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THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 9

THE DOG’S GIRL – Dog Sex Story – Chapter 9

Willy was going to protest, but Betty couldn’t tell if it was because he wanted to fuck
her, or because he wanted his money and not Joey’s neurotic games.
Betty almost collapsed again as they were tying her hands above her head.

pulled, obviously unaware of how strong he was, for he pulled her clear off the ground
so that she was hanging by her tender wrists.
"Let her down a little," said Joey.

"We only want to see fear in her eyes, we don’t want
to hurt her."
Shorty let the rope slip through his hands, lowering Betty so that her tiptoes were
touching the floor, taking some of her weight off the wrists.
Joey moved up to her and grabbed one of her bobbing breasts, squeezing it and
sneering at her face.

Cupping her tit in his hand, he sucked one of her flat nipples into
his mouth.

Betty was so enraged that she pulled herself up on her arms and tried to
kick him in the balls, but the angle was wrong and the rope dug deeper into her wrists.
"She still has a lot of spunk left in her," Joey said.

"And you wouldn’t think it by the
way she’s been coming all day."
Bud tried to break loose from Fingers and get to Joey, but he was held too securely.
"You get at her ass, Fingers, and this one will fuck her in the cunt." Shorty moved over
and grabbed Bud as Fingers moved toward Betty.

He put his finger into her anus and
pushed quickly, forcing the muscle to let him in.

Betty jumped and then clenched her
asscheeks around his hand as tightly as she could.

"I think she’s ready for this one, boss," Fingers said.

"She’s real hot and nasty."
Police work was looking more and more as if it wouldn’t be her life’s work as she had

And these criminals weren’t doing anything to bolster her confidence in herself.
Fingers moved his naked body next to hers, forcing his prick in between her legs so
that she was riding it like a rail.

Hanging helpless like she was, Betty felt terrified and

She tried clamping her legs hard around Fingers’ cock to try to dissuade him, but
it only heightened his excitement.
"Help me!" Betty whimpered, breaking into tears for the first time since she was

Bud still struggled, but Shorty was much stronger and had no problem
restraining him.
The cock between her legs slid back and forth, becoming wet on her juicy cunt.

cock found its way into her asshole, insinuating itself so that the glans entered the tight
"Gllaaaggghhh!" Betty whimpered again, feeling the steaming pressure of anal
"Hold still, sweetheart," Fingers said.

"And you won’t get hurt when I stick this in your
Betty couldn’t help herself.

She showed signs of starting to cry.

She stifled it,
suppressing all shame and indignation, and she relaxed her anal muscles.
"Careful!" she begged before Fingers started to move again.
Fingers pushed his big shaft at her, spreading the tender sphincter with the blunt head

of his cock.

Betty squealed, hissing out her excitement through her clenched teeth.

moved her hips back, humping onto the prick as best as she could.

But Fingers held her
tits and wrapped one leg around her, making it impossible for her to move.
"Okay," Joey said.

"Get him up here."
Bud dug his heels into the grounds not wanting to participate in this really sick game.
But Shorty still had no problem moving him, the big spade just picked the cop up by
his upper arms and carried him easily over to where Betty was hanging.
"Let her down, God damn you!" Bud muttered, fuming mad.
"If you don’t do what we say," said Joey, "you’ll be hanging up there beside her."
Bud was forced to face Betty and see the tears rolling thickly down one cheek.

leaned forward and kissed a tear off her face very gently.
Joey spun him around and slapped his face.

"You’re not supposed to be nice to her," he
said in a bitter tone.

"You’re just supposed to fuck her."
Bud’s face was red from where it was hit, but he hadn’t flinched at all.

Fingers was
looking over at the two with impatience.
"Hurry the fuck up!" Fingers said.

"I’ll come without ever moving my cock if you
Betty was smiling at Bud, glad that he had been so gallant for her.

Shorty stood behind
him, waiting for him to put his cock in Betty’s cunt.
Bud grabbed his prick and pumped it a few times with his fingers, getting it hard and

thick for entry.

Betty looked down, straining her shoulders as she tried to get a look at
Bud’s big cock.

She saw the purple-veined shaft in his hand as he rubbed it and placed
it at the softness of her pussy lips.

He pushed in, but was too high and hit her inflamed
"Mmnnnn!" she moaned.
Bud pushed on; his cock followed the crack of her cunt down to the bottom of her
pussy mouth.

He knelt, bending his knees so that his cock pointed straight up at the
opening to Betty’s juicy hole.
He groaned, pushing his mighty member into her with one quick jab.
She could feel the silkiness of his cock sliding up her.

Her pussy had been dry, and Bud
had to pull out a couple of times and push back in before he could move smoothly in
Betty’s cunt.
Betty felt Fingers start to move again, penetrating further up her ass.

She tightened
involuntarily, knowing she shouldn’t because it could only hurt them both.
"Ohhh, GOD!" Fingers yelled.

"You’re going to bust my cock wide open!"
"Do it!" Bud encouraged.
"Mmnnngggg!" Betty whimpered, tightening her anus around his thick meat.
Concentrating more than she thought she ever could, Betty relaxed her clenching
sphincter and the tight muscles in her anal tract.
"Mnnnn!" Fingers sighed, letting his cock slip a little way out of her asshole.

"I sure
thought we were both done for there."

Betty realized that one of the problems was being hung up like this.

It made her
muscles tighter and stronger simply because she was trying to support herself so.

knew that she couldn’t let herself tighten up like that again or it might be all over for

Strangely, she didn’t feel afraid, she just felt challenged, and she felt like she could
meet it.
Bud began pumping into her, and Betty could feel his foreskin rolling down around his
cock and choking her channel off.

Then Fingers started to pump in also, the two deep
channels of her body stuffed with prick.

She was filled with passion and a dry, rattling
sound of pleasure escaped from her lips.
Both men started to move at once, keeping perfect time with each other so that her
body was either full of cock, or a vacuum where she wanted cock to be.

She tried
moving herself, but found it next to impossible.
Betty could tell that Bud’s cock was the thicker of the two, but she couldn’t tell whose
was the longest.

She felt a tiny orgasm shake her like a cold shiver.

The two men didn’t
seem to notice, for they were still building up speed.

Poor Betty felt isolated, almost left
out even though they were fucking her.

She knew that what concerned them was how
much better one of them was than the other.

Betty hoped they didn’t ask her, because
they were both good.
She felt the big cocks drive up her channels, bloating her belly out so that she looked
almost pregnant.

She discovered now that she could wiggle a little, forcing their cocks
deeper into her.

She felt Bud’s cock continually hitting her tender cervix while Fingers’
prick was nearing her bowels.
"Help me!" she begged, and the two men stopped, thinking that they had hurt her.
"No! No! Fuck me!" She was becoming delirious, flopping around like a fish.

The two

men looked through her up stretched arms at each other and shrugged their shoulders.
Slowly, slowly they began pumping again, shoving their cocks up the slick channels of
her tender body.

She suddenly felt awake again, having the cocks sliding in and out of

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of the pricks digging into the
secrets of her body and coming out sopping wet.
She could feel her clitoris pound against the base of Bud’s cock each time he pushed
into her.

She felt herself being lifted off her toes each time the heads of their turgid
cocks met at the tight, thin wall separating her asshole from her cunt.
"God, her asshole is tight!" Fingers exclaimed.

"My cock is nearly putty already."
"Her cunt too," Bud said.

"And I can feel your cock right through her cunt each time
we drive up into her."
"No shit!" Joey said from the sidelines, panting and looking completely at home with
himself in a situation of such perversity.
Betty’s head was spinning.

She felt the heat and pressure building up again inside her.
Her head was swimming and her teeth chattered with each ramming pump of the two
fuckers who were working on her.

She felt their cocks begin to grow bigger, and her
cunt and rectum stretched out to accommodate them.

She didn’t know how much more
she could stand, but she didn’t want it to stop.
Bud twitched around her, biting her ear and wrapping his arms tightly about her.
Fingers did the same, only taking the other ear and putting his hands over her breasts.
His fingers squeezed her nipples, puckering them to a hardness that she didn’t know
was humanly possible.

The nubbins stuck through his fingers onto Bud’s chest, welding

little spots of excitement where they touched the tense muscles of his body.
Betty was overflowing with rapture before her climax could reach her.

The two cocks
stuffed in her were now deep and still.

She could feel the intensity of their balls
jumping up and hitting the area between her cunt and asshole.

Moaning, she wiggled a
Suddenly the pressure snapped in her womb.

Bud’s cock had broken through and her
orgasm made her instantly weak.

Fingers felt what was happening and pushed his cock
up further also.
Both men started to come.
Betty sensed the fiery surge of Fingers’ spunk shoot into her, scalding her asshole and
squirting out of the tightly clamping sphincter like a leak in a high-pressure line.
Bud spouted his cum into her.

He kept his arms around her and pumped sperm into
her womb, filling the hot cavity with precious fluid and excitement.

Betty’s eyes watered
as she looked at Bud, but she was smiling broadly.
Fingers released his last bit of cum and slid weakly down Betty’s body to the floor.

limp cock curling like a snake in his lap.

Bud held onto Betty, trying to hold her weight
off her wrists as well as trying to maintain his own poor balance.
Betty leaned over and kissed him.
"That didn’t work either," said Willy.

"Why don’t we just give up, boss.

She’s learned to
like sex too much, and there ain’t no way in hell that we’re goin’ to make her any
different than she already is."

"Bullshit!" Joey said.
"But, boss, what about our money?"
"Fuck the money!"
"I’d rather fuck the money than fuck her one more time," Willy said in a defiant mood.
"Well," Joey said.

"We’re going to have her fuck the dog."

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