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Young Girls at ANIMAL FARM – part 2

Chapter 2


Stacy and Betty were both sixteen. They both lived within a mile of the house where

they’d been peeking. All the people living in that general area were in the “horsy set” to

one degree or another. Stacy’s parents were well-to-do and had enough money to raise

thoroughbred jumpers and she and her father competed with them. Her mother wasn’t

so athletically inclined and spent a great deal of her time sulking, occasionally drinking

far too much.


Betty’s parents weren’t as wealthy and were actually from what people considered to be

the lower rungs of the “horsy set”. They, and similar families, kept horses for the

pleasure of just riding. There was a little friction in the high school between the two

groups, and Stacy actually represented the one set and Betty the other.


Stacy was far from being stuck up, but her parents’ wealth tended to make some of the

kids think that she was, and her basic shyness didn’t help matters. She’d managed to

make the one friend from outside her own set, and that friendship had been instigated

mainly by Betty.


All the houses were large and were set well back from the sidewalk and the street. They

were estates, actually, and most were fenced and the front lawns could be measured in

acres instead of foot frontage. Most had stables or small barns and there were alleyways

for riding the horses into the foothills not so far away.


Stacy and Betty were using the sidewalk and nothing was said for a couple of blocks

after they’d successfully gotten away from the swapping party without being seen.

“I’m sorry you weren’t able to see more action,” Betty said. “Sometimes I’ve been able

to see into living rooms and watch regular orgies. You’d really get a bang out of that.


I’ve seen as many as ten to fifteen couples all going to town at the same time. That’s

usually later at night, though, when they forget the silly games they play to pair off and

just go at it with any available partner. You aren’t sorry you came with me, are you,



“No, but I think I saw enough for the first time. Maybe too much!”

Betty laughed. “I noticed that you got all hot and bothered. So did I, of course! If you

hadn’t been there I would’ve probably dropped my jeans and panties and fingered

myself off like crazy!”


Betty’s words made Stacy curious, but she decided not to ask any questions. It seemed

strange that Betty hadn’t gotten her to promise not to blab earlier, though, and then

gone ahead and masturbated while watching the fucking and sucking. Maybe she

hadn’t meant that she relieved her tension with her fingers. Maybe she pronged herself

with some other object.


Well, that sure wouldn’t be anything new, Stacy thought. She’d used just about

everything from a broomstick to a banana during the past three years or so herself.

She’d never found anything that’d felt better than her own finger or fingers, but she’d

made that discovery just a little too late.

Experimenting one night with the handle of a hair brush, while ogling some fuck

pictures, she’d gotten so passionate that she’d destroyed the piece of skin that was

supposed to be so precious. There hadn’t been much pain, just a sharp tingling

sensation, and very little blood. There’d been nothing to it physically, really, but

mentally she’d suffered a great deal. She could just imagine explaining to a husband

some day that a hair brush handle had gotten her maidenhead. Cherry, as Betty had

called it when she’d asked if it was still intact.


Stacy had been evasive by saying that she’d never had sexual intercourse. Betty had

been surprised, stating that she’d lost her cherry when only twelve. For some reason

Stacy had felt a little stupid for still being a virgin at sixteen. As far as a cock was

concerned she was a virgin, anyway, and Betty had told her that she was a rare breed,



Betty said that if they were health nuts they could jog. Then she added that she liked to

do her exercises in a far more pleasurable way. Stacy knew what Betty meant, but she

stated that she got plenty of exercise on horseback. “Jumping over obstacles will give

just about every muscle in your body a good workout.”


“Not my body,” Betty said, laughing, then saying that she’d take most of her exercise in

a horizontal position. She told Stacy that she would like to go riding with her and

suggested that she get a bunch of her friends together and that they ride up into the

foothills to a lake they’d both visited at different times.


“You could get to know some of my crowd that way, Stacy.”


Stacy said that she was willing and Betty said that they’d have a lot of fun, and then

wanted to know if Stacy was interested in hearing how she’d lost her cherry.

When Stacy gave an affirmative answer, wondering if she should tell that a hair brush

handle had gotten her cherry, thinking that that would be good for a laugh, Betty began

telling about her first sexual experience with a partner.

It’d been with a first cousin. Betty didn’t think that it could really be looked upon as

incest, though. Maybe in some quarters, but she’d even heard of first cousins getting

married. Not that she’d want to marry the cousin, George. He was already married,

anyhow, but she wouldn’t want to live with him or anything like that even if he were

single. She didn’t really like him all that much.


At that point Stacy interrupted to ask if Betty had been raped. Betty said that it was

more like her raping him. George was eighteen at the time. He’d been visiting the

Evans with his parents when Betty got her first crack at him. She was just a kid, but

she’d already started fingering herself. Her boobies had already started to sprout, but

George hadn’t paid any attention to her.


Betty thought that might’ve been the reason she’d gone after him. Along with the fact

that she’d happened to walk in on him in the bathroom. George had just taken a

shower and was drying himself. She didn’t think he’d left the door unlocked on

purpose, because their parents were home. He’d had a hard-on. His prick looked to be

a foot long, but she’d found out later that it was only a fraction over six inches.

Betty had known right then that she’d wanted to sample the stiff cock. She’d been

daydreaming about being fucked and had decided that that was her chance. He’d yelled

at her to get out, but she’d stood there staring until he’d covered his poking cock with a

towel. She’d then gone to her room and masturbated while making believe her finger

was George’s cock.


Later that afternoon, when the two of them had happened to be left in the house, she’d

talked to him in the living room. She’d been a bold little bitch, coming right out and

telling him that she wanted to be fucked.

He’d not only told her that she was just a kid, but that she was also nuts. She’d told

him that she was just nutty enough to tell her parents that he’d fucked her even if he

didn’t. She’d apparently convinced him that she was telling the truth. She’d also made

him hot by stripping her clothes off right there. He’d stared, and his prick had started

poking his pants out, but he hadn’t made a move toward her.


Betty had picked up her clothes, told George that he’d better come to her room if he

didn’t want to get into serious trouble, then took off. He’d soon appeared in her room,

where she’d been stretched out on the bed. While looking at her crotch she already had

plenty of pubic hair – he’d told her that he’d probably be in serious trouble if he did

touch her.


Betty had told George that she’d never tell anybody, meaning it at the time, and she

didn’t know if she convinced him of that or if he was just so horny he couldn’t help

himself. He’d shucked out of his clothes and joined her on the bed, his stiff cock

swaying from side to side.


George had surprised her. She’d thought that he’d start putting the meat to her right

away. Instead he’d made a dive for her cunt with his mouth and tongue. God, but had

that ever felt great! He’d licked her gash a few times and then jabbed his tongue deep

into her snatch. He’d tongue-fucked her until she was humping like crazy. Then his

tongue and lips had gone to her clit. He’d grabbed her wriggling ass with his strong

fingers and lapped and sucked her passion-button until she’d had a wonderful climax.

He’d turned out to be a totally uninhibited swinger. He’d given Betty a tongue bath.

She didn’t think that he’d missed a single square inch of her entire body. He’d gotten

his tongue stiff enough to get it up her asshole. That sensation was truly fantastic. He’d

gone ape over her little boobies. He’d gotten them all in her mouth, one at a time, and

sucked until she’d almost gone off her rocker.


Finally, he’d gotten between her eagerly parted legs and she’d been more than ready for

the penetration. He’d placed the blunt end of his cock against the slight opening

between her cuntal lips and told her that it might hurt a little. She’d told him to stop

stalling around and to start fucking.


She’d heard before that it was supposed to hurt, so when he pushed his stiff prick

down, and in, she’d lurched upward, figuring that it’d be better to get it over quickly.

Betty had suffered very little pain. She guessed that she’d had a very thin piece of

worthless skin. Or else she’d already punctured it with her fingers. That first fucking

session had been a wondrous experience. When he’d blasted off and she’d felt his jism

spurting and flooding her hot cunt, she’d had a series of blissful orgasms and the

delightful pleasure had gone on and on.

A few seconds after Betty had stopped talking she laughed and said, “So that’s the way I

lost my cherry!”


Stacy didn’t say anything and Betty went on to tell about how George had taught her

other exciting things during the next few days. He hadn’t forced her to do anything.

She’d wanted to suck his cock and had. She’d really dug that. She’d liked the taste of

his pecker and his sperm. He’d talked her into letting him corn-hole her. She hadn’t

been all that anxious to give that a try, and it had hurt like hell at first, but it’d turned

out to be a very blissful sensation.

After having so much fun and pleasure with George it didn’t take Betty long to branch

out and start having sex with boys closer to her own age. Their smaller peckers had

satisfied her until she’d started getting old enough to get older fellows without making a

pest of herself.


“I still see George from time to time, Stacy. When I said that I didn’t like him I meant

that I don’t like his personality. He has a hot-ass wife who keeps him pretty well

pooped, though, and I haven’t been able to talk him into seeing if she’d like to make

the threesome scene. Hey, I’m talking a hell of a lot, huh? I guess I’ve mostly been

trying to get up enough nerve to tell you something that might shock you.”

They’d been walking along at a fairly fast clip, side by side, and they were nearing

Betty’s home. It was a two-story structure, but not as big or imposing as Stacy’s home.

There was almost as much land, though – about three acres – and the barn at the back

of the property was very small, little more than a stable. There wasn’t a swimming pool,



“Maybe you’ve already shocked me enough,” Stacy said, seeing that there weren’t any

lights on in the house. It was only about ten o’clock, so she figured that Betty’s parents

weren’t at home.


Betty led the way around the house, toward the back. “I don’t think you’re all that

shocked, Stacy. Or even surprised. I’d already practically told the same things in a nicer

way, anyhow. You already knew about me being a swinger, I mean.”

Betty stopped and Stacy halted just in time to keep from bumping into her. “There are

really two things I don’t want you to blab about, Stacy. About how I sometimes relieve

my sexual tensions when there isn’t a boy around and…”


“I won’t do it,” Stacy cut in. “I won’t have any kind of sex with you if that’s what

you’ve been leading up to. I caught that bit about the threesome scene you seem to

want with your cousin and his wife, I mean, and I haven’t been around, but that doesn’t

mean that I’m totally ignorant about such things.”


“I didn’t bring you here to try and make you,” Betty said. “Don’t worry about that for

one moment. I’ve gone the gay route a few times for the extra thrills, but I’m not

butchy enough to go around trying to seduce anybody.”

“That’s good news,” Stacy said, not sure that she really meant it. She had pictures of

females going down on each other and she’d often wondered how it’d feel to be the

recipient of such a tongue-fucking even before she’d seen the two swapping wives going

at each other.


“I value our friendship too much to take a chance on destroying it, Stacy. That’s the

reason I’ve been stalling about telling what I feel that I must tell you before you find

out from some other source. My parents are swappers. They aren’t home so they were

probably at that sex party we just left. I was almost wishing that they’d been in that

bedroom so that I could see your reaction. I must say you’re taking the news quite



After a few more seconds of just staring, and there was enough light for her to see

Betty’s face, Stacy said, “I’ll admit that I’m surprised, shocked, and all that, Betty. I’d

hate to find out that my parents were swappers! How long have you known about your


“About two years. From things I’d heard them say I suspected that they were swapping.

One night when I knew where they were going I followed later. I’ll admit that I was

shocked when I actually saw my father fucking one of the wives and my mother being

fucked by one of the husbands. I’ll also admit that I got very excited. I fingered myself

through at least three climaxes that evening. Twice while watching my father pistoning

his big cock in and out of one of the hot-ass wives. He must have at least eight inches.”


“Do they know that you know, Betty?”

“I don’t think so. We’ve never talked about it, anyhow. They might suspect that I

know, of course, but they’re so far out when it comes to sex that I don’t think they’d

even be embarrassed if I told them that I know. But that’s enough talk for now. Come

along and see just how far out I am where sex is concerned!”

Stacy followed Betty back to the small barn. Betty didn’t turn the light on until they

were inside and the door was closed behind them. Then she laughed and said that it’d

be a big joke if somebody peeked in a window at them.

“I’m not going to do anything,” Stacy said.

“I just want you to watch, honey! I’ve kept this secret bottled up just as long as I can! I

guess I’m just an exhibitionist at heart, too. Because I’d like to go to the swapping

parties and join right in. Maybe with my own father!”

Betty had been stripping out of her clothes. They were both wearing jeans, sweaters,

and shoes. Stacy had already seen Betty in the shower room at school. For her age, or

any age, for that matter, Stacy thought, Betty was beautifully stacked. She wasn’t all that

tall, but she had long and shapely legs. Her titties were big and remained high and firm

and jutting when freed of the restraining bra. Her pubic hairs were just as dark as the

hair on her head – and her ass jiggled when she walked or even made a quick



Stacy had been in the barn before. There were two riding horses and a small pony.

She’d told Stacy that her parents had wanted to sell the pony, but that she’d protested

so much she’d been able to keep him. Stacy soon found out why Betty had wanted to

keep the well-groomed pony.


Betty had been given the pony when he was very young and she’d called him Pee-wee.

The name had stuck even after he’d gotten fun grown and it was still appropriate when

he was compared to the other two horses.

Not looking at Stacy after she’d gotten herself naked, Betty went over to Pee-wee’s stall.

She put a halter on him and backed him out into the passageway. She tied him to a

stanchion, then got a pitchfork and began putting fresh hay underneath him. Still not

saying anything to Stacy, or looking her way, Betty put a horse blanket on the hay that

she’d stacked about two feet high. Then she straightened and began playing with Pee-

wee’s big testicles.


Stacy watched, dumbfounded, as the pony’s cock began to slide out of its sheath, and

she realized that Betty was going to engage in some kind of sexual act with the animal.

Betty had already admitted to fucking and sucking boys, including taking it up the ass,

and even having sex with other females and now she was going to prove her admitted

tendencies to be an exhibitionist by engaging in bestiality!


The walk from the window where they’d peeked, despite the sexy talk by Betty, had

caused Stacy’s passion to simmer down a great deal. But now, as she watched the

pony’s cock getting hard and extending out and down at least eighteen inches, she felt

the heat in her loins building and spreading again.

Betty looked at Stacy, her dark eyes flashing, her fingers still busy on the big balls.

“Isn’t that an exciting sight! I washed his cock late this afternoon. That’s the reason it’s

so clean.”


Stacy agreed that it was an exciting sight, but she didn’t say anything. She even felt that

she should turn tail and run like hell. But she couldn’t seem to move her feet, and

wasn’t even sure that she wanted to flee. It wasn’t as if she was going to do anything –

and she was curious as to just how Betty was going to go about relieving her sexual

tension with the pony’s long cock.

She could tell that the long shaft had been recently washed. She’d seen horse cocks

extend out many times while pissing and also when a stallion was around a mare in

heat. She’d even seen a stallion fucking a mare a few times and that’d been exciting, but

also quite frightening.


Betty got on her knees on the bed she’d constructed out of the hay and blanket and

began caressing the long shaft. There wasn’t any slime like Stacy had seen so often,

which she knew was a lubricant provided by nature, and she successfully resisted an

impulse to go over and touch the big organ. It looked so hard and sleek and it wasn’t

repulsive at all.


Betty looked at Stacy, smiled, and quickly positioned herself on the makeshift bed. She

placed her crotch almost directly under the end of the stiff shaft and wriggled her ass

until the big cockhead was resting against her cuntal lips. She was grasping the cock

with both hands. She wriggled a little more, hunched upward, and four or five inches of

the pony’s prick slipped into her pussy. She began making fucking motions, lurching

upward ever higher, soon taking seven or eight inches on each upward thrust.

Stacy could understand why the pony had been tied so that he couldn’t lift his head. He

couldn’t lift up to make thrusts of his own, and she thought a little wildly that if he

could really do any fucking he’d ruin Betty forever. As it was, Betty was using her

hands as well as her own body movements to control the depths of the penetration.

Betty’s face was contorted with passion. But she had her eyes open and she looked at


Stacy and spoke without faltering in the steady pace she’d set.

“Pee-wee can usually last a long time. But I haven’t used him and his lovely cock for a

couple of days and I can tell that he’ll be blasting off soon. He recovers quickly, though,

and might not even lose his hard-on after shooting off his first load.”


“Very interesting,” Stacy said, feeling that she should say some damn thing, her eyes

going to Betty’s thrusting titties and then back to her cunt moving and clinging on

inches and inches of the pony’s long cock.

“Oh, sweet Jesus, I’m coming! Oh, Stacy, you can’t imagine how good this feels! Oh,



Betty’s lovely buttocks bounced and wriggled wildly, and a quick glance told Stacy that

the passionate girl’s eyes were tightly closed, her white upper teeth clamped down over

her full lower lip.


Stacy was steaming herself. It took all of her will power to keep from clutching at her

own crotch, her own quivering cunt. She didn’t actually have an orgasm, but she could

feel the secretions adding to the wetness of her already damp panty crotch.

In a few seconds Betty was still, her eyes open, a bright smile on her pretty face, her

hands still holding at least eight inches of the pony’s stiff cock embedded in her twat.

“Pee-wee didn’t come, Stacy. As you can see! Would you like to give it a try?”

“No! Never!”

Betty laughed. “I think you protest too much, honey! But if you don’t want to have

some far-out pleasure that beats masturbation all to hell, then I’ll take another trip and

make Pee-wee shoot his stuff!”


While speaking Betty had started hunching again. Stacy stared at the prick and the

pussy, her mouth and throat dry, her legs weak. But she didn’t want to give her

virginity to a pony!


Within two minutes the pony ejaculated. Stacy could tell that Betty had another orgasm

as she swiftly fucked herself up and down on the spurting cock. The white sperm

overflowed Betty’s clinging cunt and Betty moaned loudly and cried out with pleasure.

Stacy turned, hurried to the door, opened it, and then took off running.



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