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Exam – Lesbians, Bestiality Fiction

Title: Exam
Group: Lesbians, Bestiality Fiction


At the Institute we had the Professor in accordance with the arithmetic-a very unpleasant lady! When fully than the young, beautiful, intelligent, but way above us-poor College boy-did not mocked!

In particular, for some reason she took a dislike to me when than with the main point of our acquaintance! In the extreme course, exams, natural she got me down the most disgusting way! And forced to come to her summer peresdat all topics. Of course, I was angry, but it was nothing.

I came in the morning to the Institute, entered her audience – Oksana Dmitrievna in their own daily clothing looked even better than in a serious suit. A small thin skirt revealed tanned legs, tight blouse, which probably is nothing not was focused tight chest and 2 dummy who said that the Professor is excited. Her bright hair fell in a wave on the beautiful shoulders. And I 1st time myself, what a wonderful Oksana Dmitrievna Oka-grayish,as if uncertain languishing…

As long as I examined my own Payne, she went to the door and closed it on Cran. “To no one we never let” on the uniqueness of the friendly tone she said to me. I got books, notes any absurdity, according to which I made and asked if I work? Oksana asked a question: “Want to learn arithmetic?” I was taken aback and asked the question, do I have the selection? She came up to me and looking carefully at the eye, some weird tone of voice gave the answer:”it is true that the selection you have available” In this episode because I felt like she has one hand stroking my Breasts, and the second closely pushed in front of skirt!!!

I questioningly looked at her, and she, as if reading my ideas, said to me:”I like You,Victoria,with the main day, and probably all the time I’m angry at you for something if you don’t mine! I suggest a service in exchange for the service-you’ll be mine
and I set you a good grade in the certificate. Do you agree?”

Maybe be on its place someone another, I would not give consent, but her intoxicated discharge, watery sponge, slightly husky voice closer and my wet swimming trunks – I did not managed to withstand the contrary just this! I put her hand to her own pussy and we realized a friend of a friend in the absence of words…

It is still some time caressing me and later sat due to my own Desk and asked to sit on it. I obedient sat on the table, she pulled me out of swimming trunks, pushed my sandals and I felt her tongue on your own pussy! She licked me, kissing, slipping the tongue inside – I finished straight into her mouth and she licked my juice from my pussy again and again.

Later Oksana has artfully smiled and asked me to lie down on the floor and extensively to share the sandals, I dutifully staged probably, but Oksana went into the back room, instructing me to wait and not to move. I heard she came not 1, but did not see who was near.

Oksana giggled and said,” My friend also wants to caress” I looked up and noticed a large dog! I did not 1 was shoving with a dog, but I did wonder if probably going to happen in this place and probably time! Dog jumped to me and began to lick my watery pussy, because Oksana was on all fours that way. my lips touched her pussy, I started to lick her with the steam room at the time, as her dog licked me.

Later Oksana said me that I got down on all fours, that way as the “it guy wants to have fun”. I took her and the dog jumped me and began to fuck! His cock was tremendous!!!

And he fucked me in the pussy and ass – cumshot in me a number of times, but still was not able to stall! Later Oksana tore it from my ass and the source to extract his cock! Probably because at the time I licked Oksana, forcing to finish it time after time! After this dog was fucking me in the ass again and Oksana immediately with Siim licked my pussy – and so we changed again and again, and that fucked me again and again!

But despite all this now in the certificate I have is “5” for the exam according to the arithmetic! And Oksanochka we face from time to time, perfectly to time.

I will be very happy messages from immoral women and ladies.

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