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THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 8

THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 8

Betty opened her eyes to see the three men standing by her milking the last few drops
of semen out of their pricks.

She rolled off Shorty and smiled at them.
"Look, boss," Willy said.

"She ain’t been affected a bit by our tryin’ to degrade her.

loves it."
Joey looked bewildered and angry at the same time, scratching his head and cussing
under his breath.
"We’ll show them this time," he said.

"We’ll make them give each other rimshots.
That’s a whole lot worse than getting one from a stranger that you might not see
"But, boss," Willy pleaded.

"Ain’t we had enough fun? Let’s get on with the change.

want my money."
"You’ll get your Goddamn, fuckin’ money.

Just wait until these two are through."
Joey darted over to Bud and untied and ungagged him.

Bud stood up, looking fighting
mad but the sight of Shorty standing nude and powerful beside him quieted him down
a bit.
"Over here," Joey said, taking Bud by the arm and leading him to the bed where Betty
lay stretched out, naked and somewhat spent.

He threw Bud down on the bed and
stepped back.

"Now I want you two to stick your tongues in each other’s assholes until
you come."
Betty remembered how Shorty had made her come by doing that and she thought, even

though she was tired, that it wouldn’t be much of a task at all.

But she conjured up the
image in her mind of sticking her tongue in someone’s rectum and she felt sick to her
tender, young stomach and had to cover her mouth for a second.
Bud reached over and hugged her gently, helping to soothe some of the terror she felt
at the hands of these criminals.
"Stop that!" Joey demanded.

"Just eat her asshole, don’t play lovey-dovey with her."
Bud carefully turned Betty on to her back and mounted her in the style, putting his
head between her lovely thighs.

Betty looked up and saw his dangling balls.

carefully reached up and touched the sac.

She grasped his balls, moving them gently
about with the forefinger of her right hand.
Bud lowered his face slowly to her crotch, sticking out his tongue as he went.

brushed his broad tongue across the pubic hair above her clit, and then pushed his
tongue down into the upper folds of her cunt.

Betty lay still beneath him, the only
indication of her rising excitement being that of the increase in her pulse.

She could feel
the blood rushing to her head and her pussy, concentrating in the tight nubbin of her
inflamed clitoris.
Bud pulled back the hood of her clit with the tip of his tongue, careful not to chafe the
tender center of pleasure with the roughness of his tongue.

The gleaming, pink spot
shown like a star in the dark-red shadow of her labia and vulva.

He dipped his head
and sucked the point into his mouth.
"Eat her asshole!" Joey demanded again, becoming more and more irate at their loving
handling of one another.

But Bud just looked over with a defiant glare and turned back
to the tenderness of lovemaking.

She still had his balls in her small hands, but as the tension of clitoral contact increased
the lust in her body, she squeezed his balls hard and massaged them with impassioned

She pulled his cock quickly to her face and swallowed the turgid head, savoring
the heady taste of his lubricant.

She had to admit that his cum tasted sweeter than any
she’d had today, even Albert’s.
Bud sucked hard upon her clit as his cock sunk into her mouth.

He swirled it around in
his mouth, flicking the tip every now and then playfully.

He was acting like he had
never eaten a woman out before, and Betty wondered if he had or not.
She dipped her head, pushing his glans flat with the tip of her tongue, feeling the heat
from it fill her mouth.

She suddenly felt self-conscious, being watched while she made

It didn’t matter before because the people hadn’t meant anything to her, but with
Bud it was different.

Bud didn’t seem to mind, being totally engulfed in what he was
doing to her.
She turned her head with her mouth full of cock and looked at Joey.

He knew what she
was feeling.
"Look at that, boys!" he said.

"She’s embarrassed.

She doesn’t like us watching."
She was sorry that she had let him see the shame that was in her eyes.

Now he had
gotten something that he wanted.

She concentrated, sucking deeply on the turgid tool,
trying to get everything else out of her mind but her and Bud.
"Ohhmmmnnn!" she moaned as Bud flicked her clitoris with the tip of his hot tongue,
helping her to forget the depraved spectators standing around them.
Betty took his cock deep, rubbing the fleshy tube with the flat of her tongue, tasting the

delicious flavor of his sweet spunk.

Bud concentrated on Betty, twisting his head in an
attempt to get her clit as deep as he could in his mouth.

Betty thought that he must be
stretching it out to an absurd length the way he was working on it – but it felt great.
She pushed her head down, swallowing the cock so that it passed down into the
opening of her tight, young throat.

She felt the glans expand and watched his asshole

She choked and pulled the cock out forcefully with her hand, her eyes watering
from the pressure.
After coughing and clearing her throat, she placed the cock back in her hot mouth,
covering it with thick saliva.
Bud had released her clitoris and moved down the magenta folds of her labia to the rim
of her cuntmouth.

Sticking his tongue out further, he ran it around the fleshy edge and
then stuck it in.

Betty could feel her pubic hairs being sucked into his mouth.

harder, Bud pushed his lips between the labia, penetrating with his tongue.
Betty pressed down with her mouth.

His cockhead expanded out to a silky smoothness
that she could feel with her tongue.

She scrubbed the tip of his pecker, darting her
tongue into the tiny mouth of the cockhead.
The three men around them were making sighing sounds and watching.

Betty couldn’t
help but notice that they were there.

She wanted to block them out, and tried again to

Even though the sex with Bud was good, she couldn’t.

Hating herself for
not being able to abandon herself to sex the way she had with the others, she plunged
her head down on his prick, almost hurting herself on the huge cock.
Bud continued to eat her, slurping away at her hairy tunnel with his darting tongue.
Betty felt the heat rise in her cunt, soaring to the burning point.

Choking again, Betty swallowed his cock, letting the contractions of her throat pull the
member into the tightness of her throat.

She was letting herself go now, abandoning all
worry or shame, thinking only about the pleasure she and Bud were giving each other.
Bud put is arms around her thighs and spread them wider, opening up the juiciness of
her velvety twat.

He lapped at her cunt like a dog, broad strokes of his tongue picking
up all of the juices which had formed there.

Betty felt depraved; and she liked it.

feeling of the tongue crossing her twat sent tiny sparks of electricity shooting
throughout her tense body.
His tongue darted again into her snapping cuntmouth, caught there by the muscles of
her twat.

Bud moaned, and then began jack hammering his head down at her pussy,
forcing his tongue deeper and deeper into the secret hole.
Betty began picking up speed until she had gained the same rhythm that Bud had on
her cunt.

Then faster and faster they went.
Betty could feel her orgasm moving down her body to the opening of her twat, and
could tell by the jumping of Bud’s balls that he was about to come also.
Suddenly she was lifted into the air by Shorty’s strong arms, pulling her mouth off of
Bud’s cock with an audible pop.
"What in the hell are you doing?" she yelled at Shorty, thrashing and kicking like she
was crazy.
"I told you I wanted to see some rim shots," said Joey.

"And that’s what I mean."
Shorty set Betty back down on the bed, and she climbed back on top of Bud, forcing
down her feelings of shame and embarrassment.

Bud lifted her by the thighs and put

her cunt back over his face, forcing her legs wide apart.

Betty felt the residue of the
incomplete orgasm aching at her crotch.

She wanted release, but she didn’t want to be
degraded any more, so she suppressed the desire and put her face down to the base of
Bud’s huge balls.
"Now ream each other!" Joey demanded.
Betty licked her tongue down the hairy, wrinkled ridge of Bud’s balls while he drew his
tongue up from the rim of her cuntmouth to her anus.

He licked it and then blew on it,
and Betty could feel her sphincter tighten up in response.

She felt her asscheeks
Bud didn’t seem ready to stop licking her sphincter and sending tiny electric thrills up
her spine, so she wet his asshole with her puckered lips and blew.

Bud froze, vibrating
in the wind of excitement as the cool air passed over his ass.
Betty could see the hairiness of his cheeks, and she put her pretty, sensuous mouth on
the dark, rosy hole.

He gained back his composure quickly, and ran his tongue again
down the crack of her ass.

Instead of backing up and blowing, he darted his tongue
toward the clenched sphincter and dug the tip of it in, causing Betty to moan
She felt her asscheeks clamping around his face, capturing the tongue in her asshole

His hot breath shot from his nose, making her relax against her will and
causing his tongue to dig deep into her anus.
She retaliated by sticking her tongue in his ass, prying his cheeks open with her finger
and going as deep as she could before his sphincter reacted and locked her tongue in.
Bud began pumping his tongue in her asshole quickly, softening and relaxing the tight


She began doing the same, feeling the softness of the hair on his ass brushing
her cheeks as she went.
Bud began slurping, working like an oil rig pumping into her ass very rapidly and

Betty tried to emulate him, but found his speed very hard to match.
"Look at them go!" Fingers exclaimed with obvious admiration for the two fucking
"Ya," said Willy.

"I ain’t never seen no one that hungry before in my life!"
Just then Betty felt her orgasm shoot quickly down her spine and leave her body
through the opening in her cunt, spewing hot cum onto Bud’s neck and chest.
She didn’t want to collapse now, she wanted to satisfy Bud like he had satisfied her.

pumped faster and faster, feeling the weakness of her orgasm make her limbs shake and
her head spin.

She wanted to get Bud off.
Suddenly she felt the convulsions of his asshole, slippery and winking around her
darting tongue.



Three times she dug her tongue so deep that she could
feel the cottony tissues of his anal tract.

And Bud was coming.

Buckets of spreading
sperm covered Betty’s chest and shot between her breasts.

She began to slide off him as
she collapsed, slipping her tongue out of his ass, unable to continue any longer.
Bud had a determined grip on her asscheeks, shoving his hips up at her as his cock
pumped out spunk.
"Pull her over here," Joey said.

"Over by the bathroom door."
Willy and Shorty picked up a spent Betty and carried her to the doorway.

"Now string her up by that hook," he said.
Bud was trying to get off the bed as best as he could, but he was weak and unable to
fight the way he wanted to.

Fingers led him over to the door also.
"Now we’re going to have Fingers and that cop both fuck her at the same time, that
should show them."

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