She gasped again as a tremor of orgasm washed over her like a gigantic, warm wave,
fading slower than the last, seeming to glow within her like a red-hot ember.

She could
feel the pulsing in her womb as the liquid passion surged out again, washing hotly over
her ass and Albert’s mouth.
He teased her now, flicking at the taut bud of her clitoris with the tip of his tongue,

making her quiver and gasp under his snakelike motions.

Each time his tongue slid
over the sensitive nubbin of flesh, Betty felt as if electricity were being shot into her
through her clit, snapping hotly from the tender, slick flesh of her cunt directly to her
swirling and numbed brain.
Mad with passion now, the thin criminal easily rolled his captive onto her stomach and
rapidly buried his face in the quivering softness of her twitching buttocks.

His tongue
speared out, stroking wetly up and down between the springy mounds of her asscheeks.
He kissed and slurped at her asshole, his rough cheeks chafing the deep, soft valley of
her lovely, round ass.
Her fingertips digging into the bare mattress, Betty moaned deeply.

Never before had
she known such perverted or delicious thrills.

She embraced the mattress as best as she
could as she felt his tongue screw itself into her rectal passage, the hot, wet sweetness of
it filling her with an unbelievably delirious melting sensation.

She could feel the tension
building within her once again.
But Albert stopped kissing her ass before she could reach the most desirable of peaks.
Deftly he rolled her onto her back again and looked at her, his dark eyes glittering with
a glazed look of passion.

She saw that his chin was glistening from her sticky juices, but
she didn’t care.

Then he sprawled over her, smearing his mouth across her bobbing tits,
snaking his tongue around her erect nipple.

Then, in an instant, he was kissing her.

felt the heat of his juice-coated tongue in her mouth, and she didn’t care.

The hard, hot
length of his cock pulsed against her spent, soft thighs.
Albert lifted his mouth from her lips and looked down at her.

A drop of sweat rolled
down his nose, hung there for a moment, then splashed saltily against her panting,
parted lips.

Albert pulled back from her crotch, but Betty knew he was merely adjusting his cock to
a better angle.

Then she felt it – round and huge against the spongy lips of her
quivering pussy.

She held her breath.

Anticipating his thrust, she wasn’t particularly
concerned about her ability to accept him without pain, having just been subjected to
Shorty’s big cock.
Her pussy had never felt so slick and open.

She felt his cock poking and pushing,
slipping against the slimy lips of her hot cunt – and she wanted it!
Even if he were a criminal, and one of the abductors who had kidnapped her, she
wanted his cock inside of her…

churning, plunging, maybe even hurting her a little.
Then she felt him raise her thighs.
A cry of anguish tore from her tender throat.

Albert had thrust something into her, but
it was too hot, too hard, too large to be his prick.

The burning sensation shot through
her and she clasped her legs around his body try keep him from thrusting into her body
any deeper.

She had to bite down on her lower lip to keep from screaming out.
When Betty realized that what he had pushed into her was actually his cock – she felt
with her hand, only to discover that he had pushed only the head of his mighty cock
into her.
"Stop!" she begged him passionately, her voice nothing but a ragged whisper.
"You’re tight all right," he admitted.

"But it’ll only hurt a little at first.

Relax! Please
relax! Then fuck with me when I get goin’.

That way it shouldn’t hurt as much."
Betty wanted desperately to believe him, but there was too much pain in her cunt.
There was just no way to get that length of cock into her.

She doubted if she could
close her fingers around the width of his member – yet he was trying to force it into

the opening of her narrow cunt.
Tears trickled from the corners of her eyes as the massive head pushed against her tight
slit, forcing the lips inward as the huge cock penetrated the tight portal.

Betty wriggled
beneath him in some small hope of easing the incredibly intense pressure.

She swung
her hips in an effort to lessen the tension, then suddenly she gasped as she felt the cunt-
stretching length of his monstrous cock plunging inch by inch into the tightness of her
"Glaggghhh!" she gasped.

She had intended to scream at him to stop, but all at once
the pain vanished, totally swept away by a strange wave of pleasure.
"I thought you’d like it," Albert whispered in her ear as he leaned forward.

"Feels really
good, doesn’t it?" he asked as if trying to reassure himself as much as her.


tight…" Betty sighed.
"Ya," he said, "and awfully good too."
He twisted more deeply into her, then withdrew a little, releasing Betty’s outer cuntlips
and allowing her pubic hair – which had been forced in with his thrust – to escape.
Then he thrust in once more, drawing another cry from his captive’s lips as he fucked
Albert twisted his cock into her, forcing her clenching cuntwalls to give way.

withdrew until the blood-engorged ridge of his glans was plugging up the orifice of her
pussy, then jammed it down into her for the third time, hard, fast and straight.
"Ohhhmmmnnn-guggghhh!" Betty moaned, biting her lips with an impassioned force.
There seemed to be no limit to his huge cock.

He was crowding her cunt.

How deep

can he go? she wondered, pressing her eyes tightly shut and clenching her teeth.
Albert pulled his cock back and thrust into her again and again, building force each
time his prick dug into her tender vagina.

Then, as he gave a final twist to his bone-
hard erection, Betty felt his coarse, dangling balls tickling her asshole with its bristling
wire-like hairs.

He paused for a short moment, looking down at her, his dark mouth in
a sinister smile.
Betty gloried in the amazing sensation of her pussy squeezing down around his hot

She hadn’t anticipated being able to exert such control.

When the thin criminal
grunted with pleasure at her little trick, she tried it a couple of more times.

But then the
slow, excruciatingly deliberate movements of his giant hard-on began to drive her into
an absolute swoon of intense delight.

She began answering each of his thrusts with a
hump of her own, letting his cock slide out almost all of the way, then re-impaling
herself on the immensity of its burning thickness, sucking it into the depths of her
womb and allowing it to pull away ever so slightly before sucking it inside of her
bubbling cunt once more.
"Okay," Albert grunted.

"You got the rhythm.

Now fuck with me as hard as you can."
"Oh, God!" Betty gasped.

"I mean, yes, yes…" She was beyond the point of offering any
resistance, however much she thought she should for this criminal.
Now, when he started to piston his enormous cock inside of her pussy, there was
nothing Betty could do but hang on for dear life and hope to survive the onslaught.
He had been gentle at first, but now he was like a man possessed, the bolt-action of his
giant cock feeling like a machine within her tender body.

Each time she felt the solid
shaft sinking, she realized that it did so with increased furor and additional energy.


seemed to gather momentum with each thrust.

Each time she felt his hips retreat in
preparation for the next lunge, Betty clung to his neck more tightly, praying that the
swollen battering ram wouldn’t hurt her – and that he would never stop his assault.
Her white thighs rubbed silkily against Albert’s pumping flanks until they were a scarlet

Her soft little belly jiggled against his corded stomach as his powerful cock stroked
deeper into her cunt again and again.
Then the kidnapper shifted his position a little.

At first Betty thought he was doing it so
he could plunge more brutally into her sensitive pussy.

But with his first downward
drive she felt the hard, hot length of his cock slide deliciously across her clitoris.

that, where there had been pain before, she discovered a tingling kind of electricity that
seemed to expand around his pistoning prick until her hot cunt seemed to be glowing
and exploding with bright bursts of fire.

It was wonderful beyond anything she had ever
experienced in her life.
Her hips began moving wildly, slamming rapidly upward as her cunt gulped hungrily
around Albert’s stiff cock.

She bowed her back, lifting her head and shoulders, clinging
with passion to his thin neck.
She cried out, "Oh Albert, oh Al! Fuck me, fuck me! I don’t care anymore.

I need it, I
need it! Please fuck me, fuck me!"
Albert smiled down at her.

He began working his hips harder and faster, driving his hot
cock with slippery speed into her rippling, gyrating pussy.
Betty writhed, screwing upward, panting and moaning as she thrust her hips up around
his driving shaft, blissfully wanting more and more of his turgid cock.
She realized that he was fucking into her more rapidly now, bouncing her body clear off

the naked mattress.

She could hear the breath hissing from his throat in ragged,
passionate gasps, and she felt the hot air scalding the hollow of her white neck.

dizzying spiral of ecstasy began swirling inside of her heated cunt, a whirl of electric
bolts that began to burst around his shaft, causing her cunt to tighten spastically
around the enormous cock, pouring out her thick, slick cuntjuices.
The delicious sensation became so intense that she thought she would faint from the

Betty realized for the first time that she was coming.
"You’re making it, aren’t you?" Albert pantingly said.
The swirl, ever-growing within her cunt seemed to have robbed her of all physical
control over her body.

She could only let her head flop from side to side in ecstasy, her
eyes rolling wildly about.
"I feel you coming!" Albert panted.

"Oh God, it’s so damn hot and good when your
cunt bites down on my cock like that! We’re making it, baby, we’re making it!"
Suddenly she felt the entire length of his cock balloon within the tender channel of her

For an instant he seemed to freeze like a statue above her panting body.

made an animal-like groan, his rapidly pulsing cock buried to the hairy root in her
sopping, fiery cunt.

Then he began to fuck into her so quickly that Betty could not be
sure when his cock seemed to add fuel to her own continuing climax and spur her on.
She wanted to tell him how good he was making her feel, but when she looked up at
him, she saw that his thin face was contorted into a passionate, fiery grimace.
Betty cried out, thinking that something terrible had happened.

Then, so suddenly and
so forcefully was his climax that it took her breath away.

Albert plunged into her again,
and she felt his cock nudge through the opening of her tight womb.

The fountaining of

his sperm, as it poured like molten metal thickly into her womb, seemed to be an
endless torrent.
Each burst of his hot seed, as it splashed into her cunt, gave her an additional
shuddering response.

Her orgasm grew until she was being swallowed by the sensation
of it.
Minutes later she felt Albert relax against her with a deep and satisfied groan.

While his
cock was still embedded in her cunt, she could feel the last drops of sperm spouting out
of him.

He slid his tongue through her lips effortlessly, fucking her soft mouth with his
tongue just as he had fucked her juicy cunt with his giant cock.

Giving herself over
completely to the joy which had previously been at war with her fears, Betty began to
suck on his tongue, delighting in the warm afterglow of their mutual orgasms.
She ran her hands over his back and through the slickness of sweat that pooled in the
small of his back.

She cupped his firm, hairy buttocks in her hands and pulled him
deeper into her, bumping her pussy up at him at the same time.

She rubbed her heated
breasts against his panting chest.

She let him nibble delicately at the lobe of her ear and
the vulnerable flesh at the hollow of her neck.
She could hardly wait for him to catch his breath so that he could fuck her again.

she remembered the others, and she thought that they might be returning any minute

She tried to roll Albert off her.

Even though he was small, his motionless weight
was too heavy.

She pushed extra hard and he moved a couple of inches.
"I have to go," she said, still pushing.
"Ya," he said sleepily.

She felt his soft cock slurp out of her crimson cunt, and she felt a
pang of regret.

"Help me!" she said again.
"Sure," he said, rolling completely off her.

"After what you gave me, I think I’d give you
the moon."
"I don’t want the moon," she said.

"I just want out."
Albert picked up his clothes and handed them to her, smiling broadly.
"But what will you do?" she asked.
"I’ll face the music here," he said.

"They can only kill me.

I don’t care much really.

just glad that I had one chance to fuck you, that’s all."
Betty was amazed at his willingness to sacrifice himself for her.

She felt honored that he
was so willing to let her leave.
"Tie me up," he said, "and they’ll think that you just took advantage of me."
Betty realized that the logic of his argument was the only appropriate one for the

She began tying him to the bed in the same way that she had been tied by the

She tied him loosely, but still tightly enough so that it looked like it was for real,
and not a set-up job.
She leaned over and kissed him before she started to put on his clothes.

She was almost
tempted to untie him again and fuck him once more.

But that was too dangerous, as
appealing as it was to her.
Betty put on his pants and shirt, amazed that they fit as well as they did.

And then she
leaned down again and sucked his flaccid cock into her mouth, a sort of perverse good-
bye kiss.

Albert didn’t seem to mind much as he arched his back so that his groin

pushed up against her face as his cock began to get hard.
She spit it out and said, "God I wish I could stay to play here with you, but I have to
"I understand," he said.
Betty walked slowly toward the door, looking back at Albert’s smiling face.

She opened
it without looking and bumped into something, or someone.
"Where ya goin’?" asked Joey.

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