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THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 7

THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 7

"Hey, boss," Shorty said.

"He ain’t actin’ at all like you said he would.

He seems to like
"And so does she," said Fingers, smiling broadly from ear to ear.

"No woman’s ever
done that to me before.

Oh, God, it was greeeat!"
"Well, Goddamnit," said Joey, "we’re going to make them feel degraded if it’s the last
thing I do."
"It might be," added Willy, "’cause Albert’s gone.

Did anyone see where he went?"
"He’s just afraid of women," said Joey.

"But check outside, just to see if he’s there."
Shorty got up from beside Bud and ambled out the door.

For the first time since this
awful scene began Betty took a good look at Bud.

Instead of seeing hate in his eyes the
way she had expected to, she saw a warm, gentle sympathy.

His eyes were trying to tell
her something, and she stared at him.

Yes! she said to herself.

He saw Albert leave, and
he knows that Albert’s going for help.

But Betty knew that she was deluding herself by
believing anything so ridiculous.

Why would a criminal try to help the police? She
couldn’t think of a reason.

She sank back into a dark despair.
Shorty came bounding back into the room.

"He ain’t out there, boss," the tall black
man said.
"Don’t bother with him," Joey said.

"He’s so frightened of everything that he would
never go to the police."
"We better get ready for the next exchange," Willy said.

"No, we don’t!" Joey exclaimed.

"First I’m going to see fear and shame permanently in
their eyes."
"But don’t you want to get what’s due you?" asked Willy.
"I’ll get it, don’t worry, I’ll get it!" the leader said.

"But business before pleasure."
The whole room was looking at him with a bewildered gaze, Bud and Betty were
exchanging questioning looks.
"Maybe a big spade getting head from your girl friend will change your tune," said Joey,
leaning over Bud and sneering in his face.

Bud’s expression didn’t change a bit as he
looked cool and calm.
Betty watched as Shorty took off his pants, his great hose of a black cock flopping out
of his pants like a limp fish.

She noted the wrinkled black foreskin that looked like
smoke curling around the covered cockhead.
Shorty moved slowly over to her, pulling back the skin with his forefinger and thumb,
making the cock begin to extend.

She watched as the head emerged from its flabby
folds, becoming taut and hard, but no less black.
As the cock kept stretching out, Betty became frightened.

Though it wasn’t as big as
Albert’s, it looked much more fierce and dangerous – almost deadly.

She swallowed
hesitantly and reached down to untie the bonds still at her feet.

No one moved to stop
her, knowing that she wasn’t going to get away right now.
Betty looked at the black cock approaching her.

She knew she couldn’t leave, and she
just sat there waiting for something awful to happen.

Shorty bounded up on the bed
easily and sat down across her soft breasts.

"You don’t have to sit on her," Joey told Shorty.

"She ain’t goin’ to run away."
Betty closed her eyes and looked away.
"Now get off her, you big lug.

Look how you’re squashing her poor tits."
Shorty looked sort of angry at Joey, but he slipped off, touching the soft, resilient skin
of her abdomen with his large, flat hand.
"Now just lay down and let her do all of the work," Joey said, acting like the
experienced sex instructor.
Not sure what was happening, Betty opened her eyes and watched the big spade lay
down beside her.

He folded his hands behind his head.
"Now you, sweety," Joey directed her.

"You get on your hands and knees and give him
a little head."
Both of the men chuckled; Shorty in his deep bass, and Joey with a high-pitched,
maddening laugh.
Feeling totally degraded, Betty stared at them.

There was nothing she could do.

obvious enjoyment of the situation caused her to hate him almost more than she did
the big spade, though she didn’t let herself show any emotion.
Hauling herself to her knees, her breasts bobbing over Shorty’s thighs, Betty lowered
her head.

Her eyes met the awesome tool before her and she hesitated.

Nothing had
ever seemed so brutal to her in her life, the prick was huge, and the veins stood out on
the sides like drainage tunnels.
She reached forward and wrapped her hand around the expanding prick, feeling it grow

harder and harder in her grasp.

Shorty moaned and pumped his hips up tentatively in
her grip.

She pulled down the smoky foreskin and dipped her head to the silky glans,
scooping out the lubricant that had just formed there.
She backed off and aimed the tool at the opening of her moist, red lips.

She saw his
balls jump as she dropped her face rapidly and took the black silkiness of his glans in
her mouth.

She never imagined that police work would entail degradation like this, and
she almost began to believe the chief and his stories of how women were not cut out for
this type of work.

But she knew she could endure.
She sucked, pulling the hardness of his cock to the back of her tender mouth, feeling
the glans flatten out.

She slipped her hand down to his balls and squeezed, knowing
that to survive this degradation she would have to act as brutal as they were.

baby, baby, do it to me!"
Betty was doing just that.

She felt his balls swell up in her left hand as her right hand
was still encircling the base of his cock.

She squeezed and sucked, feeling the cock
expand and contract to her manipulations.
Her tongue swirling a coating of saliva around the black cockhead, she closed her lips
tight and sucked extra hard on the glans.

Her taste buds were assaulted by the heady
flavor of Shorty’s cock.

Perversion overtook her and she started going wild on the
tremendous cock.
She slurped the big prick out of her mouth and ran her lips down the bottom ridge of
his cock, sucking on it like a flute player.

Shorty was groaning.

His hands reached up
and took hold of her head, holding it still.

Betty wrenched her head free and continued
on down the mighty cock.

She felt the dark, curly hairs tickle her nose as she sucked one of his egg-shaped balls
into her mouth.

She didn’t know how it would feel to him, but they looked so delicious
bobbing there by his dark asscheeks.

She squeezed down on the hard balls with her lips,
tucking her teeth under so she’d not hurt him too much and flicking her tongue against
the tender skin.
"Holy shit!" he cried, throwing his muscular hips up in the air and almost tossing Betty
off him.
Nothing seemed to dissuade her in her lustful quest.

She had only wanted to persevere,
but had turned into the aggressor.

Hungrily she sucked the testicle into her mouth,
slightly choking on it, forcing it further back.
Shorty was nothing but a tense mass of muscles now, vibrating to a rhythm that Betty
dictated with her flicking tongue.

She had control, and she loved it.
Without realizing what had happened, Betty felt Shorty’s fat finger dig into the spread
of her fluffy cuntlips, across her clit and on down to the rim of her juicy cuntmouth.
The electric jolt of penetration almost made her lose control, but she stifled the feeling
in her cunt and concentrated on his prick.
Sucking hard, she took both balls into her tiny mouth which made her cheeks stick out.
She sloshed them around in the hot cavity while stroking his big cock with her right
Shorty’s hand was working like a jackhammer in her cunt, forcing her unwillingly to
the brink of another orgasm.

She stroked harder on his meat, trying to force him to his
climax before she reached hers.

Shorty suddenly stopped pushing his finger into her
cunt and froze like a huge, black statue.

Cum started spurting out of his cock onto her

hair, and she spit out his balls and moved her mouth to the shaft of his huge cock.

could feel the pulsing of his prick as the sperm shot out of the blood-engorged tube of
flesh and splashed onto the side of her face, hot and creamy.
In a moment of deep perversion she slipped her lips over the spouting mouth and
caught the last drops of jism as they exploded out of him.

There was something saltier
and thicker than the other cum she’d had to eat today.

She began hating herself for
liking it so.

She licked around the member, picking up all of the stray spunk.

She even
stuck her tongue out trying to scoop the semen off her cheek.
She felt the cock becoming soft in her hand, and she slipped her mouth around it again,
sucking the flabby folds of foreskin in.

The flaccid cock continued to get more soft until
it was a wrinkled knob of flesh.

She was just about to release the prisoner from her lips
when it began to grow again in her mouth.
"Jesus," Shorty said softly.

"No one’s ever done ‘dat to me."
Betty couldn’t help but be proud of herself for doing this to Shorty.
He reached over and grabbed Betty by the thigh and pulled her ass over to him.

was surprised at his strength as he lifted up her ass and legs and placed them over his

She looked back as she moved her head and shoulders over his crotch to a more
comfortable position.

She saw his big, thick lips puckered.

As he put his lips up against
her vulva, she lowered her head to his cock.
"No, honey," he said.

"I’m doin’ you first – then you can do what you want."
Betty lay down across his crotch, feeling his stiff prick pointing at her breasts.

squirmed on it, feeling it get harder and pulsing like crazy against her ribs.

Shorty put his mouth against her twat again, sucking the soft folds into his mouth as
his hand stretched out and grabbed her full, luscious tit.

He burrowed his thick, flat
tongue into the slick, silky cuntmouth.
He said, "I sure like fish a lot." She didn’t understand this, but the rest of the room was
convulsed in laughter at Shorty’s joke.

Then she remembered that women were
supposed to taste like fish after sex.

She took a deep whiff of the still air and could smell
it too.
Shorty again burrowed his tongue into her, sending a deliciously decadent sensation up
her spine.

She arched her back and then dropped her ass hard upon his mouth, forcing
the tongue to go even deeper than it had been before.
She squirmed and moved as the fire in her belly began to grow from the passion of the

She didn’t want to come without making him come too, but she knew that he
had just had an orgasm and he wouldn’t be ready, no matter how much she sucked or
pulled, for a couple of minutes at least.
Shorty pressed his nose down on her clit as he dug his fat tongue into the tenderness of
her pussy as she ground her chest down on his hard prick.

She wanted to reach down
and take the cock into her hungry mouth, but the hand he had on her tit was in her

He pulled up her legs to spread her cunt wider, and then dug his tongue in again.
She could feel him probing the soft tissues of her vaginal tract as his tongue darted
around inside like a snake.
He inhaled and pulled her clitoris into one of his broad nostrils, causing the nubbin to
expand and extend noticeably.

She squirmed down on the eating mouth of the Negro,
feeling intense pleasure from his darting, digging tongue.

"Ohhhmmmnn!" she whispered hoarsely.

"Eat me! Oh, God, eat me! Eat me!" she
Shorty began to twist his head wildly, trying to do the impossible and lose his head
completely in her cunt.

Her maw was open and he had his lips and tongue both shoved
beyond the rim of her cuntmouth.

Betty thought that she was going to die from the
pleasure of it.

Her preconceived ideas of sex were being demolished right and left, each
time she had sex.

Her desire for it grew each time the sensation of it grew inside her.
Shorty stopped suddenly, just as Betty thought that she was about to come.

He smacked
his lips.

Betty was about to protest, when he suddenly put his mouth over her rectum
and dug his tongue into the tight rose of her sphincter.
"OOOHHHGGGNN!" she yelled.
"She likes that," Joey said.

Betty looked up at him and saw that he liked it too.

He was
standing right over her, beating off.

"Come on, boys," he said to Fingers and Willy.
"Let’s beat off on her while he eats her out."
"Sure!" they said in unison as they stripped off their pants.
Betty watched as the three men moved up beside the bed and stood in a row by her.
Suddenly she felt her cum spill out in a torrent of ecstasy.

Shorty moved his tongue
from her asshole to lap up the spewing cum.

The men standing around seemed a little
disappointed because they had just started to jerk off, and weren’t ready to come.
Shorty seemed undaunted, though, putting his hungry tongue back up the slit of her
cunt, past the heady rim of her pussy lips to her gleaming winking asshole.
Again he dug in, forcing open the sphincter without any regard to Betty’s needs or


She was so sexually exhausted that she couldn’t complain, and she really didn’t
want to.

She was so weak that another orgasm washed through her spent body before
she knew it, the cum spilling out of her cunt onto his neck and chest.
She reached under him, still weak from her orgasm, and grabbed his huge black meat.
She felt the silkiness of his cock rub across her full tits, touching the tip of one nipple,
and puckering it to a tight knot of pleasure.
She rubbed the hard shaft around her face lovingly, as if it were a special pet, feeling
the hardness of it against the softness of her young face.

She sucked gently at the
foreskin while Shorty continued to dig his sharp tongue into her asshole, spreading the
"Mnnnn!" she moaned, no longer feeling the heat of her intense orgasm, but in its
place a warmness that only told of pleasure and quiet emotion.
Shorty took her two asscheeks in his hands and spread them wide, opening her asshole
even wider than she had thought possible.

He then stuck his thumb in alongside the
tongue, squirming it into her anal tract.
Betty wanted to scream with pleasure, but she already had her mouth over the tepid
cock and was sucking hard, making it possible only to moan deeply about the turgid

The vibrations from her mouth sent Shorty into wild thrashings of ecstasy,
bucking and bouncing like a wild man.

He finally had to gab her ass again to hold
himself steady as he dug his hard tongue again into her open cunt, his nose pressing
against the perky sphincter of her asshole.
Betty stopped humming and swallowed deep, surprised that the silky glans passed
through her tight throat-opening.

She gagged, unprepared for the deepness of

penetration, only to draw the stiff cock slightly deeper.

She panicked and swallowed
some more, tasting the bitter-sweetness of his lubricant as she started to gain control of
Breathing through her nose, Betty felt the tight curls of his black pubic hair tickling her
strained lips.

The base of his cock was even thicker than the rest of the shaft, and her
mouth would barely stretch wide enough to accommodate the absurd width of his giant
She kept on sucking, though, stimulated by her desire to eat as much of it as she could,
and by the heavy-lipped mouth at her twat.

Finally her nose entangled with the foliage
at the base of the timberlike cock.
"Jesus Christ!" Shorty exclaimed.

"I ain’t never had no one eat all of my cock before."
She now started sucking, leaving the cock in as far as it was.

She rubbed her tongue
along the top, biting down gently with her teeth on the bottom of the shaft.

moaned, a mass of tense black muscle.
Betty could hear the slap-slap of the other three beating off by her, but they sounded
distant, like the sound of primitive drums.

Even that spurred her on.
Shorty reached up and wrapped his arms around her lithe body, pulling her weight
onto him.

She started to pump with her mouth now.

She felt the glans slip out, and
then dropped her head again, impaling her tender mouth even further onto the
awesome member.
Soon she was coming herself, spewing new spunk all over Shorty.

But he still hadn’t
reached his orgasm, though Betty could tell by the way his balls were jumping that it
wouldn’t be long.

She was becoming weak from her climax.

She didn’t know if she

could last out until he spouted.
Suddenly she felt the telltale pulsations of his tube of hard flesh, and the marked
change in his breathing – she knew that his orgasm was overtaking him.
Hot shots of spunk filled her mouth.

She squeezed and tried to swallow as fast as her
lovely mouth could.
Just then she felt hot globs land on her back.

The three men beside her were coming all
over her.

Sperm was covering her back and flowing down her sides onto Shorty.
She felt warm and strange in her blanket of sperm, but she didn’t seem to mind it as
much as she thought she should.

She continued to swallow Shorty’s cum until she was
too weak.
She collapsed, letting the cum roll out of the side of her mouth as the thick, black cock
grew soft and spongy in her tired mouth.

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