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THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 6

THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 6

Betty had never been so frightened in her short life.

Joey had been there so

She assumed a karate stance, as if to protect herself.

"You’re a real
fighter," Joey said with a cynical smile as he pushed Buddy at her.

"Here, fight him."
Buddy was pushed at her so fast that she grabbed onto him, and they both fell to the

Everyone in the room began laughing at them as they scrambled to get free.
Buddy’s hands were tied behind his back, which made it much more difficult to get
"I see you tied up Albert securely," Joey said sarcastically.

"But how did you get free?"
"I got free by myself, you sadistic pervert," she said bitterly.

"Then he came in and I
had to tie him up and take his clothes."
"Well, you can give his clothes right back to him.

Now!" said the ringleader of the
Betty began taking off her coverings, looking at Buddy with sad eyes.

They began
communicating immediately, without words.

Betty felt the soft pressure of his affection
for her as she had to strip for these other men.
"Well look at that," said the perceptive Willy.

"They know each other."
"I’ll be damned," Joey said.

"I guess the police department isn’t as big as we thought it
"We went to school together," Buddy said.

"Cadet school."
"It looks like you’re closer than that," said Willy, arching his eyebrows in disbelief.

"No we’re not!" Betty stated emphatically.
They had untied Albert and given him the shirt that Betty had taken off.

She felt naked
without a top, but tried not to show any embarrassment at the fact.

She knew she
would feel even more naked without her pants.

She looked around at all of the people
in the room; they sat like vultures waiting for her pants to fall.

Even Buddy had a
glimmer of anticipation at the prospect of seeing her furry cunt.
Without further ado, Betty let the slacks fall, the gleaming whiteness of her thighs
flashing into view.

Everyone sighed when they saw the lovely patch of pubic hair and
Betty felt a little like she was on exhibition at a carnival or vaudeville show.
"Look at that twat!" exclaimed Fingers, shaking his hand as if he had just grabbed
something hot.
"Ya!" said Joey and Willy and Shorty all together.
"Maybe these two do care for each other," Joey said.

"I bet we can find out."
"But what about the exchange we were going to do again?" said Willy.
"After the way the police tried to double-cross us with this cop as a phony decoy, I
don’t think I will exchange.

This lady here might be more fun than having our money."
"But you tried to pull a fast one, too," said Buddy.

"That fucking stuffed clothing isn’t
hardly Betty…

I mean Officer Brady."
"You’re on a first-name basis with this beautiful cop, huh?" said Joey.

"Well, I’m just
mean enough to do things to her in front of you that ought to make the next exchange
a real one.

Because you aren’t hardly worth a stuffed dummy."

The rest of the men laughed heartily at his joke until Joey held up his hand, signaling
them to stop.
Betty was afraid now, really afraid.

She had no idea what Joey intended to do, but she
knew that it wouldn’t be as kind as what she’d done with Albert.
"It’s you and me," Joey said to Willy.

"We’re goin’ to have us some fun."
Betty looked over at Bud and saw him struggling against his restraints.

It was no use,
and they both knew it; he was tied far too securely for him to get free.

And besides,
Shorty was standing right over him, ready to lay him low if he tried anything funny.
"Okay, Willy, pull her over to the bed."
The round man took Betty by the wrist and began tugging on her arm, moving her
toward the bare bed.

She wanted to scream, or fight, but she knew that it would be a
waste of her energy.

But she still planted her feet securely on the floor, and Willy had
to pull extra hard to get her to the bed.
"Now what?" said Willy, holding Betty with his brutal, plump hand.
"Throw her onto the bed," said Joey.
Betty shook her wrist free and climbed on herself, looking as deviant as she could.

saw Joey take off his shirt and pants, remembering the bitter taste of his cum that he
had made her swallow.

What will he do to me now? she thought.
Willy began taking off his clothes also, keeping a wary eye out for any false move from

As his shirt came off, she was amazed to see that he wasn’t as fat as he looked
with them on.

His chubbiness was mostly muscle packed into a short frame.

She even

saw ridges on his stomach where she expected to see a pot belly.
"You get on the bottom," Joey said as soon as he had his clothes all the way off.

sinister eyes and dark smile told Betty that something malevolent was going to happen
to her.
Willy grabbed Betty by the shoulders and swung onto the bed, pulling her on top of
"Stop it!" Bud yelled.
Joey turned slowly toward his other captive, and then spoke to Shorty.

"Gag him, and if
he tries to make another sound then shut him up any way you want to." The big spade
rubbed his hands together and looked completely ready and willing to do what his boss
Betty was still trying to squirm off Willy, but his strong arms held her on top of him.
She could feel his prick starting to rise up between her legs, pulsing hotly as it
expanded past her asshole.

Her cuntlips had been spread, and they were kissing his fat

Much to her dismay she was beginning to get hot herself.

The blood of
excitement was rushing to her head and she felt her cunt involuntarily clamping itself
spasmodically against the thick prick.
"She’s ready for us," Willy said with a smile.

"I can feel her twat twitching around my
"Good," said Joey.

"You stick your cock in her while I go and hunt up some cream."
Just then Betty knew what degrading thing they were about to do to her.

Two at the
same time, she thought with a grimace.

They’re going to kill me that way.

Willy was moving under her now, reaching down to his cock.

She tried to squash her
body up against his to thwart his effort, but he was too strong for her.

His hand first
stopped at her cunt, one fat finger slipping up her slit and tickling her reddened clitoris.
She buckled, pulling herself away from his hand, even though it felt good.

She had
pulled away because she was ashamed that it felt so good.
Willy then grabbed his prick and rubbed it.

Betty could feel his arm working along her
thigh, and was even ashamed that that felt good.

She could feel the warmth running up
her leg to her cunt.

Suddenly she felt the tepid head of his cock pushed up against her
glistening cuntlips.
A deep groan came from across the room, and Betty knew that it came from her fellow

Shame and disgust welled up in her, knowing that Joey had been right in trying
to unnerve them both by this trick.
She saw Joey enter the room just as the bulbous, purple head of Willy’s huge cock was
stuffed quickly between her labia.
"Ohhhhnnnngg!" she moaned, trying not to let it sound as good as it felt.

The prick
was pushed up into the silky channels of her soft cunt.

His cock wasn’t as big as
Albert’s, but the expanding width of it fit snugly into her tight twat.

She held her
breath and felt him ram his hips once more with a powerful grunt, jamming the silky,
stiff cock up to the hilt in her cunt.
"Now hold her still," said Joey.

"I’m going to climb on." He moved up between both
Willy’s and Betty’s spread legs and placed a glob of chilling cream on the flower of her

Betty’s ass twitched and convulsed as he spread it around and then stuck one
finger into her ass.



NO!" she screamed.

Albert had been so gentle when doing her ass
that it felt good, but Joey just stuffed his finger as fast as he could into her.
"Hold still!" Joey demanded, extracting his finger and holding her asscheeks open.

then put his thumb slowly into her rectum and forced the sphincter open again.
Betty moaned, not daring to move for fear of being injured.

Joey began to pump in and
out of her ass with his thumb, oblivious to her having any feeling there at all.

thumb dug into her open asshole.

Faster and faster Joey went, until Betty could hardly
feel anything but her swelling ass.
"She’s coming," yelled Willy.

"She’s coming all around my cock."
Betty knew what he was saying was true as she felt her insides melt and flow out of her
cunt in a torrent of passion.

Shame washed her body at the same time.

She wished
Willy hadn’t yelled it out so that she could have kept a little self-respect in front of Bud,
but now it was impossible; he knew how depraved she was.
"D’you like that?" Joey asked, turning to the tied and gagged Bud, who was struggling
ferociously against his ropes.

Bud was obviously as mad as a hornet and struggling like
the devil.

Shorty reached over and knocked him on the head with his fist.

Bud looked
stunned and quieted down for a second.
Joey withdrew his thumb from her asshole and Betty felt cold air rush into the opening,
chilling her and making her shudder.
Willy began moving his cock inside of her, sliding the fat prick in and out like he
couldn’t help himself.
"Stop!" said Joey.

"Let me get into her first, and then you can fuck her all you want to."

"Look boss," said hilly, "if you don’t hurry up, I’m going to come without ever getting
to pump into her juicy cunt."
"Hold onto your balls for a second," said the leader.

"I’ll be right with you."
Betty felt the man at her back put his hands on her shoulders and position himself over

She could feel his hands, and she didn’t know where his cock was.

Joey moved
suddenly on top of her and pushed his soft, spongy cockhead against the entrance to
her ass.
"Be careful! Good God! Please be careful!" she pleaded with heart-rending sincerity.
"Just hold still," said Joey, "and no one will be hurt."
He barely began pushing the brutal length of his prick into her ass before she felt the
chilling sensation of anal penetration and let out a howl.
Joey backed off and slapped her hard across her ass, leaving a hand print where he hit.
"Now shut up," he warned.

"Or you’ll really be hurt."
She relaxed, much against her wishes, and felt the prick insinuated again at her asshole.
Joey leaned down over her and breathed heavily in her ear as his cock began digging
into her asshole.

She felt the muscles tense all over the front of his body as he lay
against her.

Willy, below her, was trying to relax, but he found himself twitching and
pumping ever so slightly with his large, muscular hips.
Betty wished she could forget she was being degraded, but try as she might the thick
cock in her ass wouldn’t let her forget.

She wanted to scream for Joey to stop as the
silky glans oft his turgid cockhead began pushing up her ass, but she had lost her voice.

"Hold on to her!" said Joey with a grunt, "’Cause here I go!"
Betty felt Willy’s strong arms encircle her as Joey’s cock spread the sphincter to its
fullest and plowed on toward the vital organs in her ass.

The chamber of her ass
expanded to make room for the searing prick as it plunged in.
"Holy shit!" she yelled.
"Calm down!" said Joey, earnestly trying to soothe her.
Betty just panted and lay there with his cock stuck halfway up her tender ass.

Soon she
began to adjust to it, but it was by force of will and nothing else.

She could feel the two
cocks stuck in her two holes as they rubbed against each other.

She held her breath,
waiting for the extremely crowded feeling to subside, but it didn’t.
As soon as Joey began to move again, fear struck the pit of her heart.

She imagined
herself being torn apart from the pressure of the sliding, thick cocks, and all of the
muscles in her little body tightened.
"Relax, honey," said Willy below her.

"We’re goin’ to fuck you, and that’s for sure, so
you might as well relax and like it."
"Well spoken," Joey said.
Willy pushed now while Joey tried to remain motionless, but he had the same problem
that the heavy man had had his cock kept twitching madly inside of her.

Betty could
feel the wall between her anal track and her cunt spread thin by the intruding pressures
of the two blood-engorged pricks.
Willy’s cock began moving slowly, plowing a path up the collapsed channel of her cunt.

She could feel the silky glans spread her membranes as the chunky man stuffed his cock
into her.

Help…" she said as the pressure and pleasure built up at the same time.
"We’re trying to," Joey said in a hoarse pant.

All of the muscles of his body were tensed
and she could feel his ragged breath in her ear.

She wanted to scream.
Willy now had his cock up her cunt as far as Joey had his up her ass.

She sensed the
rhythm of their cocks through the fleshy wall which separated the two members.

both began to draw out their cocks, pulling their pricks free and drawing all of Betty’s
strength out of her at the same time.
"Hold it!" Joey commanded.

"We’re going to have to get a rhythm going so that both of
us aren’t in her at the same time, or else we’ll bust her wide open." Betty was having
the same terrible fantasy and she was glad that Joey realized it really could happen.

going to pump in," he continued.

"Now don’t start until I’m on the way out."
"Okay!" said Willy.
Joey began shoving his prick back up the slick tract of Betty’s rectum while Willy kept
only the head of his thick cock stuck in her cunt.
The pressure diminished, and Betty was quite relieved.

The pulsing cocks even made
her feel warm and secure in a very perverse way.

The prick dug up her channel, hotly
pushing away the cotton-soft tissues of her rectum.

She sighed deeply and was able to
relax into this degrading display of carnality for the fist time.
Betty could feel her nipples harden against the soft hair of Willy’s chest.

The little
nubbins seemed to be pulsing at the same rate as the cock in her reddened cunt.


suddenly sensed an emptiness in her pussy and tried to push herself back, to impale
herself on the chubby cock in her juicy cunt.

She relaxed again and Joey kept going up
her ass.
Willy could feel when Joey had reached the end and began his retreat from Betty’s
tender ass.

He started to pump his cock slowly up her pulsing cunt.

Now the two cocks
were pistoning in her like a two-cylinder engine, pumping fuel for the fire of her
Her head was beginning to swim from the fire in her ass and cunt.

She could feel her
sphincter spread wide each time the cock in her asshole hit the base and hair tickled her

Two deliciously different sensations were careening through her body at the
same time.
Betty had forgotten about Bud, who was tied up and forced to watch this awful scene.
She was ashamed of herself for beginning to enjoy the "torture" that the criminals were
trying to put her through, and ashamed for abandoning the trust Bud had in her by
enjoying it.

She didn’t know what to do to help ease Bud’s mind, but she knew that she
couldn’t do anything else but feel the awesome pleasure of what was happening to her
asshole and cunt.
"Pick up a little speed," Joey said.

Ya…" replied Willy, straining between strokes.
Betty could feel her pulse begin to race as their pumping increased in velocity, digging
deeper and deeper into her as they went.

Her cunt began to twitch wildly, pulling and
holding Willy’s cock like a powerful vacuum.

Her asshole began to wink like a small fist
of pleasure, squeezing Joey’s cock to new fullness and rigidity.

The two men lost control

of their rhythm and began pumping wildly and without restraint.

Betty felt her insides
about to explode from the pressure.

Every time one of them moved, she felt her clitoris
forced maddeningly against the stiff rod of Willy’s tool.
She writhed between the two horny cocks.

The mingled sensations of hurt, degradation
and wild passion were overwhelming in their combined force.
Bucking and heaving, she took Willy’s searing cock deeper into her cunt, her slick,
inflamed cuntlips rubbing the prick to new hardness.

Then she fucked back against
Joey’s impaling cock, her asshole spasming around him.

She found that even with their
weight and strength she could move her cunt.
"Aaannnggghhh!" Betty yelled, only to have her cry choked off as Willy buried his hot,
thick tongue in her open mouth, swabbing the opening to her throat.
Joey wriggled his hands between her and Willy’s chest, to squeeze savagely at the
tenderness of her full breasts.

She felt fire leap into her already swimming head from
the delicious pressure.
"Glluuuggghhh!" Betty cried, unable to speak around the probing tongue in her lips.
She impaled herself first on one cock and then on the other, seesawing back and forth
in a deliciously sensual manner.
She pushed her asshole up to Joey’s cock, and then dropped her cunt rapidly down on
Willy’s waiting prick.

The two men were going crazy, but they remained as motionless
as they could under the circumstances.
Betty could feel Willy’s cock swelling up in her like a balloon, stretching the heated
tissues of her cunt even more.

She gasped as she felt the two cocks slide together within
her, separated only by the thinness of her vaginal membrane.

She cried out in ecstatic delight as the first scalding burst of Willy’s semen exploded
within her tender cunt.
She thrashed wildly against him, rubbing her inflamed clitoris savagely across his
spewing prick.

Then, when she felt the spastic palpitations of Joey’s cock pulsing in her
asshole, her own orgasm was triggered with devastating force.
Betty went wild.

She thrashed so blindly that both of the criminals were nearly thrown
clear of the bed.

With both cocks fountaining their thick, hot cream into her bowels
and belly, Betty felt her cunt tighten and release in time with her clenching asshole.

fists opened and grasped at anything.

Her back arched and stiffened under Joey’s
continuing thrusts.

The red-hot knot of pleasure expanding from her cunt seemed to
threaten to explode within her, disintegrating her entire, pulsing frame.
She didn’t know how long it lasted, but it seemed like hours.

When her body finally
relaxed and she opened her eyes, odd patches of color seemed to form and dissolve
before her eyes.

She sensed that her performance had not only awed both men, but also
those watching.
Hesitantly, the two men both pulled their slimy cocks from her body.

For an instant
Betty felt that she had been turned inside out in two directions.
Suddenly the thought of where she was rushed over her, she felt shame; shame for
having enjoyed this in front of Bud.
She looked over at him and saw the sweat pouring down his face, great beads of
emotional pressure.

Betty thought it was from having had to watch the awful spectacle
of her degradation, but then Shorty spoke.
"He came in his damn pants," said the big spade.

"He done came without ever touchin’

her." The whole room burst out in laughter, even the two spent men beside her.

felt sorry for him and was about to go over and console him, but Fingers came up.
"It’s my turn, sweetmeat," he said.

"I’m going to give you a trip you’ll never forget."
Betty feared for the remainder of her self respect, but she knew that she could do
nothing about it.
Fingers waited for Joey and Willy to get off the bed.

"Now I’m goin’ to tie you up and
show you why they call me Fingers," he said.
"What do you mean? Let me go!" she said as he grabbed her hands and ankles.
"You’ll see!"
He picked up the rope and bound her wrists together and then to the bedpost.

Then he
tied her ankles, sure that her cunt was opened for all to see.

She shrank, spread-eagled
like she was, from their gaze, painfully aware of what an unobstructed view they all had
of her juicy pussy.
Fingers smiled maliciously and spoke softly.

"You’re like a musical instrument, you see.
And I’m going to play you."
Betty was intrigued now, more curious than frightened at his strange words.

She pulled
tentatively at her bonds, seeing if she could get free if she had to, but Fingers had tied
them much too well.
He reached over her body slowly and touched her armpit, his fingertips finding a nerve
she hadn’t known was there.

Before she realized what was happening, her lithe body
snapped taut, her back arching to fling her slightly rounded belly into the air.


gasped aloud.

With his other hand, he touched her side, one finger probing deftly
inward at her thin waist.

Her stretched body leaped to one side, her tits surging.

cried out with a mixture of pleasure and bewilderment.

Fingers laughed in a low,
sympathetic tone and pinched a muscle between her neck and her shoulder.

Her hip

Twitching and twisting her torso, she shuddered, uttering a sigh.
Abruptly, then, his fingers were everywhere.

She vaguely recalled having once thought
of this as terrifying, and it wasn’t, it was totally engulfing.
She was learning, and it was an exquisite experience.

She hated herself for liking it, but
there was no stopping that.

She lay there waiting for the next wonderful touch.
Betty found she had no control over her body any more.

She had no way of predicting
where Fingers would touch her, or how the touch would make her respond.

She was a
bundle of very sensitive nerves after the first three contacts with his delicate fingers, and
every fiber in her supine, tensed body seemed to quiver as lust-filled pleasure washed
over her.
The sounds which came from her throat were foreign to her, and the protesting groans
of the bed merely formed a suitable background for her animal cries.

The faces that
hovered over her seemed to blur and swim together as if they had emanated from a
dream, the bonds on her supple wrists and ankles were her only contact with reality.
She knew Fingers was fondling her ripe tits, but that sensation blended with the
strange, wild streaks of excitement from nerves which had never before been stimulated.
She lashed about in a frenzy of delight, her body responding to her mounting lust.

gradually pleasure hardened to desire, and desire knotted in her moist, hot, sopping

She became conscious of the powerful rhythmic undulations of her hips and
shoulders and she knew that her cunt was thrusting as if impaled on a gigantic, pulsing

"Oh, please!" she heard herself say without one bit of shame or self-consciousness.

please! Touch it! Touch my cunt! Please touch my cunt!"
Fingers shifted his position above her thrashing body.

Between her widespread legs, his
hands rested on her white thighs, and he stretched out with his face above her swollen

She gazed between her tits at him as he lowered his smiling mouth behind the
screen of her pubic hair down to the delicious morsel of her heated cunt.
A lascivious warmth engulfed her snatch as he sucked the dripping flesh into his hot
mouth and started to chew.

His tongue probed the tortured folds and his chin pressed
into the back of her slit.

She squirmed and moaned, her excitement rocketing to heights
she had never known before.
His fingers roved over her thighs and onto her belly, continuing to seek out hidden
centers of erotic sensitivity while he began to caress her wet cuntlips with the tips of his
agile fingers.
In a brief moment his tongue moved to where his fingers were and he darted the tip of
it out to massage the fleshy folds the same way he had done with his fingers.

He caught
some strands of her cunt hair in his teeth and tugged at them gently.

She flung her
eager hips from side to side, beside herself with passionate hunger.

He drove his tongue
to the bottom of her puffy slit, to the tight rim of her cuntmouth.
"Oh, good God!" she exclaimed breathlessly and with obvious agitation.

All of the
training in her police school had not trained her to be a part of pleasure like this.
Fingers’ tongue dragged forward to the base of her inflamed clit.

She shrieked at the
sudden, fiery surge of sensation, smashing her vibrating asscheeks into the mattress,

then flinging her undulating hips upward to hang quivering in mid-air.
"Ahhh! Aghhhh! Love of Jesus.


don’t!" she cried.

"Damn, damn, DAMN!"
But Fingers’ lips closed over her inflamed cunt.

He delicately stripped back the hood
and sucked at the pink bunch of nerves while his tongue teased the throbbing tip.
Waves of excitement pulsed through her savage body with jolting force.

Her image of
the scene wavered and receded.
Ecstasy became a tangible sensation, an enveloping, numbing medium she floated in, all
other perceptions blocked out.

She felt a convulsive spasm in her cunt, then another,
and she knew she was entering the shattering orgasm which had been building for the
last fifteen minutes in her pleasure-tortured flesh.
Fingers withdrew his mouth and left her.

The spasms subsided and she hung at the
edge of her climax, denied relief.
"Fingers!" she pleaded.

"Oh, please, please! Dear God, help me.

Fingers untied her ankles, oblivious to the words she was saying, and refastened them,
pulling them back so her feet were even with her shoulders and spread so widely that
she thought her thighs would split at her cunt.

She groaned in agony at the renewed
embarrassment; she knew how grotesque she must appear to Bud with her cunt gaping
Her ass was raised from the mattress so her open-mouthed cunt faced up, and Fingers
settled before it, lowering his face to it again.
She watched, fascinated and horrified to discover that she could see everything he was
doing to her tender cunt.

He extended his tongue, dipping it into her pink flesh, and

she felt it caress the rim of her exposed cuntmouth.
She jerked her legs and her ass bounced, but she couldn’t get free.

He laid his gentle
hands on the taut backs of her velvety thighs and tried to steady her, his tongue darting
over her throbbing tissues.

Tiny thrills fired her again and she began to forget her
humiliating position.

She realized she’d never thrust herself up this way for anyone on
her own, and she had never had her legs that widespread before in her life.
Fingers took her clit in his hot mouth again, rolling the nubbin gently with his teeth,
and her excitement soared.

He slid one hand to her soft pussy, dipping his thumb into
the mouth of her cunt and rubbing it in the direction of her asshole.

She writhed in
passion while he slowly forced it through the tight sphincter.

Her ass throbbed and a
great jolt of heat swelled in her belly.
"Oh, shit! Oh, shit!" she whispered with a hoarse rasp.

She heard Bud groaning from
the sidelines and wondered if it was from an impending orgasm of his own or from fear
of seeing her treated like this.

She couldn’t see him, and she let his voice fade away
from her as her belly knotted with the intensity of sensations that shook her.

She flailed
under Fingers’ sucking mouth.
For the second time he backed away from her just as she was about to come, so that she
hovered on the impossible edge of a shaking orgasm, unable to find release.

She knew if
her hands had been free she would have been able to reach down and trigger the
climax, but she was bound very securely.
She sobbed with frustration and tension.

Someone fumbled at her wrists and she looked
back to see a smiling Joey untying the knots that held them.

She waited, not knowing
whether she was glad to be untied or not.

They left her ankles tied and she couldn’t
reach them to loosen them herself.

She was irritated.

Fingers came to her head, where he knelt astride her lovely face.

In an instant of horror,
she gazed up at his hair-covered balls, feeling the bristles of long, thick hair brush
against her nose and catching the pungent scent of male excitement.

His hands were on
the inner slopes of her extended, white thighs, and he put his lips once more on her
He had undressed while she was in the unsatisfied swoon, and the balls and cock at her
face had surprised her.
The torrent of ecstasy turned into savage desire before she knew it, and she began to
shake her to the marrow.

She reached up slowly and fingered the heavy balls with its
egg-sized prisoners.

She reached past it and captured the shaft of his elongated cock.
His hips surged backward, lowering his hard-on into her view, and she pulled it down
to kiss its purple, shining globe of a head.
For the third time that day Betty tasted and savored the metallic, heady flavor as her
lips parted to suck at the rounded tip of the extended virile cock.

Shivers of wild
excitement tore at her and she thrust her face up, her lips riding over the broad bulb
and onto the hard, pulsing shaft.

She closed them tightly, her tongue rubbing Fingers’
cockhead while she sucked ferociously.
She heard him groan and felt his own tongue scrub at the tip of her clit.

His hands slid
over her plump ass, and his fingers plunged into her slick twat.

He pried the rim open,
his fingertips manipulating her tight, squirming flesh until her hips leaped with intense

He withdrew the fingers of one hand and thrust one deeply into her asshole.

other hand dug at her cuntmouth, his fingers burying themselves in her while he
sucked at her clitoris feverishly.
She held his prick in both of her small hands, forcing the head to the back of her

mouth and gulping at its smooth bulges.

Her tongue explored the edges of her slit.

rolled her head restlessly from side to side, watching the shaft that protruded from her

Her gaze encountered a reflection in a mirror.

She groaned inwardly.

forgotten that the mirror was there.

Now she could see herself as if she were an
onlooker, and for a time she couldn’t tear her gaze away from the somewhat absurd
spectacle in the glass.

She knew that this was how she must appear to Bud, and she felt
Her lower back angled up and her ass swelled under Fingers’ caressing hands.

thighs were taut, jumping with frenzy.

Her knees were hiding her belly, her feet waving
at the ends of the ropes that bound her.
She could see her tits surging, but her face and the cock she held in her tight, lovely
lips were both hidden by Fingers’ thighs.

His body seemed strangely graceful, hung
over her like this, his belly close to her tits and his chest inches away from her own

His mouth enveloped the pink, wet tissues of her cuntlips.

His cheeks worked as
he sucked, and his knuckles moved rapidly, driving his fingers ever deeper in sand out
of her now willing cunt and asshole.
The scene generated a sense of horror that heightened her excitement to the boiling

She wrenched her attention from the mirror and pulled Fingers’ cock, using her
hands to force it into her throat while her lips dragged at the inward-sliding prick.

hips jerked in an erratic manner and his balls slithered against her face.
Fingers’ thighs began to tremble and Betty saw his scrotum tighten.

The dark flesh
contracted, pulling its burden of nuts up, and the base of his cock bulged abruptly.
Warmth filled her eager throat and she swallowed, gulping at the sudden wealth of
thick semen which spurted from his cockhead.

The scent of his cum rose from the back
of her throat into the cavity behind her nose and she turned giddy with delight and

fierce lust.
The knot in her belly hardened and pulsed, and she heard a roar inside her head as if
all of her senses were racing to explode.

The knot dissolved, only to form again at the
mouth of her cunt.

Her snatch and her asshole contracted simultaneously, clamping
convulsively on the buried fingers.

The contraction traveled inward along her vaginal
canal like a wave followed by another and another.
She sucked wildly at his cock with each of her own contractions, draining it of jism and
robbing it of its hardness.

Her body shook with violent tremors and she stiffened her
legs until she shook like a madwoman standing on her shoulders, forcing him to sit up.
His hands slid out of her and cupped at her back, holding her body in the vertical
position while her orgasm spent itself.

At last she sucked a final drop of moisture from
the shrinking cockhead and allowed herself to collapse.

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