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"Carol, honey, I just stopped by to talk things ov-"
Alec stuck his head through the door. He seemed to stick in the crack. His eyes bulged,
and his face went chalky for a moment as he looked at the scene before him.
Harley was straining forward, his knees on a pillow, his head tipped back, his cock
shoved all the way up the steel-blue bitch’s twitching pussy.
There was a goddamn Irish plunging and fucking away at his Carol’s ass, and she was
all screwed up in the spasming position of orgasm he’d come to know so well.
And there was that little bitch Tish, with her legs spread as wide as they could get,
finger up her little cunt, thumb rolling over her clit, encouraging them all on.
"My God!" he gasped.
The whiteness left his face, and color came back, growing deeper and deeper. Tish
heard him. She turned her head and looked at him. She didn’t stop masturbating a lick.
Instead, she smiled with sultry heat at him and lifted her cunt higher.
"Ohhh, baby – come and fuck that big prick into my hot pussy!" she cried to him.
Carol whipped her head around. She was still coming. Her voice was a tight squeak of
Harley shot his load into the Labrador’s pussy at the same moment his head whipped

around to see Alec standing there. The presence ruined the big roaring orgasm he’d
built up to, but he knew better than to bitch to Alec about it.
"So this is why you wanted the fucking dogs!" Alec roared at Tish. "So you could work
your perversions on your dumb brother and the sister you hate so much! You fucking
little cunt, I ought to…"
His face went dark-red, and his fists balled.
"Yes, Alec – do it! Oh, God, come do it! Fuck the shit out of me, you big bastard!"
He strode towards the bed. He grabbed the Setter by the tail and pulled.
"Yaaaaah, no!" Carol screamed. "The knot! You’ll pull my ass inside out!"
Alec let go. He didn’t know what Carol was talking about, but the dog’s prick was up
her asshole, not his, and she ought to know what it felt like.
He looked at his girl, the woman he loved. It seemed unbelievable that she was doing
this, letting a dog fuck her. But at the same time he knew that it hadn’t been her doing.
None of it had. It had all been Tish’s evil little mind at work.
"Rotten little bitch," he growled.
"Yes, yes, Alec. Nasty little slutty bitch. Punish me. Come fuck the shit out of me and
teach me a lesson I’ll never forget!" Tish cried, still swirling her hand over her cunt.
"By God, I will," Alec growled again.
He ripped his shirt off. He pushed his pants down. He didn’t bother with his shoes.

The slut didn’t deserve any better than to get plowed by a guy still in his shoes and
He jacked at his big prick. He saw Carol stare at him with wide eyes. "What the hell
are you looking at?" he said to her. "You want a mirror so you can see yourself, baby?"
Carol looked away, hiding her shame by burying her face in her hands. Alec looked
down at the nearly bald little twat. It was open and red and wet, and he hadn’t had a
good fuck since Carol had been to his place a month ago.
He was ready.
He was more than ready.
Even with a rotten bitch like Tish.
He got between her legs and aimed his cock. He didn’t wet it. He put the tip against
her cunt mouth and felt the slippery silkiness of it, the heat and juice.
The big Irish next to him howled and shuddered, sinking his red prick into Carol’s
asshole and blasting her butt full of hot, boiling sperm.
The sight infuriated Alec. He saw red. He shoved his cock forward as hard and brutally
as he could, raping it into Tish’s open, shuddering maw of silky cunt meat.
"Yaaagh!" Tish bellowed.
The sound of her pain gave him immense satisfaction. He drew back and gave her
another brutal lunge, banging his pubic bone against hers, making her naked butt scoot

backward across the bed.
"Ahhh, God! Finally! Finally!" Tish cried.
Alec paused. That wasn’t agony in her voice. That was triumph!
He looked at Carol. Carol had heard it, too. She looked into his face, and her color
"Oh, Alec…" she said softly.
"I told you, Carol! I told you the little bitch had been lying to you! I told you I’d never
fucked her!"
"Ahhh, you’re doing it now, you big-pricked bastard. I knew I could get you. I can get
any bastard I want. You just took a little longer, that’s all. Carol, look at your boy
friend. He’s fucking me, Carol. See him fuck his big prick into my hot little pussy?
Aren’t you jealous, darling? Aren’t you going to go off and pout for months on end
again? Ahhhh, what a big prick he’s got! Mmmm, I just love all your boy friends’ big
Tish tipped her head back and opened her mouth wide and laughed shrilly at the
ceiling, at the gods above, at Fate itself. The whole world was hers to fuck. All she had
to do was smile sweetly and shake her ass and spread her silky little twat open, and the
earth itself would grow a spire up into her cunt!
Alec banged and plunged and thudded against her with fury. It had no effect. She loved
it. She absorbed all the blows of his pounding, momentum-packed hips.

And she thrived on it.
There was a perverse thrillingness to the knowledge. He’d heard of women like that.
The ones who could take anything and love it and come back for more. The ones you
could expend the totality of your sexual energies on, no matter what form those took,
and it would be like pouring water into a bottomless hole.
As a youngster, a horny, cock-centered youngster, he’d dreamed of meeting such a
woman. Now he had her under his pounding hips, her cunt wrapped silkily around his
ramrod cock. And he felt his anger begin to turn to lust.
He had full balls. Very full. His cock had been deprived for a month. He should be
ready to blast her bottomless, savage cunt full, but something stayed him.
There was a sickness to this kind of woman he’d dreamed about as a youngster. A rank
stench that didn’t sit right in his nostrils.
He looked at Carol. The dog had gotten off her ass and was now fucking the Labrador.
Carol was watching him, tense, expectant – afraid?
He thought back on his time with her. She had been bottomless, too. As alive and
willing and open as any man could ever hope for. But there was a sweetness and beauty
to her kind of appetite, something he wanted to care for, not punish.
He felt his prick throb on the verge of exploding.
"Carol!" he gasped.
"Oh, Alec… don’t…"

"Don’t what?"
"Don’t – obey her."
"Have you stopped, Carol?"
"Yes, yes – oh, yes! Darling…"
She moved towards him, half rolling onto her back. Her round tits rolled on her chest.
Her lips fell slack and full and expectant. Her eyes were hazel and open and soulful.
And her pussy was wet and pure and open to him.
Tish growled and writhed under his pounding thrusts. She gurgled with victory in the
back of her throat. He looked down at her and wanted to spit in her open mouth and
gag her.
He yanked his cock from her churning pussy, her grasping, sucking, evil cunt. He
shifted his position and came against Carol, and she spread willingly under him with a
small sound of gladness, of total acceptance.
His prick slid into her oiled cunt, the sweet haven that had no equal anywhere on this
She rose up to meet him, and his sperm spilled from the tip of his prick and flooded
into her cunt, cleansing her, washing out all the bad that Tish had placed there, and
leaving her clean and pure again.
"Darling – darling, I was such a fool to listen to her!" Carol cried, flinging her arms

tightly about his neck, hugging him, tears of joy leaking from her eyes and wetting her
"Ahhh!" she cried blissfully, sliding her sucking pussy up around his throbbing cock,
milking it, conforming to it all along its length until they were as one.
The sound came from far off. It was an ugly, intrusive sound. It punched through the
satiny, nebulous bliss of their togetherness and was raucous in their ears.
"Bastard! Fucking dirty bastard! Ohhh, you left me hanging! But I got you! I got your
cock into me! I made you fuck me! I can make anybody fuck me! Harley, you little shit
– get over here and finish me off! Harley, your cock! Give me your cock!"
Carol looked at her brother. He stood near the center of the room, watching them all.
She held her breath. Don’t do it, Harley! she cried inwardly.
He went over to the fucking dogs and batted Greenie’s ass until he jumped down off
the bitch. Harley lifted his prick and stuck it in the Labrador’s pussy.
"Harley, you little shit!" Tish screamed at him, her face red and ugly now.
Harley fucked the dog and didn’t look at her. Greenie watched him, his eyebrows lifting
up and down alternately in disappointment. He turned and walked towards Tish, then
hopped up between her legs and panted at her face.
"Nice doggy," Tish moaned, hugging him. "Give me your big horny prick, you
beautiful dog. Ohhh, that’s it! Now you’ve got it, darling! Ohhh, right in my cunt! Fuck
it! Fuck my cunt! Yes, yes, like that! Ohhh, what a big, wonderful prick! I’m going to
love training dogs!"

She tossed her head back and forth and made her gobbling, bottomless pussy suck up
and down his shaft. She moaned and crooned and hugged the dog tightly to her body
and came furiously, flinging her legs about his furry body.
Alec looked at Carol. They stood up. They picked up their clothes. Carol paused at the
door, looking back. Harley looked at her. He said nothing, but there was a sadness in
his face that said more than words.
Alec tugged on her arm. She looked at him a moment, then turned her back on the
room and went with him.
For always, this time.



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Harley left the room and came back quickly with the Labrador. Greenie looked up and
woofed and sniffed the air. He trotted over to her and circled her and stuck his nose in
her twat. His ears pricked up, and his tail wagged stiffly. His cock stretched from his
sheath for the first time.
"My God, look at it!" Harley cried. He glanced down at his own dick and then back at
the Setter’s, clearly astounded by the thick, sturdy size of it.
Greenie started pawing at the Labrador’s rump with definite ideas of mounting her and
fucking her.
"Not her, dummy!" Harley cried, running over to drag him off.
Tish came off the bed. Sperm and biscuit mush drained from her cunt and trailed down
her inner thighs. She went over to Greenie and offered her pussy to him. He licked and
lapped and then spun around and whimpered, wanting to fuck the Labrador.
"Come on, Carol," Tish said. "Up! Get over the bed."
She hauled on Carol’s arm and pulled her across the room and made her belly down
over the edge of the bed so that her butt flared nakedly backward.
"All right, Harley, bring Greenie over here and let’s get him to mount Carol."
Harley obeyed. Why Carol stayed bent over, knees on the floor, tits pushing into the
bed, legs braced apart, she couldn’t have said. Unless it was the same old thing – she
was just too hot to care about anything but getting fucked.
Harley dragged the Setter over and shoved his nose towards Carol’s tight asscrack. He

took a good look at it himself. He saw the deepness of it, the round, tight, firm cheeks,
the puckered, rubbery ring of her asshole. He looked at the puffy cuntlips pouting
down beneath her crotch, so bloated they were spread apart and showing the lovely wet
redness between them.
"Lift him up, Harley. Give him some help."
"I’d like to give him some help, all right," Harley said, his prick throbbing over the
sight of Carol’s sexy, hot ass.
He straddled Greenie, his balls dragging through the silky red fur along his back. He
bent over and took the dog’s forepaws and lifted the animal, making him mount Carol’s
"Ohhhh, God!" Carol moaned, feeling the softness of the Setter’s fur over her ass. Even
that was better than Charger’s.
She couldn’t help weaving her ass, clenching her buns with lust, arching her spine a
little more to lift her cunt up. She felt Harley get the dog far enough up her back for
the furry sheath to come between her thighs.
But there was no hot red prick sticking out from it.
"Ohhhh," she moaned.
"Is he fucking you?" Tish asked.
Tish bent over to look at what was happening. Her face was under the dog’s belly,
between Carol’s thighs, looking directly up at open cunt and swinging sheath. Her tits

dragged the floor by the nipples, and her tight little ass flared out behind her.
"He hasn’t got a hard-on yet," she said. "Hold him there, Harley. I’m going to jack him
off a little."
She reached out and played with the dog’s sheath. She put the tips of her fingers to
Carol’s pussy and held the puffy gash apart while she rubbed back and forth on
Greenie’s sheath.
Greenie whimpered and tossed his head. He made Harley have to fight to keep him
positioned over Carol’s butt. He kept trying to hop down to get to the Labrador.
"Here it comes!" Tish cried softly. "Ohhh, it’s huge! Bigger than Charger’s, Carol!
There’s the tip! Atta boy, Greenie. Let’s see the rest of it!"
She jacked and rubbed, still holding Carol’s cunt lips wide apart. Harley grunted with
the effort of keeping the dog lifted. His balls were nestled warmly in the soft fur, and
his prick kept throbbing because of the incredibly sexy view of Carol’s ass he had.
He ran his eyes along the line of her spine, seeing the heated arch of it. He saw the way
her round tits were flattened and bulging at the sides by the bed. Even the tumble of
her auburn hair and the fleshiness of her parted, panting lips against the bed were sexy
to him.
"There’s some more!" Tish cried. "About an inch and a half so far. Harley, move him
up higher. Maybe his prick will come all the way out once he gets the tip into her
Harley grunted and manhandled the dog and got him forward a little more. Tish cried
out with glee.

"There! Can you feel his prick, Carol?"
The pointed scarlet end nosed into the puffy flesh of a cunt lip. Tish maneuvered it
until it was just inside the wet, silky cunt mouth, and then she jacked his rod harder,
pulling on his sheath to get more of his prick into the squeezing pussy.
"Ohhhh, God – I can feel it now!" Carol cried. "Hot! Stiff! Ohhhh, make him fuck me,
Tish! Make him fuck me!"
She switched her ass tightly back and forth. She felt ready to come. It was just the
anticipation. Right then she was hot enough to be fucked by anything or anybody.
"Wow, there it goes! God, what a cock! Shoot it into her, Greenie!"
The thick prick suddenly slithered forward, uncoiling from the sheath, the scarlet tip
seeking more of the silky warmth, more depth to surround it.
"Eeeeyaaagh!" Carol shrieked, her head lifting with a jerk from the bed. "He’s fucking
me! God, he’s all the way up my cunt! Ohhh, I’m coming! COOMMMIINNGG!"
Harley watched her whole body tighten and shudder. He felt her ass shake. He envied
the view Tish had of it, the way she could see the thick tube of cock surrounded by
pulsing pussy meat.
He was so horny himself he couldn’t stand it anymore. The job was done anyhow. The
dog was fucking Carol to a climax. A little more, and Greenie’d get his rocks off and
the idea would be implanted.
He looked at Tish’s flaring ass and wanted to fuck it, just the way Greenie was fucking
Carol. He released the dog and stepped over him and started to get behind Tish,

holding his prick as he moved. He noticed the Labrador was lying on her haunch with
her leg in the air, licking her twat.
Greenie noticed it, too. He yowled and pulled out of Carol’s sucking pussy and hopped
over to the Labrador, his big prick thrusting from its sheath. The Labrador got to her
feet and licked him in greeting and turned her ass to him.
"Ohhhh!" Carol groaned.
"Damn it, Harley, you let go!" Tish cried. "I wanted to fuck you. I thought it was all
"Well, get him off her! Don’t let him come!"
Harley hurriedly separated the dogs and hauled Greenie back to Carol. The trouble
was, the Labrador followed, not wanting to give up the chance to get fucked.
"Show him, Harley!" Tish ordered, flinging an arm around the Setter’s neck so that he
would have to look at Carol’s ass.
Harley licked his lips. Carol moaned and weaved her butt back and forth. He hadn’t
forgotten her warning, and yet she looked as if she wanted to get fucked really bad.
He aimed his prick. Tish had her hands full, keeping the Labrador aside so that Greenie
couldn’t see her and forcing his head to remain turned towards Carol’s pussy and
Harley’s big cock.
"Nooo," Carol moaned.
But she arched her spine and lifted her ass for her brother’s prick, and her cuntlips
puffed wide apart in readiness.

Harley let out a mewling sound. He got where Greenie had been, aiming his prick and
pressing forward. His cock slid into the hot, squirming, silky, impossibly heavenly cunt
of his older sister, and he pressed up against her round ass until the firm globes were
"Carol! Oh, Carol! It’s wonderful! Ohhhh, God!"
"Yaaaah, he’s fucking me! My own brother’s fucking me! Ohhhh, it’s terrible! It’s so
damn terrible!"
Carol moaned and writhed under him and twisted, showing them all just how really
terrible she thought it was. It was so terrible she came as if a stick of dynamite had been
shoved up her cunt instead of a cock.
Her pussy exploded around Harley’s prick, sucking and pulsing and squeezing and
shaking. Juice flooded over and around the prickshaft, lubricating it, making its slide in
and out of her box almost frictionlessly.
"Ahhhhgh!" Harley choked.
He pushed forward into her quaking hole and let go. Sperm flooded from the tip of his
prick and made a sodden mass of her pussy. He couldn’t believe how good it felt.
He couldn’t believe the difference in pussies, either. All these years he’d lusted after
Tish’s cunt, dreaming about it, jacking off over it, wanting it.
But now that he’d fucked Carol, he knew there was no comparison. Tish’s pussy was
better than a dog’s. But Carol’s cunt was silkier and slicker and tighter and better than
Tish’s by just as much. Hell, it was no wonder Alec didn’t want to give her up.

"You came in me!" Carol cried. "Ohhhh, Harley, you’re my little brother, and you came
in me!"
"Dumb bastard," Tish growled. "You were supposed to show the dog, not do it for him!
Get off her ass!"
Harley pulled his prick out of his sister’s snatch. It made a popping sound, and a
lengthy dribble of sperm came with it and fell to the floor. He looked down and saw
that Carol’s cunt was still squeezing and pulsing.
Tish had a hell of a time keeping the dogs apart. Adding to her problem was the fact
that Greenie kept taking licks at her pussy, still trying to get at that last candy he’d
been cheated out of.
"You take the bitch, Harley. Plug her cunt up so this damn dog can’t fuck her, and I’ll
get him to dick Carol."
Harley fumbled around behind the Labrador. She recognized him and his prick and
what they were good for, and she turned her ass to him, lifting her tail out of the way
so he could get at her cunt.
Tish struggled with the Setter, getting into the same position Harley had with him. Her
wet pussy straddled his back, and the red hairs became mingled with the strawberry as
she lifted him onto Carol’s weaving ass.
Harley fingered the Labrador’s cunt. He looked over at Greenie and Tish. The Setter’s
dick was sticking out this time. He shifted the Labrador over and positioned her so that
Greenie could watch his prick enter the dog’s pussy.
"Watch closely, stupid," he said to Greenie.

Harley aimed his prick and put the tip of it between the dog’s pussylips. He pushed
forward. The Labrador whimpered and pushed back. His slippery cock slid all the way
into the hot tunnel of her cunt.
Harley was shocked. He’d been wrong a moment ago. Fucking the dog was better than
fucking Tish. He humped back and forth and knew he was going to come in her.
Greenie watched, all right. His red prick shot forward all the way, wet and slick.
But Tish didn’t have him held right.
Carol’s head jerked up and made her neck go rigid. She made claws of her fingers and
dug them into the bedding. Her spine arched to the curve of a drawn bow, and she
screamed throatily again.
"He’s fucking my asshole!"
Greenie didn’t care. The hole was tight and hot and slick, and he fucked back and forth
in it as he watched Harley’s big prick going in and out of the Labrador’s pussy.
Tish felt her cunt grab and squirm. Her butt cheeks clenched tightly together, and her
bung burned and prickled. The idea was absolutely fabulous!
She could stuff dog candies up her butt and train the wonderful fuckers to eat out her
ass! Hell, they could double the price for a dog like that!
She hopped off Greenie, doing it cautiously, keeping herself ready to hop on again. But
he didn’t want to go anywhere this time. He must have used some kind of canine logic
to figure out that Carol’s asshole was better than a prick-plugged bitch’s pussy.

Tish rolled onto the bed beside Carol, going on her back. She turned her head and saw
the terrible depth of lust on Carol’s face. She clapped her hand over her wet cunt and
masturbated it eagerly, needing to come this time herself.
"Ohhhh, I’m going to come!" Carol moaned. "Right up my ass! No pain – just right
up. That pointed prick. Ohhhh, that big knot is pushing and pulling and… AAAAGH!"
Her scream was throaty, nearly a cry of agony. Her whole body crushed together with
the spasms of her orgasm, and her ass shook and shuddered, her butt cheeks clamping
tightly around the heavy, plunging prick between them.
Royal Green didn’t stop. He fucked and fucked into the tight, quivering asshole,
making Carol gasp and threaten to come again.
Tish laughed suddenly. The name had just hit her. Royal Green was a perfect name for
him after all! He could fuck you royally until you were green! Shit, she could triple the
price on him!
Her knees came up and fell wide apart, and she lifted her cunt up to her hand and let it
suck and pulse and leak and get ready to come and come.
She didn’t hear the step outside or the door open cautiously. None of them did.




Tish and Harley both worked at the dog, holding his head and pushing his snout into
Tish’s draining cunt. He licked his nose after each dip into the wetness of her oozing
box, but he didn’t seem to want to keep licking.
"Damn it, Harley, do something!" Tish cried. "I’m hot. I want to come. I want this
damn dog to learn to lick my cunt. Think of something!"
Harley groaned with frustration. Carol waited for him to tell Tish to think of
something, but he didn’t.
"Hey, I’ve got it!" he cried suddenly.
He didn’t answer. He got up and went to his pants. He reached into one of the pockets
and pulled out several of the little dog candies.
"Here, Greenie," he called.
The Setter turned his head, spotted the candies, and licked his chops. Harley fed him
one. He sat on his butt and chewed it, and it was astonishing that he didn’t bite
through the long, flat, lolling tongue at the same time.
Tish lifted up on her elbows and looked at Harley as if he’d lost the rest of his marbles.
"What the hell are you doing! Don’t reward him before he licks my pussy, you
Harley ignored her. He fed Greenie another candy and watched him chew it up. Soggy

bits of the biscuit crumbled under the shear of the sharp teeth and fell to the floor.
"Hey, fella, you want another one?" Harley asked.
He waved one at the dog, holding it in plain sight between his fingers. The dog
snapped and licked out after it, but Harley didn’t let him have it.
He brought his hand closer and closer to Tish’s spread crotch. She let out a yip and
tried to close her legs.
"What are you trying to do – have him bite my cunt!" she squeaked.
"You’ll see, Tish," Harley said quickly, "you’ll see!"
He laid the small wafer right into the mouth of her pussy. The dog went after it, drew
back, yowled with wagging tail, then looked at the tidbit again.
"Hold still, Tish. I think we’ve got him."
"The bastard better not have me, or I’ll make that bulldog bite your dick off, Harley!"
"Shhh! Come on, Greenie. Here it is," Harley coaxed, pointing right at Tish’s spread
pussy with his finger. He licked his lips. He reached down and held her twatlips open.
The tidbit circled and jumped with each twitch of Tish’s cunt muscles.
After a series of feints and withdrawals, Greenie lapped out for the candy.
"Ohhh, he’s doing it!" Tish whispered. Her cunt spasmed and pulsed. The wafer was
getting dark and soggy as it absorbed her pussy juice.
"He pushed it in a little," Harley said.

"Oh, God. That’s all I need – a cunt full of doggy dough. You ass, this had better
Harley was beginning to look worried. Greenie didn’t want to go after the one in her
snatch any more. He wanted another from Harley’s hand.
Harley gave him one. He chomped it down in one gulp. Harley let off a sickly grin and
taunted the dog with another candy. He put it into Tish’s pussy mouth again.
"That’s it, Harley. That’s the last goddamn one," Tish said warningly.
Greenie licked at it. He licked again. He put his muzzle to her cunt and slipped his
flexible tongue into her silky tissues, flipping it around the solid candy and drawing it
out. He ate it. He wagged his tail and grinned.
"Here, boy – there’s another one in there," Harley said, growing more confident again.
He pried Tish’s cunt lips wide apart so that Greenie could see it.
Greenie saw. He lapped into Tish’s cunt after it, sinking his tongue inches inside her
satin, slippery hole.
"Ohhhh, God! What a tongue!" Tish moaned. "Carol, it’s better than Charger’s! I swear
it is! Ooohhhh!"
Greenie got the soggy wafer out. It slid down his throat, soggy and coated with cunt
"Here, boy!" Harley said again. He looked positively radiant with his success now.
He placed the next one deeper into Tish’s twat, making sure the dog saw it, then
pushing it up her hole with his finger. He couldn’t resist tickling her cunt at the same

time, getting his finger soaked with her juices, feeling the silky, hot slipperiness of her
pussy walls. His prick throbbed as he finger-fucked her.
"Cut it out, Harley," Tish said in a low tone. But her pussy clamped and sucked around
his finger all the same.
Greenie had the idea now. He put his muzzle to Tish’s crotch and shot his tongue all
the way up her pussy. That’s what it felt like to her.
"Ahhhhh, God!" she cried, unable to keep her hips still.
Her crotch rocked up and down, and Greenie’s tongue slithered in and out of her silky
twat, drawing the candy slowly forward. He gobbled it down when he finally got it out.
Then he sniffed at her pussy to see if there was another one in there.
"Almost there," Harley said, his cock straining so hard it looked ready to rip off. He
acquired a devious look. "One more, Tish."
"Put it way up so he can’t get it out so fast," Tish moaned.
"I will, Tish," Harley said, his voice oddly strained.
He glanced at Carol. His prick leaked at the tip. He took the last candy between his
fingers and showed it to Royal Green. He put it at Tish’s pussy mouth. He pushed it
into her hole with his finger, making sure the dog saw it go in there.
Then he quickly stepped between Tish’s spread thighs and aimed his cock and fell on
top of his sister, letting out a harsh cry of bliss at the same time.
His big cock swam into her sodden pussy and slid frictionlessly to her depths, pushing
the candy ahead of it.

"Harley, you bastard! You’re fucking me! Get off! Take it out! Ohhh, you perverted
little shit! Ohhhh, God! God!"
Harley had no intention of taking it out. He groaned and fucked his hips back and
forth. He couldn’t believe the heat, the slipperiness, the silky smoothness of his sister’s
At last! He was fucking her at last! No more goddamn dreaming about it while he
jacked his meat. This was it! Really it!
"Ohhhh, Tish! Tish!" he cried.
"Stop, Harley – stop!" Tish groaned.
She didn’t mean it worth a damn. Carol could tell that. She stood there and watched
her brother and sister fuck and nearly screamed. Whether from electric lust or outrage,
she didn’t know. All she knew was that she couldn’t keep her hand from her spasming,
twitching cunt.
She finger-fucked her snatch furiously, knees bent and spread to the sides, arm
pistoning up and down and making her round tits shake and wobble over her chest.
She watched Harley’s round rump pump back and forth. She watched Tish’s hips surge
up and down as her tight little pussy wrapped around her brother’s big cock and sucked
on it, drawing it deeper and deeper into her hot, slutty body.
"Tish, I’m gonna come!" Harley squeaked.
"No! No! Ohhh, I don’t care! God, I’m so hot! Fuck me, you big-pricked bastard! You
perverted little shit! You sweet, cunning dirty-minded brother! You finally got me!

Ohhh, God, have you got me, Harley! Yes! Yes, now! Come in me! God, fill my cunt
with sperm! EEEEEAAAAAGH!"
Her legs shot up from their dangling position over the edge of the bed and wrapped
around his ass and locked there. She pulled inward against his ass and drove his
straining, reaching cock into the depths of her quivering cunt.
She spasmed and shuddered and rocked furiously, making all kinds of mewling sounds
as she came.
Harley growled and grunted and then ended up with a high-pitched squeal as his prick
bucked and spurted and hosed and streamed, shooting out all the nights of frustrated
dreams into her squirming cunt.
He puffed and gasped and ground his crotch against hers, getting the last measure of
feeling from her hot, flooded cunt. His balls shuddered and pumped out the last drop of
jizz stored in them for her so long.
Carol groaned and twitched and rubbed the side of her clit with her thumb. She shoved
her middle finger all the way up her cunt to her palm and came at the same time.
Her asscheeks clenched and shuddered together, and her knees went rubbery. She
started crumpling to the floor, reeling backwards until she was against the wall. She slid
down it, moaning, until she sat on her butt, her legs splayed out before her.
Royal Green looked at her. He looked at her pussy. He looked at the bastard who was
stuffing his cock up the hole where the last candy was, and he let out a yowl of
"Get off, Harley," Tish said. "Honey, let’s see if he’ll go after it now."

Her voice was unusually sweet. She smoothed her hand over his head and down the
side of his face, and she puckered her lips and kissed his mouth. She moved her locked
legs over his butt and swayed her hips, not really wanting to let him go.
"I don’t want to get up, Tish," Harley moaned softly, kissing her back, using the tip of
his tongue on her lips in a gentle Frenching. "God, I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long
I don’t ever want to take my prick out."
"I know you have, darling. And I’ve been so mean to you. Do you forgive me?"
"Only if I can fuck you again."
"Right now?" she laughed, her voice tinged with excitement.
"Now and whenever it seems like a good idea."
"That’s a tall order," she grinned.
"It’s a long prick." He pumped it back and forth and made her moan and surge up
against him again.
"It’s a wonderful prick, Harley. God, if I’d only known that earlier…"
Greenie stuck his nose against Harley’s hip impatiently. He looked at the dog and
"He still wants the candy."
"I want your prick right now."
"Greenie! Over there, Greenie! It’s in Carol’s pussy! Go get it, boy!"

He waved his arm. The dog followed the line of motion and stood in a natural pointing
stance, looking directly at Carol’s cunt. He sniffed the air, then trotted over to where
she lay on the floor. He stuck his nose between her legs and sniffed.
"Ohhhh, God," Carol moaned, sucking in her breath. Her cunt twitched and jumped.
There was more in there. No candy for the dog, but so much, much more.
"Come on, boy," she coaxed, spreading her twat lips the way Tish had.
Greenie licked at her cunt. The flavor must have been similar to Tish’s – the flavor that
led to the good little candies. He licked again. And again. Then his tongue slithered far
up Carol’s hole and made her squeal into immediate orgasm.
"Ohhhhh, God! Wonderful! Lick! Twirl it! Ohhhh, so deep! Deeper than Charger!
Ohhhh, God!"
She gritted her teeth and came a third time, bouncing and thrashing, her butt lifting up
and down against the floor.
"Look at him go!" Tish cried. "Harley, you did it! You taught him! Hey, you’re not so
dumb after all!"
"Now all we gotta do is teach him to fuck. How do we do that, Tish?"
"Show him, Harley," Tish said, the devilish glint in her eye again.
He looked at her. "You mean…"
His prick pulsed and throbbed rigidly in her cunt. "She’ll kill me!"

"Not when she feels that strong dick going into her hot cunt. Did she kill you this
morning when you shot all over her ass?"
Harley pulled his prick out of her pussy. Sperm drained freely from it, carrying bits of
wafer with it. The tip of his cock drooled with their mixed juices.
He got up and staggered towards Carol. She watched him come, while Greenie still
licked and lapped and slobbered at her oozing snatch.
"Harley…" she cried warningly.
"We gotta teach him, Carol," Harley said.
"Then teach him on Tish."
"Nothing doing, Carol," Tish said, propping herself on her elbows again. "Share and
share alike. I just taught him to suck cunt, and you’re getting the benefit of it already.
Come on, sweetie, up on your hands and knees like a good sister."
"Oh! Ohhhh!" Carol cried.
It was happening again. She wished to God she could control it. Harley was standing
right over her, watching everything, staring at her spread, quivering, orgasming cunt.
She thought her cunt hole would blow inside out. Everything pushed and squeezed and
went fluid, and Greenie’s rolling, twisting, curling, writhing tongue just wouldn’t stop.
Tish was right about that. He was better at muff-diving than Charger had been. It made
her shamefully curious about the next dog they would train. Was there a limit to how
much better they could get?

"God, Carol…" Harley breathed, watching her twist and squirm and thrash. His prick
lifted to full stiffness right in front of her.
"Ohhhh, don’t you fuck me with that, Harley," she groaned. "I mean it. I swear I mean
"B-But…" he stammered. "Aw, hell, Carol! Tish says to show him on you, and you say
to show him on Tish. What the hell am I supposed to do?"
"Show him on that Labrador you fucked last night," Carol groaned. "Go get her, I don’t
care. It’s bad enough to have my sister finger me off. Worse still to suck and fuck with
dogs. When it comes to getting fucked by my brother, that’s the limit," she stated
Harley got a funny look on his face. "Yeah," he said. "She’s right in – in my room. I
brought her up and was going to have a little fun with her while you two were in here
working over Royal Green…"




Carol put her hand over her twat as if to cover her shame. But she couldn’t keep her
fingers still in the wet silkiness of her puffy cunt meat.
"Hey, that’s it! Flick yourself off and get up a real thick soup of pussy juice, fresh and
hot. I’ll bet he’ll go for that."
Carol snatched her hand away from her cunt. "Tish!" she cried.
"Okay, I will, then, big chicken. Damn it, Carol, this is money. Not only will he be a
big fucker when we’re through with him, he’ll be a damn beautiful dog besides."
She spread her legs and tipped her crotch forward, spreading her cunt lips with the
fingers of one hand. She ran her middle finger of the other hand up and down her silky
gash, doing it right in front of Carol.
She worked industriously a moment, rolling her clit, sliding her finger up and down her
rosy gash, then slipping it into her cunt hole and making it wriggle there.
"Mmmm," she said.
There wasn’t much conviction to it. She closed her eyes and fucked her finger all the
way up her cunt to her palm, taking long strokes. All the while, she held her puffy
cuntlips apart with her fingers, letting Carol see everything.
"Hell," she said after a moment. "I can’t even get a hard clit going. Maybe I should lie
She went to the bed and lay back on it, her legs straight out from the side, her rump on
the edge. She worked at her pussy again, her tits pointing to the ceiling and jiggling as

her arm moved up and down.
Carol stared. Tish’s body was so totally open there was something almost pure and
innocent about what she was doing. Carol put her hand back over her pussy and finger-
fucked her hole, too. She didn’t have any difficult getting her cunt hot and juicy.
Tish stopped and opened her eyes and lifted up slightly, looking at Carol. Carol
snatched her hand away from her trembling cunt again.
"I know how to get my pussy juiced up," Tish smiled, her expression sultry.
Carol didn’t like the look of it. "How?" she asked guardedly.
"Come here, and I’ll tell you."
"You could be a sweet and loving sister to me," Tish smiled. "Very loving."
She pulled her cuntlips wide apart and tipped her pussy up in invitation for Carol to
suck it. She moved her hips from side to side and made the mouth of her little cunt
squeeze and pulse.
Carol sucked in her breath. She moaned. Don’t do it! she told herself inwardly. Oh,
God – resist her for once! Don’t suck her slutty cunt!
"Mmmm, hurry, honey," Tish moaned.
"No…" she said weakly, shaking her head.

There was a knock at the door. "How’s it going?" Harley asked through it. He turned
the knob.
"Don’t come in!" Carol cried.
Too late. He was already in. He looked at his sisters – Tish spread out on the bed with
her beautiful, beautiful pussy all spread open and rosy and bedewed with honey. And at
Carol, standing in the middle of the room in naked, tight perfection, her big tits so
round and soft, and her ass jutting out in twin melons of firm flesh.
Harley sucked in his breath and felt his cock throb heavily. He closed the door behind
him. He was damned if he was going to go out and miss all this!
"How’s it going?" he repeated.
"Harley, get out of my room!" Carol cried.
"Don’t listen to her, sweet brother. You stay right where you are. I’ve got something for
you to do. Something you’ll just love doing, I know. Darling, you’re overdressed."
She smiled sexily. She kept her pussylips spread apart with her fingertips all the while.
In fact, she hadn’t made a move at his entrance.
"W-What?" Harley choked, unable to do anything but stare at the beautiful open-lipped
cunt he’d dreamed about so many nights.
He’d pulled his dick sore over visions and imaginings of that pussy. He must have
pumped a thousand loads through his prick while visualizing it. Now, here it was, in
dark-pink reality right before him, wet and slick and sweet. His prick threatened to rip

right through his tough Levi’s.
"Strip out of those heavy clothes, darling brother, and I’ll tell you what I want you to
do for me. Come on, Harley. Let your sisters see that big prick again when it’s not all
limp from fucking hot bitches."
"Oh?" Carol drawled acidly. "Has Harley been fucking you lately, Tish?"
Tish looked at her, but she didn’t respond. She watched Harley pause for just a
moment, then attack his belt buckle as he stared and drooled from the mouth over her
spread cunt.
His boots clumped to the floor. He pushed his Levi’s after them, then stripped out of
his shirt. His prick was iron-hard and throbbing, standing straight out in front of him.
He moved towards Tish, fully expecting to finally fuck her and fuck her.
"Take your goddamn Stetson off, dummy," Tish said. "You can’t do a proper job of
sucking my pussy with a hat on."
Sucking it?" Harley half cried, disappointment obvious in his husky voice.
"Don’t you want to smell and lick my pussy, honey?" Tish said, tipping her crotch up
and down, making her cunt hole pulse wetly for him. "If you don’t, then you can just
get the hell out of here and let us figure out what to do with this dumb dog."
"Naw!" Harley barked. "Sure, I’ll suck it. God, yes! Anything you say, Tish."
Carol watched him with growing disgust. For just a moment this morning it seemed as
if he might come out of his servile role and actually tell Tish where to get off.
But it was back to the usual already. He was no more than a willing slave to her. He’d

never be anything else. Not really.
"Down on your knees, brother," Tish ordered. "Right there – between my legs. All
right, dummy, you can quit staring at it. Start sucking. Do you know how? Have you
ever sucked a cunt before? Any cunt? Even that Labrador’s?"
"Yeah, sure," Harley said. "What the hell!"
He looked down and shook his head slowly, licking his lips with the embarrassing
admission. Nearly twenty, and he’d never sucked or fucked a real cunt.
"Well, I’ll tell you about it, darling. You just listen to your sister."
Tish put out her hands and cupped the sides of his head. She drew him forward. He
went cross-eyed looking at her strawberry-fringed pussy. Then his lips touched her
gash, and he didn’t really need a hell of a lot of instruction.
Tish moaned. She rocked her crotch up and down under his lapping tongue. Her clit
stiffened, and her cunt became extra slippery and wet.
Carol watched with a horrified kind of fascination. She listened to the slurping, sucking
sounds. She watched Harley’s lips suck the stiff clit tip between them and draw on it,
and she heard Tish’s moan of rising heat.
Her pussy was getting wet now, all right. Good and wet. And so was Carol’s. She
watched Harley and remembered the way Alec sucked her cunt, and her twat lips
bloated apart and drooled slippery juice.
The dog seemed totally disinterested. He slid his fore paws out in front of him and lay

on the floor, opening his mouth and panting softly.
Harley knelt on the floor in front of Tish and ate out her snatch furiously. His cock
jutted between his thighs and throbbed with every beat of his heart. His naked butt
cheeks flared apart, showing a crack deep enough to be a woman’s.
"Ohhhhh, that’s good, Harley!" Tish moaned. "Mmmm, yes, like that! Use your tongue
– your sweet tongue. Do it the way Charger did it to Mrs. Jenks this morning. Deeper!
Fuck it in deeper, Harley!"
Harley slurped and stabbed and licked at her gushing cunt. He gripped the sides of her
hips with his hands, sliding them up and down the firm curves. Then he slid them
under her ass and lifted her twat up. He kneaded her butt cheeks, and he drank from
her cunt as if he had hold of a two-handled mug.
"Eeee, I’m going to come, Harley!" Tish cried in a moment. "Stop! Stop sucking my
He didn’t believe she meant it. She was right on the verge of coming, and he wanted to
be the one to thrill her. She’d let him fuck her then, and he could hardly wait for that.
"Stop, damn it!" Tish cried, hitting the side of his head.
Harley jerked back and put his hand to his temple. Tears stung his eyes from the blow.
"Hell, Tish!" he cried.
"I told you to stop."
"I thought you wanted me to suck you all the way off and make you come!"

"Not this time, sweetie," she said, smiling at him quickly. "I just wanted you to get my
pussy flowing and juicy. Now that it is, bring Greenie over here and let’s let him get a
taste of my honey and see if he can learn as fast as you did, Harley."
Harley looked crushed. His prick pounded in the air. But he got to his feet and came
over, hoisting the dog between Tish’s legs.
"Damn," he said. He looked at Carol as if for aid. "Damn," he said again.




"See?" Tish crowed happily. "I told you it’d work!"
They stood in the drive and watched the woman back hurriedly into the street and
squeak her tires as she spun down the road for home.
Carol stooped and flung her arms around Charger’s neck, hugging him tightly. The
dark stain on the back of her dress pulled wetly across her flaring rump, and she knew
Harley was looking at it and turning red with embarrassment. He’d pulled his shirt tail
out of his pants so that it draped over the front of them and hid the big puddle he’d
made in them when he’d come.
"Not Charger!" Carol cried, kissing his muzzle. She detected the faint aroma of pussy
on it. "Not my Charger!"
"She’s gone home for the money, Carol!" Tish said. "You can’t tell her she can’t buy
him when she gets back. What the hell’s the matter with you?"
"I don’t want to sell him!"
"She wants him now – in the worst way! Damn it, we’ve got to sell him. He’s the only
one trained to fuck so far. Besides, think of the business she’s going to drum up for us
at the Garden Club or whatever."
Carol looked up at Tish. Her eyes ran over the thrusting, tipped cones of her tits inside
the halter, over the smooth under curving of her bikini bottoms where they wrapped
tightly and sexily around her little twat.
She gave Charger a final kiss and sighed heavily as she stood up. "I guess so," she said

There was no point in arguing. The woman had gone after her money. And she would
bring more customers to them. And that was the name of the game right now, wasn’t
Tish smiled oddly. "We’d… uh… you’d better take a look in the yard, Carol."
Carol turned her head. "What?"
"A look in the yard. For the next one. Pick one you think you’d like to train to fuck,
honey. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do before the crowd comes."
"What do you mean!" Carol flared. "Me, pick it! Me, train it! You dirty little slut, you
were the one who taught Charger to lick your pussy. I watched you doing it!"
Harley sucked in his breath, looking from one to the other of them quickly. His prick
started to swell in his pants again. God, he wanted to watch this training process!
"Yeah," Tish said lazily, canting her hips, letting her hand dangle before her pussy. Her
fingers curled slightly, and the middle one traced her satiny gash, making the panties
indent into it slightly so that her slit was visible – and the little bump of her clit right at
the top.
Carol watched her do it. She felt her own pussy squirm at just the suggestion of being
stroked like that, and she knew again who was going to win the argument.
"I taught him to lick pussy, honey, but you were the one who taught him what a pure
joy it is to fuck a woman’s cunt. Remember, sweetie?"
Carol shivered. "I remember," she said huskily, her voice dark. "That means it’s your

turn. Share and share alike."
Tish shrugged. "I ought to get a bonus for the first sale. But I’ll be a nice sister. I’ll help
again. Just the way I did with Charger."
"Me, too," Harley said.
Carol whipped her head around and looked at him. His face was highly colored, but he
didn’t look down and scrape his toe in the dust. He held her gaze brazenly.
"You will not!" Carol cried tightly.
"Aw, what the hell, Carol," Tish said. "Don’t be such a prude. What’ve you got to hide
from our dear sweet brother, anyway? I mean, he did come all over your ass in there,
didn’t he? And, knowing you and your hot, hot cunt, I don’t doubt for a minute that
you moved your ass around and helped him out just a little. Huh, Carol?" she grinned
tauntingly. "Just a little?"
"I did not!"
"Well, I didn’t hear you yell with outrage. Besides, I think Harley’s got a good idea
there. He can make the instruction very graphic. Dogs are like children, you know.
They have to be shown how to do things."
"Oh!" Carol blurted. She stamped her foot. It was a very childish gesture for a twenty-
eight-year-old woman to make, but she couldn’t help it. Tish was infuriating.
She was ready to really do battle, when the woman drove back in again, going so fast
she threatened to run them over before she could stop the car.
She hopped out and waved bills that were clenched in her fist. She giggled all the way

from the car to where they were standing. The sound reminded Carol of a flock of
geese with bellyaches.
The woman barely looked at them. She had eyes only for Charger. Or maybe she was
too embarrassed to look at them.
"He’s a wonderful dog," she rasped. "He’ll be wonderful protection for a woman who
lives all alone. I’m going to tell all my single and widowed friends about this wonderful
Merry Time Kennel."
She giggled again. She looked at Tish. Carol saw a sly wink, and then the woman
pushed the money into her fist and led Charger off. He glanced around as if asking if
this were all right, and then he trotted beside her and hopped into the car, pawing at
her arm when she got in.
The woman backed away while Carol stared after the car. Harley came up to her and
held her wrist and took the money from her hand. He leafed through the bills and let
out a low whistle, pushing his hat back on his head.
"Five hundred bucks!" he exclaimed.
Tish and Carol both looked at him. "What?"
"Here, count it yourself!" He tossed his hat into the air and whooped.
"Tish!" Carol cried reprovingly. "You robbed her!"
"I didn’t tell her this much! I swear I didn’t, Carol! I thought I was robbing her by
asking three, but then I gave her the hard-luck story you gave us yesterday, and…"
She smiled very broadly. She took Carol’s arm and pulled her towards the kennel.

"Come on, sister. We’ve got work to do!"
According to his papers, the Setter’s name was Royal Green. That seemed a screwy
name, since he was a big red Irish, sleek-headed and bushy-tailed.
He seemed nervous about being in the house, because he kept turning from one to the
other of them, then pacing around to sniff at the furniture and the door and jumping
up to look out the window at the yard full of dogs outside.
"Maybe the living room’s too big," Tish suggested. "Let’s take him upstairs."
"Tish…" Carol started, a pleading sound to her voice.
"Come on, don’t get squeamish now, just when we’ve got the chance to make a mint."
"Where’s Harley, Tish? I won’t do it with Harley in the room. I just won’t. It’d bad
enough with you watching. God, it’s just bad enough, period."
"You didn’t think so last night."
"I did, too. I thought it was horrible." She sucked in her breath and closed her eyes a
moment. "God, I just can’t believe this is all real. What would Alec say?"
"Who gives a damn," Tish said gruffly. "You don’t need his approval for anything. Fuck
him. We’ve got it made now, honey. Come on, let’s get Mr. Green upstairs."
"Where’s Harley?"
"I don’t know. In the kennel. Probably fucking that Labrador again. Hey, how was it,

making her little brother shoot his load all over your ass?"
"Cut it out, Tish."
Tish went towards her and pressed up close. Her hand snaked over Carol’s butt, then
came around her hip to her pussy and stroked it through the thin dress.
"Got to stoke the fire a little, huh?" she smiled softly, licking her lips, pressing her tits
against Carol’s.
Carol moaned. She didn’t say the nasty word in her mind, because the fire was already
stroked. She shivered at the touch of Tish’s lust-whetting finger against her twat.
"Hey, we’re in luck. He’s headed upstairs to explore around. Come on, Carol."
She led Carol up the stairs after the Setter. She coaxed the dog into Carol’s room and
shut the door. He paced around, then sat in the middle of the floor and looked at them,
seeming a little more at ease.
"Here, Greenie," Tish said, holding out her hand. The dog sniffed it and panted, and
she petted his sleek head. "Come on, get that dress off. He’s tall enough you can just
spread your legs and stand up against his nose and let him get a good whiff of your wet
Carol flushed. "You make everything so delicate."
She hesitated a moment. Then she slipped out of her shirt dress and laid it across her
bed. The wet spot was still visible on the rump, and there was a stained quality around
the edges of it where Harley’s sperm had dried.
Tish looked at her naked body as if seeing it for the first time, and made her self-

"You get undressed, too," she said.
Tish shrugged and lifted her halter up over her head. Her tits jiggled and bounced
stiffly on her chest. She pushed her bikini down her legs and off, leaving it on the floor.
Carol stared back. She couldn’t get over the bald appearance of her little twat because of
the lightness of her strawberry pubes and the thinness of her pelt.
Tish turned the Setter’s sleek head and pushed her pussy up against his nose. He
turned away and licked his nose and continued to sit. His bushy tail dusted the carpet
with big sweeps.
"Come on, fella. That’s real cunt you just got a whiff of. Didn’t you like it?" She
motioned to Carol. "You try. Maybe he’ll like yours better."
Carol went up to them. She felt depraved. She took a deep breath and braced her legs
apart, pushing her pussy forward until her wet cuntlips touched the dog’s damp snout.
He turned his head again, licking his nose. "He doesn’t like pussy juice, that’s all there
is to it," Carol said quickly, turning her body to the side in relief.




Carol stared. Her cunt throbbed and squirmed, and a flash of lust jolted through her
body and made her nipples swell against the thin fabric of the shirt dress.
Harley had made room for her to stand next to the wall and look through the panel. He
now pressed up against her back, and felt the line of his prick grow rigid against her
lush butt cheeks.
"Man, look at that," he breathed in her ear.
Tish stood beside Carol and let out a soft moan, as if remembering the night before and
knowing what the woman was feeling right at that moment.
They heard her grating moan through the wall. She stood in the middle of the room,
looking down at Charger. At least, at his back. His head was out of sight. It was buried
under the hem of her dress.
"Tish!" Carol gasped. "Oh, Tish, you didn’t!"
Tish looked at her. "What’s the matter with you, Carol? That was the agreement we
made this morning, wasn’t it?"
"I didn’t make any agreement!"
"We made it. We outvoted you. What the hell – it’s paying off already." She looked
back at the panel. The woman was looking furtively around the room, checking to be
sure the door was closed and the windows covered.
She stared straight at them, and Carol ducked instinctively.

"She can’t see us," Harley whispered, pushing up against her back still. "I checked.
She’s just catching sight of herself in the mirror. Man, look at the heat in her face. I’ll
bet her pussy’s shaking and flapping like butterfly wings right now."
If the woman’s wasn’t, Carol’s was. She surreptitiously put her hand to her cunt and
pressed in hard, feeling the dampness from her undried pubes really soaking into her
dress now. Or was it pussy juice already?
The woman moaned again. She went over to the couch that was against the wall.
Charger followed her, prancing eagerly, his tongue lolling, his ears pricked up. Already,
his cock was a red tip sprouting through his furry sheath.
"Where did she come from?" Carol questioned. "How did she know?"
"I told her," Tish said.
"You what?"
"God, Carol – she just drove in and said she’d heard about the new kennel and wanted
a companion. I told her we bred very special companions, and she started giggling. I
told her she could try him out, and the old bat nearly wet her panties right there in the
yard. She couldn’t even wait till she got home."
"Where did this one-way glass come from? Who put it up – and why?"
"I did," Harley said. "I had some in the ba- I had some," he choked.
Carol turned her head and looked at him through the dimness. Her eyes bulged when
she saw the high color in his face.
The horny little voyeur! That was what she’d noticed different about the main

bathroom a few weeks ago! He’d put one in there so he could peep at Tish and her
while they were showering and pissing and everything! That was why he had that new
big picture hanging on his bedroom wall! So he could swing it aside and have full view
of them every time they used the bathroom!
"Harley, you little-" she started.
"Shhh!" Tish hushed.
She sucked in her breath and stared through the panel, and Carol couldn’t help looking
herself. She wished she hadn’t. She could feel it starting all over again, the sensations,
the need.
The woman had pulled her skirt to her waist and pushed blue panties to her knees.
Charger was leaning over the side of her hip, lapping at her pubes, trying to sink his
tongue between her pussylips.
The woman groaned and bucked up. She hurriedly slipped one leg out of the panties,
glanced at the door, then stared for a moment into the mirror to see herself and what
the doggie was doing to her wet, trembling snatch.
"Ohhhhh, God!" she cried, the sound grating and audible.
Her legs shot wide apart, and her bush fanned into full view. Her cuntlips were bloated
and shiny, dripping with hot juice. Charger fairly leaped over her outstretched leg to
get between her thighs, and his tongue lapped and lapped at her cunt.
"Oh! Ohhhhh! Oh, wonderful! Oh, I love you!" the woman cried. "I want you, I want
you! Ohhhh, you’re mine – yes!"

"Stop it, Tish," Carol gasped. "God, make them stop it!"
"Carol, have a heart! The old gal’s lonely. She hasn’t had a cunt-sucking like that in her
whole life, I’ll bet. What man could stand to listen to that horrible voice for more time
than it took him to run out of the place? She needs a good fucking, Carol. Think of the
wonderful service we’re going to be giving to lonely women."
"And men," Harley choked.
Carol became fascinated. They could see halfway up the woman’s spread cunt. Despite
her voice and her rather plain face, she had a tight, curving body, firm and in good
The kind that needed lots of fucking.
But not from my Charger! she cried silently.
Her hand jiggled over her pussy. She was acutely conscious of the rigid length of
Harley’s prick pressing more and more tightly against her ass, the increasing heaviness
of his breathing.
"Oh, my!" the woman cried sharply.
Her eyes popped open. Her belly hunched up and down. Her fingers curled and then
clutched at Charger’s head, pulling his sharp muzzle and his long tongue deep into her
"Oh, God, you’re going to make me come! I can’t believe it! A dog! Ohhh, what a cunt-
licker you are! Ah! AHHHHHGH!"
Her body wrenched tightly. Her lips puckered and fluttered. A groaning moo came

from them. Her cunt lifted and shuddered, and her feet drummed on the floor.
She came as if it had been the first time in three months, and Charger didn’t let up for
a moment. His tongue slurped and drilled into her quaking, fluttering cunt, lapping up
all the juice she poured forth.
Then, almost as if knowing she’d come and yet needed another one, Charger lifted his
head and licked his chops and then propped his fore paws on the couch, scooting up
between her spread thighs.
The woman looked at him in a moment of fear, and then the fear vanished as her eyes
swept down under Charger’s belly and stared at his big scarlet cock.
It pointed right towards her open pussy. It shone with a slippery look. It leaked from
the tip and jutted back and forth with jerky little fucking movements.
"Oh, my God!" the woman cried softly. "What a big prick! Ohhh, what a dog!"
"Oh, God! He’s going to fuck her, Tish!" Carol whispered, her voice husky with lust
and terrible need.
She stopped trying to pull forward to get away from Harley’s cock. He’d dipped back
and pressed up against her ass again, and now his prick was pointing up inside his
pants instead of down, and she knew it was fully erect and throbbing.
Beside her, she could feel Tish’s moving elbow bump into her side now and then, and
there was no question in her mind but that Tish was finger-fucking her horny twat.
Carol glanced down at Tish’s front and gasped. The dainty little hand was inside her
bikini panties! The knuckles bumped the front of it and wriggled as she moved her

fingers over her clit and the bloated lips of her wet pussy.
Carol couldn’t stop herself. She let out a soft moan and rucked the front of her shirt
dress up to her crotch with stealthy motions of her fingers.
She touched the dripping meat of her cuntlips and stared ahead into the room at
Charger’s thick red cock, watching him hunch and thrust forward in an effort to sink
the pointed, spearing tip into the woman’s cunt hole.
At the same time, Carol pressed her ass back against Harley’s prick. It was nearly an
involuntary motion. It had to be that. She would never dream of swaying her rump
back and forth until the rigid line of her brother’s prick was between her buns.
She heard his sharp intake of breath. She didn’t know whether it was because her ass
cheeks had constricted around his prickshaft or because Charger had straddled the
woman’s stomach low enough to finally fuck his dog’s cock into her pulsing hole.
"Ahhhhgh!" she moaned in that grating tone. "Ohhh, you’re fucking me! What a prick!
So big! Ohhh, so pointed and red! Oh, it’s right up my pussy! It’s in me!"
She looked at the mirror. She saw a handsome young dog between her outstretched
thighs, hind legs straining, tail stiff, furry belly against hers, flanks shuddering as he
fucked into her horny cunt.
"Ohhhh, I love it! I love it!" she cried, flinging her arms around Charger and hugging
him closer to her.
She scooted her ass farther forward to the edge of the couch to lie under him better and
lift her raging twat up around his plunging prick.

She lifted her legs and made them bow and locked them around Charger’s ass. She
nearly hung from underneath him, rocking back and forth, taking his cock as far into
her horny cunt as she possibly could.
The sight was too much for Harley. He gasped and tried not to groan in Carol’s ear.
That didn’t help him any. He shoved up against her ass and pressed his prick tightly
into her deep butt crack and shuddered against her back.
Carol held her breath. He couldn’t be! Her own brother!
But then she felt the warm, wet spread of rushing jizz soaking quickly through his
pants and the back of her shirt dress. It seeped all over her crack, wetting her asscheeks.
He humped and shivered against her and finally let out a gasping groan that left no
doubt at all that he’d come.
"Carol…" he whispered chokingly.
"Oh, Harley…"
Tish turned her head. "Ohhhh, me, too, Harley – me, too!"
She jiggled her hand quickly and moaned. Her knees buckled slightly. Her head tipped
back. In the dim light, Carol watched her sister’s nostrils flare and her tongue lick
sensuously over her lips as her hand shoved deeply into her panties and sent a
squirming finger up her writhing, spasming cunt.
"Oh, God!" Carol whispered tightly. "M-Me, tooooo…"
Orgasm whipped through her body and made her wet cunt suck and pull at her
probing finger. She rolled her thumb over her clit and made it a good one.

There were no secrets among them anymore. In a kinky way, they were finally a real
family, and she pushed her ass tightly against Harley’s throbbing prick to let him know
that she didn’t care at all that he’d come in her ass crack and stained her dress with his
hot, flowing sperm.
In the other room, the woman opened her big mouth and yelled. She tried to clamp her
hand over the yawning cavern to silence the outcry, but it didn’t help.
The voice was terrible. Carol could see what Tish had meant. No man would be able to
take that voice for long, unless he were deaf as a post. But Charger didn’t care.
He fucked and fucked, hunching and licking the air and then finally blasting her
sucking pussy full of dog-cum.
The woman yelled a second time, banging off another strong orgasm. She acted as if
she were just getting into the swing of it, when she realized where she was and what
ghastly, perverted thing she was doing there.
She let her spasms subside and then pushed at Charger, making him get back onto the
floor. Her pussy was wide open when he hopped down. They watched the wet, red cunt
mouth shake and drool some of the full load of doggy jizz he’d shot there.




"I tell you, it’ll work," Tish said firmly. She looked from Carol to Harley and gave a
positive little nod of her head that made her haltered tits jiggle.
Harley watched them and licked his lips. He pushed his hat back on his head and
looked down at the ground before Tish noticed where he was looking. He scraped his
boot toe in the dust.
"Sounds all right to me," he said weakly.
"I think it sounds – outrageous!" Carol cried. "No! I won’t permit it!"
"Look, Carol, you just said yourself that we were in trouble, that we had to do
something," Tish went on. She glanced through the wire fence to the yard full of
romping dogs, exercising in the pen. She looked back. "It’s two against one, Carol."
Carol’s eyes sparked. "Yes. It’s always been like that. That’s how we got into this mess
in the first place. You have a crummy idea, and then you get Harley to go along with it,
and I’m outvoted. Well, not this time, Tish. This is going too far. Just too far!"
Tish looked at her and smiled deviously. She pursed her full lips prettily, but it was
pure poison that came out of her mouth.
"It wouldn’t be that you’re afraid of getting rid of sweet little Charger, would it,
Carol shot her a wicked glance. "You shut up, Tish. I’m warning you."
"Why? Afraid of what Harley might think?" She laughed cruelly and slid her arm
around Harley’s neck and hugged him, pushing her tits against him obviously. "What

can Harley say, after we saw what he was doing last night?"
Harley turned scarlet and broke into a fast sweat and muttered unintelligible sounds,
toeing the dust with his boot again, making a deep groove.
"Don’t do that to him, Tish," Carol said. "Can’t you ever be anything but cruel?"
"I can be hot," Tish smiled. "Nearly as hot as you, honey."
"Damn it, Tish!"
"Did Carol tell you about it, Harley?" Tish asked, looking closely into her brother’s
face, still hugging him around the neck. She made her hip rub against his.
"N-No," Harley choked. He was barely able to look at her, keeping his eyes downcast.
"Tell me about what, Tish?"
"About what she likes to do with Charger?"
"Tish! Stop it, damn you!" Carol cried angrily. It didn’t occur to her to tell Harley that
Tish had let Charger fuck her, too, that she was just as guilty, just as shameful. It never
Tish laughed with a tinkling sound when Harley gasped and lifted his head and looked
at Carol with a startled expression.
It was true! He had seen Charger with her at the window!
He watched the play of emotions over Carol’s face and felt sorry for her, for her
embarrassment. It was nearly as great as his own. And she was right – Tish was being
cruel to both of them. He looked at his older sister in a new light. Then he looked at

"She didn’t have to tell me, Tish," he said, his voice surprisingly even. It was almost
quavery when he talked to Tish. "I saw her with Charger last night."
Tish grinned at Carol and gave Harley a little hug again, loving every moment of their
mutual embarrassment. To her, it was damn silly to get hung up about sex all the time,
and bringing it up was the surest way there was to make somebody uneasy.
"Oh, you saw her with Charger last night, Harley? And what was Charger doing to her,
"The same thing he was probably doing to you, Tish," Harley said with surprising
calmness. "Because I saw you, too. You were both naked in your bedroom – with
Charger. You must have been letting him fuck you, huh, Tish?"
Tish whipped her head around. Carol laughed with a nervous sound, enjoying Tish’s
expression of shock. It was the first time ever that Harley had talked back to Tish.
"Well, well, little sister. I guess that puts us all in the same boat now, doesn’t it? We’re
all guilty. We all fucked dogs last night, and nobody has anything on anybody else, isn’t
that right?"
"Harley, you little sneak!" Tish said finally, deciding to laugh instead of knocking his
dumb head off. "I’ll bet you sneaked up the stairs and peeked in my room and then ran
down to fuck those two hot pussies, didn’t you?"
Harley pulled back slightly and looked down his nose at her. His cowboy hat was
pulled half over his eyes now, and he swelled out his chest and stood with his legs
braced and slightly bowed.

"Never mind what happened last night, Tish," he said casually. "The question we’ve got
going now seems to have taken a new turn. Instead of selling dogs in heat to horny old
men, it looks like we can sell dogs with big pricks to horny young women, too."
"It’s terrible!" Carol cried again.
Harley swiveled his head slowly and gave her the same authoritarian look. "I think it
makes sense, Carol. I’m big enough to admit I kind of dicked up yesterday buying all
those mutts."
"Kind of!" Tish hooted.
Harley ignored her for once, and the ability to do it was dizzying to him. "Besides, it
takes a long time to train a dog to attack. Training him to fuck would be lots easier,
something almost natural to him – with women, I mean."
He hitched up his pants and hooked his thumbs in his belt and rocked on his boot
heels. "I could get the females used to taking a big dick. Shit, I got a good start on two
of them last night. And Tish, here, could help out training the males to fuck pussy.
We’d have us a hell of a going thing here, girls." He turned his head to the side and
spat from the corner of his mouth, rocking on his heels again, the sagest bastard who
ever rode the plains.
"Jesus," Tish breathed, pulling back, a strange smile on her face. "Listen to him, will
you! He thinks he runs the place now!"
"It was your idea, Tish," Carol said softly, unable to keep a smile from her lips. The
little bitch had been caught in her own trap for once.
Tish looked at her challengingly. "All right, big sister. I’ll go along with it. I’m game.

I’ll fuck anything. But I’m not training all of them. You’re helping."
"Now, just a min-"
"That’s fair, Carol," Harley broke in.
She looked at him. She’d just begun to have a little respect for him. Now he was siding
with Tish again, and things were back the way they were.
"We can start right now, Carol," Tish grinned, reaching out for Carol’s hand. "You can
have the Great Dane. I’ll take the Cocker."
Harley guffawed and whipped his hat off and slapped his pants with it.
"Oh, shut up, you little bastard!" Carol cried.
She whirled around and stalked towards the house. Harley stared after her with
surprise. His balloon had just popped, and he wasn’t sure why. But it had been fun
while it lasted.
Carol slammed into the house and plopped onto one of the kitchen chairs. She stared at
the wall a long moment, then dropped her face into her hands and made a choking
Alec – come get me out of this madhouse! she cried inwardly.
Sometime later, she stepped out of the shower, drying herself with a towel that seemed
very heavy. She sighed and held it to her full tits and walked stiff-legged to the bed.
She flopped down on her back and stared at the ceiling. She didn’t feel like getting up.
Maybe she would never get up again. What the hell was the point.

She heard a car drive up into the yard and stop. The sun came in through the window
and warmed her and made her feel even more sluggish.
After a moment, she heard a woman’s voice. It was astonishingly grating and shrill. The
woman had an obnoxious laugh, and she used it frequently.
Wondering finally what was so damn funny to her, Carol lifted up on her elbow and
looked through the window.
She recognized the woman. Not by name, but by sight. She was fortyish, and she lived
alone in a small house on the street Carol used to take to Alec’s apartment. Carol
recognized her because she was always working in a lush little garden in her front yard.
The woman was talking to Tish, doing a lot of gesturing with her hands, laughing when
there couldn’t be anything at all to laugh at.
Carol watched them, wondering if maybe the woman wanted a dog for company, since
she lived alone. Then she caught sight of Harley in the penned yard. He was bringing
Charger along, leading him towards the kennel.
A quick throb went through Carol’s chest. It was a strange sensation – akin to dread.
Not Charger!
And then she noticed that Harley wasn’t taking him to the front where the woman was
but to the side room.
"Oh, no…" Carol groaned.
She got off the bed quickly, coming to sudden life again. She dressed hurriedly,
picturing the side room in her mind.

The kennel had been a huge old garage at one time. Harley had done most of the work
converting it over, laying the cement floor and the rest of it, and he’d done a good job.
It was one of the reasons Carol had gone along with the whole idea in the first place –
the good job he’d done and the hope that he might be ready to make something of
himself after all.
But the side room…
That had housed the chauffeur or whatever he was called back in the days when the
place was built, back before her parents had bought it and made it their home. Her
father had fixed up the side room for a study. It hadn’t been used much since then.
But Carol had the certain feeling that it was going to be used plenty from now on.
She glanced through the window again. The woman and Tish were entering the kennel,
the woman still waving her arms in gesture and grating out that terrible laugh again.
Carol hurried down the stairs. She’d thrown on a shirt dress, not taking the time to slip
into panties. Droplets of water from the shower made spots of darkness on it. Her
damp muff made a fuzzy patch over her lap, but she didn’t care about that. The only
thought on her mind was to stop Tish from giving them a reputation that would make
her parents spin in their graves.
Or was it to keep her from selling Charger…?
Carol hurried into the yard towards the kennel. She went in. The females they’d known
to be in heat were in their cages. They looked out at her, wagging their tails in greeting.
Carol went the length of the kennel and turned at the end, where the short hallway led
from the old garage to the room.

There was a small alcove just this side of the door to the room. Off it had been a rather
large closet. The door to it was only half-closed. Tish stuck her head out quickly and
put her finger to her lips in a stern shushing gesture.
Carol stopped up short. She heard the woman’s voice on the other side of the door to
the room. She looked in the closet and saw that Harley was in there with Tish.
"What are you doing?" Carol demanded, whispering angrily. She didn’t know why she
whispered, except that Tish had told her to be quiet.
Tish gestured with her hand. Harley looked at her and grinned sheepishly, then went
back to staring at the wall inside the closet.
"Have you gone nuts, Harley?" Carol whispered to him.
Tish reached out and took her wrist and pulled her into the closet. She gasped sharply.
Harley wasn’t staring at the wall. He was looking through a pane of glass into the
"It’s a one-way mirror," Tish whispered.




Harley shifted his cowboy hat to the back of his head and wiped his brow. He breathed
heavily and licked dry lips and stroked his hand up and down his rigid, throbbing cock.
He stared through the kennel window towards the bright rectangle of light where Tish’s
bedroom was and ran his eyes hungrily over the illuminated thrust of her tits, the sweet
flare of her naked hips beneath the pinched waist.
He watched her put her hands to the window and cup them in an effort to see into the
darkness, and he silently cursed the clamoring gaggle of dogs milling in their cages.
He watched Tish turn from the window and stand there talking – apparently to Carol,
unless she had one of her boy friend’s up in her room again fucking him.
Harley decided that was it. Why would Tish be naked with Carol in the room?
As soon as the question formed itself in his mind, a Lesbian answer came and swept a
flash of heat through him and made his cock throb heavily. He jacked his rod and
groaned and stared at the pert, tight, sexy outline of Tish’s naked ass in the window.
God, if she only knew what she did to him!
Harley felt his balls draw up and threaten to erupt. He slowed the pace of his jacking
hand, wanting it to last. As a matter of fact, he had a much better idea than jacking off
while thinking about Tish again.
So much better he hadn’t been able to wait until his sisters had gone to bed.
He licked his lips and moaned again. The TV had been lousy tonight. It had been
almost pure torture to sit in front of it, when all the time he kept thinking about the big

Labrador bitch and her dripping cunt.
He wanted to glance around to look at her in the cage again, but Tish was still in the
window, and he couldn’t take his eyes from her nude body.
I’d like to fuck her and fuck her! he thought.
She treated him like a piece of shit. She called him stupid and dummy and all the rest.
He went along with it, just to show how nice he could be. Just in hopes that he’d catch
her in an extra good mood with her guard down one day and let him fuck her.
He had it all planned. She’d be in her little damn bikini, the top of it off while she
sunned her tits. He’d come up to her. She wouldn’t put the top on, and he’d stare at
her tits and get a roaring big hard-on. She’d ask to see his prick, and he’d whip it out.
Then she’d go all swoony over his big tool and lie back and spread her legs, and he’d
just fuck the shit out of her.
Harley groaned and stopped his hand completely, gripping his cock until it pained,
trying to hold back his spurting cum.
Tish moved from the window. He looked harder, a frown of disappointment wrinkling
his forehead.
"Damn!" he said.
He stood there at the window, hoping against hope she’d come back and stand there
and let him look at her naked pussy some more. Behind him and all around him, the
dogs kept milling and yapping, occasionally snarling at each other.
He glanced around. "Shut up!" he ordered. They didn’t obey him, and he turned

angrily back to the window. As long as the light stayed on, he figured he’d be safe. Tish
wouldn’t come down and see what all the fuss was about without turning off the light.
She was funny that way. It was about the only thing Tish and Carol had in common –
shutting off things when they went out of a room.
Harley blinked suddenly. He stared and blinked again and couldn’t believe his eyes.
There was another naked figure at Tish’s window, and there was no mistaking those big
round tits.
It was Carol!
Harley stared and stared. Shit, she was an eyeful!
He’d never thought about fucking Carol before, but he thought about it right then. His
hand slid up and down his prick again as he took in the big melons of her tits.
It took a moment for him to realize that she was naked with Tish in Tish’s room, and
then his mind seemed to explode.
"God damn!" he swore softly.
He tried to put the pieces together in his mind. He wasn’t as stupid as they both
thought. He could figure things out.
They were both in Tish’s room. They were both naked. Therefore, they were fucking
each other. His sisters!
He gasped suddenly, and his prick throbbed so heavily he nearly let it explode and hose
down the side of the wall with hot jizz. What was that beside Carol’s hip? A dog?
He looked back at the cages quickly. His eyes went up and down the long rows, looking

for an empty one. None of them were empty, though, because there were too damn
many dogs now to give out single cages any more.
A piece of the puzzle jarred into place in his mind and made him gasp again.
Shit, they’d been fucking the dog! Just the way he was going to screw that big Labrador
bitch in heat!
"Oh, damn it!" he cried suddenly, slapping his prick with his hand harshly.
His balls spasmed. He gritted his teeth and strained to hold it back. White cum foamed
at the tip of his prick, one drop, two – no more.
He let out his breath with a harsh sound. He grinned to himself and felt masterful.
He’d held it. Most of it. But there wasn’t any more waiting.
He turned away from where he was. Carol had left the window anyway, and the light
was still on. He hurried down the center aisle past the yammering dogs, his prick
standing straight out from his body, still dripping sperm.
He came to the cage where the Labrador was. She was dark, steel-blue in color, sleek-
furred, and as horny as he could hope for. He’d put two other females in with her, and
the Collie was licking her twat and shifting around and licking it again, as if she were
coming into heat, too.
He opened the cage and closed it behind him, reaching into his pocket for the dog
candies he’d brought with him. He fed them to the dogs and patted the Labrador,
giving her special attention.
The big dog chomped on the candy tidbit and sniffed the straining rod of his stiff cock.

He got onto his knees and ran his hand down her flank, holding his prick with the
other one.
He could see there was going to be a height problem. On his feet, he was too tall for
her pussy, and on his knees, too short. He thought about a stool or something to kneel
on but then gave it up. They didn’t have a stool. Besides, he didn’t want to wait any
His fingers worked toward the dog’s rump and twat. She looked at him and stood in an
odd position. A strange expression came to her sleek face, and her tongue licked out.
The Collie licked her snatch again, and the little Cocker sat in the corner and watched.
The other dogs began to settle down again, and that suited him just fine. He was a little
jittery about this. He’d never fucked a dog before. In fact, he’d never fucked anything
before, except his hand. And Tish – in his dreams.
He got half behind the Labrador and looked at her pussy. It was wet and slippery-
looking. He moved his fingers gently and cautiously towards the damp lips, all the
while keeping an eye on her to be sure she didn’t whip around and bite him.
She didn’t. A soulful kind of look came into her eyes, and her tail lifted out of the way.
Harley’s prick jerked, and his hopes soared.
She was going to let him fuck her!
He touched the wet dog cunt. The Labrador quivered and made an encouraging sound.
She braced her feet wider on the floor and moved her butt towards him, as if asking for
Harley became bolder and moved almost squarely behind her. His fingertips massaged

her pussy mouth and got all wet with cunt juice.
He probed a fingertip into the opening of her cunt and felt the silky texture of her hole.
His prick bucked and throbbed with anticipation, and he had to grip it with his free
The dog was fully cooperative – eager, in fact. She stood there impatiently and let him
play with her pussy all he wanted to. Finally, he couldn’t wait any longer.
He got to his feet and half squatted behind her ass. He aimed his trembling shaft
towards her pussy. The tip touched hot silk and slid partway between the bloated,
slippery lips.
Eager as hell to fuck his cock all the way into her hot cunt, Harley drew back and stood
full length and unbuckled his pants. He pushed them and his shorts to his knees and
squatted again.
It was better that way. The tough material of the Levi’s made a band around his knees
that helped brace them.
He stretched his cock forward again and put the tip at her juice-slick hole once more.
He wondered if she was cherry. The idea thrilled him.
He pushed, bracing himself and her with a hand on her flank.
"Ohhhhh, shit!" he whispered breathily.
The dog made a sound of protest and moved away a little. She looked around at him
and backed up again, as if unable to resist getting fucked, even if the cock probing at
her pussy were a little blunt and abnormally big.

Harley fitted his dick into her cunt mouth once more and pushed again. The wet twat
lips slipped around his knob and nearly made him lose his load in her tight-gripping
His prick was too dry, that was the problem. He pulled his tool back and smeared saliva
all over it and tried again. He watched the arrowhead knob throb and swell and pry the
juicy cunt tissues apart.
He was persistent this time. Oddly, so was the Labrador. She fairly pushed back at him,
making crooning sounds in her throat, looking back at him.
He couldn’t believe the satiny texture, the heat, the slippery feel, the incredible
tightness that threatened to strip the flaming skin from his cock.
It went in and in. God, it was a tight cunt!
"Ohhhh, Christ!" he gasped.
He shoved for the bottom of her cunt, wanting to feel that wonderful sensation all
around his prick shaft, all down the length of it.
He didn’t make it. His prick swelled mightily and blew apart inside the silken sheath,
spewing his monstrous load of cum into her pussy.
The jizz hosed and streamed from the end of his prick, filling her tight cunt so full it
spurted out backwards and drooled from her grasping twat lips and shot over his balls.
"YAAAAAGH!" he cried.
The moment all that slippery fuck juice shot into her pussy, his cock zipped forward,
going in and in. His pubes crushed up against her furry rump, and her tight, quivering,

sucking cunt grasped the very root of his prick and pulled with milking motions that
drove him up the wall.
"Ahhhhgh! God! Oh, shit! What a tight fuck! Ohhhhh!" he cried, over and over.
He kept his cock imbedded in the bitch’s grasping cunt. The way he felt right then, he
didn’t ever want to take it out. Christ, he knew what it was all about, now. It was why
men paid money for it, why they stole and lied and killed for a piece of ass.
No hand job could ever compare with the feel of hot, slippery, silky cunt!
The dog looked at him. She licked the air and growled, then jittered around. Her cunt
spasmed and sucked and then stopped doing that, and she seemed to want to be rid of
him then.
"You came!" Harley cried, looking at the bitch with surprise. He didn’t know exactly
why he was surprised, except that he didn’t ever imagine that a female dog came.
She growled at him and bared her fangs. Harley let her pussy slip from his cock then. It
was a tight, sucking withdrawal that made him groan and sent shivers up his spine.
As soon as her cunt was unplugged, his sperm bubbled out of the pulsing hole. The dog
turned in circles a few times, whimpering, then settled on her haunch on the floor and
lifted her leg and licked and licked at her draining pussy.
The Collie came over to sniff. She stuck her pointed snout into the Labrador’s crotch
and seemed to want to help lick. She turned in a circle and licked her own pussy, then
looked at Harley. She came over to him and sniffed his prick, then lapped at it with her
long tongue.

"Ohhhh, Christ!" Harley breathed.
The tongue had cupped the bottom of his shaft and lapped all the way up it, giving the
pulsing cockhead a final flip. His prick throbbed and pulsed, and he felt his balls
boiling again.
"You want some cock, too, huh? Here, baby – come on, turn around and let’s take a
look at your hot pussy!"
He handled the dog and made her rump face him. Her tail was much bushier than the
Labrador’s. There were ruffs of fur on her butt cheeks, long and warm.
He fished through them, feeling like a pro now. His prick stood, stiff and ready and
eager for more fucking. He felt the Collie’s pussy with his fingers.
She wasn’t quite as eager, needing a little coaxing, but he soon brought juice to her soft
twat lips. He wiped his fingers on his pants and slobbered on them and transferred it to
her cunt to make it slicker.
She liked that. Her tail lifted up and to the side, and her feet braced on the floor. She
backed up against him with little movements that made him have to stop her and hold
her still.
"Got a hot pussy, huh, baby? Well, let’s plug it with a big prick then," he said to her.
The Collie was shorter, short enough that he could kneel on the floor and fuck his
prick straight into her snatch. He jacked his rod a moment to be sure he was good and
stiff and horny, then put his cockhead against her twat.
The Collie howled softly. She backed up again, pushing and pushing. His prick was still

slick, and he didn’t have much trouble fucking it into her hole.
Except for the tightness of her pussy. Twice as tight. Brand-new, virginal – he knew it!
His cock swelled and pulsed, and he pushed hard, causing the dog pain and not really
"Ohhhh, shit! Your cunt’s stripping my prick!" he groaned.
He shoved his dick in and in the bitch’s tight hole, holding the dog with both hands on
her ass. He closed his eyes and tipped his head back. Tish’s image came to his mind,
and he nurtured it.
"I’m fucking Tish," he said softly. "Mmmm, here it comes, you beautiful piece of ass.
You sexy sister. Here it comes!"
He gasped tightly. Tish’s image turned to Carol’s a moment. He saw the big, round tits
so clearly he felt he could purse his lips and suck them into his mouth.
He’d never thought of Carol that way before. She was so much older. Damn near like a
mother. Only guys didn’t fuck their mothers, did they?
How about their sisters? his mind asked.
"Tish… Tish!" he gasped.
He pulled the Collie’s ass tightly back against his prick root and felt the warm, tight
sheath surround his cock completely. He ignored the howl the Collie let out, just
concentrating on the way her spasming, coming cunt felt around his prick.
"Take it, baby – take it!" he cried.

His balls drew up under his throbbing prick and shuddered. His cock swelled in the
tight hole and pumped sperm into it.
He came so hard he pitched forward and would have fallen on his face if the
shuddering bitch hadn’t been there to stop him.
He came so hard and dizzily there was a roaring in his ears that prevented him from
hearing the scrape of shoe sole on the cement or the combined gasps of his sisters as
they watched him fuck his second load of jizz into a dog’s cunt.




Carol gasped and shuddered out the last of her orgasm. Her cunt throbbed with a
mixture of pain and excitement from the way the dog’s prick had threatened to pull her
inside out.
She felt his hot cum draining from her gash and running down the inside of her thigh.
She looked at the dog, perched on Tish’s tight little ass, and she visualized the way she
must have looked with him fucking up against her.
The image made her groan and shiver. She felt shame. And an incredible moment of
unreality, as if all this were a screwy dream of some kind.
She also felt lust.
She watched Charger hump and hunch against Tish’s ass. He tossed his muzzle and
licked at the air, then gave a well-centered lunge and stabbed his knotted cock all the
way into Tish’s squirming cunt and pressed up tight, fucking her fully.
"Ahhhhhgh!" Tish cried. "He’s doing it! He’s fucking me! Ohhh, what a nice cock,
Carol! It’s as good as – as good as – EEEEEE!"
Tish opened her mouth and bleated. Her tight little tits swelled firmly on her chest and
seemed to pulsate along with the rest of her shuddering body.
Charger growled and came in her quivering cunt, his pointed prick spurting and
shooting again.
Carol watched them shudder together and knew exactly what Tish was feeling. She
couldn’t keep her hand from her own twat, and she masturbated to a smacking climax

almost immediately, so that the three of them tossed and shuddered and churned on
the bed at once.
"Oh, God… oh, God…" Tish moaned, over and over.
Charger didn’t want to quit fucking her. This was something new for him, and it was
clear he enjoyed it. He humped and humped against her little ass, and Tish let him,
moaning and weaving, enjoying the feel of his plunging cock in her horny cunt.
"Ohhhh, it’s a nice prick, Carol," she gasped. "Mmmm, I could stand to have Charger
fuck me all night long. He’s better than some men I’ve fucked, don’t you think?"
Carol looked at her young sister with a kind of horror. Her mouth opened. Then a
rasping sound came out, breathy and absolutely shameful.
"Yes!" she choked.
"Oh, hell," Tish moaned, seeming not to have heard, just weaving her ass up against
Charger’s belly, dipping up and down, letting him fuck and fuck her hot snatch. "I wish
I hadn’t let him lick me off so many times. I could come again. Man, could I come
"Do it – do it!" Carol whispered huskily, her voice sounding as if it were coming from
a long way off. "Come again, Tish. Fuck the dog until you come again!"
She reached out, putting her hand on Charger’s flank and smoothing his fur. His head
tossed, and his tongue lapped at her face with a wet kiss.
Carol scooted closer. She watched his big black balls swing under his belly. She watched
his prick plunge in and out of her sister’s cunt. She felt a lustful stirring in her pussy

again. She even smoothed her palm over Tish’s tight-fleshed rump, petting it and
looking at it as if it were something she’d suddenly grown very fond of.
A strange thought began screwing through her mind. It hit her wrong at first, and then
she got more and more used to it, and it seemed all right.
She didn’t mind a bit that Charger was fucking Tish. He’d fucked her, and she had
come. Now he was fucking Tish. But Carol didn’t feel the slightest bit of jealousy.
She let out a small sob suddenly. God, she wished she could feel the same way about
men – about Alec! No jealousy. Let him fuck Tish. Let him plunge his cock into her
pussy, into her asshole. Let him come and come in her young little body – so what!
She tried. She squeezed her eyes shut and really tried to forgive him, to feel nothing.
But it didn’t work.
Alec wasn’t a dog. Alec was the man she loved – had loved. Now he was a fucking
bastard, just like all the rest of them, ready to slip his dick into the first hot pussy that
spread open for him.
"Oh, Charger!" she cried softly, hugging the dog’s rump, pressing her cheek up against
his fur, then her soft lips.
She fondled his swinging balls lovingly. He continued to fuck in and out of Tish’s box.
She didn’t care.
"Come in her, darling – come!"
Charger growled. Tish gasped.

"It’s swelling up inside my cunt, Carol! Ohhhh, what a big pointed cock! Oh, he’s
going to come in me again! What are you doing to him? Keep doing it! Keep… Oh,
Christ, I’m going to come again! Again! I can’t believe it!"
"Yes, yes! Come! Come!" Carol cried.
She watched. She felt. The balls in her palms compacted and shivered. The furry
haunches made rabbity plunges, and then Charger growled out another orgasm,
making Tish squeal through one of her own.
It was a hard come for her. She seemed to shrivel up under the force of it. Her tits
spiked incredibly and stabbed into the bed. Her body thrashed and spasmed sideways,
yanking her ass from under Charger’s belly.
His red prick throbbed into the air, and a spurt of dog-cum jetted from the pointed tip
and spattered against the rounded side of Tish’s hip and ran down.
Tish lay on her side and moaned and thrashed until her orgasm was over. Carol
reached out and touched the wet streak with the tip of her finger. She smelled the
heady scent. She put her finger between her parted pussylips and slipped it into her
cunt, swirling it around, transferring the drop of dog-cum from her finger to her
sodden cunt walls. She moaned softly and closed her eyes again.
She had a new lover…
Tish sat up suddenly, cocking her head curiously. "Listen!" She glanced towards the
window, now dark with night. "Carol, listen!"
Carol opened her eyes slowly, dreamily. She looked at Tish and saw the attentive
expression on her face. Then she glanced towards the window, too.

The noise came to her faintly – the barking and yapping of the dogs in the kennel.
"Somebody’s out there, Carol!" Tish cried with alarm.
She jumped off the bed, tits bobbing, wet snatch draining sperm down the insides of
her thighs. She went to the window and looked out but couldn’t see anything because
of the darkness outside and the strong light inside the room.
She turned around, still standing naked in the window, and looked at Carol. "We’d
better see who it is, Carol! They might be trying to steal our dogs or poison them or
"It’s probably just Harley, Tish," Carol said quietly.
"Oh, crap! You know he won’t leave that TV set until everything’s off the air. Come on!
Get dressed!"
She snatched up her panties and lifted one trim leg and then the other, stepping into
them hurriedly. Carol watched her thin-haired pussy spread apart and close again, the
meat pink and sodden.
"Come on, Carol!"
Tish pulled on some faded Levi’s and a tank top and shook her strawberry hair around
her shoulders, making her firm tits point and jiggle against the satiny fabric as she did.
"It’s just Harley, Tish," Carol said again.
Tish went to her door and opened it and listened out into the hall. The sound of the
TV was faint. Tish wasn’t satisfied. She went down the stairs into the glare made by the
tube, then came up again.

"He isn’t there, Carol!"
Carol had gotten off the bed to stand by the window. She was still naked. Charger sat
at her feet and panted and licked her leg and butt in a tentative way, as if interested in
more of this new fun game but a little too pooped to try it again for a while.
"I told you," Carol said.
"Get dressed. Maybe he went out to look and now he’s in trouble."
She was very agitated. Carol sighed heavily. She patted Charger’s sleek head and sighed
again, moving away from the window to get into her clothes, again doing what Tish
told her to. But she took her damn sweet time about it.




Carol closed her eyes. She couldn’t watch any more. It was going to happen, and there
was no more resistance in her, no more fighting.
It seemed an appropriate culmination to the last seven years of her life, somehow – the
devious end toward which Tish had been guiding her so cleverly all this time.
Tish had overshadowed her despite the fact that she was nearly eight years younger.
She had seduced all her boy friend’s and fucked them and ruined whatever had been
good with them.
Tish had been the boss, really. Not by age or sense or experience or legal sanction after
their parents had been killed. She’d been boss in a subtler, more basic sense.
Somehow, whatever Tish had ordered, Carol had done. Eventually. Maybe after a show
of protest, a time of clever manipulation during which Tish’s idea had been subtly
transformed into her own. But it had happened – just as with the dog kennel.
Even with Alec. Tish had told her to drop Alec. She had given the reasons. Carol had
fought them, defying her. But Carol had dropped him all the same, and the reasons
seemed almost all her own.
Now, Tish was telling her to spread her asscheeks and brace her knees wide. To open
her watering cunt so that a dog could fuck it.
And Carol was poised. Ass upthrust, body quivering, orgasm just strokes away from
completion and mind-fogging bliss.
Perhaps it was to be the end of old struggles, the beginning of a new way of life for her

– one without men who could be seduced away from her by hot-pussied, evil little Tish.
Carol’s throat closed up with a choking sound, a small sob that was half-anguish, half-
joy over her new fate.
She felt her cunt flaps bloat impossibly and spread completely open. Her pussy mouth
pulsed and sucked audibly, and her whole channel seemed to stretch lengthwise, going
deeper towards her womb in preparation to receiving the animal cock into her body.
"Up, boy, up," Tish kept saying, urging Charger.
Her hands swept over Carol’s pussy again and again. They pried her asscheeks apart.
They lifted Charger’s forepaws to Carol’s butt in an effort to get him to mount her.
The fur was warm and strange against her flesh. His dew claws scraped the rounded
sides of her rump. His panting was harsh and animalistic and primitive, and there was a
strange kind of thrill in hearing it.
Then he was on her ass, staying there, whimpering and whining at Tish’s words of
praise and encouragement. Charger’s forepaws wrapped with an agility that was
astonishingly human around the sides of her hips.
He danced on his hind legs on the bed, positioning himself in this instinctive posture.
Hot saliva dripped from his tongue to the small of her back.
And then she felt the blazing, pointed, slippery tip of his fiery cock probe her butt
"Oh, God!" she cried sharply.
Tish’s hand was there, too, stroking up and down the scarlet prick, aiming it, urging it

forward. She pushed on his rump to get him lower and pushed upward on Carol’s cunt
to get it higher to align them.
"Tip your ass, Carol – up! Come on, quit being difficult. You know you can’t wait to
feel this hard prick in your hot pussy. God, it’s so stiff! There’s a big knot in it that’s
going to stick in your pussy and make you both fuck and fuck forever!"
"Ohhhhh, God…" Carol moaned.
She had to obey. She tipped her ass up, arching her spine more. She lifted her cheek
from the bed and wagged her head back and forth and made mooing sounds. She felt
her tits drag across the sheet and burn fire into her nipples.
She felt Tish’s finger whip over her clit every now and then, deviously and calculatedly
keeping her aflame and unable to move away from this degrading, bestial act.
The pointed tip probed and punched into her firm butt flesh. It snagged for an
indescribable moment in her asshole and plucked the rubbery ring into constant
"Ohhhh," she moaned. It was a mindless kind of sound. She made it ceaselessly.
Charger’s prick touched the puffy, slick inner surface of her cunt lip. Tish must have
had her face directly there to see it, for she let out a heated sound, then pushed hard on
Charger’s ass.
He growled loudly. His prick shot straight into Carol’s watering, squirming cunt. She
yelled and bucked and came immediately.
"He’s fucking me! AHHHHHGH!"

She said more. She didn’t know what she was saying. The prick ran into her pussy, big
knot and all, bumping and sliding past her cunt mouth, sinking deep into her sucking
Her pussy spasmed harshly around the stiff, bone-hard cock, sucking and pulling. She
felt Charger’s paws wrap tightly about her waist and pull, and then his bucking,
hunching, fucking belly mashed against her butt, surrounding it with warm fur.
"He’s doing it, Carol!" Tish cried. "His cock’s all the way in! Part of his sheath, too!
Ohhhh, God – what does it feel like!"
"Ahhhhhgh!" Carol cried again, coming a second time, before the first spasms had even
died away.
She wrenched hard to the side, whipping her ass. A man’s cock would have slipped out
of her pussy. Charger’s prick was stuck there. Her motion made him dance to the side
and grip her waist more tightly.
He growled and hunched rapidly against her ass, driving his prick home into her
sucking, pulsing channel. His prick bucked and spewed, and Carol felt the hot stream
of dog sperm shoot into her cunt through the pointed tip, hosing towards her womb.
"Yaaaah!" she cried tightly, her head jerking up. "He’s coming in me, Tish! I can feel it!
He’s pumping me full! Oh, God! God!"
"Ohhhh, Jesus, it’s exciting, Carol!" Tish cried.
She sat on her butt and flung her knees wide. Her pussy opened up before Carol’s eyes.
Tish put her hand to it and masturbated rapidly, her fingers slopping through the
drenched red meat in a fit of heated lust.

"Ohhhh, look! He’s still trying to fuck you, Carol! Get her, boy! Oh, Charger, you
wonderful doggie!"
"Tish! Tish!" Carol cried.
She didn’t know why she was calling her young sister. There was no way to say what
she felt. She wasn’t even certain what it was she felt just then.
The hard prick jacked in and out of her cunt. The big knot rippled and thudded over
the convolutions of her twat walls, and each vibration sent a new surge of sensation
pulsing through her inflamed body.
Tish lay half on her side and half on her back and stared fixedly at the junction of
Carol’s pussy and Charger’s scarlet prick. She masturbated her own little twat with one
hand and cupped one of her sister’s dangling tits with the other.
Carol lifted her head. She looked directly into Tish’s green eyes, moaning again and
switching her ass back and forth, feeling the way Charger’s stiff, bone-hard prick
stabbed into one pussy wall and then the other.
"Tish…" she groaned again.
She gasped. Her lips pursed. Her eyes rolled in their sockets and became hooded. Her
nostrils flared once, and her lips swelled and became slack.
"Ohhhh, Tish…"
"Carol? Are you going to? Oh, your face! It looks so – hot! Are you going to come

"What does it feel like, Carol? Is he a good fuck?"
"Good… good…" Carol moaned mindlessly, beginning to wag her head in time with her
Tish stared. Carol didn’t care. Charger’s prick tucked in and out of her pussy, and his
furry belly felt good against the firm meat of her ass.
He tossed his muzzle and panted harshly. His tongue lolled and licked at the air as his
sturdy haunches vibrated with the pumping motions and the intermittent shifting of his
Then he growled and whimpered again, and his jaws rattled when he stopped licking
the air and gripped Carol’s hips tightly between his fore paws.
"He’s coming again, Carol!" Tish cried.
She dipped her head, looking under Carol’s body, between her dangling tits. She saw
the rapid pistoning of the scarlet cock into the dripping, fluttering pussy hole, and she
gasped nearly at the same time Carol did.
"Ah!" Carol cried sharply. "It’s swelling in my pussy! His cock is like a balloon! Ohhhh,
that knot! It’s pulling my cunt walls out and pushing them back in again! Ohhh, Tish
– Tish!"
"Oh, God!" Tish cried softly, staring and staring, afraid to blink for fear of missing a
twitch or a throb.
She missed none of it. Charger’s black balls moved up and compacted and began
pumping. His scarlet cock shot all the way forward from its sheath and punched deeply

into Carol’s throbbing hole.
The dripping cunt mouth sucked and spasmed around the red shaft, pulling it deeper
and making it buck and spurt.
"YAAAAAGH!" Carol shouted throatily, shaking her head back and forth, aware that
her sister was peering intently at every muscular spasm of her climaxing body.
The hot sperm hosed into her cunt again, jetting and spewing, filling her tunnel, mixing
with her copious flow of honey until she was so full of juice it spurted out backward
and dripped from her bloated, fluttering cuntlips onto the bed.
"Oh, God, you’re dripping, Carol!" Tish cried. "Ohhh, I’m going to come, too!"
She whipped her hand over her snatch, swirling and slopping through her seeping
juices. Her body arched and shook, and a small cry tore from her throat.
"No-no!" she groaned, snatching her hand away from her throbbing clit at the last
moment. "I want Charger to fuck me! Ohhhh, baby, come fuck me!"
She shifted around quickly and hugged Charger’s neck. Her sharp tits pressed tightly
against Carol’s shuddering butt, and her hips weaved and wouldn’t stay still as juice
trickled from her tight little pussy hole along her inner thigh.
"Quit fucking him, Carol. It’s my turn!"
"Ohhhh, don’t pull him like that, Tish!" Carol cried sharply. "His cock’s stuck in my
pussy! Ahhhh, it hurts!"
Tish didn’t care. She pulled at Charger’s ass anyway. He growled and whimpered and
swung his muzzle around as if to bite her. He didn’t. Tish didn’t know if his cock were

being stretched painfully or if he just didn’t want to stop fucking yet. She pulled harder.
"Ah!" Carol gasped.
Charger’s prick popped from her cunt, red and wet and swollen hugely. He licked her
ass and tried to mount her again, but Tish wrestled with him, pointing his nose at her
own twat.
"Here, Charger – here! Here’s my pussy, honey! You can fuck it! You don’t have to
quit fucking!"
She switched around again and shoved her ass in his face. He whimpered and licked it.
He tasted her pussy juice and licked again. Tish urged him to mount her.
Charger looked at Carol’s weaving butt and then at Tish’s. He howled with excitement
and jumped up on Tish’s hips, his hind legs dancing on the bed, his red cock spearing
"Oh, fuck me, fuck me!" Tish cried. "Carol, help him stick his cock in!"



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