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THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 10

THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 10
Ron had closed the house for the night, then joined Jan in her room. She had picked up
the clothes Howard left on the bed and chair, returning them to his suitcase, and was
freshly perfumed and waiting.
"Anne said to entertain you," he told her as he closed the door to the room. "How
would you like to be entertained?"
"Every moment here so far has been entertaining," she replied. "Why don’t we just
She was sitting on the edge of the bed, her long legs stretched out with her heels resting
on the carpeting. Ron eyed the soft tones of her blonde and cream symmetry. Her tits
were rose-tipped mounds of taut, springy enticement, bobbing with each tiny
movement of the bed as she shifted her position or breathed.
The gentle rounding of her belly and the ripe flare of her hips and ass accentuated her
tiny waist. He moved close and squatted at her feet, then put his fingers on the sensitive
surfaces of her soles and traced gentle patterns that made her shiver.
He moved up over her toes and arches and onto her ankles, then leaned forward and
began to kiss her knees while his hands moved upward over her calves. She let her legs
part with the pressure of his hands and he kissed her inner thigh surfaces warmly,
wetly, licking at the satin creaminess slowly as he progressed.
Her blonde bush was cleft pinkly as he approached it, the thick edges of her cuntlips fat
with engorged blood, due to her excited anticipation and his beginning love play. Ron
put his lips against them and kissed into her cunt just as if it were her mouth, using his

tongue in the same manner.
"Ron, that’s delicious!" she cried. "My cunt wants to kiss back!" Her pelvis rolled as she
thrust her eager flesh into his mouth.
He began to lick at the tender surface, gathering up her dew and savoring its delicate
taste. His tongue probed, twisted, darted into every fold and contour, twitting the inner
lips, exploring the mouth of her cave, and finally stabbing at her erect little stub of
flesh, peeping out of its hiding place just as it had on the previous night.
She fell back onto the bed, her legs held apart for him, and he followed the moving
target without losing contact for an instant. Jan was humming and grunting and forcing
her crotch upward with pulsating movements of her ass. "Oh, yes, lover!" she cried.
"Eat it up, Ron!"
He closed his lips over the shaft of her clitoris and squeezed it, forming a suction that
tightened the grip. She squealed, and he loosened his grip, then sucked to make it slip
in and out of his mouth, keeping it coated with saliva to lubricate its passage.
"Marvelous!" she moaned. "Oh, Ron! My little thing’s… fucking you in the mouth!"
The thought seemed to drive her into a frenzy. Her arms began to flail at the bed and
her head roiled back and forth as if she could barely stand the sensations that tore over
her body. When she came she gave a little cry as if in pain, then went taut in every
muscle. Then she went limp and put her hands down to push at Ron’s head. She could
take no more contact for a while.
He crawled up to lie beside her, resting his head on his hand and propping himself up
with his elbow. Her tits were quivering with the last of her spasms and rising and

falling with her deep breathing. He watched them for a while, then leaned over and
kissed the nearest nipple.
She uttered a tiny cry and her body jerked; her hand came up to guard the tit and she
gasped as she pushed him away. He leaned back and smiled.
" ‘Touch her titty with your mouth; thrills will travel ‘way down south,’ " he quoted.
"You’d better believe it!" Jan said. ‘Those nerves are really connected. I felt that kiss way
inside my cunny!"
"I wish I could kiss you way inside your cunny! But I’m all ready to do the next best
thing." He took her hand and placed it on his cock. She grasped its rigid shaft tightly.
"I’ll let this fellow kiss you in there for me."
"Ooh-h-h, Ron!" she gasped, sliding the erect bulk through her hand. "That fellow isn’t
‘next best’ to anything!" She gave a wiggle as if trying to snuggle her ass down deeper
into the bed. "Put him in there, Ron… and see if he knows how to kiss!"
He rose up above her quickly, eyed the sloppy flesh of her cunt, noting that almost
every golden hair around it was glistening with her copious cream. He groaned and
shoved the head of his cock into her cunt, feeling the flesh yield and expand as he
thrust inward.
Her walls closed around him snugly, and he rode the tunnel on a coating of her cream,
feeling each wrinkle as it moved aside, stretched, and enfolded him. When he felt his
balls slap against her ass, he grunted and took a deep breath.
"I felt him kissing me all the way in," she said. "But what is he doing, now?"

"Drinking," Ron said. "He’s soaking in that delicious juice of yours."
"Tell him to hurry!" she pleaded. "I’m dying to have him kiss me some more… all the
way out… and in… and out…"
As she spoke, Jan’s ass began to move, causing the shortest possible fucking
movements, and stirring Ron to action. He began stroking, rotating his ass to spiral the
walls with his knob.
"Oh, he is… he is!" she cried. "Hitting every spot!"
Ron could only groan, fighting to hold back his release as her words stirred him. He
loved the thrill of fucking into a sloppy, heated cunt, and Jan’s was certainly both!
"I think I… oh, kiss me, Ron!" she squealed suddenly. He felt her tremble under him as
he leaned down to mesh their lips. Their mouths joined, their tongues thrust and
parried, and they sucked at each other ravenously as their bodies began to release the
pent-up tensions.
Jan’s cunt started to convulse, clasping him in spasms as he shot his jets of semen into
her tunnel. They both groaned in their kissing and sucking, but remained greedy to the
They broke the kiss, panting for air, and Ron carefully withdrew to fall back onto the
bed and lie there limply, his chest heaving. The black curls there were covered with a
fine dew of sweat.
The room gradually became quiet as the sound of their heavy breathing was replaced by
normal respiration. Jan eased off the bed and started for the door, her hand cupping the

leaky slit of her cunt.
"I’m going next door to get unfucked," she told him. "You rest for a while, okay?"
"I need it," he told her, raising his head to grin at her. "It takes me a little longer to
accomplish that feat!"
She disappeared and he heard the water running in the adjoining bathroom. He closed
his eyes and let his mind wander, first to Annette and Howard, and then to Bibi and
He hoped that the big redhead would be lucky with his wife, so there could be a wild
three-couple orgy on Sunday. Not that he was exactly in shape for it at the moment,
but he knew that he would be ready for a big party after a few hours of restful sleep. He
wondered if Jan might have been satisfied with the action to the point where she would
be ready to call it a night.
Right now, he was ready to settle for a cozy snuggling that would permit them to just
drift off to sleep. He could hear the water running again, and what sounded like voices.
He realized that someone was in there with Jan, and wondered whether it was Jake or
Bibi; Annette and Howard would be using the master bathroom.
He became so fully relaxed that he dozed off, so he was not aware of Jan’s return. She
saw that he was asleep, made a wry face, and studied him for a moment. Then she
acquired a determined expression and went to her cosmetics case, where she was very
busy for a while.
When she got into bed, she was very careful to move into the position she wanted
without waking Ron. When she was satisfied that she had everything aligned the way

she wanted it, she began to touch him lightly with her toes.
Ron awoke to see that Jan was lying beside him, but now she was bent into an L-shape,
her legs almost parallel with his, and her buttocks very close to his face. He turned his
head slightly to stare at the creamy mass of femininity.
Her beautifully rounded asscheeks were as excitingly molded as her tits. The shadowy
cleft that separated them ran down to her crotch, where he could see the golden tendrils
of hair around her cunt, peeping between the satin walls of her snuggled thighs.
The lower edges of her cuntlips gleamed wetly amidst the soft curls, puckering out from
the pressure of her closed thighs. Just above, not quite hidden in the shadowy cleft, her
tight little asshole showed its soft, wrinkled pout.
He became aware of a haunting fragrance, unlike what he had detected on Jan’s body
earlier. In fact, he thought, it was different from anything he had ever smelled before. It
was light – very light indeed – but it had a sexy musk of an unusual nature, and he
had to determine what it was, or at least where it came from.
He moved very carefully, slowly, unsure of whether Jan was asleep or not. She could
have lain there a long time while he dozed. He put his nose close to the backs of her
thighs, and though he could still smell the fragrance, he knew it was not on her skin
He almost touched his nose to the wet lips of her cunt that pouched from between her
thighs. He inhaled deeply, but there was a different scent there; it was the same she had
been wearing earlier. He sniffed up into the crack of her ass and caught a faintly
stronger whiff of what he sought.

Finally, he put his nose right into the cleft and held it to her puckered anus. When he
inhaled, he knew he had found the source of the scent. He breathed it in, trying to
analyze its strange fascination. It made him horny and hungry at the same time.
He gently pressed his lips to the soft fleshy folds and got a thrill from the warmth
which emanated from her there. He put out his tongue and touched the softness, then
returned the tongue to his mouth, attempting to taste the flavor of what he had smelled.
It was slightly oily, and difficult to categorize, so he put his tongue-tip back on the
fleshy wrinkles for another taste. As he made contact, the winkie unpuckered slightly
and he caught a heavier sniff of the scent.
His tongue had entered the center of the pucker as it moved, and the sensation
intrigued him. Experimentally, he pushed it in a little more snugly. Again, the flesh
yielded and provided an even easier entry.
Now he had to pursue the game, caught up in the thrill of the unfamiliar. He kept
pushing his tongue further inward until he had it snugly forced past her muscle. He
could feel the greater warmth inside, which excited him, and every time he inhaled he
could smell the enticing scent.
His cock was hard and throbbing and he was becoming so tense that he had to take a
deep breath in an effort to slow down his pulse. Part of the excitement was because he
still did not know whether Jan was awake or asleep. But he was becoming so fascinated
with her asshole that it could not have mattered less!
He stroked in and out of the snug passage with his tongue; his lips were tight against
the inner curves of her asscheeks, and he was gasping for air at each stroke. Then he
became aware of her heavy breathing, punctuated with an occasional gasp and a quiet

whimpering. So she was awake… and enjoying it!
He began to fuck his tongue into her more swiftly, until she had to moan and gasp
loudly. He kept it up until his tongue was too tired to continue. Then he pulled it out
of her and eased up into a position that would allow him to get the head of his cock
into her asshole.
"Are you going to fuck it, lover?" she asked in a hoarse whisper, wiggling her buttocks
enticingly. "Yes," Ron told her. "Oh, God yes! I have to."
"Here," she said, reaching a hand back to him and opening her fingers to reveal a small
ointment tube. "Put some of this on the head of your cock, it’ll go in easier." He took
it, uncapped it, and squeezed a little of e contents onto his knob, then started to spread
It was the stuff he had been smelling. But now s fascination for the scent had been
overcome by his burning desire to shove his prick up her ass.
He recapped the ointment, tossed it aside, and pressed his knob into her soft pucker.
She grunted and gasped and the muscle was relaxed for him as if by magic. He thrust
slowly past its taut elastic ring and felt the slickness of the walls inside clasping him.
Moist warmth surrounded him, steamed his cock as it traveled up into her tube. Then
he was snug against her ass and could feed her no more. She exhaled in a long sigh and
let the ring close on his shaft for a moment.
"Let me get… my breath, Ron," she panted. He waited, his prick held tightly in her anal
sphincter as she readied herself. Then she relaxed the ring again. Ron began to fuck her
furiously, one hand reaching around into her crotch to play in the soupy delight of her
creaming cunt. His other hand grasped her shoulder to provide opposing leverage.

"I wouldn’t have… thought it could be… so good!" he panted. His excitement was so
intense that he was merely pawing at her cunt with his fingers, but he seemed to be
hitting all the right spots, for she was oohing and ahhing constantly when she was not
humming or moaning with her lips closed.
"Now, Daddy!" she cried suddenly, her body starting to jerk and buck under him. He
rode her bard, hanging onto her crotch and shoulder as he let himself go. His shots
gushed into her hotly, and she writhed on the fulcrum of his cock like an impaled
When their spasms ceased, Ron eased out of her ass, letting his cock, and his soupy
fingers drip where they would. This time, he rushed to the bathroom and washed off
while Jan was relaxing. She had her eyes open when he returned, but there was a hint
of pouchiness in the skin around them, and he knew she was overdue for a rest.
She moved very slowly as she got up, then made a quick dash for the door. While she
was gone, he turned down the bed and picked up the ointment tube that had fallen to
the floor when he flipped jack the covers.
He memorized the name on the label, then put it with Jan’s things on the dresser. If
ass-fucking could be this much fun, he wanted to be equipped for more of it!
He was in bed, quite relaxed but wakeful, when Jan returned. She climbed in beside
him and cuddled up against him snugly. He liked the feel of feminine skin against him,
especially when it was cooling to his own in summer or warm to the touch in winter.
"It’s been a most enjoyable and rewarding evening, Jan," he told her. "You are
delightful… no matter which end is up!"

"You’ve never tried the rear door before?" she asked.
"No. I won’t deny the thought had occurred to me, once or twice. But I guess I took it
for granted that I’d have trouble getting in. Is that ointment magic or something?"
"It helps a lot," she replied.
"Are you having a laugh because you seduced me?" he wanted to know. "If you parked
your fanny by my face on purpose, it certainly worked!"
"I was thinking about Howie," she told him. "He likes the smell of that stuff, too. But
he didn’t have any with him tonight, and I think he just might have tried to get into
Anne’s winkie without it. That can be rather rough, unless he worked her over with his
tongue as beautifully as you did me."
"I doubt whether Anne would… hell, maybe she would at that!" Ron realized that, just
because he had never made such overtures to his wife, he had no assurance that she
would not be excited by the novelty of it. It was his turn to chuckle to himself.
"And now, are you laughing at me?" Jan asked.
"No, sweetie. I was just thinking, that if Howard did get into Anne’s asshole, everyone
on the premises got a surprise in the last hours. Jake and Bibi were both pleasantly
surprised by her blossoming out, Anne and I got the anal education, and I’ll bet you
and Howard felt surprise to learn that swappers like the Lansings hadn’t tried the rear-
entrance approach. Right?"
"I guess that’s true. So this is not only an enjoyable and exciting weekend, it’s an eye-
opener for everyone!"

Ron had been starting to think of his morning chores, which would come all too soon if
he did not get to sleep before long. Thoughts of the little horses stirred him to new
wondering: Perhaps the Chapmans were sophisticated enough to appreciate the special
kind of training Capscrew and Snapfire had begun. He wondered, though, if Bibi and
Jake were ready for such a revelation!
"Yeah," he replied to Jan. "And it’s not over, yet. Who’s to say that eyes might not open
wider, tomorrow?"




By J. S. Bradley

Psychologists invariably agree that man has certain needs which are an inherent part of
his nature. The most commonly mentioned are the physical needs – the needs for food,
for water and shelter. The need for sex – the "reproductive drive", as it is often referred
to – is also considered basic to man.
Carol Madison is a woman of deep and abiding passions, yet a woman whose whole
upbringing has told her to repress her true nature, to feel ashamed of her strong sex
drive. Her problem is further compounded by her younger sister Tish, a hot and
uninhibited girl who thrives on sex and stealing her older sister’s lovers. When Carol
tries to repress her nature, to deny her natural physical needs and to shun the man she
loves because she mistakenly believes Tish has seduced him, she inadvertently puts
herself at the mercy of her devious, amoral sister, who leads the frustrated Carol into a
wilderness of perversity and debauchery she is helpless to resist. It is only by coming to
terms with her own needs and nature that Carol is able to set herself free, to be her
own person and live her own life.
SISTER’S DOG HUNGER – a chronicle of one individual’s personal search for
happiness and fulfillment. A novel of significance to our ever-changing society.
-The Publisher



THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 9

THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 9
"Now that is what I call a lot of female!" Howard said, standing by the big bed and
staring down at the soft symmetry of Annette’s body, kitten-curled on the sheet
"Are you still trying to tell me I’m carrying too much flesh?" Annette was smiling
crookedly, but she was beginning to wonder if Howard’s remarks might not be
Freudian slips. Had she gained any weight lately? She was thinking about running into
the bathroom and stepping on the scale when he answered.
"Do you have a complex or something?" he asked. "Every time I try to tell you how
delightfully perfect you are, you twist my meaning and make it come out an insult
instead of a compliment."
"Maybe so," she said, relaxing again and deciding to forego the process of weighing
herself. "Ron insists that I was insane to waste money at a fat farm a while back. But if
I hadn’t gone, I wouldn’t have met Bibi!"
Howard had to laugh at her feminine logic, and also at her obvious fear of gaining
"Oh, you’re too much, Annette!" he said, almost choking with laughter.
Annette fell back in bed and her tits jiggled enticingly with the shock of the fall.
Howard dove at their compelling vibrancy with both hands, seizing a sweet double
handful of warm flesh that made him wet his lips hungrily.
He began to kiss and nibble the succulent tips, feeling them swell and stiffen until he
could suck them greedily. When he had both nipples tender and supersensitive from his

mouthing, he kissed them gently and moved downward onto her belly, where he
tongued and nibbled for a while.
Annette pulled a leg out from under him so he could reach what she thought was his
next goal. Her cuntlips were swollen with desire and her tiny bud was taut and itching
for his kisses.
But Howard decided to fool her. He rolled her over onto her belly and began kissing
her back and ass. Annette felt delicious shivers of pleasure running up her spine; he was
literally giving her a massage with his lips and tongue, and the sensations were
excitingly delightful.
When he ran his tongue down into the crease between her asscheeks, trailing it wetly
through the sensitive skin of the cleft, she began making a sound that was half moaning
and half humming. As his tongue-tip found and pressed into her asshole, she squealed
"Oh Howie! What a… fantastic feeling!" The cheeks of her ass quivered as the muscles
jerked in reaction to the thrills that raced through her lower torso.
His tongue-kept warm and moist by steady pistoning past his lips-entered the stubborn
little funnel of flesh again and again, darting like a sewing-machine needle. It coaxed
the tight hole into relaxing just a little more with each gentle stab, as the pleasurable
sensations increased, promising still more thrills if the tongue were allowed to penetrate
Soon Howard had tongued his way well past the tight muscle that first had barred his
entry. Originally it had been contracted tightly; as the pleasure mounted and the
tongue-tip traveled inward, the sphincter relaxed. When he could slide his tongue in

and out of her asshole freely, probing deeply inside her rectum, he knew it was time to
try another penetration.
His change of position was so fast, and Annette had been lulled into such a delicious
euphoria of sexual sensations by his tongue, that she did not tense up very much when
the head of his cock was pressed into the fleshy tunnel of her asshole. It winked shut
two or three times, but there was not the panicked tightening that might have occurred
if he had not soothed the way so expertly with his tongue.
He thrust inside, past the ring of muscle, and felt his knob plop inside. He waited
patiently for another chance to move, feeling the constriction of her trap door choking
his shaft in reflex action.
"Oh Howie! I don’t know… it’s awfully tight and tender!"
"Just relax and trust me," he said. He slipped a hand under her and his fingers found
her cunt. He began toying in the moist warmth, teasing the flesh until she exuded a
generous flow of lubricant. Then he worked at her clitoris with his fingertips, constantly
teasing the little bud and keeping it bathed with her vaginal cream.
He still had not moved his cock. Her asshole winked off and on, but its tightening
became less powerful as her defensive reflexes weakened. He just kept fingering her
"Oh, God! That feels so good!" she cried finally. "Fuck me Howie! I need some action!
Fuck my ass!" And her ass rose up and down as she spoke, coaxing him physically, as if
she feared he would not act on her plea.
And he was ready. Now she had surrendered the will to fight against having her virgin
asshole penetrated, and he knew there would be little chafing friction to bother them.

He began stroking in and out of her ass, decreasing the amount of movement by his
cunt-stirring fingers. Soon she was feeling the rectal sensations that seemed to move
into her pussy; it was almost as if he were fucking her in the cunt at the same time.
She was excited beyond words, and could only grunt and whimper and hum and moan
as she wiggled and bucked under him, trying to hasten her climb into the sexual clouds.
Howard was prepared for quite a long ride, he thought. But he had not slowed his
fingers quite enough. Annette received sufficient stimulation at her hot little bud to send
her over the top. And when she cried out, feeling the orgasm strike her, Howard was
on the out-stroke.
Her asshole clamped tightly around his cock, just behind its tender coronal ridge, the
head trapped inside and the shaft outside. When it released him, he drove into her ass
all the way and felt the claspings of her sphincter seize him in repeated spasms.
He groaned and released his load in her ass, as his fingers slid from her clit into her
cunt as far as he could maneuver them.
Pulling out of her ass was a slow process, for her outraged little exit kept tightening on
him, and both of them were overly sensitive from the unusually snug condition of their
connection. But finally the knob was free, and white blobs were dribbling from her
puckered asshole. It looked almost as if it were beginning to turn inside out, Howard
thought as he gave it a last grateful look.
"Oh-h-h!" Annette moaned. "I feel as if I’d been fucked in the ass by Cappie!"
"By whom?" Howard asked, puzzled. "Cappie?"
"Capscrew," she told him. "He’s one of our stallions… or at least I think he should be

called a stallion. Anyhow, my ass feels as if something sizable were still in there!"
"Something sizable is. I pumped quite a load in there!"
"It must have been cement!" Annette replied. "I think I’d better go get rid of it before it
sets!" She crawled out of bed and went to the bathroom.
Howard went into the hall and tried the door to the guest bathroom. It opened and he
stepped inside to see Jan sitting on the toilet. She was using a douche syringe, and after
a first wide-eyed glance at him, she grinned and continued her chore.
"Pardon me," he said, going to the lavatory and adjusting the faucets to run warm
water. "I just dropped in to rinse off my cement mixer."
"You what?" Jan’s blonde tresses floated around her head as she whirled it to stare at
"I’ll tell you later," he said, lathering his tender prick.
‘The only time you wash like that is when you’ve been in my back door," she said with
a quietly accusing tone. "Howie! It looks awfully red… don’t tell me a swapper like
Anne had a virgin asshole?"
"All I can say for sure is that she felt cherry and acted cherry. Want me to ask her?"
"I’m curious, but suit yourself. You’ve given me an idea, though. I think I’ll see if I can
seduce Ron with my ass!"
"You’re getting to be a lusty little slut," he told her as he toweled his cock. "Maybe
that’s the sexuality that endears you to me!" He gave her a kiss n the cheek before he
waved silently and left her "one.

Annette was sitting on the bed when he turned, her feet pulled up to her buttocks and
her parted cunt gleaming pinkly at him from its nest of shiny brown curls.
"What happened to you?" she asked.
"I went to get some tools, in case that cement hardened before you could remove it," he
"I told you, you were a nut. Where are the tools?"
"It seems that Ron’s tool box is on loan for the night. I guess we’ll just have to do the
best we can with the only tool I have." Howard grabbed his cock and swung it from
side to side.
"C’mere, Howie," she said in an ominous tone. Her index finger was crooked at him
and wiggling frantically. He moved to sit on the edge of the bed. "I’ll show you where
Ron’s tool box is if you’ll put that tool in it!"
"It’s a deal!" Howard said, rolling onto the center of the bed until he could lay his head
in her lap. "But first, would you do something for me?" He looked up past the rounded
smoothness of her belly and the outthrust mounds of her tits to gaze into her eyes.
"If I can, Howie. What is it?"
"Tease me with those gorgeous tits, Anne. Run your nipples over me… all over me. I
think it would be exciting as hell!"
Her eyes sparkled mischievously and she nodded consent. He crawled into the exact
center of the bed and lay with his arms and legs outspread, forming an X.
"Tease me, baby!" he invited.

Annette started at his forehead, bracing herself on hands and knees, leaning over him
and making first one nipple and then the other touch him gently and write on his skin
in random patterns. When a nipple touched his lips he sucked it in and feasted on it for
a few seconds, causing it to swell to its full ripeness.
She gave him the other one and he sucked it. His hunger grew and he milked it from
the breast outward with tight lips, stealing a drop of "love milk" from her ducts. She
moaned and returned the other to his mouth. He got a tiny droplet from that tit, and
then she took it away.
His chest was next to feel the soft caress of the spongy nipples. She was reversed with
respect to his position, so that her face hovered over his belly while she made figure-
eights with her tits on his hairy skin.
She crawled down slowly, trailing the hot little tit-points over his belly and into his
crotch. The delicate massage had excited him enough that his cock was again fully rigid,
pointing up into the valley between the swollen mounds.
The constant friction on her nipples and the suction and milking by Howard’s lips
already had stirred her passion to a high pitch. The knowledge that he was again hard
for her was too much to bear without sudden action.
She backed up and seized the purplish knob in her lips and let her crotch lower until it
touched his face. Howard grabbed her at the upper part of her thighs and pressed his
mouth into her cunt. He licked into the warm wetness with greedy enjoyment as she
sucked the length of his shaft to her mouth.
He had a small advantage, and he was aware of Although excitement had provided an
erection, his glands had not yet replaced enough fluid for a full ejaculation. He would

have comparatively lengthy lasting power for this trip, while Annette’s female physique
could give her a hasty triggering if he pushed all the right buttons! He licked her flared
and swollen cuntlips, using a vibrating stroke of his tongue. She moaned around the
mouthful of cock and sucked eagerly at it. He dipped his tongue into the entrance of
her cave and vibrated it as rapidly as he could. She gave a choked cry and nodded her
head faster as if trying to get him stimulated as fast as he was stimulating
Then he seized her firm little bud and nibbled it, making her hum and whimper
steadily as she sucked on him. He twitted its tip with his tongue, then sucked it,
alternating between the two techniques until she was almost sobbing too hard to
maintain suction on his rock-hard cock.
He stopped for a second, blew a stream of cool air on the fiery little flesh, then twitted
it rapidly and sucked powerfully. Annette’s cunt pressed into his face and her back
bowed with the first wave of her orgasm.
She gulped at his cock frantically, trying to take his load before her climax was over.
Her cunt was extremely juicy, for she had been lubricating very heavily. As she pushed
her vulva into Howard’s face, a suction was created, and there was a smacking,
plopping sound of wet flesh cupping as her cunt walls touched in convulsion.
The sound of this juiciness and the knowledge of its source in the depths of her cunt,
puffed Howard’s cock immediately. He groaned as he sucked at her bud, then stuck his
tongue into her cunt all the way. His load spurted out to be taken in greedy gulps until
he was weak from the absolute draining.
When they had recovered sufficiently to align themselves in the bed as if for sleeping,
Howard exhaled in a long, low moan. His prick felt raw and heated, as though it

radiated enough to glow in the dark.
"You sound as if you might be exhausted," Annette teased. "And here I was planning
on several more games!"
"Uh… could I call in a substitute for the first quarter?"
"I’m afraid that, without proper authorization…"
"Would you believe… uh… game called on account of pain?"
"Does it really hurt, Howie?" Annette sat up and looked at the flushed skin and the
bright purplish-red of his knob.
"If you weren’t supposed to be such a swinger, Anne, I’d swear that sweet little asshole
of yours was a virgin!"
"You’d have made money if you’d bet on it," she confirmed.
"That’s odd," he said thoughtfully.
"Not too strange at that," Annette told him. "Swapping has its cliques, its fetishes, its
categories. A couple tries to get in contact with other couples that match their own likes
and dislikes as much as possible. Now, Ron and I lean toward standard and French
cultures… that’s the way most swappers describe it."
"And you just haven’t run into a guy who also was in the mood to try your cute little
back door?"
"As chance would have it, not until tonight, Howie. But it was groovy. I loved it, even if
my ass did bother me until… say! Wait a minute." She left him to go into the bathroom

and returned with a small aerosol container. She took his limp cock in her fingers,
lifting it gently.
"What is that stuff?" he asked, trying to sit up so he could see what she held in her
other hand. He felt that he was blessed with a reasonably serviceable cock, and he knew
he had not heard of any successful transplants of that organ.
"Relax, Howie," she told him. "Ron has used this and it’s perfectly safe. You’ll be glad, I
promise you." He lay back as she sprayed his prick with the stuff, taking care to cover
the entire knob and the inflamed coronal ridge. It was very cool as it landed on his
"Doesn’t that begin to feel better already?" she asked him.
"As a matter-of-fact, Anne, it’s stopped most of the pain. What is it, anyhow? And why
did Ron have to use it if he’s never been into your tight little behind?"
"It was my fault," she explained. "I’d had a bit much to drink one night, and I sort of
scraped him a few times with my teeth. I guess he was really miserable the next day,
and he went to a druggist who’s a friend of his. The man gave him this."
"Oh-oh!" Howard sat up again. "My cock feels as if it’s going to sleep! Is it supposed to
do that?"
"Yes. Now will you relax? It’s got an anesthetic in it. And it has a softening, soothing
oil that penetrates and heals. That’s all."
"How long does it last… the anesthetic, I mean?"
"Just long enough for the other stuff to relieve the inflammation, I guess."

"You guess? Let me see that label!" Howie was a bit worried as he thought of the
remaining portion of the weekend. He still had not had a chance to get into Bibi, and
he hoped that he would get to play with the lovely brunette.
He took the bottle and saw to his dismay that it was not a standard commercial
package. Ron’s druggist friend had printed something in fine lettering on the white
"Quite a sense of humor that druggist has," Howard noted. "Ron spilled the whole
story to him, huh?"
"I complained about that when I saw the label," she replied. "Ron asked me what he
was supposed to say… that he’d caught it in a meat grinder? I tried to think of what he
might have used for a story, but had to admit that the truth was the only thing that
would have convinced anyone. Besides, they’ve known each other for years."
"You talk as if you’ve never met him, yourself."
"No, I haven’t, as it happens." She giggled. "He’s a swapper, too. But one weekend
when we invited them over – or Ron did – Cal said that he’d rather wait until I had a
few more years of experience. Actually, they had a previous engagement, but that’s
what he had told Ron to tell me. So I’m just waiting for the day when we do swap with
them. I’ll scare the hell out of him!"
"By closing on him with your teeth?"

"Of course. What else?"
"Now that you’ve lost your ass cherry, why not get him to try your tight little asshole?
After he’s inside, you can tell him that Ron lied; that it was your winkie which chewed
the hell out of Ron’s.
Annette sat up and took another look at the injured cock. It was still somewhat
inflamed, although better than before she had sprayed it.
"I guess I do have a pretty strong muscle back there," she said wonderingly. "But the
threat of teeth seems like a scarier thing, don’t you think?"
"Could be," Howard said. "Right now, I think even lips might hurt!"


THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 8

THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 8
Dinner could have been an uncomfortable event for all of them, especially Bibi, who
certainly felt that she had pushed into the limelight and become the center of attraction
during the afternoon orgy.
But Ron and Annette maneuvered the conversation around to ranch matters, amusing
everyone with anecdotes concerning themselves and their little horses, omitting any
mention of the special functions planned with Capscrew and Snapfire, much less the
actual "training" incidents to date.
Ron and Annette also managed to sneak a few hasty private conferences before the
women got busy cleaning up the debris and doing the dishes. So when the men retired
to the den, they were able to hold a council for the purpose of assessing Bibi’s debut,
aided by Annette’s espionage.
"Anne says that Bibi acts only slightly as if she might be self-conscious. She seems to be
privately enjoying a hell of a long afterglow, or else she’s quietly planning ways to make
up for all the time she’s lost. At least, that’s the impression Anne gets." Ron looked at
Jake and Howard for reactions as he lit his cigar, then settled down in his chair to hear
what they had to say.
"I think I know that look she’s wearing," Jake offered, a tolerant smile on his face.
"Usually she has the look – as if she’s enjoying a private joke – when she thinks
someone’s underestimated her in some way, or when someone seems to have made an
error in judgment concerning something she thinks she knows more about. Frankly,
I’m beginning to be a little uneasy, because that might mean a lot of different things, in
view of what happened this afternoon."

"Keep the faith, Jake," Ron told him. "We’ve got several positive factors going for us.
First, and most important, I don’t think any of us can doubt that Bibi genuinely
experienced a hell of a lot of pleasure out there, right?"
"Either that or she’s the best actress alive," Howard replied.
"I’m sure she did," Jake said. "But her hang-up obviously never involved the inability to
enjoy sex; just the inability to let herself go and become involved with it, no holds
"I was coming to that," Ron told him. "Second, Bibi certainly must realize that she can
let herself go again… any time she wants, Jake. It may take a few drinks to open all the
same doors, but at least it’s theoretically possible for her, now. Agreed?"
"Sure," Jake said. "Looking back, it appears that if I had broken that one taboo of hers
– sex after drinking – she might have opened up sooner. On the other hand, this may
mean that she’s got that private-world smugness turned on because she’s already
decided she’ll fool everyone and never drink again as long as she lives. It all depends on
what’s at the bottom of her real problem, and how much she wants to fight it."
"That’s true, of course, Jake," Howard volunteered. "But do you really think she’d give
up that promised land she enjoyed so much today, just to ‘fool everyone’ by going on
the wagon? Surely she’s not afraid she’ll become a lush in the process?"
"No, that’s not it. I’m afraid neither Paula nor I gave a clear picture of Bibi’s
strangeness in the bedroom. Believe me, it’s as though she had been brought up by
missionaries. Actually, her parents are the most demonstratively affectionate couple I’ve
ever met. None of it makes any sense, especially after seeing how involved she can get
when she really opens up."

"Well, let’s go on adding up the plus factors," Ron urged. "Number three: By this time,
Bibi can’t help but have noticed that her blossoming out on the patio has earned her
acceptance and even a certain amount of admiration from the rest of us. So she can’t
feel that she enjoyed herself at the expense of becoming ostracized or looked down on."
"Again, I’m afraid that acceptance by others is not a consideration." Jake’s brow was
furrowed deeply. "Whatever it is that has her hogtied, she’s been doing it to herself. If
we could crack that mystery – why she does it – I know we’d be able to get her
straightened out permanently. As it is…"
"As it is," Ron interjected, "I think we might be able to swing even that. Tomorrow,
we’ll get her full of good booze again, then see if we can talk her through it while she’s
got that door unlocked."
"Fine!" Jake replied. "And if she’s wearing that look because she has vowed never to
drink again? Where would that leave us?"
"Aha!" Ron countered. "Plus factor number four! In case you were too busy getting
your jollies this afternoon, and failed to notice everything else that went on, let me
inform you that Annette was shooting sound-movies of the whole affair – in color, no
less! If we can’t get her to play ball this weekend, she might find it difficult to refuse
after seeing a private screening of that film."
"My God!" Jake’s jaw hung open for several seconds. "Where do you get a thing like
that processed?"
"No problem at all these days," Ron told him. "I can have it ready by next weekend.
The point is, do you think she can be coerced with threats of showing the film to
others… in view of your belief that she doesn’t need acceptance by others?"

"Hell yes! I meant only that social acceptance was not her major hang-up; that her
restrictions were self-imposed. If she could be made to believe that you’d show that film
to… hell, to any of several people I can name, she’d do almost anything to stop it." A
sudden light sprang up in Jake’s face, and he got to his feet and paced the room several
times, finally stopping in front of Ron.
"Listen, Ron: No matter if I come to you later and beg you on bended knee, don’t agree
to drop the threat of using that film until Bibi tells all. Okay?"
"All right," Ron agreed. "What’ve you got up your sleeve, Jake?"
"I’m going to do a little homework tonight. God knows I’ve got enough to catch up on!
And I just may have to use a little coercion of my own. At any rate, I’m going to try
like hell to widen the crack we made in that shell today!"
"Okay," Ron said, grinning broadly. "Since you’re not officially swappers yet, you two
can sleep together tonight, and I hope you make some real headway."
"Hey!" Howard said, looking wide-eyed at Ron. "That doesn’t apply to Jan and me,
does it?"
"Hell no! I’ve been dying to bed that little beauty someplace where the hay doesn’t
make marks on her lovely skin!"
"Good! I had to rush too fast in the bam yesterday, and I was too tired to get the most
out of our daisy chain last night. If I had all night, I might just get acquainted properly
with that delicious bouncy wife of yours."
"Say!" Annette cried as she walked into the den with the other women behind her. "Are
you implying that I’m so fleshy I bounce when I move?" She tried to stare harshly at

Howard, but a smile kept rippling the corners of her mouth.
"Only in all the right places," Howard told her. "Come on to bed, and I’ll explain in
"Well, folks, you see how it is," Annette shrugged as she faced the others. "I hate to
seem like a neglectful hostess, but you wouldn’t want me to delay my education… not
about something as important as my figure!" She took Howard’s hand and headed for
the master bedroom. "Do be a good host, Ron, to make up for my neglect. Tuck Jake
and Bibi in, then entertain Jan, will you, darling?"
"We’ll tuck each other in, Ron," Jake said with a grin as Annette and Howard
disappeared. "We have a lot to talk over before we go to sleep, anyhow." He took Bibi’s
hand and she blushed as she waved good night, then let him lead her away.
When they closed the door of their room, Bibi faced him and looked directly into his
eyes for the first time since she had her wild orgy on the patio.
"I’m not sure I’m ready to talk, yet, Franklin," she said. She had to drop her eyes as she
realized that she had again used his formal name. It seemed so ridiculous, after what
she had done on the patio; yet habit and that ingrained hang-up of hers had kept her
from calling him Jake!
"Then you’ll have to talk unprepared," he said, suddenly determined to take the firm
hand he should have taken with her on their wedding night. "Why is it so much of a
strain for you to talk about sex with me, unless it’s to tell me what I can – can’t do
with my wife’s body? You talk about freely enough at parties and bridge games." ‘But
that’s different," she protested. "It’s generalizing… not personal like it is in the
bedroom." h, and I suppose your little orgy this moon was entirely impersonal… just

socializing-like bridge chatter, huh."
"That’s not fair! I’d been drinking… quite a… and I certainly was not expecting all that.
I no way of knowing that the Lansings were swinging characters. We’d never seen any
signs it before."
"That’s another thing. You deliberately made me promise, on our wedding night, that
I’d never make pass at you after we’d been drinking. Yet you let o men and a woman
make love to you after downing a few. If that’s the kind of advantage I have because
I’m married to you, then I misunderstood the ceremony!"
"Oh, honey!" she cried, throwing her arms around him and pulling him tightly to her.
"If only I could make you understand!"
"How am I ever to understand you if you won’t tell me all the things you bottle up
inside? You just told me you weren’t ready to talk. As many years as we’ve been
married, you haven’t been ready to talk. What’s going to make you ready, Bibi?"
"I don’t know… not for sure… not yet. Darling, what happened today was a fluke. I’m
not even sure whether it was good or bad… no, don’t protest. I know I enjoyed it. But I
mean I don’t know if it was good or bad for us. I have to think it over; figure myself
out so I know what really goes on inside me. Don’t you think I want you to… to make
love to me… deep down inside… the real me? Just give me time… please!"
"No, Bibi. No more time… no more delays. Either you trust me enough to make
decisions, with or without the help you might provide by some explanations, or we
haven’t enough left to go on. As a starter, I’m telling you that I’m going to fuck you
tonight, Bibi. You can take as many drinks as you want first, if that’s what it takes to let
you enjoy it. But Bibi, you are going to get screwed by your husband!"

She saw by his face that he spoke the truth. She glanced wildly around the room, as if
seeking an escape. But when she answered him, he learned what she was looking for.
"All right… tonight I will! I’ll take a drink… several of them… and then we’ll make love.
But never again! I won’t touch a drop after tonight… no matter what. I’m stronger than
that… I can find my way out of… what’s holding me back, without depending on
"I’ll get you started," Jake said, deciding not to argue with her about what would
happen later. He got a flask from his suitcase and handed it to her. "Here. Knock off a
few swallows of that. Without water and ice, it ought to take effect sooner." Ten
minutes and many swallows later, Bibi handed him the silver flask and he returned it to
the suitcase. She was breathing quite heavily and her eyes had the same sparkling depth
he had seen in them on the patio.
Jake got in bed and she rolled up beside him. He put his arms around her and kissed
her. As always, she kissed passionately, setting his blood on fire with her lips, tongue
and teeth. Then he moved away and began to kiss her nipples, bringing them both to
their excitingly full sponginess with nibbling and licking and sucking that made her
hum softly between whimpering.
He sated himself, reveling in the fact that what he tasted was her own sweet flesh,
untainted with nipple creams or even perfumes. It spurred him to seek out another
delicacy. He moved her legs apart and dove into her crotch, sniffing and nuzzling and
kissing the moistness of her open cunt.
He licked at the inner edges of the swelling lips, teased the bud of her clitoris until she
moaned and wiggled her ass, then took the firm little thing in his lips and sucked at it.

"Jake!" she cried. "Oh, I’m coming… suck hard!" She began to shake and shudder, her
ass lifting slowly off the bed, until a gigantic seizure bent her into an arch and held her
there, trembling and gasping, for several seconds. no
Jake rammed his tongue into her cunt, sucked at the tunnel powerfully, then pulled his
head out of her crotch and crawled up to her on his knees. He shoved the head of his
cock into her pussy and drove it all the way inside her, feeling her inner quivering as he
slithered along in the spasming sheath.
"Yes, oh yes! Fuck me, Jake! Did I ever tell you how very… much I love to have you…
in me? To feel your come… spurting inside me? Oh, Jake!" Her ass was like a trapped
animal, writhing and twisting and thrusting up at him as she sought to consume him,
to suck his cock with her cunt and drain it dry.
He was deliriously happy, enjoying her body with no taboos in effect, knowing that her
whole being wanted him, reveled in having him eat her and fuck her. The
unaccustomed joy magnified the sensation that filled his groin, and he felt himself
losing control.
"Now, Jake!" she cried. "Oh fill me up, Daddy… pump it hard!"
Her cunt was eating him alive as he burst inside her, feeling the hot splashes ooze up
around the head of his cock. He pushed to bury it to the limit and she moaned loudly
as she stiffened and jerked sharply several times before collapsing into a limp bundle.
Jake kept his cock in her, letting it soak in her hot cunt as if the magic steam of their
passion could harden it again. But he gave up and withdrew, then lay down beside her
and caressed the satin surface of her heaving belly while they slowed their breathing to
normal and felt the tinglings of their bodies as juices flowed to the drained areas.

"You called me Jake," he said in a quiet voice. "It sounded good, as if you really liked
me a little bit."
"Oh, I do, Jake! If only I could unwind like this… all the time!"
"I think you can," he told her. "Look, Bibi, why not take a few drinks at bedtime for a
while? After you’ve broken the jinx of whatever bugs you, I’ll bet you could do just as
well without the booze."
"That’s no way to live," she protested. "I have to find my way without drinking." She
was almost completely sober now, the alcohol dissipated by the violence of her two
climaxes and the exercise that brought them on.
"Bibi, whatever that hang-up is, it’s grown too big to fight by yourself. You wouldn’t
refuse a flashlight if you had to take a walk in the dark. So use the booze until you’ve
shaken off the damned troll that’s riding on your shoulders!"
"Let me try it by myself first… see if I can do it."
"All right. You sound fairly sober at the moment. Make the effort. Suck my cock, Bibi.
You’ve never done that before. See if you can manage to do it now."
She was silent for what seemed like a very long time. Then he felt her shudder. She was
tense all over: he could feel the tightening of her muscles next to him.
"I did it this afternoon," she told him in a small voice. "Yes, with the help of the drinks.
Try it now."
Again, she shuddered. Jake waited, almost as tense as Bibi. Then she moved very
slowly, as if pulling against a heavy weight. She turned around in bed and crawled on

her hands and knees at a snail’s pace until she was looking down at the smeared
limpness of his cock.
"Shouldn’t you… wash it off first?" she asked hesitantly.
"No. This afternoon, with the booze to help you, you were passionate enough to take it
fresh from Jan’s cunt. Now prove that you can take it with your own juice on it!"
More silence. Then her head lowered over his crotch even more slowly than her body
had moved into position. But her lips finally touched the side of the shaft and her
tongue licked at it tentatively.
Suddenly she seized it with her hand, tipped it up and put it between her lips. Jake felt
it wobble as she shivered once more, then she plunged it into her mouth and began to
stroke it. He could feel it swell and harden quickly as the moist warmth of her mouth
massaged it.
"That’s it, Bibi!" he said. "Eat it, doll! God, but your mouth is sweet on it!"
She speeded up her movements and he could feel the tip make frequent contact with
the back of her throat. Once she swallowed just as it touched there, and the sensation
almost brought him off immediately. But he held on for a while, until she built up a
magnificent suction that finally pulled his cork.
She swallowed frantically as he unloaded, then drew out his last drop as she pulled the
limp shaft out between her lips. Jake lay very still, savoring the weakness in his groin
because of the delightful manner in which his strength had been stolen.
The bed was quivering again, but this time it was different. He knew it was not a
shudder, but only when he began to hear soft sniffling sounds did he realize that Bibi

was sobbing quietly to herself.
At that moment he was angry with himself for having goaded her into it, since it was
obvious that without the booze it had a negative effect on her. He reached down and
pulled her by the shoulders until he had her up against him, cradled in his arms.
"Bibi," he said softly.
"Oh, Jake!" she sobbed. "I did it! I made it!" She had to squeeze out the choked words
between continued sobs and sniffles, but he understood every distorted, wonderful
syllable. "I sucked you off… cold sober… and I loved it!"


THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 7

THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 7
After the introductions were made and overnight cases were taken to their room, Jake
and Bibi got acquainted with the Chapmans over highballs and canapés served on the
"The air is always so clean and fresh up here," Bibi said to Jan, who sat nearest her. "I
envy you the extra day you had to enjoy it."
"Oh, it’s marvelous!" Jan agreed. "The air and the water up here are both so pure; free
of everything but fantastic flavor. And the privacy here is unbelievable. It’s so relaxing!"
"I know," Bibi told her. "The last time we were here, I even had the urge to run around
the place without my clothes. The sun ought to tan you fast up here; the air is so thin."
"I get the same urge," Jan confided. "I guess we both like freedom… letting our bodies
out of these fabric prisons that civilization has wished on us. Maybe we can do some
sunbathing; it seems a shame to waste the opportunity."
"I don’t know," Bibi hedged, startled by the suddenness with which Jan had picked up
on the idea of nudism. "Annette and Ron certainly are sophisticated, but they may not
be as advanced in progressive thinking as you and I. Ron surely has a beautiful tan,
though, doesn’t he? I hope Franklin gets a little sun while we’re here; I think it’s good
for the skin – even people with red hair who freckle so easily."
Jan knew by the change of subject that Bibi had cooled the discussion of nudism
because she feared having her bluff called. And Jan decided at that moment to wage a
constant campaign designed to break down Bibi’s obvious inhibitions.

Howard wandered over and smiled at the two women, frankly appraising Bibi’s beauty
and showing his appreciation of it. She was wearing a yellow mini-length halter dress
that contrasted with her black hair and creamy tan skin. Just looking at her gave
Howard a hard-on.
"I was talking to Ron and Jake," he told them. "And we were agreed on the idea of
changing into swimsuits or something. Don’t you two think it would be more
"Heavens, yes!" Jan said, jumping to her feet and holding out a hand to Bibi, who
hesitated, then stood up slowly.
"I’m afraid I don’t have a swimsuit with me," she said, wetting her lips nervously. But
Jan took the brunette’s hand and led her off toward the house.
"I know you can wear Anne’s, Bibi; she has lots of them. Remember, we don’t want to
pass up the chance of letting a little skin breathe in this tremendous air!"
When they returned, twenty minutes later, the men were in trunks, starting on fresh
drinks. They all gave appreciative wolf whistles, and Bibi actually blushed as she made
her way to her chair, where a fresh drink awaited her, Jan following closely on her
When Annette joined them, it was hard to tell which of the three women was the most
attractive. Their bikinis accentuated their individual coloring; Annette in white that
emphasized her gentle tan and her brown hair, Jan’s blonde fairness highlighted by the
turquoise she wore, and Bibi looking exotically dangerous in red.
The Lansings knew how to host, keeping the drinks and snacks in good supply and

injecting the right witticism or interesting comment whenever the conversation lagged
or someone appeared to be a bit backward or embarrassed.
So the time passed pleasantly. Even Bibi forgot that she was displaying more of her
body than she ever had revealed before in public. To bolster her morale against what
was to come, the others were very solicitous, making sure that she was supplied with
drinks, added ice, and snacks; everyone was attentive whenever she had anything to say.
By the time she had consumed her fourth drink, buffered by the accompanying
canapés, she was glowing visibly and not at all self-conscious about wearing the bikini.
Bibi had always known that alcohol floated away her inhibitions, which was why she
had made the no-sex-after-drinking rule on her wedding night. But here, in the natural
beauty of the mountains, relaxing pleasantly with warm companions, she thought it
quite safe to go beyond her usual one or two social drinks.
She anticipated no sex with Jake during their stay – it would be almost unthinkable to
risk being detected at lovemaking while guesting at a friend’s house! So Bibi saw no
reason to curtail her drinking on this pleasant visit.
Known for her frank speech and "modern" outlook, Bibi now was in a condition to
outdo her reputation. Jake, who had been eying her surreptitiously from his seat across
the patio, knew she was feeling no pain and might become even more outspoken than
But she surprised him and the Lansings by exercising remarkable restraint in her
speech. Later, he decided that it was because she had the subconscious awareness of her
dissolving inhibitions. Freed of inner hang-ups concerning physical sexuality, she

needed no false attitude for a crutch.
When Jake finally thought that the alcohol was having an inverse effect on her
frankness, and gave up monitoring her conversation at a distance, she startled him
She had been looking around her at the sun-dappled patio beneath the trees, then at a
wide expanse of full sunlight at one end, where a redwood lounge sat beside a table
bearing oils and lotions and black eye patches.
"I wish I’d thought to bring some pasties with me!" Bibi exclaimed suddenly. "It’s a
shame to waste that sun when I could get a whole shade darker all over."
Ron had been puzzled by Bibi’s mild conversation, too, and he was alert when she
made her startling comment. He turned to Annette just in time to shake his head
negatively as she opened her mouth to speak. Ron knew she was going to offer Bibi the
pasties, and he had been inspired by a better idea.
"We can take care of that for you, Bibi," he said. "Jan, help her get organized. By the
time she’s settled for her sunbath we’ll have spot protection ready."
Jan jumped up on the instant, realizing that Bibi must not be given time to reconsider
or she might chicken out. She also decided to help the brunette by minimizing the
feeling of being conspicuous. She peeled off her own bra and bikini brief as she spoke.
"Great, Bibi! Come on, and I’ll join you for a while." The erstwhile conspirators all held
their breath, half-expecting Bibi to renege at the last moment. But the brunette got up
somewhat unsteadily and accompanied Jan to the lounge parked in the sun.

Once there, she removed her bikini and stretched out on her back, picking up the dark
eye patches and placing them over her eyes as her head touched the pad. Her cherry
nipples were bright in the sunlight, and her black pubic curls glistened gloriously.
"I’ll drag another lounge over here beside you," Jan said, starting to get the one she had
been sitting on in the shade. But Ron and Howard already were bringing it, and Jan
saw that they had removed their trunks. Both sported mammoth erections that swung
as they moved across the patio.
"Here you go, Jan!" Ron said as the men set the lounge three feet away from the one
Bibi was on. Then he sat on the edge of the padded frame next to the brunette’s legs,
leaned upward and poised his head over a magnificent tit.
"I’ll be the pasty on this side, Howie," he said. "You protect her other nipple. Okay?"
Their heads moved downward in unison and their lips contacted both nipples at almost
the same moment. Bibi had heard Ron’s calmly stated intent, and had thought he was
kidding, trying to get a rise out of her. When she felt her nipples being sucked into two
mouths, she gasped, thought about sitting up and protesting, then realized that she had
no intention of stopping them. It was fuzzily apparent to her that she felt flattered and
excited by their attentions!
All excuses she had given Jake notwithstanding, Bibi’s true ego delighted in being
desired; her entire personality as shown to the world outside her own boudoir,
evidenced this fact. She made the most of her looks, dressing smartly and using a
minimum of cosmetics to accentuate her best features. And she knew without
reservations that she was sexually attractive.

Now, with the obstacle of her inhibiting psychic block temporarily bridged by alcohol,
she was able to enjoy the privileges of her very female charm. More than that, she
craved masculine attention to compensate for the years she had denied herself what her
sexuality really required.
"It takes… three pasties… to protect everything… from the sun!" she gasped, frankly
stating her thoughts out of long-formed habit. Jan had a sudden compulsion – as tiny
thrills ran up her spine at Bibi’s words – to press her lips into the raven tendrils of the
gasping woman’s cunt and lick into the neglected flesh.
The impulse was startling to her, but she rationalized that she felt empathetic for Bibi’s
urgent need. It was Jan’s extremely potent sexuality, however, that moved her to try this
phase of sex play which she had never before attempted.
She reached her goal only seconds before Jake, who had heard Bibi’s statement and
rushed across the patio, eager to sate himself on the beloved cunt his mouth had been
so long denied. He pulled up short as he saw Jan kneeling at the foot of the lounge, her
small thumbs parting the swollen lips of Bibi’s slit, and licking into the slippery flesh
with a surprising greed.
Bibi was unaware of Jan’s identity. The thrilling tingles that raced over her body from
tits to crotch were so delicious that she had her eyes closed, shutting out everything but
the glorious sensations that now were multiplied by the fresh attack on her cunt.
Jake’s cock had been anxious from the moment the women appeared in their bikinis,
and when the disrobing began, he had become lustful beyond memory. Now, seeing the
abrupt demonstration of Jan’s lust, he felt an aching throb that was almost painful.
There had been no opportunity for the Lansings to warn him of the Chapmans’ intent

to help the conspiracy. Seeing this thrillingly novel display of a female’s lust for another
female was fantastically exciting, and Jake’s cock pulsed so powerfully that he feared it
would burst.
He had been thirsting to taste Bibi’s honey, but the cup of her cunt was usurped by
another’s lips. He went for the nearest substitute, positioning himself at the end of the
lounge and nosing into Jan’s blonde bush, inhaling her female scent and moistening his
face on the glistening dew which had appeared on her hairs and swelling cuntlips.
As he breathed the delicate musk of her lubricant, then licked up exciting tastes of her
slippery flesh, the substitute cunt became fully as desirable as if it were Bibi’s. Its
perfume differed from the personal scent of Bibi’s adored cunt in his memory from the
few times he had been close enough to inhale its fragrance. But it was stimulating Jake
to new heights, especially as he thought of himself as a link in the chain connected to
Bibi’s pussy.
Jan’s first taste of female flesh had been startlingly pleasant, and her lust began to
increase immediately. When Jake’s lips and tongue began to massage her heated vulva,
a fire blazed up in her guts and spread its warmth all though her. She was whimpering
and moaning as she tongued Bibi’s clitoris and sucked the little bud tenderly.
Bibi, her head thrown back tightly against the lounge pad, her eyes still closed, was
emitting sobbing moans of ecstasy. The long drought she had forced on her sexuality
seemed almost to have been worthwhile, so refreshing were the kisses that rained on
her most sensitive areas.
Ron and Howard now sucked and nibbled her tits as if they were receiving desperate
nourishment, and Jake’s feasting in Jan’s cunt had stirred the blonde to inspired

sucking and licking that carried Bibi into unbearable shudders of pre-orgasmic
"Oh God!" she cried as her body tensed into a human spring, arched upward in a tight
curve. "It’s too much… I can’t contain it! Suck it… out of me… please!" When her
climax hit, she shrieked as if mortally wounded. Her arched body shivered and jerked,
then slowly lowered until she lay limply on the pad, twitching and quivering
Jan, her ass raised in the air, thighs wide apart as Jake ate her swollen cunt, began to
shake as her own finale seized her, as if in chain reaction from Bibi’s violent finish. Jake
shoved his tongue into the spasming cave of her cunt and fucked her as she trembled
through her conclusion.
When the four around Bibi moved away from her tingling body and looked down on
her, they could see the sex flush under the tan of her skin, slowly fading as they
watched. When they looked up and saw how Annette had occupied herself during the
session, jaws fell open in shock.
The hostess had sensed a dramatic breakthrough at the moment Bibi spoke of nude
sunbathing. When the others surrounded the reclining brunette, they had not seen
Annette approaching them, sound camera in hand and audio pack hanging from her
shoulder. Annette had run inside and grabbed up the equipment as Ron and Howard
carried the second lounge to the scene.
"Just in case of a later denial or disbelief," Annette whispered as she rushed from the
stupefied group to return the movie equipment to the den Closet. Her sensible
explanation seemed to break the spell of surprise, and attention returned to the supine

Bibi, whose brown eyes were sparkling up at them from desire-swollen lids, her tits
rising and falling enticingly with her heavy breathing. The open swelling of her
devoured cunt blossomed in its nest of black curls, gleaming wetly in its dark pinkness.
"I just have to get into that!" Ron groaned as he moved to kneel at Bibi’s quaking
thighs. No one stirred as he pressed the head of his prick into the winking opening and
eased the length of his shaft into her depths. Even Jake was so bewitched by the
stimulating sight of his wife’s cunt being stuffed with another man’s cock, that he only
stood there and suffered the twitching throb of his own aching erection.
But he remained motionless only for an instant. Then he gave a low cry of animal lust,
seized Jan’s shoulders as she squatted at the foot of the lounge trying to recover from
her climax, and forced her into the position she had held while eating Bibi. Her arms
reached out to support her and her hands grasped Ron’s moving shoulders as he started
fucking into the trembling Bibi.
As Jan’s crotch became exposed, Jake thrust his swollen knob onto the flesh of her cunt
and drove into her tunnel until his balls slapped loudly against the convoluted lips. He
began to stroke into her, gauging the length and timing of Ron’s strokes by watching
the movement, and soon they all seemed to be parts of a lifelike mechanical toy.
"I’m so hot I’m creaming down my legs!" Annette said from the ringside stance she had
assumed after replacing the camera gear. Howard, whose throbbing erection was
driving him wild, stepped up behind her, turned her around, and eased her down onto
the other lounge.
"Let me slither around in that cream!" he groaned, lifting her legs aside and probing
into the dripping mess of her crotch with the tip of his cock. She whimpered and pulled

him to her, grasping him by the shoulders frantically. He entered her quickly and
immediately began to fuck with the desperation of his swiftly rising lust.
On the adjacent lounge, Ron felt Bibi’s tunnel walls clasping him spasmodically in
response to her renewed passion, and knew that all of them had been right – Jake,
Paula, Annette and himself. It was there, all right, and now it was no longer buried
under the comparative trivia of her hang-up. Bibi was as highly sexed as they came!
She had wrapped her legs around him and the motion of his long drives lifted her ass
off the lounge pad intermittently, bouncing it back down lightly as he buried his cock
in her clinging sheath. He had her bent almost double, so that his own ass rose high on
the out-stroke, spreading the heated vapors of his anointed cock and balls right under
Jan’s face.
Jan inhaled the mingled odors of Ron’s male crotch and the warm juices of Bibi’s
depths, her head so close to the fulcrum of the busy lever that she could have grabbed
his balls with her lips at times.
Then Bibi came, powerfully and with loud cries of joy. Ron shoved into her brutally
and went off like a package of firecrackers, bursting his seed against her walls in hot
gushes. When he was spent, he lifted his ass high, reveling in the feeling of the clinging
cunt as it squeegeed him off, and the soft tickling of her black hairs as they curled their
tendrils around his cock.
Jan had heard Bibi’s climaxing outcry, and it triggered her own release from the plateau
of sensation where she had lingered for quite a while. She strained forward, her head
pressing into the inverted vee of Ron’s crotch until she could seize his balls in her lips
and suck at them.

Ron groaned at the added stimulation, and when Jan’s mouth moved up to nibble and
suck at the base of his cock, greedily gleaning the liquid souvenirs of his coupling with
Bibi, he had to grit his teeth in painful ecstasy.
Jan succeeded in nibbling her way up to the tip of the smeary shaft, then sucked
hungrily at the oozing knob while her orgasmic waves started to inundate her
consciousness. Jake was losing his gushes inside her cunt, adding to the tide that carried
her over the crest. She became lost in a smothering cloud of thrills and failed to realize
that Ron had removed his tortured cock from her mouth.
"Howie!" Annette was yelling on the other lounge. "Empty your balls… in me, for
God’s sake! Ooh-h-h-h!" She could feel the froth he had whipped up inside and outside
her cunt, but the hot moistness was becoming almost unnoticeable as her inner thrills
reached their peak.
As Howard grunted and sent a series of rocketing splashes into her depths, she shrieked
joyfully and thrust up to meet his come. They clung tightly together as her body
stiffened and shuddered through its release.
Howard withdrew when her embrace slackened, and she rolled her head over to see
what was taking place in the group around Bibi. She saw Jake pull out of Jan, then walk
swiftly to the upper end of the lounge and stand beside Bibi’s head. Annette had a
premonition that something was going to happen – something just as unexpected as
Bibi’s startling debut as a swinger.
Now Annette regretted taking the camera and sound pack back to the house. She
struggled to her feet and ran to get them, returning breathlessly to the scene just as Jake
took his limp cock in his hand and laid the smeary knob of its tip on Bibi’s pouting

lower lip. Annette began shooting the action.
"Take it, baby!" Jake was urging in a low, intense voice, his excitement and eagerness
causing a slight tremor in the tones. Bibi’s dark eyes rolled sideways, staring at the
heated thigh and crotch of the man she had denied so much.
She was still suffused with the exhilaration of unleashed lust, and joyful thrills from her
two orgasms, but she was far from being drunk now, in any sense of the word, as far as
alcohol was concerned. But she was intoxicated with the freedom she had won from her
own miserable restrictions, and at the same time she felt a deep love and sympathy for
her husband welling up inside her.
When she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth, Jake was no longer even slightly
limp. He felt himself swell up and fill her mouth. She nodded her head, taking almost
all of him inside, until the knob pressed too tightly against her sensitive throat. She
began to milk him, sucking avidly and tasting the final drops of his seed which
remained in his tube.
Jake was groaning with double pleasure as he felt his virility renewed and active and
realized that Bibi was sexually coming of age. Despite his recent ejaculation, he felt his
glands working frantically to meet the needs of the impending explosion.
When the joy of feeling Bibi’s mouth sucking and stroking him became too great to
bear, he groaned mightily and spewed forth his every drop in a shattering series of
ejaculations. Bibi took all he had, swallowing noisily to the last. Then she sucked at the
tender limpness as he was forced to slide it from her lips.
He looked down at her, seeing many words and thoughts in the depths of her brown

eyes, and knew that they had found something together which could never again be
completely lost to them! He leaned down and kissed her lips, tasting the fresh pollen of
his own come, but blessing its flavor for being where he had found it.
Annette stopped the camera, almost feeling guilty for having recorded the last tender
part of the scene. This time, she was reasonably certain that the film would not be
needed as a measure of proof to a sober Bibi that she had performed beautifully when
intoxicated. So the equipment went back to the house again.
She met Ron as she came out of the den and started to rejoin the group. He was headed
for the kitchen to make fresh drinks, and she helped him carry them out to the patio.
On the way, she felt Howard’s semen dribbling down her legs.
"For an area with such notable lack of humidity in the summer," she said to her guests
as she handed out drinks, "I seem to be experiencing an uncommon wetness in certain
places. Perhaps you girls would like to join me in freshening up?"
The three men sipped at their drinks in silence for a while. Then Jake cleared his
throat, grinned sheepishly, and looked at the other two with an expression that bespoke
his gratitude for their part in what had happened. His words were an attempt to
describe other feelings.
"You know, I think I may have learned as much about myself today as Bibi discovered
about her true nature. I guess I’ve always taken it for granted that if I couldn’t enjoy
her sexually as much as I wanted, I’d be upset about anyone else getting to her. It was a
hell of a feeling, standing there and realizing that I was not only glad to see other men
eating her and fucking her, but I felt myself getting excited sexually like I never have

"It’s one of the unaccountable mysteries of human nature," Ron told him. "But when
you experience it, you learn why… or at least one of the reasons why, swapping can be
so gratifying to so many people. It heightens and intensifies individuality, teaching you
over and over again, in different ways, how each person has a definite sexual and
emotional individuality. And you learn the true value of individual freedom. To say
nothing of having your life spiced with a variety of fucking!"
"Christ!" Howard said, his facial expression one of deep concentration. "I wonder if
maybe I can take Monday off, too!"


THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 6

THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 6
"That does it!" Jan moaned. "Howie stands under the shower longer than anyone else
in the world. And here I am, covered with chaff and dying for a bath!"
"They’re using the bathroom here in the barn," Ron told her. "We can do better than
that. While I’m getting the stock inside, why don’t you take our clothes and go to the
house. With two showers in there, we should be able to beat Anne and Howard."
Jan picked up the clothes, but became fascinated with the parade of toy horses that filed
into the stable area. She waited until Ron fastened all the halters to the mangers, and
they went to the house together.
It was novel to walk across the barnyard in the nude, but she realized that the trees
which circled the buildings provided perfect cover; they could not be seen from the
road. The sun felt good on her skin, as did the mild breeze, but she was aware of the
chaff that stuck to her body and the few prickles she had suffered from haystems. So
she was glad to get inside and under the shower.
Ron sang as he lathered himself in the master bathroom, more than pleased with the
double seduction and the apparent sportsmanship of their guests. It was as if the
Chapmans had come there in full expectation of swapping! Now it would be much less
tense when the moment came to seduce Bibi.
He put on a pair of shorts and went out onto the patio to take a look at the coals in the
barbecue. They would be perfect for use in less than fifteen minutes, he decided; just
time enough to build a fresh drink for everyone and get the steaks ready.
Jan was in the kitchen when he went back inside. She was wearing a bikini sunsuit,

rinsing out their glasses at the sink. Ron patted her affectionately on the ass, kissed the
back of her neck, and made the drinks, finishing them just as Annette and Howard
came in the back door, clean but still nude.
Ron took the steaks and his favorite seasonings to the patio, and Jan brought his drink
and her own, then took a seat on the redwood lounge to watch his cooking technique.
The others joined them after putting on cool clothes and picking up their drinks in the
"I thought we were really cool, the way we planned today’s seduction," Annette told
Ron as she watched him season the steaks. "But now I’m not sure which of us are the
seducers and which the seduced." She had been talking with Howard as they shared the
shower in the bam, and now Ron had to hear the ironic details.
There was much giggling and chuckling as the two couples became almost hysterical in
their appreciation of the humorous side of the coincidence. And as they enjoyed their
drinks, the perfect weather, and the appetizing aroma that came from the barbecue, a
close rapport developed, adding warmth and depth to the friendship that had existed
"I think we should ask them to help with Jake and Bibi," Annette said as Ron turned
the steaks. "They’re going to have to leam a little of the story, anyhow."
"You’re going to have to ask help with the meal if you wait much longer," Ron
countered. Annette glanced at the steaks and rushed into the house. Jan followed to
help, and soon the baked potatoes, salad, and place settings were on the patio table near
the barbecue.
As they ate, Ron and Annette broke the news to the Chapmans, apologizing for the

added guests, since the original plans called for a two-couple weekend. But when they
heard about Jake’s problem, they were intrigued with the thought of helping.
Jan listened to the Lansings’ descriptions of Jake’s handsome, healthy ruggedness and
good nature, and empathized with the big redhead’s sexual starvation. She wanted to
take him in her arms, even though she had never seen him, and compensate for the
famine he had been through. It was partly a mother-instinct, but she had to admit to
herself that a taste of extramarital sex had given her the appetite for more!
Howard considered Bibi’s strange case a challenge to his appeal as a virile male. Now
that this swapping had begun and Jan seemed to like it as well as he, there was no
reason he should not try to seduce this lovely brunette that was the subject of the
dinner conversation.
"I’d love to help," Jan volunteered, glancing at Howard to observe his reaction. When
he nodded his confirmation, there was a noticeable relaxing of tensions around the
"I’m all for it," he said. "What are the plans you mentioned, Ron?" But it was Annette
who answered him.
"Jake’s sister, Paula, believes that the most effective way to shock Bibi out of her hang-
up – whatever it is – is to arrange for her to ‘accidentally’ see Jake making love to
another woman."
"That could lead to trouble, couldn’t it?" Jan asked. "If she sees him getting what she
tries to ration, she’s liable to feel it’s a threat to her hold on him. She might do almost

"Because of the circumstances," Annette explained, "Bibi wouldn’t dare make a fuss. We
can only hope that the shock will make her question her own values. You see, Bibi talks
as if she’s the most sophisticated swinger of all time, when she’s in a group that
impresses her as swinging. Ron and I are witnesses to several of her startling comments,
and there are many others who can testify to her statements."
"Yeah," Ron said. "Jake’s been sampling elsewhere because he’s rationed at home. He
only dared take the risk of being found out because Bibi had declared her
broadmindedness in front of witnesses. What we planned was merely a controlled
version of the same thing. With one additional refinement. Right after Bibi sees Jake
making out with someone else, we want her to be maneuvered into doing the same
"What if her particular hang-up just won’t let her do that?" Howard asked.
"I don’t know," Ron replied. "I hope we don’t have to find out. Which is why your help
might be needed. If I can’t seduce her, maybe you can. It’s important that we get her to
participate actively in some form of extramarital sex, and it will be easiest right after
she’s had her morale cracked by seeing Jake in action."
"I see," Howard said. "The theory being that, once she has cracked the shell, she might
like the outside world enough to stay with it, instead of going back to her old ways."
"Right. Paula knows her better than anyone, with Anne probably a close second. And
they seem to agree that, psychologically, this is the best way to do it. Now, all we have
to do is decide which seduction techniques are most likely to prove effective."
All four participated in the round-table discussion that followed. It moved progressively
from the patio to the kitchen, as after-dinner chores were performed by the women; to

the living room, over glasses of brandy; and finally to the master bedroom, where both
couples sprawled on the big bed and finalized their plans.
They had stripped to the buff, as if by mutual agreement, the moment they entered the
bedroom. It was not too surprising, since they were discussing the techniques of
seduction, and since every one of the four hoped that the night would end with
something more exciting than conversation.
Annette had been the first to lie down, stretching herself across the upper end, against
the pillows, so there would be room for everyone else to relax. Jan had done the same at
the foot of the bed, but with her head at the side where Annette rested her feet. The
men had crawled onto the central open area and were intently describing the visual
characteristics which excited them most in women. They had progressed to genital
"… a sort of bold little clitoris," Ron was saying as he described his idea. "It’s snuggled
in the same spot as all of them, but at the least arousal it peeps out and stays out where
it can be tongued and nibbled and sucked without your having to hold the lips back out
of the way. Hell, Anne and Jan both have the kind I mean; see?"
Ron reached over the nearest leg, which happened to be Jan’s, rested his arm on her
thigh, then parted her cuntlips with his thumb and finger. She obligingly lifted her
other leg, making the lips gape more widely as she drew her heel up against her ass.
Ron and Howard stared at the spot under discussion.
"You can barely see the little dickens, now," Ron said, and moved closer to illustrate his
point. "But watch what it does after I promise it a good time!" He moved his head into
Jan’s crotch and licked at the hidden bud gently.

Jan whimpered happily and arched her back as she thrust her pelvis upward toward his
mouth. Ron teased the little button for a few seconds, then withdrew his head and
nodded toward the spot.
"See its little tip now?" he asked Howard. "It’s not about to retire as long as there’s any
fun in sight. That’s what I was talking about. Anne’s is the same way; check it for
Howard turned and poised his mouth over Annette’s crotch. She spread herself open
for him, assuming a position exactly like Jan’s. He licked into the slit, found the hidden
bud, and teased it until it swelled and stiffened. When it was protruding just as Jan’s
had been, he was going to withdraw his head and make a more precise comparison
between the two. But he was forced to change his plans.
Anne’s hands pressed his head into her cunt as she began to moan with ecstasy. At the
same time, Howard felt his wife’s lips and hand take possession of his erect cock. She
was humming her pleasure loudly, for Ron had resumed his licking while Howard was
engaged in research with Anne.
Ron had discovered that Jan was lubricating fiercely after his initial stimulation of her
bud, and now he was determined to use all his expertise and ingenuity to maintain her
at the same level, just to see how long she could continue to cream so copiously.
When Anne seized his cock and started to tongue its tip, he knew he would have to
announce his unwillingness to be stimulated at a normal rate, or he would lose out on
his experiment with Jan. He raised his mouth from its feast, gulped air into his lungs,
and tried to convert the others to his choice of ground rules.
"I want to see how long I can keep Jan… at the level she’s at now." He thought of a

signal system on the spur of the moment. "Anne, if I tap your head with my leg… one
tap… stop until I tap again, then resume slowly. Okay?"
"Okay," she said somewhat indistinctly, for by now she had slipped her lips over his
knob wetly and had begun stroking.
"That’s a good… idea, Ron," said Howard coming up for air. "I’m in honey up to m
ears… like to see how much… more Anne can distill if I… do the same thing. I’ll signal
you the same way, Jan."
"Okay," the blonde agreed with perfect enunciation, which told the Lansings that she
had released her mouthful to speak, even before she revealed why she had done it. "But
you won’t have to tap that hard. I can feel it if you do it more gently."
"Sorry; I was gaining too fast," Howard explained.
They resumed their chain, all of them eager t see, now that Ron initiated the game, just
how long they could make the fun last. Ron was surprised a few seconds later when
Jan’s leg tapped the side of his head. Evidently he had been taking her along too fast,
and she had decided that h should be given the signal he had inaugurated.
There were many tapping in the ensuing half-hour and all four found that it was a
delightful game for at least two reasons. They could prolong their delightfully
voluptuous sensations, and the could renew their air reserves at intervals while they also
rested their lips and tongues.
But it was inevitable that there would come an end to the ecstasy. Flesh and blood
could stand only as much as nerves allowed. It was Jan who weakened first. The thrills
had traveled over he body for so long that she was taut in every muscle When Ron let

his greed for her honeyed flesh take precedent over his judgment, the thrills increased
past the point of no return.
She opened her mouth wide, letting Howard cock throb loosely in the moment it took
her to cry out her message of peaked passion, then tightened on it again as the potency
of her convulsions fired her lust to new heights.
Ron felt her spasms shake her, hung onto her with both hands as her torso twisted and
jerked, then responded to her powerful finale by releasing his own control and pumping
Annette’s mouth full of his fluid.
Annette had been kept at fever peak for longer than she had believed possible. When
Ron’s come gushed into her mouth warmly, she moaned as she swallowed, and her
body tensed into the first of a series of powerful shuddering waves.
Howard had just thrust his tongue into her as far as he could get it. When her cunt
spasmed around his tongue, he knew she was coming, and the tension poured out of
his groin along with his jets of semen, feeding Jan as she neared the last of her climax.
The room seemed to be filled with the sounds of panting and gasping as all four
collapsed limply; there was an odor of perspiration, semen, and vaginal fluids hanging
over the area of the bed. After breathing in this rich aroma for a few seconds, Ron had
to acknowledge its presence.
"Smells like a stud farm in here," he said.
"Mmh-hmnh," Jan hummed in agreement. "The only place to spend an exciting
weekend." She inhaled the mingled odors enjoyably. "The smell almost makes me hot
enough to start all over again."

"Me too," Annette said. "But we have to save these studs for tomorrow. So I think we
ought to break a house rule on swapping; spouses sleep together tonight. That’ll reduce
the temptation to go at it again before Bibi and Jake arrive. Okay?"
They all agreed, and the Chapmans went to their room, leaving the Lansings still
sprawled out limply on the soggy surface of the big bed. Annette reached out a languid
toe and nudged Ron in the ribs.
"If you can scare up the energy to climb off the bed," she told him, "I might find the
ambition to change the spread and open up the sheets for sleeping. Think you can
make it?"
"I don’t know," he replied lazily. "The way I feel, Bibi Jacobs could walk in here right
now and shove her juicy black bush right in my face, and I’d be likely to fall asleep
without saying hello."
"Sure you would!" Annette said as she got up and went to the hall linen closet. It took
her a while to find the spread she wanted, but when she got back to the bed Ron had
not moved. She tugged at the spread, trying to spill him on the floor. He gave up the
idea of sleeping where he lay, and got up so she could remake the bed.
"It is black, isn’t it?" he asked as Annette floated the fresh spread into place.
"You’re color-blind," she told him. "It’s aqua and moss green."
"No, I mean Bibi’s bush. Is she a real brunette?"
"As near as I could tell when we were at the fat farm, she was for real. Why? Are you
getting choosy about color?"

"No, I just don’t like my pussy flavor diluted with dyes and tints." He watched as she
flipped down the top sheet, then looked into her eyes as she turned to face him. "Anne,
do you think we can pull it off?"
"I’d say we stand a pretty good chance. I had faith in our plans even before Jan and
Howie turned out to be such promising helpers. Now, I’d be surprised if we didn’t
make it."
"You know, I keep having the same thought… at least half a dozen times this evening. I
guess I’m remembering snatches and grabs from my psychology classes…"
"Oh, did you have some nice snatches in that class?" Annette teased.
"Yes, I did, as a matter-of-fact. But never you mind, Miss Smartass. What I was
thinking was that Bibi has to have some potential as a swinger. She couldn’t possibly
bring herself to think some of those things she comes out with, much less say them,
unless she has the feelings somewhere to back them up."
"You’re saying, in effect, that barking dogs do bite, despite the old axiom?"
"Like a lot of old axioms, Anne, that one is just a bit too condensed from the truth, and
it’s led many a postman astray, to the tune of torn trousers and a sore leg. A barking
dog, like a rattling rattlesnake, is doing you the courtesy of giving you a warning. The
axiom should state that a dog never bites while he’s barking. Of course there are
bluffers who never would bite, but I don’t count on that."
"And what are you counting on with Bibi… other than what you gave as your opinion
in our other discussions?"

"I think it’s there… buried somewhere under her hang-ups. And I think that all she
needs is the motivation and the opportunity; if she’s got the guts to go with her true
feelings, she’ll bust loose and bloom into a wild child in nothing flat. At least, that’s
what I’m hoping."
"That’s what I’m hoping, too. And it’s what
Paula was counting on when she laid out her original idea, I guess."
"Someone else is counting pretty heavily on the same possibilities," Ron said
"You mean Jake, huh?"
"Yeah. He must have more faith in her true potential than anyone. Look how long he’s
stuck it out, just waiting and hoping. I guess that’s what encourages me the most about
this little task we’ve gotten ourselves into."
"How so?"
"I figure that if anyone has had a chance to evaluate Bibi’s potential, it’s the guy who’s
been with her long enough to sense what lies under the surface. I have a feeling that –
in addition to being hopelessly in love with her – Jake must have stuck it out because
he hated to not be around if and when the time came… the moment something cracks
that shell.
"I guess he has a lot of years invested in Bibi, besides the love he feels for her. No
matter how, much she’s made him suffer, he hates to pull out; it would be like dumping
his gilt-edged stock when the market is down."

"Have you ever felt like pulling out?" Annette asked, knowing the answer but wanting
reassurance because she liked the sound of it.
"Not that I can remember. Right now I feel like putting it in. Can I put it in… and keep
it in all night?"
"Okay. We haven’t done that for ages. Let’s hurry and get our teeth brushed!"


THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 5

THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 5
"Wait a minute, Anne," Ron said, looking up from his desktop and its load of stock
records, stud book, and a reference on the relationship of nutrition to size in animals.
"Do you mean that we’re going to have two couples to maneuver into swapping on the
same weekend?"
"I know it’s not going to be easy, darling," Annette conceded as she moved to stand
behind his chair and massage the back of his neck affectionately. "But I can’t very well
get out of it gracefully. I owe Paula a’ lot of favors… to say nothing of the fact that she
very well might be the first one to buy a ‘party horse’ from us."
"I can see your point, but… two couples… neither of them wise to what we want them
to do before the weekend is over…"
"That’s not quite true," she corrected him.
"Jake’s been briefed by Paula and he’s game. AI; we have to do is work out a smooth
way to getj Bibi involved."
"Oh, that’s all we have to do, huh?" Ron asked! with more than a trace of sarcasm.
"While at thej same time working on the couple we’d originally hoped to seduce. You
know, it’s an unwritten law, almost, that you never have more than one-third of the
attendants consist of first-timers. And here we are, ready to tackle twice the problem
percentage, and only one guy out of the lot has been polled on the subject. Talk about
"Have you read that book?" she asked abruptly. Ron looked up at her again, suspecting
almost anything from Annette, whose sense of humor could be weird at times. He

simply nodded an affirmative as he watched her face.
"Good. You tell me what foods to use and well shrink ’em down so small the
percentage will change in our favor."
"Listen, you lovely kook," he said, trying to restrain a grin and barely succeeding. "It’s
not going to be funny when you find yourself in the middle of this quaint little farce.
We’ll probably end up in padded cells."
"Now that you’ve gotten up a sweat about it," Annette said, resuming the massage of
his neck. "Paula had some great ideas, and if we organize things, we just might have the
weekend of our lives!"
"I see. Well, would you like to brief me on some of these great ideas? By the way, we
barely know Paula… that is, other than your old sorority associations. How did she find
out we were swappers?"
"She and her late husband spotted us at a session in La Jolla… remember that one
where Lila was eating two guys at once and she almost choked to death when they
came at the same time?"
"I don’t remember seeing them there."
"I know. When Paula saw me, she hurried up to the second floor and got into a group
thing." Annette giggled, remembering Paula’s sheepish explanation. "She said that in
college I seemed like a chaste little Miss Goodbody; then when she saw me at the swap
party, she was spooked, and ran upstairs. Later, she came down to say hello, but…"
"Yeah. I remember. That was the night someone got me started on daiquiris. We left

"We sure did! With you sicking up every five miles or so. But that’s how Paula
discovered we swapped. Which I think is not nearly as wild a coincidence as the fact
that I met Bibi at that glorified fat farm after having known Paula in college."
"You and Bibi are both crazy; neither of you have ever owned enough fat to see without
a microscope. But we’ve been through that before. What about Paula’s ideas, now?
Remember, the Chapmans will be here Friday and Jake and Bibi will arrive Saturday.
We’d better get something worked out!"
They discussed their own ideas and Paula’s, then merged the best features to create two
master plans; one beautiful in its simplicity and one more complex. The simpler would
be the best, but they knew that it depended upon what they could accomplish with the
Chapmans before the others arrived.
Their preparations were a bit tiring, since they involved some rearranging of the
furniture and considerable work in the barn. But when Friday came, all was hopefully
The Chapmans arrived in ranch attire, Howard wearing blue jeans and a plain cotton
shirt; Jan looked like the ingénue in a Western movie in her tight-cuffed blouse, leather
miniskirt, vest and boots. After a round of drinks had been consumed, the guests’
luggage was brought in and put in their room. Then they sat and chatted over a second
round of drinks until Ron mentioned that he had to excuse himself to take care of a
chore in the barn.
He first went to his desk in the den and killed a few minutes while Annette went into
her act. She excused herself, also, then went into the kitchen. After a minute, she called

out as if she expected Ron to hear her, but actually just loud enough to make sure
Howard caught her words.
"Would you build the fire in the barbecue before you go to the barn, Ron?"
As the Lansings had hoped, Howard got up and went into the kitchen, where he
volunteered to take care of the fire building so Ron could finish his ranch work and
rejoin them sooner. When Ron, in the den, heard Howard join Annette, he rushed out
through the living room, slowed as he passed Jan, and turned to her as if in
"Hey, Jan, would you like to see our star performer in action?"
She got up, intrigued, and followed him to the bam. He ushered her to the south door
that opened onto the breeding corral, then asked her to sit on the bale of hay he had
positioned within a U-shaped wall of hay bales.
Her seat gave her a perfect view of the little corral, but hid her from anyone entering
the north door. A duplicate U-shaped area had been set up beside it, so the two
adjoining stacks of bales formed an aisle leading to the corral door.
Ron got Powder Puff from her stall and put her in the corral, then went back and
unsnapped Jock’s halter. The little stud needed no guide; he had smelled the heat ooze
that dripped from the filly’s cunt for more than an hour. Ron had stabled them just
before the Chapmans arrived, leaving the other stock in the two pastures.
Jock snorted and rushed outside, tiny hooves making little dust clouds as he pranced
around, studying the filly. Ron joined Jan, who moved over so he could sit beside her.

"That’s Little Big Jock," he whispered. "We got him the week after you were here the
last time. Powder Puff, there, was too young to breed when you saw her before, but you
may remember her."
"Oh, yes!" Jan said, smiling as her memory of the frisky little filly returned. "I admired
her coloring… the white blaze on her face, and that rich mahogany color everywhere
"Well, cross your fingers, Jan. We just might see her like the first step in making
another one like her."
They sat tensely as the little horses began their respective maneuvers; Jock trying to get
in close, nostrils distended as he smelled the enticing mare-scent, and Puff evading his
every approach coyly, while both whinnied and snorted and made staccato sounds on
the packed earth with their diminutive hooves.
Annette, as soon as she saw that Howard had the charcoal lit, led him out to the barn,
cautioning him to silence lest they disturb the animals she wanted him to watch. Their
entry was so silent that they took their seats on the bale of hay in the second U-shaped
nook without either Ron or Jan hearing them.
The hay around both "ringside seats" absorbed sound, and the noise in the corral
covered whispers and low voice tones quite effectively. Ron and Annette had tested it
ahead of time, and were quite pleased with the privacy they had contrived with only
fifty-two bales of hay!
Ron had already begun to enjoy the results of his labors, for Jan was obviously
stimulated by the sight of the Jock’s unsheathed cock, hanging redly and moistly from
his groin as he cavorted in the afternoon sun. The blonde’s ass was in constant

movement as she kept shifting her seat excitedly, and her eyes were bright with
intrigue. She wet her lips frequently, Ron observed in sidelong glances, and he knew
things were developing favorably.
He put his hand on her thigh, just above the knee, as he leaned close and whispered to
her, making sure that his breath entered her ear warmly with each exhaled word.
"Had you noticed that the little stud’s equipment is only a fraction larger than a human
male’s?" he asked her, knowing the power of suggestion would make her think more on
the subject, drawing comparisons that could not help but stimulate her further.
"Yes… I mean… now that you mention it…"
Jan’s knees moved together as she tried to stop the tingling of her cunt by squeezing
her thighs tightly. Ron’s hand had remained on her leg and he was pretending to be
absorbed with the show outside.
Puff had let Jock come up behind her closely and was now permitting him the privilege
of a sniff at her wet cunt. Ron’s hand tightened almost imperceptibly on Jan’s thigh,
and she moaned softly.
"It won’t be long now," he told her. "Once a male gets a good sniff of a female’s juices,
there’s no stopping him!"
"Oh, I know," Jan said. "I know!" Her eyes were fixed on the scene as she let Ron’s
fingers creep around between her snugly pressed thighs. She gave a faint whimper and
relaxed the pressure. Ron moved his hand upward slowly until he could feel the soft
mattress of her cunt’s hairy covering through the crotch of her panties.

Jan slid forward slightly on the hay bale, letting her knees separate even more. She kept
wetting her lips with her tongue as she stared at the little stud’s red erection. When Ron
turned and used both hands to start removing her panties, she lifted her ass off the bale
to facilitate matters.
He peeled the tiny garment off over her boots and laid it on the nearest bale he could
reach, then slipped to his knees and put his head under the awning of her leather
miniskirt. Jan’s hands clasped his head as he nosed into her blonde feathers and kissed
the swelling of her moist slit.
"Oh-h-h! Ron!" she breathed, thrusting her crotch outward to meet his kiss. The
swollen gash blossomed open and he licked into it, wasting no time with preliminaries.
He found her firm little clitoris and seized the bud in his lips, eager to give her a fast
He twitted the tender flesh with his tongue-tip and Jan moaned happily, her gluteal
muscles making her ass literally bounce on the compressed hay. Only her leather skirt
kept her from repeated jabs by the hay stems.
When Ron sucked on her bud, she started to come. Her hands pulled his head into her
cunt while her thighs tightened on his head, holding him there while she shuddered to
her finale, moaning softly with the ecstatic pleasure of it.
When she released him, he pulled himself up onto the bale and sat beside her again,
gulping in air. But he was not idle while he filled his lungs. He worked his jeans off
over his sandals and let them fall, then fished his aching cock out of the fly of his
"Oh, no, Ron!" Jan said, staring at the hard flesh. "Take them off… I want to see all of

you!" He peeled off the shorts hastily and Jan whimpered as she leaned over and seized
the freed erection in her hand. Her lips sought it, slid over its tip and sucked up a quick
vacuum as she titillated the sensitive flesh with her tongue.
Ron was at that crucial moment he always hated to face, when he was not sure whether
a sex partner was hung up on any particular technique. He loved what she was doing to
him, but he wanted to end it in time to enjoy the feeling of thrusting into her cunt. He
let her have his cock in her mouth as long as he thought he could take it, then backed
Jan’s lips were pouted in a wet "O" as he looked at her, and her eyes were greedy as she
stared back at him. He grabbed up his garments and placed them on the hay, then took
her by the shoulders, slowly forcing her onto her back.
Her legs threshed as she used them to reposition herself, then they remained widely
apart as she welcomed him with open arms. He got the head of his cock into her wet
cunt and pushed, feeling it slither along in the steamy embrace of her tunnel. He leaned
over further and looked into her eyes.
"Ooh-h, you feel good inside me!" she said. "Just leave that cock where it is and kiss
me… I’ll furnish all the action!"
Her mouth was still as greedy as her eyes, and Ron thrilled to the way she kissed,
sucking at his tongue hungrily, gnawing at his lips without breaking the skin. She was
full of passion’s heat and her ass started to drive upward in rotating, consuming strokes
that buried his knob in her depths at one moment, then almost drew it out past her
frothing cuntlips.
The fires grew inside his loins and he felt the end approaching. Finally, Jan began to

whimper, then sob softly, without slowing her movements in the least. He knew she
was ready to come again, and he tensed himself to hold off until the last second.
"Now! Oh, God! Now!" she cried as her body tightened into a knot. Ron loosed his hot
jets into her as she began to convulse. When their spasms had ceased, he lifted his head
and listened. It was quiet in the corral, and he knew that he had missed whatever
happened. He hoped that Annette had been in a position to see it, so he would know
whether to register a service in his records.
On the other side of the double wall, things had gone almost as Annette had planned.
From the moment she and Howard sat down, she had felt the electricity between them,
and knew that he would find it difficult to leave her alone, once she gave him an
"Have you ever watched a stallion at work before?" she asked. Jock’s bright cockflesh
was gleaming wetly in the sunlight as the little stud trotted toward Powder Puff.
"I saw a service at a stud farm in Kentucky," he said. "But it was when I was a boy, and
the horses were so big it was almost frightening. These little characters of yours are
different… sort of like pets."
Powder Puffs tail switched broadly, revealing the wet gleam of her vaginal oozing. Her
cunt was swollen, the lips distended and pulsing pinkly, Howard thought… or was it a
trick of the sunlight-and-shadow effect caused by her moving tail?
Jock moved in close to the filly and sniffed at her. Howard felt, Annette’s hand on his
thigh, gripping lightly as if she were tensely awaiting a touclidown at a football game.
He realized that her fingertips were almost touching the bulge where his cock lay in his
trouser leg.

"She’s letting him smell her," Annette whispered, leaning so close to Howard that he
could inhale the sweet enticement of her faint perfume. His cock swelled and moved
Annette’s fingers where they curled around his thigh. He inhaled deeply, moving his
head to bury his nose in her hair.
Annette’s fingers stole over the swelling and squeezed it very gently. Howard groaned
and took her in his arms. Their lips met, and they kissed hotly, tongues stabbing and
searching. Howard’s hand slid around to unfasten her blouse, then slipped inside the
opening to discover that she wore no bra.
She hummed her pleasure as he cupped her tit tightly. He groaned and moved his head
down to take the tit with his mouth.
While he nibbled and sucked at the spongy tenderness, Annette managed to open his
fly and unfasten his waistband. His hard cock flipped out into her hand and he grunted
excitedly as she stroked it.
"Howie!" she said hoarsely. "Take off your pants and shorts!" He got them off while she
removed her panties, then watched her toss a small blanket onto the bale of hay. She
sat on it, then put one foot up beside her ass.
"Rrgh-h-h!" Howard growled as he saw the moistness of her exposed vulva. He went
down on his knees and pushed his mouth into the wet brown nest, licking its pink slit
and tasting her heated excitement.
He gnawed at her outer lips, gently frictioning the swollen flesh with his teeth, and
Annette whimpered as she tried to part her thighs even further for the thrilling
sensations. Howard took her clitoris in his lips, milking its tiny shape and sucking at it.

"Oh, Howie… I’m… coming already!" she cried softly as her back tried to arch and her
ass shivered under her. He fastened his mouth over her cunt and sucked at the tunnel
while she shuddered powerfully.
When her body stopped jerking, he rose up and shoved the tip of his cock into the
wetness of her open cunt, plunging it in past the halfway mark. Her walls still spasmed
slightly, and the warm sheath delivered a gentle massage around him as he pressed in
all the way.
"Yes! Oh, fuck me hard… Howie… you juicy stud!" Annette’s ass was quivering as he
cupped her buttocks in his hands and began to stroke into her swiftly, feeling her juices
sluice around him warmly with each movement.
Annette could see over Howard’s shoulder into the corral, and Jock’s brilliant cock was
pushing at the Filly’s cunt as the watched. When he had it inside her, Annette felt the
remembered fullness of Capscrew in her own cunt and became more excited by the
"I think I’m… ready again… Howie," she panted. "Give it… all you’ve got!"
He speeded his strokes and began to groan as he felt the end nearing. When Annette
cried out and started to jerk under him, he let loose his load, feeling the explosions
twice-once in his gut and once at the tip of his cock, where the backwash pressured up
around him.
He kept it buried in her until he could no longer feel the faint grasping of her
convulsions. Then he slowly withdrew and stood on trembling legs, looking down at

Annette pulled herself slowly to her feet, took Howard’s hand, and led him around the
wall of hay into the doorway. They looked into the adjoining nook where Ron was still
above Jan, his cock buried in her to the balls, reluctant to break the pleasurable
Howard’s gaze met Jan’s, and they winked at each other. As the four of them began to
laugh, Annette tugged at Howard’s arm.
"Come on, Howie!" she cried. "We can beat them to the bathroom!"


THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 4

THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 4
Annette’s first-day seduction was a total failure. She had prepared the way, just as Ron
had done with Snapfire, by more than a week of talking and petting the little one-balled
stud. But Capscrew could not seem to regard his mistress as anything but a nice lady
with a sweet voice, gentle hands, and handouts of sugar and carrots.
They worked in the bam, with all the other stock outside in their pastures. Ron stayed
at a distance, hiding just inside the tack room doorway, so his presence would not
distract the little stud. But he wanted to be nearby, in case the feisty little beast got out
of hand and Annette needed help.
There seemed no way the lovely brunette could get her message across to the little
horse. She shoved her dark cunt-bush up to his face so he could smell her womanly
juices, but he only snorted and backed off, then trotted around the barn in puzzlement,
as if wondering why he could not be out with his buddies, looking over the dividing
fence between the pastures at the fillies and mares.
And he was very unhappy about wearing the "hoof mittens" she had made. Ron had
insisted that they be thickly padded, and they had ended up almost as clumsy as boxing
gloves, and twice as comical. From his hideout behind the tack room door, Ron was
beginning to be worried, lest the awkward mittens make Capscrew become frightened.
But Annette came up to the little horse and calmed him, and when he seemed quite
content to stand there and let her stroke his neck, she turned and bellied over onto a
bale of hay, her lovely ass raised in the air only inches from the little stud’s nose.
"Come sniff it, Cappie," she coaxed quietly, wiggling her ass enticingly and hoping that
the movement would waft her female scent to him. She certainly was creaming enough

in her excited anticipation! Ron, from his observation post, was almost as excited.
God, Capscrew! If you don’t do something pretty quick, I’ll dash out there and fuck her
But the horse simply would not or could not understand what was expected of him.
Annette was fit to be tied by the time she knew she would have to give up for the day.
The stud was getting too nervous with all the strain of confusion, and Ron took the
protective mittens off his hooves and put him in the stall.
He had to give Annette a tranquilizer and make her lie down for a while, so she could
get unwound. While he was getting the stock inside and feeding them, he came up with
the idea they used the next day.
He had noticed that Snapfire was oozing generously, still in heat, and Young Lonigan
snorted around her until Ron caught him and put him in his stall. There was little
doubt that the cunt odors of his own kind attracted him. And the same was sure to be
true of Capscrew.
He told Annette about it when he took her a highball to pave the way for the TV
dinner he was heating in the oven. He sat on the edge of the bed beside her and they
sipped at their drinks as he rationalized the situation for her.
"I can get some of Snapfire’s juice and smear it in your cunny. When Cappie smells
that, he ought to get interested just by instinct. From there on, you may have to be
careful he doesn’t stab you to death with that cock of his!"
As it turned out, Annette had more of a problem with Capscrew’s mittened hooves than

with anything else. She tried the bale of hay again, and the stud was definitely
interested, sniffing the scent of Snapfire on Annette’s cunt. But her crotch was a little
too low as he tried to get at her, and he had his padded hooves on either side of her,
atop the baled hay, as he sought the target with his rubbery red cock.
Ron saw what was wrong, from his tack room hideout, but he was reluctant to call out
to Annette, not wanting to disturb the rapport she had achieved. But she found out for
herself that she was over the wrong part of the bale; Capscrew’s hooves slid off the
slippery edges and his belly came down on her back with a thump.
It startled the stud momentarily, and he backed away. Annette took the opportunity to
move the bale around a quarter turn, so she could lean over its side instead of its end,
leaving the horse more area for a footing on either side of her. And this time she
grabbed two of the tiny saddle blankets that were folded over the nearby stall. She was
glad she had not properly stored them in the tack room after removing them from their
shipping carton. Now they gave her just enough extra height between her belly and the
hay-to hoist her crotch into range.
Capscrew seemed to sense that things were getting better, for he moved in again, sniffed
at the lifted offering, and gave out a snort in front and a fart at the rear. He put his
clumsy mittens on the hay astride Annette’s ribs, and his cock probed into her ass and
moved around, seeking a home.
She moved, too, wanting to be sure he found the right spot. Suddenly his knob slid into
her, and she moaned as the entire length of his hot rod became sheathed in her tunnel.
The diameter of his prick was slightly greater than she had previously accommodated,
and there was a definite sensation of fullness as Capscrew buried his tool in her depths.
"Oh, Cappie!" she moaned. "I’m not so sure about this, now!"

Ron was poised behind the tack room door, ready to rush to her assistance if she had to
renege. But as the stud began to hump into her, Ron recognized the familiar sounds of
her sexual pleasure. He relaxed his tense vigil and squatted low so he could see more of
the action.
The red meat slid in and out of Annette’s cunt with startling ease, once her walls flexed
to accept it, and the excitement had her creaming sufficiently to provide all the
lubricant needed. It was an impressive sight to Ron, and he began panting with excited
involvement as the little horse’s cock fucked in and out of the now helpless woman.
He knew that he should be more concerned for her now than ever, for there was no
way she could call a halt if she discovered she could not handle all that was being
shoved at her. But Ron could only feel an awesome lust as the stud warmed to his
work. It became necessary to open the fly of his jeans to relieve the painful pressure of
his sympathetic erection.
Annette reached orgasm quickly, tried to struggle as her back wanted to arch while she
shuddered through her release, but she was so completely impaled on the darting shaft
that she could only whimper and moan and let her body writhe around it.
Then Capscrew had his moment. His fluid gushed into Annette in such quantity that
she felt she would burst. She could feel it back – pressuring out around the driving
meat and flowing over her thighs. Then she began to pass out.
Ron saw the stud backing away, saw Annette’s body being dragged backward off the
hay bale, and realized that he was too far away to stop whatever happened. But he came
out of the tack room as fast as he could, erect cock swinging from his fly, and reached
the horse just as the dangerous connection was broken.

Annette was slumped beside the hay, only her head and one arm now lying atop the
Capscrew had carefully avoided stepping on he legs, even with his clumsy mittens, and
was standing nearby, leaning lazily against the end stall.
Ron led the little horse the length of the bam to his own stall before trying to revive
Annette. She was stirring as he returned, and he helped her up and into the bathroom.
Under the shower, she regained her strength and composure quickly, and he left to let
the little stud outside, so he could join his companions in the east pasture.
Coming back toward the bathroom, he heard a whinny from the breeding corral and
went to the south door to peer through the open upper half of the doorway. Snapfire
was still waiting there where he had penned her so he could steal her scented juices to
smear on Annette.
The little filly seemed to think they had some unfinished business, and as Ron realized
that his cock still jutted rigidly from the front of his pants, he decided to see if she
really meant to seduce him.
He let her inside and she ran right to her stall, whinnying and switching her tail past
her oozing cunt. Ron got his pants and shorts off and came up behind her slowly,
talking as before and placing his hand under the moving tail to massage her sopping-
wet vulva.
Immediately, her legs assumed the braced stance she had taken the first time, and Ron
leaned into her rear, guiding his prick right to the mark. He entered her lustily and
started stroking at the first moment his balls touched home. Snapfire whinnied as her
sheath enclosed him, her tail twitching in its captive position against his belly.

Annette came upon the scene as she stepped from the bathroom doorway. It entranced
her, and she stared at the muscular body of her husband, bent over the rear of the little
filly, driving his cock again and again into the dripping tunnel.
She reached down and massaged her own cunt as she watched, feeling the fresh
lubricant begin to flow with her inner excitement. She knew that Ron had been
stimulated by watching her with Cappie, just as he was when he saw her fucked by
other men at swap sessions. And she was glad that he was having success with Snapfire,
although the sight now made her wish he was sticking that loaded prick in her, instead!
Ron had himself well under control, using as a deterrent his knowledge that he must
make the filly satisfied with the event if she were to become a successful "party horse"
in the future. So the session lasted long enough for all three to derive thrills from it.
When Ron finally spent his load in the clasping depths of the little creature, Annette
moaned and shoved three fingers up into her cunt as she climaxed by hand, triggered to
completion by Ron’s grunts and moans as he came.
She staggered back into the bathroom, splashed her crotch with cool water, then flaked
out on the couch Ron had installed along the north wall of the bathroom so he could
rest nearby when one of the mares was foaling.
Ron came in and showered, and while he was toweling, he walked over and looked
down on his exhausted wife. She sensed his presence and opened one eye to peer up at
"Do you think you can last through whatever training period is required?" he asked.
The concerned look on his face dissolved when she grinned up at him sheepishly.

"I think so… if we don’t have to go through a session every single day. I’d like a day
between bouts to recuperate. It’s a little bit rougher than a one-night swap session."
"I think we should have at least two days of rest each time," Ron countered. "I rather
like the idea of recuperating, myself, but I’d also like to get in a little horsing around in
the bedroom now and then."
"You mean you’re still interested in me… with a nympho filly like that Snapfire hot to
trot whenever you whistle?" Annette had both eyes squinting now, a habit characteristic
of her teasing moments, and her hand had grasped the towel Ron was trailing.
"Oh, you know me, Anne," he told her as he sat down on the couch beside her
stretched-out legs. "I like variety. After a sorrel filly like Snapfire, a chestnut mare with
your lines will be a pleasant change."
She jerked the towel from his grasp and tried to flog him with the wet terry, but he
blocked her swing and jumped up to run out of her range. He grabbed his T-shirt from
the hook where he had left it, and went out to his shorts and pants. By the time
Annette got up and ran after him, there was no more unprotected skin to smite.
"We’d better figure out our schedule right away, then," she said, letting the towel fall
limp and grinning at him. "Remember we have guests coming this weekend."
The apartment door opened after the third pressing of the chime button, but only far
enough for a green eye to peer through the narrow opening between the door and the
"Oh, it’s you, Buz!" The door closed long enough for the chain to be unhooked, then it

opened inward widely so Jake could get his large-boned frame through the gap. The
door closed to reveal the girl who had stood behind it out of sight.
Her red hair and green eyes were perfect matches for Jake’s, but the resemblance ended
there. Where Jake had a scattering of freckles and moles, his sister’s skin was flawless,
and of an opalescent quality that made it seem special.
"You don’t know how much fun you’re missing at the pool sides of this country,
Paula," he told her as he walked on into her living room. "It might be worth a few
"For your information, my solicitous brother," she said, closing up the front of her
gaping kimono as she followed him toward her bar, "I find all the action I want at
indoor pool sides." She built drinks for them both, slid his across the bar, and leaned
over the narrow top to study him closely. "Why the surprise visit? Not that you aren’t
always welcome, Buz. But you always phone first; one of the things that marks you as
an especially thoughtful brother."
"I guess I just needed a shoulder to cry on, Paula." Jake lifted his glass and almost killed
its contents in one swallowing, thirsty trip. When he set his glass on the bar, he could
not help but see the carelessly exposed mounds of her tits, squeezed together and
upward enticingly as her crossed arms forced them out of the loose silk décolletage.
"Those nipples!" he said hoarsely, remembering them all too well from a past he had
thought forgotten. He picked up his glass again, this time draining it completely.
"I’m sorry, Buz!" Paula said, straightening up and closing the material of her kimono to
hide the source of his incestuous excitement. "I wasn’t thinking. I guess I’d taken it for
granted that… well, that Bibi took such good care of you…"

She stopped as she saw the look on his face. He was pained and a little embarrassed,
and she quickly finished her own drink, then made two fresh ones while she tried to
guess what was wrong.
"I might as well not beat around the bush," he said as he reached for the proffered
drink. "If I don’t get this pressure relieved by telling someone, I think I’ll explode!"
"Come on over here and sit down," Paula said, emerging from behind the bar and
walking toward the pillowed rattan sofa in the opposite corner. She sat down and patted
the cushion beside her. "Get it off your chest, Buz. I may not be able to help you in any
other way, but your little sister sure can listen."
"It’s Bibi… Bibi and I… not at all like you think, Paula; not like anyone thinks… or
could imagine. The way she talks in a mixed group, you’d think she was a nympho. But
in the bedroom… from the very first night… God, I could hardly believe it myself when
I realized what a pussy-hoarder she is!"
"Bibi? I can’t believe it, either… but, knowing you, I have to accept your word for it.
Good Lord! All this time… poor Buz!"
She set her drink beside Jake’s on the coffee table, then took him in her arms, pulling
him toward her until his head nestled between the cushions, of her tits. Her throat had
a sizable lump it as her sympathy for this big man swelled inside her; he was still the
same lovable character who had played doctor with her in their childhood, and who had
shared with her the first joys of a more dangerously exciting sexual game in their
It was the little boy she was comforting, for she had sworn, as had Jake, that they would
never again let themselves be carried away by the physical excitement of the moment.

But it was not the little boy who found his lips too temptingly close to those nipples he
remembered with such affection!
Jake suddenly felt all the years slide away, and again he was a high school boy entering
his sister’s room in answer to her call for assistance. Her zipper had stuck, and he
worked with it until he got it engaged, then zipped it down her back for her.
She wore nothing under the dress, for she had been doing some housework that had to
be finished before she could bathe and dress for the Saturday matinee she and Jake
planned to attend while their parents were flying their private plane to Phoenix for the
Jake was overcome with the loveliness of her unflawed skin, and he peeled back the
dress at her shoulder with his thumb, and kissed the warm, soft, perspiration-damp
satin of her flesh. Paula whirled, gasping, and the movement peeled the dress off her
shoulder and upper arm. It fell down, revealing the generous, outthrust mounds of her
virginal tits.
"Paula!" Jake had groaned, staring at her beauty. "Oh, Paula… I have to kiss them!"
And he had kissed them lovingly, warmly, wetly, until both nipples swelled to fullness,
making Paula whimper helplessly. She had never been able to refuse her brother
anything within reason, and by the time she had reasoned her way to a need for
denying him this, she was so involved herself that she could only fall back on her bed
and yield to whatever he wanted.
Jake, wearing a light robe after his own shower, followed her forward onto the bed,
kissing and sucking her nipples greedily. His hands pulled her dress downward, bit by
bit, until he felt her weight dragging against it.

He raised up, his robe falling open and revealing! his virile young cock at full hardness.
Paula raised! her ass as he pulled at her dress, and it was soon on the floor below. He
stared at the gorgeous shapeliness of her, the feminine contours that were so exciting to
Her little nest of reddish-gold fur drew his attention. He had seen her little slit mound
when she was "patient" to his "doctor" as they played in their tree house. Then, it had
been bare, and its excitement was due only to novelty. But now it was compellingly
mature in its coppery curls, its central part more pronounced, swelling slightly outward
where the lips met.
"Oh, God!" he cried as he slid off the edge of the bed and parted her legs with his
trembling hands. He buried his face in the warmth of her nest, inhaling the femaleness
of her with lustful joy. Then he licked into the parted lips of her cunt and tasted her
wet flesh.
"Buz!" she cried. "Oh, Buz… lick it some more!" And he began to lick and suck at her
creaming cunt frantically, wanting to consume her, to make her his possession, his
conquest. When he happened onto her clitoris, he sucked at the little bud as if he would
take it from her.
"Oh, God! I’m dying!" she cried softly as she became racked by the quaking of her first
real orgasm. Jake tongued into her tender virgin entrance with such enthusiasm that he
tore part of her hymen. She shrieked and he pulled away, frightened and ashamed for
having hurt her.
But soon she ceased her wiggling and jerking and he crawled onto the bed again, to
look at her, to feast his eyes on her beauty while he could. There was a new softness on
her face – an added dimension of loveliness. It shone from her slightly swollen eyes and

seemed to glow from her skin.
"Lie down with me, Buz," she said softly. And he nestled beside her cozily, enjoying the
feel of her warm, pulsing body as it contacted his own.
Then she got up and leaned over him, giggling to herself quietly as she kissed his
useless male tits. Then she kissed downward onto his belly and into the wiry red thatch
at his groin. She studied the erect cock admiringly, wrapped her fingers around its
shaft, and slid its skin back until the dark redness of his knob popped into sight.
She gasped as she leaned closer to it, put her lips against the tip in tentative contact,
then moaned as she slid it into her mouth. Jake thought he would come right away, so
sweetly seductive was her mouth as it slid over his cock, salivating greedily.
But he lasted almost two minutes, then erupted in ecstatic jets that Paula consumed
frantically to keep from choking. When she had drained him, she fell back to lie beside
him, panting, but smugly gratified, knowing she had pleased him as much as he had
pleased her.
They had skipped the first of the double feature by unspoken agreement, remaining
together as they caressed and explored bodies much more thoroughly than in their
"doctor" play. Jake licked and sucked her to a second climax, more powerful than the
first. And Paula again reciprocated, winning a smaller liquid offering but a larger
portion of grunts and groans as the longer-lasting treatment gave Jake countless
thrilling minutes.
As they walked to the theater, later, they became very realistic in their discussion of the
affair. Both realized that it had to be the last as well as the first, for eventually they
would be driven by desire to "go all the way" as Paula stated it; Jake’s more colorful

terminology referred to fucking themselves out of promising futures.
And they had held to it all these years. But with Jake’s hot breath flowing over her tits,
Paula knew that she was again helpless to deny him; not only because of his apparent
need due to marital limitations, but because her desire made her vulnerable.
And Jake could not help himself. He took her nipple in his mouth, tongued it and
sucked it adoringly, as Paula whimpered her pleasure, and his hand sought her crotch,
fingers trembling to renew their contact with her delights. Then Paula pushed him away
and leaned back to look in his face, her eyes beginning to swell up with the
engorgement of her passion.
"Take your clothes off, Buz," she said softly, "and come to me in my bedroom…"
As she disappeared through a doorway, he undressed hastily. He knew that Paula took
the pill, and that this time there would be nothing to hold them back. After all this
time, he was going to enter her exciting body; fuck that sweet cunt of hers with the
cock that had ached to explore her for so long!
She was lying across her bed in almost the precise position he remembered so well. He
knelt and took her legs, pulled them far apart, and gazed at the wealth of red-gold hair
in her crotch. He uttered a wild little animal cry and drove into her cunt with his lips
and tongue, stirring her up until she was moaning constantly.
She came in trembling waves that shook the bed, and Jake rose above her, licking her
cream from his lips, to set the head of his prick against the forbidden door of her
convulsing cunt.
He shoved into her slowly, relishing the feel of her, knowing that it would be the last

time, no matter how great her sympathy and desire for him, and no matter how hard
up he might become. He knew that he had wanted this ever since their first sexual
adventure, and that the potency of his lust for her was mainly due to the fact that it was
a socially forbidden relationship.
Yet he felt more than lust as he stroked within the glorious creamy velvet of her sheath.
He felt that this was a final declaration of their mutual affection; a symbolic seal to the
living document of their lifetime closeness. But it would be the last, and it must be
enjoyed to the fullest.
"Darling Paula!" he whispered, then pressed his lips to hers. They kissed as they had
dared not kiss on that long-ago Saturday. And they did not stop kissing until Paula felt
the oncoming waves of her climax. Then she broke the oral connection.
"Buz… I’m coming… be with me… please!" she cried. And he felt his cock pulled at that
instant. He flooded her cunt with his gushing and she moaned and writhed and jerked
under him to the last spasm.
When they had showered and dressed, Jake built fresh drinks by adding ice and Scotch
to the ones they had abandoned by the sofa. When they had given each other a series of
very meaningful looks, Paula broke the silence.
"Buz, I know you love Bibi, or you wouldn’t have lasted it out all this time. So we
simply have to find a way to open her up so she’ll be the woman you want her to be…
the woman she can and should be."
"But how, Paula?" Jake wanted to believe it could be done. He had hope in his eyes,
although there was desperation in his voice.

"I have an idea, Buz. It won’t be easy, because she must have a pretty deep-seated hang-
up of some sort. But what I’m thinking of is a drastic treatment. And I think I know
who can help us pull it off. You see, I have these friends… Ron and Annette Lansing.
You might be a little shocked to know how I met them, but this is no time for me to be
coy, Buz. So here’s the whole bag of worms…"


THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 3

THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 3
Howard Chapman finished building two highballs, then carried them out of the kitchen
into the living room, his terry cloth robe flapping open loosely as he walked. He set the
drinks on the low coffee table, then picked up the stack of mail his wife had placed
there earlier, and sat down on the sofa.
He thumbed through the envelopes and brochures, dropping several onto his lap as he
sorted, then put the remainder back on the table beside his wife’s drink as he picked up
his own for a quick sip. He had checked all but one envelope when she came in to join
him, freshly showered and wearing a short summer robe that was little more than a
"My God, Jan!" he said, staring at the warm color of her exposed thighs and licking his
lips hungrily. "I hope you haven’t got anything on the stove that’s liable to burn or boil
over. I’m not going to let you get away from me for quite a while!"
He tossed the unopened envelope onto the table by his drink, then reached out and
grabbed her gently in back of her thighs, sliding his hands upward to cup her
asscheeks, and pulled her toward him. She wet her lips hastily, expecting him to pull
her down onto his lap for a kiss, but he slid her robe aside by using the top of his head
as a third hand.
As the fabric was pinned between his head and her smooth, flat belly, he could look
down on the glistening blonde curls of her full, rounded mound below. He nosed down
into the golden forest, inhaling the faint fragrance of her after-bath scent.
"Mm-m-m-m!" He hummed his pleasure as his lips neared the crest of the mound. His
tongue-tip snaked into the narrow slit that had begun to open as her cuntlips swelled in

passionate response to him.
He licked around the inside edges of the parting lips, following the contours of the
fleshy ellipse slowly, as if painting them with utmost care. He tantalized her by
skipping over the rising button of her clitoris, choosing instead to trace his elliptical
pattern further inward. The tongue-tip gently tattooed the sensitive flesh around her
cunt, then the engorged inner lips that guarded the entrance to her vagina.
"I th-think… something just might… boil over," Jan said in a hoarse whisper as he
licked out of the vaginal entrance and made a successful upward stab at her rigid
button. "But not on the… stove, Howie! Oh, God, baby! The way you eat my pussy!"
She had to give up trying to talk as gasps and moans kept her throat busy reacting to
the delicious thrills he was stirring inside her.
She leaned toward him, bending over from the waist, and he was forced to pull her
down onto the sofa with a twisting motion that rolled her ass onto the cushion beside
him. He seized her legs from his lap and raised them, pushing them toward her. She
drew her knees up and gave him access to her entire crotch.
He placed his hands against her inner thighs and let them slip downward over the satin
of her skin as he eyed the widely parted halves of the moist, swelling cunt.
"Jan, honey… if a cunt can be more beautiful than this… I don’t think I could stand to
look at it!" He groaned as he dipped his head between her legs, pressing his lips to the
outer edges of her wet cunt. His tongue flattened against the warm moistness, the tip
barely entering her cave, then licked upward until it contacted her outthrust clit.
"Howie!" she shrieked happily. "Oh, Howie… grab it and suck it, Daddy!" He slid his
lips over the tiny projection, letting its tip rest against his tongue, and drew greedily at

the succulent morsel until the suction was firmly established around it.
Jan whimpered as her ass began to lift from the cushion in response. Her pelvis hinged
upward as she shoved her cunt into the delightful vacuum. Shudders rippled over her
belly and her whimpers slurred into moans as the sensations grew too intense to
"Oh, darling!" she cried as her ass rose several inches above the cushion. Her thighs
clamped tightly and convulsions shook her fiercely. Howard thrust his tongue into her
cave and circled the entrance with his lips, then sucked powerfully at the spasming
Jan’s body writhed and bucked briefly, then went limp. When she fell to the sofa,
Howard pried her thighs apart and extricated his head. He gulped in air, licked her
honey from his lips, and stared at the engorged flesh of her cunt as it squeezed out in a
swollen pucker from the pressure of her thighs. Just below it, her tiny anus was winking
with the slow reactions to her measured pulsing.
Howard shrugged off his robe, letting it fall to the sofa, and took his throbbing cock in
his hand. He slid the skin back and forth over the shaft, squeezing a tiny drop of
translucent wetness from the tip.
"I’m so loaded I’m starting to leak!" he groaned. "Where do you want it, Jan!"
"My cunny can’t stand it yet, Howie!" she told him. "Come feed me, darling!"
He got up and moved around to the end of the sofa near her head. She scooted herself
into position and grasped the hard shaft from his fingers, pulling it into her eager lips.
Rolling and nodding her head as if she wanted the rubbery knob to massage every part
of her mouth and throat, she made it fuck into her head wetly.

Saliva flowed as her greedy excitement intensified, and she started to suck as she
nodded, drawing at his tubes with compelling force. Howard grunted at the potency of
her vacuum and began to weave from one side to the other, his knees starting to
His balls swung against his thighs, then tightened and rose up into his crotch. He was
groaning steadily with the countless thrills rippling through him. Then they all merged
together in a single voluptuous wave that tore into his groin and exploded.
His fingers were clawing into Jan’s blonde tresses, massaging her head frantically as he
erupted. She held her suction while he gushed his load, swallowing avidly until he was
drained. Her final licking and vacuuming made him grunt with ecstatic pain, and he
pulled away from her greedy mouth.
Jan had recovered enough from her. own convulsive release to make room on the sofa
for him, and as he sat heavily beside her, exhaling a long groan of pleasure, she giggled
"You like to feed me, don’t you, Howie?" she asked, nestling into the sofa as she
cupped a soothing hand over the tenderized mound of her cunt.
"Almost as much as I like to eat you," he replied. "I’m always glad while you’re sucking
on me, but after you’ve brought me off I wish I’d saved it to screw you."
"You mean you don’t like my mouth as well as my pussy?" she pouted.
"That’s something that varies from time to time," he told her, reaching out and
fingering her lower lip until she stopped pouting and giggled again. "I think part of it’s
due to my having to stop eating you before I get enough. I want to get into your cunny
as far as I can, and eat as much of you as I can for as long as I can. When you come,

and I have to quit, then I’m eager to finish with my cock what I started with my mouth.
At least I think that’s part of the motivation. Say, you haven’t gone through your mail."
"From here, it looks as if my male’s been ‘gone through’ by someone… or something!"
she told him.
"Smartass!" he said, grinning. ‘Take care of your mail on the coffee table. Your male on
the sofa has had it… for a while!"
Jan picked up her drink, took a hearty swallow before setting it down, and started
looking through her mail. Howard remembered the envelope he had not opened,
picked it up, and studied the PERSONAL imprint. When he had fingered the flap open
untidily, tearing the envelope across in the process, he pulled out a folded brochure
with the word SWAP in large letters at one end.
Unfolding it, he saw the preceding words D’YOU WANNA on the other side of the
crease. He held the message out to Jan.
"D’you wanna swap?" he asked. Jan’s eyes were focused on the note in her hand, and
she did not look up.
"With this couple, I just might be tempted!" she said. After another few seconds, she
looked up from the page of neat, feminine handwriting and glanced at her husband.
"Annette and Ron want us to spend the weekend with them. Now, there’s a man I
could think about sexually… for a one-time lark, perhaps."
Then she saw the brochure in front of her, read enough of the text under the heading
to see that it was a genuine swap club’s publication, and blushed prettily. She had been
teasing, thinking that Howard’s question related to something else. Now she felt a
guilty kind of embarrassment as she realized that her reply must have sounded as if she

were jumping at the chance to swap. She was afraid Howard might take it as
dissatisfaction with his lovemaking.
"He’s some hunk of man, all right," Howard conceded, trying to ease her
embarrassment. "And I can’t say that Annette leaves me exactly cold, either. She has
that exotic quality most brunettes wish they could have, but can’t. Yeah-h-h… too bad
the Lansings aren’t swappers."
Jan slowly lowered the invitation to her lap as her violet-blue eyes acquired a distant
look. Her blush had almost faded as Howard assuaged her embarrassment. Now she
was allowing herself the luxury of daydreaming a little, knowing her husband would
not take offense at her interest in the subject.
"You know, Howie… we can’t be sure that they’re not!" She was recalling the many
frank looks of appraisal she had intercepted from Ron when he thought she was not
aware of his scrutiny. And more than once, Annette had made some admiring
observation or other with regard to Howard’s charm.
"From what Ron’s said about that ranch, Jan, I would guess that the Lansings are pretty
well tied down there. Not much chance of running around the countryside for fun, with
all that responsibility."
"I suppose you’re right. But wouldn’t that place be ideal for… oh, sort of… peeling to
the buff and just running wild and… doing what comes naturally?" There seemed to be
a brighter violet cast to her eyes as Howard met her sparkling glance, and a strange
thrill stirred in his chest and belly as he sensed that he had caught a glimpse of his
wife’s hidden side.
"We’re thinking seriously about this swap thing, aren’t we?" he asked, his face

registering both surprise and pleasure. His words were a momentary shock to Jan, and
her eyes widened a bit, but she lost none of the animated sparkle which had intrigued
"We… we seem to be… don’t we?" she countered. "But then… we’ve always known…
both of us… that we’re very sexual individuals. So it shouldn’t come as too much of a
shock to us – the thought that we’re capable of being stimulated by others. Should it?"
"It shouldn’t," he agreed. "But for some reason, the fact that we are thinking about it
seriously is a little startling." He chuckled softly. "I’ll bet Ron and Annette would be
startled, too, if they knew how we were thinking of them at this moment. Can you
imagine their reaction?"
"That’s what bothers me, Howie. I’m getting kind of worked up, thinking about the
possibility. I have a sort of intuitive feeling about it. Ron’s eyes have been eating me up
almost since the first time I met him, and remembering how it felt… well, I’m sort of…
getting hot all over again! Do you think I’m awful, Howie?"
"No, I don’t think you’re awful. You’ll notice that this thing in my lap is not exactly
limp right now, despite what you did to it. I’ve been thinking about bending Annette
over one of their rustic fences and…"
"Oh-h-h, Howie!" Jan moaned, pressing her hand to her crotch. "Quit talking like that!
It’s getting me too excited. You, too; look at that hard-on, you dirty old man!"
"Yeah, we have to stop this. We’re getting ourselves all stirred up, and then we’ll be
disappointed when we get there and it turns out to be just another visit to the Lansing
ranch. We are accepting the invitation, I suppose?"
"Yes! Oh, definitely yes, Howie. Now I’ve just got to see if maybe something exciting

happens there!"
"Don’t get your hopes up, honey. Things seldom work out that smoothly. I’m afraid
that, if we really get hot on this swapping idea, we’re going to have to go through one
of these clubs." He waved the brochure at her, then dropped it on the coffee table.
"Have you even stopped to think about how one ‘feels out’ another couple on the
swapping subject? I mean… hell, Jan! You can’t just sit at the dinner table and say,
‘What do you think about switching partners for the weekend? Pass the salt, please.’ Or
do you have more brass than I thought?"
"Of course not, Howie. But there are ways. Women can find out such things easier than
men, I think. Even if Ron does spend a lot of time getting those little toy horses of
theirs to fuck, he might be bashful when it comes to talking about people doing it. But
I’ll bet I can ‘feel out’ Annette, as you put it."
"Lots of luck, honey," he replied, grinning. "But don’t set your hopes too high. Hell,
Ron may be the sort who’s even embarrassed to watch his breeding stock in action. The
thought of swapping may shock both of them, so take it easy."
Ron stood just outside Snapfire’s stall, watching her switch her diminutive tail
petulantly as she whinnied in low tones. He could see the vaginal ooze dripping from
the filly’s cunt each time her tail moved away from its center position. There was no
doubt about the fact she was in heat!
He spoke to the restless little filly in low, soothing tones that matched the pitch of her
whinny. He put his hand on her croup and stroked the top of her tail at its base. She
sidestepped once, whinnying more nervously than before, and her tail switched at a

higher rate of speed.
"Easy, Snapfire," he said, continuing to stroke her rump and reassure her. He had been
making friendly overtures to her for a week or more, and she had shown more affection
than any of the tiny fillies had previously displayed. She had even followed him around
the large corral like a faithful hound or a curious cat, watching him at his chores. He
had spoken to her all the while, getting her accustomed to his voice so she would
associate it with the occasional kind pats and lumps of sugar and tender young carrots
he gave her.
Ron slowly slid his fingers under the moving tail, past the tight wrinkles of her anus,
and massaged her swollen vulva, keeping up his soothing talk all the while. Snapfire
looked back over her withers at him, eyes wide and rolling, showing the whites.
But he kept up his patter, continued the massage, and finally slid his fingers into the
soupy center of her entrance. The flesh seemed to swell and blossom outward to his
touch, but she whinnied still more loudly now, and sidestepped again. His hand lost its
place, and he had to talk her through the same procedure again.
"Now, now, girl…" old Ron’s trying to make you feel better. Just stand easy and enjoy
it… attagirl… now, don’t those fingers feel good on that swollen pussy of yours, huh?"
This time she did not sidestep, though she looked back at him briefly, then tossed her
head two or three times. Ron got two fingers partly inserted in her cunt and she
repositioned her hind legs as if bracing herself to accept the weight of a stallion.
She’s more ready than I thought! What the hell do I do, now? Boy, is that a juicy, hot-
to-fuck cunt! I wonder if she’s liable to let go with those rear hooves about the time I
try to get into her? I’m ready to stick her; that’s for sure! Maybe if I can stand with my

legs far enough apart, she won’t do much damage if she does kick…
He was almost as excited as the little filly, fumbling one-handedly to drop his pants and
shorts while trying to keep his fingers in her. He was wearing sandals instead of boots,
so he was able to kick loose from the garments when they fell around his ankles.
"Now, Snapfire, old girl… Daddy Ron’s gonna swap tools… give you something better
than those fingers-easy, now!" She had not shifted her stance, but a muscular ripple had
shuddered back over her rump as he leaned in toward her, guiding his cock into the
spot where his fingers were stirring her frothy brew.
Her flesh was so much warmer than he anticipated, that he almost let out a groan that
would have startled her. But he checked his sound by tightening his throat, and pushed
the pulsing knob of his prick into her as he withdrew his fingers.
The steamy opening closed over him wetly, almost hotly and seemed to suck him
onward. He eased into her all the way, his balls snuggled into the dripping flesh of her
"Oh, Snapfire… what a Turkish bath you have in there!" Ron felt as if he were being
clasped by two pieces of heated liver. But the vibrant shivering of the sheath convinced
him that whatever had him in its grasp was very much alive. He began to stroke into
the clinging warmth, and the filly whinnied softly as he fucked.
As he became aware of the fact that Snapfire was enjoying what he was doing to her, he
got involved in the sensations even more. She liked the hard, driving strokes he was
using, for Ron had seen Jock’s technique and was trying to emulate it as best he could.
If he could convince her that the two-legged creatures provided the same joy, or a
reasonable facsimile, she might be willing to play for the party crowd!

"My God, little filly!" he said softly, but with more than a little surprise. "You’re an
exciting fuck!" Her tunnel was hotly clasping and unclasping around his moving shaft,
and thrills built rapidly in his groin until he had to give up his load.
He shot volley after volley into her depths, groaning at the intensity of the voluptuous
sensations that triggered him, until he was emptied. Snapfire whinnied again, her rump
muscles shivered, and Ron withdrew just before she sidestepped, leaning her right
buttock against the side of her stall.
His belly and hip were red from the twitching pressure of her tail, with its incredibly
tough, long hairs. He backed up across the aisle and leaned against Little Girl’s stall
until his knees stopped trembling.
Snapfire’s tail, unrestrained now, was switching back and forth in a more normal,
serene manner than when he had first entered the barn. And she was breathing hard,
but without any accompanying whinny. He could see a tiny trail of white come
dripping from her cunt as he picked up his clothes and headed for the bath.
After he was under the shower, he wondered if he should have patted the filly’s rump
and praised her, perhaps even given her a reward – a carrot or something.
But he hated that kind of thinking immediately. It might be the right technique for the
Lamberts’ party dogs, but it was not the way to train Snapfire. The filly liked being
fucked, and if she got satisfaction from the encounter, she was likely to welcome the
next one. Sugar cubes and vegetables would not control her permissiveness; a satisfying
fuck just might.
When he had dressed and come out into the stable area, he went to Snapfire’s stall and
unfastened the swiveled snap of her manger rope from the ring in her halter. She

followed him to the south door and out into the small breeding corral.
Ron walked to the southwest corner, where the fence met the wall of the nearby
granary, and peered around the structure at the horizon. The sun was low in the sky,
and he looked at his watch, conscious that Annette had not yet returned from her
shopping trip.
As he stood there, he felt a softness nuzzling into his ribs. He lifted his arm and
Snapfire’s nose slid past his shirt and came to rest on his thigh briefly. He chuckled and
put his arm around the filly’s head. She whinnied quietly, let him pat her neck for a
while, then raised her head as she heard a sound in the distance.
Ron turned away from the fence and watched her as she lifted her head higher, craned
her neck to the north, and stiffened her ears forward. Then she shook her head from
side to side and trotted back into the barn.
When he followed her inside, she was once more in her stall. He had filled the mangers
earlier, and she was starting to munch on the hay, seemingly quite relaxed. He snapped
her halter lead in place, patted her affectionately, and went back out to open the gate
that led from the small breeding corral into the pasture. The rest of the stock were
headed for the barn, so he whistled at them, and the fillies and mares picked up speed
as they headed toward him.
He got them all secured in their stalls, then let the last of his charges through the south
door, where they had been waiting, tired of their segregated pasture. Jock and Capscrew
went right into their stalls and were tied up. Young Lonigan trotted up the aisle, visiting
the girls, and Ron had to corner him and lead him to his stall with a few words of

Annette was driving into the yard as he left the barn, and he helped her carry her
purchases into the house. The moment she stopped to catch her breath, she could tell
by Ron’s expression that he was keeping some kind of news from her.
"From that grin," she guessed wildly, "I’d say that either you’ve been elected president
of the breeders’ association, or you have an early evening hard-on."
"It’s a grin of accomplishment, all right; but not because I’ve been elected to office. And
don’t plan on that hard-on, either. I just used it up… on Snapfire. Anne… I think she’s
going to be a howling success!"
She studied him for a moment, then smiled broadly as she began to shrug off her
jacket. He trailed after as she walked to the bedroom.
"That settled it," she said. "I’m starting on Cappie tomorrow!"


THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 2

THE PONY WIVES – Chapter 2
Beatrice Jacobs was sitting at her dressing table, brushing out the glossy treasure of her
long, black hair, when her husband came out of his bathroom, saw that he had
forgotten to bring any cigarettes upstairs, and went into her bedroom to borrow some.
He walked through the open doorway without knocking on the frame as he usually did,
then halted just inside, staring at the loveliness of her. He had never really gotten used
to the idea that she was his; all that exciting beauty!
As her hands reached the end of her strokes with the brush, head leaned to one side,
her baby-doll nightie was lifted high, and her golden asscheeks shone like satin in the
light from the three lamps in her room.
He could see in her mirror the reflected glory of her perfect tits, completely revealed in
the unfastened opening of the gauzy garment. God! It had been over a week since he
had fondled those magnificent tits!
His breathing almost stopped when she dropped her brush; leaning over to retrieve it,
she flashed the pinkness of her darkly furred slit into the revealing mirror. Its debut was
brief, but as she regained her position, her tits bounced enticingly, the dark nipples
jiggling and swinging at the peaks.
It was a stimulating display, even for a man who got all the sex he wanted. To a man
who got a lot less than he felt he needed, it was almost maddening. But he remained
silent and unmoving as she tied a red ribbon around the inky softness of her tresses.
" ‘Bess, the landlord’s daughter, plaiting a dark-red love knot into her long black hair.’ "
He quoted smoothly and with almost a reverent tone. She stared at him from the
mirror for a second before she spoke.

"Who said this was a love knot?" He could not be sure if the overtones were indicative
of playfulness, annoyance, or indifference.
"Can’t blame a guy for hoping, can you?" he countered, hating himself as he always did
on these occasions, wishing he dared to overpower her, fuck hell out of her, and stalk
out of her damn room without a word. She could make a guy feel like a beggar in his
own home.
"Stick around," she said casually. "I’ll see what time it is after I’m all creamed and ready
for bed." She started to smear things on her face, neck and arms. He walked over to a
console on the side wall, got a cigarette from her case, and lit it with her ornate lighter.
He dared not say anything, so stood quietly as she continued her nightly toilette.
You haven’t creamed for so long, you’ve forgotten how! What the hell gives with you,
Bibi? Everyone you meet thinks you’re an oversexed female… God knows, you look it,
and talk a good fuck. Why do you act like a nympho in the living room and a coolly
dutiful wife in the bedroom? God! What I wouldn’t give to build a real fire in that
sweet cunt of yours!
She always seemed to freeze up just as they would begin to get excited from the
foreplay. After that point, it was as if she suffered him to jack off with her cunt clasped
around him, and more than once he wondered why he bothered to keep trying.
But he knew why he never ceased to pursue her; why he hungered for her all the time,
even when he had found release with someone else during the day. He was too much in
love with her not to want her, to have all he could have of her. And he’d keep trying for
as long as he could stand the strain.
She was finished all of a sudden, and as she left her dressing table for her bed, throwing

back the covers with a graceful motion, she gave him an arch look that he knew was
more acting than feeling.
"Well, Franklin?" She waited, a model of patience as he put out the stub of his cigarette
and moved toward the bed.
That’s another thing: Even in bed, she calls me Franklin! Only when we’re with friends
who call me Jake, will she use the nickname most people use after they’ve known me
for an hour. If she’d really unbend with me, damn it…!
He forced all of his bitterness and disappointments aside as he crawled in beside her.
His hands sought the warm bulk of her body, caressed her hip lovingly, pulled her to
him as his lips hunted for hers, hungry for the warmth of communication between
She kissed him with all the ardor of the nymphomaniac she often pretended to be. She
always did. She could give his friends a hard-on just kissing them goodnight after an
evening out together. But it ended at the neck. If her cunt would get as eager and juicily
active as her mouth, he’d chain her to the bed and retire from his job the next day.
He came up for air, then began kissing the mounds of her tits. When he got a nipple in
his lips, it had a sticky greasiness that clung, and a flavor like rancid leather.
"Don’t, Franklin!" she whispered. "You’ll wash off the nipple ointment!"
Jesus Christ! Nipple ointment! I hope to hell she hasn’t anointed her pussy; I’m going
to try eating her again.
He kissed downward over the satin warmth of her belly, into her glossy black cunt
curls, felt her wince and tighten her thigh muscles as she always had when he

approached her pussy with his mouth.
She let him kiss the softness of her mounded hair, even lick into the tightness of her
pressed-together cuntlips. But as he began to probe inward with his tongue, becoming
more excited and hungry for her as he inhaled the delicate fragrance of her, she rolled
her thighs snugly against his face, forcing him away from his feast.
"Franklin, don’t! You know that makes me nervous. Come on back up here where you
belong; just play with your fingers if you have to explore me… after the years we’ve
been together."
He should have known better. From the first time he had gone after her compelling
cunt with his mouth, she had protested in one manner or another. She was "too terribly
sensitive" for such contacts; she felt "like a Lesbian" when he used his mouth on her;
she thought she might have a slight vaginal discharge and it embarrassed her for him to
be near it… almost made her sick to think about; she wished he wouldn’t behave like an
adolescent who had never seen a pussy at close range; she wanted him to "quit fawning
around that thing and stick his penis in it, like a man!"
It was the height of frustration for him. Not only because he was filled with sincere
desire to kiss and lick and nibble that most deliciously private femaleness of her, but he
felt it might unlock her inhibitions, also.
Jake sensed that one potent orgasm brought on by attacking her button with his mouth,
if he could manage it, would remove the final barrier that stood between them and their
marital happiness. It was an almost unassailable barrier, the way he saw it.
Beatrice Armitage had overwhelmed him from the first moment he met her. She was
one of the most "emancipated" females he had ever encountered – as far as her frank

conversation and lack of false modesty in clothing were concerned. She would never let
him go all the way with her before they were married, but she held such great promise
of untold sexual delights that he was willing to wait.
After all, a gal that calmly discussed anything and everything sexual-in literature,
foreign films, even the experiences of her confidantes – certainly should be so
enlightened and uninhibited that she would be a veritable mink in bed!
What a blow had fallen on their wedding night! Before they turned down the covers on
their hotel bed, she had made him sit down and listen to the ground rules she believed
necessary for a smooth sexual union between them.
She knew from his courting of her that he was more romantic than animalistic, so she
need not tell him they must keep their lovemaking on a romantic level, which was a
prime requisite to her. But she thought that, because of what she had heard and read of
the experiences of others, they should discuss their hang-ups and personal taboos ahead
of time, to avoid unhappy disappointments.
Now, for one thing, she did not like the promiscuous feeling of daytime contacts. Love-
making properly should be relegated to the nighttime privacy of the marital bed. And,
above all, never would there be any sexual contact – not even tender, romantic caresses
– after either of them had been drinking.
She had other ideas; all just as whimsical, seemingly, and most of them inconsequential
compared to the major restrictions. What really hurt Jake was the discovery that her
definition of "daytime contacts" precluded his copping a playful feel of her tits or ass at
any time but night and anywhere but in bed!
The capper had been her very firm insistence upon his "never, never forcing or

coercing" her into an activity over her initial veto. If he did, she would feel that she
could never trust him again, and would have to leave him!
If he had not been so desperately in love with her, had not felt the game worth the
candle, he would have tried force with her on many occasions. But he preferred keeping
her on her own terms, no matter how miserable, rather than taking a chance of losing
He had crawled back up into his original position, his head on his pillow and his hip
touching hers, but his hands lay on his belly, instead of reaching for her as before. It
took him several seconds to recover from the angry reaction to her rebuke. She was
silent; her patience at such times was the only price she had to pay for having her sex
life exactly as she wanted it.
When she began to feel slightly impatient, thinking of her early morning appointment
to have her hair done, she used her feminine wiles to speed up his recovery. First, she
moved her body ever so gently – just enough to taunt him with the thrill of moving
contact. Then she moistened her lips carefully, making delicately wet sounds to intrigue
When he began to stir, as if his interest might be returning to her, she rolled over on
her side to face him. Her hip frictioned against his, then her ointment-moist nipple
jiggled against the skin of his upper arm as her tit bounced from the movement.
Jake groaned, turned to meet her, and took her in his arms. His mouth sought hers
again and they kissed excitedly while his fingers slid down to play in the snug moistness
of her barely parted slit. She let the fun continue only until she thought she was excited
enough to insure good lubrication. Then she pushed him back from her, parted her
thighs, and let him have one happy second of feeling her readiness with his excited

"Come on, Franklin," she whispered. "Take me now."
Her words did not serve to stimulate him, for they were uttered without any indication
of desire. She might have been urging him to carry out the trash. But the feel of her
exciting body next to his, and the sensation of her steamy cunt-flesh on his finger, had
enough stimulation to move him into action.
He got between her thighs and she lifted them to admit him. His cock was sticking out
of the fly of his pajamas, hard and throbbing, and he shoved its rubbery head into the
fleshy petals he had fingered so briefly.
"Oh, Bibi!" he said hoarsely, easing into her snugness slowly to prolong the joy. "It
feels so good to be inside you!" He pushed in all the way, and she gasped softly as he
filled her completely. When he began stroking within her, she moved her ass almost
imperceptibly, as if subconsciously responding to him but unwilling to let herself go.
He became caught up in the exciting sensation of plowing into her sheath and
withdrawing it, feeling her walls clasping him all the way. His moments inside her were
so limited that he always did his utmost to make each excursion last as long as possible,
fighting to keep his control up to the last split-second.
But always, because these moments were so few and the thrill of plunging into her was
so exciting to him, the sheer pleasure of it increased the intensity of his passion, and he
never could last as long with her as with any of the several females who gave him
release at other times.
At least it felt as if she might reach a climax tonight; her average was about fifty
percent, since she limited his foreplay so drastically that he could not stir her enough

before starting to fuck her. Yes, that quivering deep inside her tunnel was the sure
"Kiss me!" she squealed as her body tensed beneath him. He tried to hold back his own
finish as his mouth met hers, but when her tongue slid past his lips and writhed against
his tongue in darting excitement, he burst his load into her powerfully, feeling his come
boiling around inside her as her convulsions contracted her sheath against his cock.
Wanting to stay inside her as long as he could, he wiggled his ass and bored into her
lustfully, reveling in the quivering warmth of her cunt. Even after he was drained, he
forced his muscles to spasm, swelling and pulsing his knob against her walls, wanting
to make her aware of his presence there, to prolong the reminder that it had been he
who gave her that trembling orgasm.
She broke their kiss even before her convulsions were over, and he knew from
experience that she was ready to break their connection. He sighed and pulled out of
the slippery nest.
"Thank you, Franklin, darling," she said, covering he cunt with her hand as she swung
her legs out of the bed and started for her bathroom. "And goodnight. See you in the
He stayed on his knees in the bed until she closed herself up in her bathroom. Then he
retired to his own bath, carrying his wet, limp cock in his hand as if it were a wounded
bird he had found.
Bibi prepared her douche with trembling hands, and her knees were shaking just as
uncontrollably until she sat on the toilet and shoved the tube inside her. The pressured
flow of the scented water relaxed her, stopping the tiny tremors of her aftermath.

Oh God! Why can’t I have sex without being so uptight? It’s damn near killing me
inside… like wanting to sneeze and being afraid to let go! And I know it’s spoiling half
the fun for Jake. Damn it! Why can’t I be like Mother? No… I wouldn’t want to be
that… wanton… but why don’t I have a little of her… abandon?
She could see in her memory, almost as clear as if it were a recent event, the sight she
had witnessed the day she came home at noon from her third grade classes, nursing a
toothache. The school nurse dropped her off at her house and she entered quietly,
knowing that her father often came home at noontime for a quick nap before lunch.
When she tiptoed quietly past her parents’ bedroom door, headed for her own room,
the door had been ajar. The sounds she heard made her stop and look back. Her father
was completely undressed, and he was kneeling on the bed sideways, revealing the
enormous, stiff thing he peed through.
Her mother was lying diagonally on the bed, her legs drawn up in the air, showing her
hairy crotch. Then her father kissed the fuzzy slit and Bibi had to cover her mouth with
her hand to keep from gasping aloud and betraying her presence in the hall.
She watched as her father’s tongue licked in the slit and made it swell open. Then he
put his whole mouth over the spot and her mother whimpered and gasped as if she
were being tickled. When her ass jerked wildly on the bed and her mother cried out in
an odd, happy voice, her father stopped licking, crawled up closer into the vee of her
mother’s legs, and stuck his thing into her until it disappeared.
Bibi watched her father’s hairy ass drive in and out for a long time, while her mother’s
voice kept begging for him to do things to her. Bibi learned later what some of the
words meant. At that shocking moment, all she knew was that her parents were
"making another baby" in secret. They had not even told her they wanted another

child. But she had learned from one of her playmates that this was how babies were
Bibi had fled the frightening, disillusioning scene and hid in her room, trying not to
wet her panties while she waited for the courage to sneak back down the hall. She
managed to get downstairs undetected, then slammed the front door as if she were just
entering the house.
Her parents had seemed to change in her eyes after that. But she really learned the
depth of her mother’s lust four years later, vacationing at the lakes. Bibi and two girls
from neighboring cabins had gone around to the end of the lake where wildflowers
grew in profusion, to gather centerpiece blossoms for their tables. When one girl got
into some poison ivy, they cut the trip short so the victim could hurry home.
Bibi had reached the Armitage cabin to see fresh, wet footprints on the sunny rear
porch and knew her parents had just come from a swim in the lake. When she entered
the cabin, she could hear her mother gasping between excitedly gushed words that
came from the bedroom with startling clarity. Bibi knew all the words, by this time, but
it was a shock to hear her mother use them.
"… can’t wait to get this… damn suit off! Pull at the crotch, honey… can’t you get your
cock in past the material? You got your fingers… in there easy enough… in the lake…
and I can’t wait to be fucked!"
"My cock’s a little bigger than my fingers," Bibi heard her father reply. "Why do you
have to wear such tight suits?"
"Tear it, then!" Her mother’s voice was desperate, as if the garment were on fire and
burning her. "My cunt’s itching to have you…" There was a ripping sound, then a sigh.

"Yes! Oh, what a delicious feeling! Fuck me, darling! Get it in up to the balls!"
Bibi had sneaked quietly outside, easing the door shut noiselessly, then stood on the
porch and viewed the seemingly more sane activities around her; the boats on the lake,
the barbecues in use, the occasional comings and goings of cars.
She had made herself a promise on the spot, stimulated by the sense of shame and
shock she felt because of her parents’ unwitting display.
If I ever get married, there’ll be no such goings-on in the daytime! It’s absolutely
disgraceful! If that kind of thing has to happen, it belongs in a dark bedroom at night,
not in broad daylight, while people are supposed to be doing normal things!
As she finished rinsing and drying her douche bag and putting it away, Bibi felt a
resentment rising up inside her. She knew that her parents had always been happy
together, enjoyed being alone together. They had not needed her to be happy. She had
been bored many times in her childhood, but she had never seen them bored.
She had wondered for years if perhaps she had something wrong with her; some quality
lacking in her makeup, as if she had been created incomplete. Now she thought it more
likely that she had been given an unwanted extra; a built-in restraint that spoiled her
capacity for enjoyment. Especially sexual enjoyment.
I can talk about sex… kick around the terminology and the psychology of it with the
best of them. I’ve been doing that ever since… I don’t know… since it started to be
fashionable to talk about it, I guess. But why can’t I live it? Why did I limit Jake the
way I did when we were first married? Now I can’t change… it’s like a role I’ve played
so long that I don’t dare try out new lines or I’ll throw the other actors off…
She came out of the bedroom and got into bed, but she knew she would not sleep right

away. There was the freshly remembered warmth of Jake’s body against hers, inside of
hers, bursting within her. And there was the knowledge of her own failure as a wife,
her self-imposed restrictions that had grown into her like guy-wires buried in the bark
and wood of a tree.
Oh, God! I can say anything in an "intellectual" discussion. It’s considered sophisticated
these days. Why can’t I even use a four-letter word in Jake’s presence? Hell, I can’t even
call him Jake! As if I dared not to be too informal with him or he might take advantage
of me. My God, Bibi… he’s your husband!
Something cracked inside her gut and she began to sob softly. The sobbing made the
hurt worse, but it also relaxed her. After a few minutes, the sobbing eased into the deep
breathing of sleep.


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